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Articles from Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (October 1, 2001)

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A history of an identity, an identity of a history: The idea and practice of 'malayness' in malaysia reconsidered. B., Shamsul A. 6824
A literary mycelium: Some prolegomena for a project on indonesian literatures in malay. Derks, Will 12279
A malay of bugis ancestry: Haji Ibrahim's strategies of survival. Putten, Jan van der 7369
After Postcolonialism: Remapping Philippine--United States Confrontations. (The Philippines). Lim, Millard O. Book Review 2091
American exiles in the Philippines, 1941-1996: A collected oral narrative. (The Philippines). Montesano, Michael J. Book Review 1033
Authority and enterprise among the peoples of South Sulawesi. (Indonesia). Cummings, William Book Review 818
Behind the postcolonial: Architecture, urban space and political cultures in Indonesia. (Indonesia). Bunnell, Tim Book Review 821
Chinese epigraphic materials in Indonesia. volume III. (Indonesia). Miksic, John N. Book Review 394
Civility and savagery: Social identity in tai states. (Southeast Asia). Jonsson, Hjorleifur Book Review 1144
Contesting straits-malayness: The fact of borneo. Collins, James T. 7281
Crime, society and the state in the nineteenth century Philippines. (The Philippines). Habana, Olivia M. Book Review 1286
Intelligence and the war against Japan: Britain, America and the politics of secret service. (Asia). Farrell, Brian P. Book Review 912
Living through histories: Culture, history and social life in south sulawesi. (Indonesia). Waterson, Roxana Book Review 1692
Malay, world language: A short history. (Southeast Asia). Putten, Jan Van Der Book Review 673
Merchants and migrants: Ethnicity and trade among yunnanese chinese in southeast Asia. (Asia). Liu, Hong Book Review 949
ormes extremes de dependance. Contributions a l' etude de l' 'esclavage en asie du sud-est. (Southeast Asia). Worden, Nigel Book Review 805
Population and history. The demographic origins of the modern Philippines. (The Philippines). Jones, Gavin W. Book Review 1090
Profit and poverty in rural vietnam: Winners and losers of a dismantled revolution. (Vietnam). Drummond, Lisa B. Book Review 965
Raiding, trading, and feasting: The political economy of philippine chiefdoms. (The Philippines). Bankoff, Greg Book Review 1110
Road to Asean- 10: Japanese perspectives on economic integration. (Southeast Asia). Daquila, Teofilo C. Book Review 957
Shifting languages. Interaction and identity in javanese Indonesia. (Indonesia). Keeler, Ward Book Review 1079
Strengthening the local in national reform: A cultural approach to political change. Morrell, Elizabeth 7723
Texts, raja ismail and violence: siak and the transformation of malay identity in the eighteenth century. Barnard, Timothy P. 7575
Thailande: Bouddhisme renoncant, capitalisme triomphant. (Thailand). Peleggi, Maurizio Book Review 246
The dynamics of resistance and emulation in makassarese history. Cummings, William 8534
The makassar malays: Adaptation and identity, c. 1660-1790. (*). Sutherland, Heather 15490
The Philippine revolution in the bicol region. (The Philippines). Montesano, Michael J. Book Review 1134
The search for the 'origins' of melayu. Andaya, Leonard Y. 10873
Transforming Asian socialism: China and Vietnam compared. (Asia). Amer, Ramses Book Review 801
Turbulent times and enduring peoples: Mountain minorities in the south-east Asian massif. (Southeast Asia). Pawakapan, Niti Book Review 590
Understanding melayu (Malay) as a source of diverse modern identities. Reid, Anthony 12389
White love and other events in filipino history. (The Philippines). Dizon, Lino L. Book Review 1139
Why vietnam invaded cambodia: Political culture and the causes of war. (Southeast Asia). Lockhart, Bruce M. Book Review 2163
Yon Roi Kosapan Nai 'ton thang farangset' [follow in kosapan's footsteps in 'the way to France']. (Thailand). Maurel, Frederic Book Review 786

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