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Articles from Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (December 1, 2007)

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A comparison of golf shoe designs highlights greater ground reaction forces with shorter irons. Worsfold, Paul; Smith, Neal A.; Dyson, Rosemary J. 4497
A physical activity questionnaire: reproducibility and validity. Barbosa, Nicolas; Sanchez, Carlos E.; Vera, Jose A.; Perez, Wilson; Thalabard, Jean-Christophe; Rieu 6952
Acute effects of two massage techniques on ankle joint flexibility and power of the plantar flexors. McKechnie, Grant J.B.; Young, Warren B.; Behm, David G. 5538
Age-associated changes in V[O.sub.2] and power output--a cross-sectional study of endurance trained New Zealand cyclists. Brown, Stephen J.; Ryan, Helen J.; Brown, Julie A. 5275
Daily running promotes spatial learning and memory in rats. Alaei, HojjatAllah; Moloudi, RohAllah; Sarkaki, Ali Reza; Azizi-Malekabadi, Hamid; Hanninen, Osmo 2927
Effects of a short-term plyometric and resistance training program on fitness performance in boys age 12 to 15 years. Faigenbaum, Avery D.; McFarland, James E.; Keiper, Fred B.; Tevlin, William; Ratamess, Nicholas A.; 6231
Effects of acute eccentric contractions on rat ankle joint stiffness. Eisuke, Ochi; Naokata, Ishii; Koichi, Nakazato 3498
Effects of different resistance exercise protocols on nitric oxide, lipid peroxidation and creatine kinase activity in sedentary males. Guzel, Nevin Atalay; Hazar, Serkan; Erbas, Deniz 4369
Effects of gender on stroke rates, critical speed and velocity of a 30-min swim in young swimmers. Greco, Camila C.; Pelarigo, Jailton G.; Figueira, Tiago R.; Denadai, Benedito S. Report 6485
Electromyographic activity of the biceps brachii after exercise-induced muscle damage. Ahmadi, Sirous; Sinclair, Peter J.; Foroughi, Nasim; Davis, Glen M. 6554
Evaluating the effects of a low volume stairclimbing programme on measures of health-related fitness in sedentary office workers. Kennedy, Rodney A.; Boreham, Colin A.G.; Murphy, Marie H.; Young, Ian S.; Mutrie, Nanette 5975
Exercise performance and muscle contractile properties after creatine monohydrate supplementation in aerobic-anaerobic training rats. Boyadjiev, Nickolay; Popov, Dobrin; Delcheve, Slavi 3682
Exertional rhabdomyolysis of the bilateral adductor magnus. Saka, Tolga 2583
Fluid ingestion strategies of competitive cyclists during 40 km time trial competition. Backx, Karianne; van Someren, Ken A.; Howatson, Glyn 1214
High-velocity resistance exercise protocols in older women: effects on cardiovascular response. da Silva, Rodrigo P.; Novaes, Jefferson; Oliveira, Ricardo J.; Gentil, Paulo; Wagner, Dale; Bottaro, 5950
IGF-1 gene expression in rat colonic mucosa after different exercise volumes. Buehlmeyer, Katja; Doering, Frank; Daniel, Hannelore; Petridou, Anatoli; Mougios, Vassilis; Schulz, Clinical report 5941
Influence of Ramadan fasting on anaerobic performance and recovery following short time high intensity exercise. Karli, Umid; Guvenc, Alpay; Aslan, Alper; Hazir, Tahir; Acikada, Caner 7202
Kinanthropometry X. Ozyener, Fadil Book review 256
Neuromuscular fatigue during a modified Biering-Sorensen test in subjects with and without low back pain. Pitcher, Mark J.; Behm, David G.; MacKinnon, Scott N. 8713
No influence of hypoxia on coordination between respiratory and locomotor rhythms during rowing at moderate intensity. Fabre, Nicolas; Perrey, Stephane; Passelergue, Philippe; Rouillon, Jean-Denis 4888
Nutritional intake of young Italian high-level soccer players: underreporting is the essential outcome. Caccialanza, Ricardo; Cameletti, Barbara; Cavallaro, Gianfranco 4005
Pre-pubertal children and exercise in hot and humid environments: a brief review. Sinclair, Wade H.; Crowe, Melissa J.; Spinks, Warwick L.; Leicht, Anthony S. 6947
Running 338 kilometres within five days has no effect on body mass and body fat but reduces skeletal muscle mass--the Isarrun 2006. Knechtle, Beat; Kohler, Gotz 5731
Sleep deprivation induced anxiety and anaerobic performance. Vardar, Selma Arzu; Ozturk, Levent; Kurt, Cem; Bulut, Erdogan; Sut, Necdet; Vardar, Erdal 4771
The effect of high resistance weight training on reported pain in older adults. Knutzen, Kathleen M.; Pendergrast, Bethany A.; Lindsey, Billie; Brilla, Lorraine R. 5511
The impact of short term supervised and home-based walking programmes on heart rate variability in patients with peripheral arterial disease. Sandercock, Gavin R.H.; Hodges, Lynette D.; Das, Saroj K.; Brodie, David A. 5347
The social support experiences of major junior ice hockey players in a physically removed region of Canada. Dube, Timothy V.; Schinke, Robert J.; Hancock, David J.; Dubuc, Nicole G. 7107
The time-course of voluntary and electrically evoked muscle performance during and after stretch-shortening exercise is different. Skurvydas, Albertas; Mamkus, Gediminas; Dudoniene, Vilma; Kamandulis, Sigitas; Mickeviciene, Dalia; 6314
Transnational and comparative research in sport: globalisation, governance and sport policy. Ozyener, Fadil Brief article 233
Use of whole-body vibration as a mode of warming up before counter movement jump. Artero, Enrique Garcia; Espana-Romero, Vanesa; Ortega, Francisco B.; Jimenez-Pavon, David; Carreno-G Letter to the editor 1539

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