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Articles from Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (September 1, 1998)

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"Barbarians" and "younger brothers": the remaking of race in postcolonial Vietnam. Pelley, Patricia 9928
"The whole moon was eaten": Southeast Asian eclipse calculation. Eade, J.C.; Gislen, Lars 4993
Against the Sun: The AIF in Malaya, 1941-42. Palazzo, Albert Book Review 883
At War in the Shadow of Vietnam: U.S. Military Aid to the Royal Lao Government 1955-1975. Foster, Anne L. Book Review 622
Bandits, banditry and landscapes of crime in the nineteenth-century Philippines. Bankoff, Greg 11864
Barangay. Sixteenth-Century Philippine Culture and Society. Reid, Anthony Book Review 911
Burmese Manuscripts, Part 3. Frasch, Tilman Book Review 1011
Cambodian Culture Since 1975: Homeland and Exile. Peou, Sorpong Book Review 1000
Central Pillars of the House. Sisters, Wives, and Mothers in a Rural Community in Minangkabau, West Sumatra. Tsuyoshi, Kato Book Review 1233
Classical Javanese Dance. The Surakarta Tradition and Its Terminology. Groenendael, Victoria M. Clara van Book Review 1214
Communitarian Ideology and Democracy in Singapore. Clammer, John Book Review 1358
Contesting Space, Power Relations and the Urban Built Environment in Colonial Singapore. Hill, R.D. Book Review 506
Dissolving hegemony or changing trade pattern? Images of Srivijaya in the Chinese sources of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Kee-Long, So 7752
Fantasizing the Feminine in Indonesia. Stivens, Maila Book Review 1053
Field, Forest, and Family: Women's Work and Power in Rural Laos. Veilleux, Christine Book Review 1932
From Quanzhou to the Sulu zone and beyond: questions related to the early fourteenth century. Ptak, Roderich 13588
Generale Missiven van Gouverneurs-Generaal en Raden aan Heren XVII der Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie, Deel XI 1743-1750. Borschberg, Peter Book Review 422
Gentle Janus, Merchant Prince; The VOC and the Tightrope of Diplomacy in the Malay World, 1740-1800. Caldwell, Ian Book Review 801
Historical Dictionary of the Philippines. Rodell, Paul A. Book Review 1380
In memoriam: Dr R. Suntharalingam. Kratoska, Paul H.; Kheng, Cheah Boon Obituary 1561
Islam and Muslims in the southern territories of the Philippine Islands during the American colonial period (1898 to 1946). Federspiel, Howard M. 9951
Japan, Indonesia and the War: Myths and Realities. Lathrop, Alan K. Book Review 1004
Kanganies in Sri Lanka and Malaysia: Tamil Recruiter-cum-Foreman as a Sociological Category in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century. Mydin, Iskander Book Review 528
L'Asie du Sud-Est Face la Mondialisation: Les Nouveaux Champs d'Analyse. Southeast Asia and Globalization: News [sic] Domains of Analysis. Boomgaard, Peter Book Review 759
Laos and the Hilltribes of Indochina: Journeys to the Boloven Plateau, From Bassac to Hue Through Laos, and to the Origins of the Thai. Lockhart, Bruce Book Review 250
Le Sel de la Vie en Asie de Sud-Est. Waterson, Roxana Book Review 1466
M.H. Thamrin and His Quest for Indonesian Nationhood: 1917-1941. Sluimers, Laszlo Book Review 2381
Malaysia's Political Economy: Politics, Patronage and Profits. Sikorski, Douglas Book Review 949
Monarchie et fait colonial. Lockhart, Bruce M. Book Review 621
Operation Matador: Britain's War Plans Against the Japanese 1918-1941. Hack, Karl Book Review 1850
Political Economy of Environment in Thailand. Rigg, Jonathan Book Review 564
Political Legitimacy in Southeast Asia: The Quest for Moral Authority. Misra, Amalendu Book Review 1097
Population in Asia. Shantakumar, G. Book Review 511
Propaganda, Politics, and Violence in Cambodia: Democratic Transition Under United Nations Peace-Keeping. Amer, Ramses Book Review 1209
Remaking Maluku: Social Transformation in Eastern Indonesia. Visser, Leontine Book Review 1056
Riding the Dutch Tiger. The Dutch East Indies Company and the Northeast Coast of Java: 1680-1743. Borschberg, Peter Book Review 603
Seeing Forest for Trees: Environment and Environmentalism in Thailand. Rigg, Jonathan Book Review 565
Shadows of Life: Nang Talung, Thai Popular Shadow Theatre. Johnson, Irving Chan Book Review 1053
Southeast Asia's Misunderstood Miracle: Industrial Policy and Economic Development in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Sikorski, Douglas Book Review 1145
Spirits Captured in Stone. Shamanism and Traditional Medicine Among the Taman of Borneo. Sather, Clifford Book Review 1693
State Power and Culture in Thailand. Ganesan, N. Book Review 856
Subud and the Javanese Mystical Tradition. Lyon, M.L. Book Review 1043
Survival and Profit in Rural Java: The Case of an East Javanese Village. MacRae, Graeme Book Review 1021
The changing interpretation of religious freedom in Indonesia. Kim, Hyung-Jun 10058
The Japanese Occupation of Malaya: 1941-1945. Frei, Henry Book Review 1321
The medieval Tamil-language inscriptions in Southeast Asia and China. Christie, Jan Wisseman 15984
The Play of Time: Kodi Perspectives on Calendars, History and Exchange. Erb, Maribeth Book Review 1331
The Rise and Fall of Revenue Farming, Business Elites and the Emergence of the Modern State in Southeast Asia. Dobbin, Christine Book Review 762
The Rise and Fall of the Communist Party of Burma (CPB). Charney, Michael W. Book Review 685
The Voice of Young Burma. Charney, Michael W. Book Review 599
Understanding Vietnam. Zinoman, Peter Book Review 918
Urban Usurpation: From Friar Estates to Industrial Estates in a Philippine Hinterland. Shatkin, Gavin Book Review 1019
Visible Women in East Coast Malay Society: On the Reproduction of Gender in Ceremonial, School and Market. Healey, Lucy Book Review 1000

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