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Articles from Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (September 1, 1993)

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2475: Kanpathiwat khong Sayam (1932: The Thai Coup). Batson, Benjamin A. Book Review 1478
A note on finds of early Chinese ceramics associated with megalithic remains in northwest Lampung. McKinnon, E. Edwards 3647
A Vietnamese Scholar in Anguish: Nguyen Khuyen and the Decline of the Confucian Order, 1884-1909. Smith, Ralph Book Review 578
Albuquerque, Caesar of the East: Selected Texts by Afonso de Albuquerque and His Son. Miksic, John N. Book Review 972
Anthropology Goes to War: Professional Ethics and Counterinsurgency in Thailand. Walker, Anthony R. Book Review 1045
ASEAN Economic Co-operation Handbook. Thomas, K.D. Book Review 615
Bangka Tin and Mentok Pepper: Chinese Settlement on an Indonesian Island. Lindblad, J. Thomas Book Review 609
Child Development: Preschool Children. Elliott, John Book Review 1457
Chinese Economic Activity in Netherlands India: Selected Translations from the Dutch. Rush, James R. Book Review 1190
Cognation and Social Organization in Southeast Asia. Kammerer, Cornelia Ann Book Review 1044
Conditions on sugar estates in colonial Java: comparisons with Deli. Wertheim, Wim F. 9334
Constitutional Systems in Late Twentieth Century Asia. Tan, Kevin Y.L. Book Review 1418
Counseling Psychology in the Philippines: Research and Practice. Marecek, Jeanne Book Review 931
Crossing the Industrial Divide: State, Society, and the Politics of Economic Transformation in Malaysia. Drabble, John Book Review 896
Cultes populaires et societes asiatiques: Appareils cultuels et appareils de pouvoir. Legendre-Dr Koninck, Helene Book Review 817
Everyday Politics in the Philippines: Class and Status Relations in a Central Luzon Village. Wurfel, David Book Review 820
Family and State: The Formation of a Sino-Thai Tin-Mining Dynasty. Tan Chee-Beng Book Review 1705
Food, Hunger, and Agricultural Issues. Jackel, Wolfram Book Review 2663
From a Shattered Sun: Hierarchy, Gender, and Alliance in the Tanimbar Islands. Erb, Maribeth Book Review 1389
From Marcos to Aquino: Local Perspectives on Political Transitions in the Philippines. Rafael, Vicente L. Book Review 1162
From PKI to the Comintern: 1924-1941, The Apprenticeship of the Malayan Communist Party: Selected Documents and Discussion. Metzger, Laurent Book Review 909
Growth and Ethnic Inequality: Malaysia's New Economic Policy. Leong Ho Khai Book Review 1092
Historical Dictionary of Laos. Christie, Clive J. Book Review 733
Ideological Innovation Under Monarchy: Aspects of Legitimation Activity in Contemporary Brunei. Brown, Donald E. Book Review 816
Indonesian Assessment: 1991. Thomas, K.D. Book Review 1104
Indonesian Cinema: National Culture on Screen. Pong Masak, Tanete A. Book Review 936
Interpreting Thai religious change: temples, Sangha reform and social change. O'Connor, Richard A. 5258
Japan Views the Philippines: 1900-1944. Shiraishi, Takashi Book Review 638
Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij: Stoomvaart en staatsvorming in de Indonesische archipel 1888-1914. Ricklefs, M.C. Book Review 1262
Ku Daeng - Thirty Years Later: A Village Study in Northern Thailand, 1954-1984. Walker, Anthony R. Book Review 1595
Literary Perspectives on Southeast Asia: Collected Essays by Peter Wicks. Roskies, D.M. Book Review 956
Malay Peasants Coping with the World: Breaking the Community Circle? Nagata, Judith Book Review 1024
Mohammad Hatta: Biografi Politik. Larson, George Book Review 1643
Onderzoek in Zuidoost-Azie: Agenda's voor de Jaren Negentig. Hellwig, Tineke H. Book Review 993
Opium Fields. Walker, Anthony R. Book Review 504
Orang Regimen: The Malays of the Ceylon Rifle Regiment. Gullick, J.M. Book Review 895
Partai Islam di Pentas Nasional: 1945-1965 (Islamic Parties in the National Drama, 1945-1965). Federspiel, Howard M. Book Review 2615
Pathways from the Periphery: The Politics of Growth in the Newly Industrializing Countries. Dijck, Pitou van Book Review 771
Peasants and Cities, Cities and Peasants: Rethinking Southeast Asian Models. Tannenbaum, Nicola Book Review 934
Political Economy in Vietnam. Sidel, Mark Book Review 874
Power and Culture: The Struggle Against Poverty in Thailand. Guest, Philip Book Review 826
Radicalism and the Origins of the Vietnamese Revolution. Hemery, Daniel Book Review 873
Rainforest Politics: Ecological Destruction in South-East Asia. Savage, Victor R. Book Review 1215
Scavengers, Recyclers and Solutions for Solid Waste Management in Indonesia. Jellinek, Lea Book Review 1044
Socio-Economic Development in Vietnam: The Agenda for the 1990s. Nguyen Thi Dieu Book Review 1958
Southeast Asia's incorporation into the world rice market: a revisionist view. Coclanis, Peter A. 9659
Southeast Asian intercalation: variations and complexities. Eade, J.C. 3817
Space and Place in Eastern Indonesia. Nourse, Jennifer W. Book Review 978
Taingyingtha Lumyomya Ayei hnin 1947 Acheihkan Upadei (The Nationalities Issue and 1947 Constitution). Becka, Jan Book Review 1466
The City in the Village: The In-Situ Urbanization of Villages, Villagers and Their Land Around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Forbes, Dean Book Review 589
The development of the rubber market in pre-World War II Singapore. Huff, W.G. 11818
The Making of a Nation: Essays on Nineteenth Century Filipino Nationalism. Churchill, Bernardita Reyes Book Review 1030
The Origins of Metropolitan Manila: A Political and Social Analysis. Cruikshank, Bruce Book Review 1271
The Political Economy of Mountain Java: An Interpretative History. Stange, Paul Book Review 8429
The southern Thai shadowplay tradition in historical context. Vandergeest, Peter; Chalermpow-Koanantakool, Paritta 11794
Transnationalization, the State, and the People: The Malaysian Case, part 2. Nonini, Donald M. Book Review 1084
Triumph of Moro Diplomacy: The Maguindanao Sultanate in the 17th Century. Bankoff, Greg Book Review 1148
True Love and Bartholomew: Rebels on the Burmese Border. Walker, Anthony R. Book Review 1061
Wawasan Kejuangan Panglima Besar Jenderal Sudirman. Cribb, Robert Book Review 3113

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