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Articles from Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (March 1, 2010)

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A comparison between ventilation and heart rate as indicator of oxygen uptake during different intensities of exercise. Gastinger, Steven; Sorel, Anthony; Nicolas, Guillaume; Gratas-Delamarche, Arlette; Prioux, Jacques Report 7041
A comparison of wakeboard-, water skiing-, and tubing-related injuries in the United States, 2000-2007. Baker, John I.; Griffin, Russell; Brauneis, Paul F.; Rue, Loring W., III; McGwin, Gerald, Jr. Clinical report 4804
Arthroscopic Techniques of the Hip: A Visual Guide. Baykan, M. Asim Book review 342
Can 8-weeks of training affect active drag in young swimmers? Marinho, Daniel A.; Barbosa, Tiago M.; Costa, Mario J.; Figueiredo, Catarina; Reis, Victor M.; Silva Clinical report 5940
Coaches' perceptions of competence and acknowledgement of training needs related to professional competences. Santos, Sofia; Mesquita, Isabel; Graca, Amandio; Rosado, Antonio Report 7167
Comparison of plantar pressure distribution between different speed and incline during treadmill jogging. Ho, I.-Ju; Hou, Yi-You; Yang, Chich-Haung; Wu, Wen-Lan; Chen, Sheng-Kai; Guo, Lan-Yuen Clinical report 5971
Four ball best ball 1. Pollard, Geoff; Pollard, Graham Report 7193
Functional Testing in Human Performance: 139 Tests for Sport, Fitness, Occupational Settings. Ozyener, Fadil Book review 321
Ground reaction force differences between running shoes, racing flats, and distance spikes in runners. Logan, Suzanna; Hunter, Ian; Hopkins, J. Ty; Feland, J. Brent; Parcell, Allen C. Clinical report 5882
Heart rate and motion analysis by GPS in beach soccer. Castellano, Julen; Casamichana, David Clinical report 5624
Human Factors Methods and Sports Science: A Practical Guide. Ozyener, Fadil Book review 215
Influence of exercise order on maximum strength and muscle thickness in untrained men. Simao, Roberto; Spineti, Juliano; de Salles, Belmiro F.; Oliveira, Liliam F.; Matta, Thiago; Miranda Report 5210
Kinematic description of elite vs. low level players in team-handball jump throw. Wagner, Herbert; Buchecker, Michael; von Duvillard, Serge P.; Muller, Erich Clinical report 5562
Motivation and performance in physical education: an experimental test. Moreno, Juan A.; Gonzalez-Cutre, David; Martin-Albo, Jose; Cervello, Eduardo Clinical report 5740
Muscle fibre type composition and body composition in hammer throwers. Terzis, Gerasimos; Spengos, Konstantinos; Kavouras, Stavros; Manta, Panagiota; Georgiadis, Giorgos Clinical report 4956
Potential for non-contact ACL injury between step-close-jump and hop-jump tasks. Wang, Li-I.; Gu, Chin-Yi; Chen, Wei-Ling; Chang, Mu-San Report 4651
Prediction of sport adherence through the influence of autonomy-supportive coaching among Spanish adolescent athletes. Almagro, Bartolome J.; Saenz-Lopez, Pedro; Moreno, Juan A. Clinical report 5581
Relationship between training status and maximal fat oxidation rate. Lima-Silva, Adriano E.; Bertuzzi, Romulo C.M.; Pires, Flavio O.; Gagliardi, Joao F.L.; Barros, Ronal Clinical report 4742
Rugby game-related statistics that discriminate between winning and losing teams in IRB and Super twelve close games. Vaz, Luis; Van Rooyen, Michele; Sampaio, Jaime Clinical report 3658
Stability of patterns of behavior in the butterfly technique of the elite swimmers. Louro, Hugo; Silva, Antonio J.; Anguera, Teresa; Marinho, Daniel A.; Oliveira, Conceicao; Conceicao, Clinical report 8764
The effect of Chinese Yuanji-Dance on dynamic balance and the associated attentional demands in elderly adults. Wu, Wen-Lan; Wei, Ta-Sen; Chen, Shen-Kai; Chang, Jyh-Jong; Guo, Lan-Yuen; Lin, Hwai-Ting Report 5561
The effects of intermittent exercise on physiological outcomes in an obese population: continuous versus interval walking. Campbell, Leanne; Wallman, Karen; Green, Danny Clinical report 6483
The influence of ball velocity and court illumination on reaction time for tennis volley. Tu, Jui-hung; Lin, Yaw-feng; Chin, Shu-chen Report 4124
The influence of velocity overshoot movement artifact on isokinetic knee extension tests. Schwartz, Fabiano Peruzzo; Bottaro, Martim; Celes, Rodrigo Souza; Brown, Lee E.; Nascimento, Francis Clinical report 5877
Trunk rotation and weight transfer patterns between skilled and low skilled golfers. Okuda, Isao; Gribble, Phillip; Armstrong, Charles Clinical report 5089

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