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Articles from Journal of Soil and Water Conservation (November 1, 2002)

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Accounting for season at nitrogen mineralization: an overview. Vigil, M.F.; Eghball, B.; Cabrera, M.L.; Jakubowski, B.R.; Davis, J.G. 4648
AG field management model now better faster. (Notebook). 310
Agroforestry: mapping the way with GIS. Bentrup, Gary; Leininger, Tim 2553
Assessment of concentrated flow through riparian buffers. (Research). Dosskey, M.G.; Helmers, M.J.; Eisenhauer, D.E.; Franti, T.G.; Hoagland, K.D. 6032
Assessment of runoff and sediment yield using remote sensing, GIS, and AGNPS. Bhuyan, S.J.; Marzen, L.J.; Koelliker, J.K.; Harrington, J.A., Jr.; Barnes, P.L. 10502
Augmenting the Certified Forester[TM] program. (Notebook). Brief Article 129
Book describes historical significance of the U.S. Soil Survey. (Notebook). Book Review 346
Carbon and nutrient cycles. Delgado, J.A.; Follett, R.F. 9191
Closing the conservation gap. (Notebook). Brief Article 148
Conservogram: Soil and Water Conservation Society in action. 646
Essentials of a national nitrate leaching index assessment tool: a guest research editorial by conservation professionals. (Research Editorial). Shaffer, Marvin J.; Delgado, Jorge A. Editorial 8952
Evaluation of phosphorus-based nutrient management strategies in Pennsylvania. Weld, J.L.; Parsons, R.L.; Beegle, D.B.; Sharpley, A.N.; Gburek, W.J.; Clouser, W.R. 6278
Factoids-looking at the world as a village: if the world were a village of 1,000 people. (Notebook). Brief Article 205
Falling short on sustainability goals for the world. (Notebook). Brief Article 197
First Environmental Indicators Initiative report released. (Notebook). Brief Article 170
GIS-based spatial indices for identification of potential phosphorous export at watershed scale. Giasson, E.; Bryant, R.B.; DeGloria, S.D. 5864
Management effects on nitrogen leaching and guidelines for a nitrogen leaching index in New York. van Es, H.M.; Czymmek, K.J.; Ketterings, Q.M. 5697
Managing runoff following manure application. Gilley, J.E.; Risse, L.M.; Eghball, B. 3907
Managing soil denitrification. Mosier, A.R.; Doran, J.W.; Freney, J.R. 8219
Mineralization of manure nutrients. Eghball, B.; Wienhold, B.J.; Gilley, J.E.; Eigenberg, R.A. 3659
Modeling phosphorus transport in agricultural watersheds: processes and possibilities. Sharpley, A.N.; Kleinman, P.J.A.; McDowell, R.W.; Gitau, M.; Bryant, R.B. 12355
Modification and performance of the Coshocton wheel with the modified drop-box weir. Bonta, J.V. 5458
New program offers money for forest and grassland work. (Notebook). Brief Article 107
Nitrogen fate and transport in agricultural systems. Follett, R.F.; Delgado, J.A. 6414
Nitrogen modeling for soil management. Shaffer, M.J. 6923
Nutrient losses in surface irrigation runoff. Bjorneberg, D.L.; Westermann, D.T.; Aase, J.K. 3955
Nutrient management in the United States. (Special Section). Delgado, Jorge; Cox, Craig; van Es, Harold; Reeves, Wayne 1050
Nutrient variability in manures: implications for sampling and regional database creation. Davis, J.G.; Iversen, K.V.; Vigil, M.F. 4641
Phosphorus indexing for cropland: overview and basic concepts of the Iowa phosphorus index. Mallarino, A.P.; Stewart, B.M.; Baker, J.L.; Downing, J.D.; Sawyer, J.E. 7491
Principles for managing nitrogen leaching. Meisinger, J.J.; Delgado, J.A. 14668
Quantifying conservation: a viewpoint from the Soil and Water Conservation Society's executive director. (Home Front). Cox, Craig Editorial 730
Quantifying phosphorus losses from the agricultural system. Lemunyon, J.L.; Daniel, T.C. 2994
Quantifying the loss mechanisms of nitrogen. Delgado, J.A. 12173
Raise your voice: your forum to react to published articles, to exchange ideas, and describe innovative approaches to conservation including legislation. (Your Letters). Letter to the Editor 1069
Remote sensing for nitrogen management. Scharf, P.C.; Schmidt, J.P.; Kitchen, N.R.; Sudduth, K.A.; Hong, S.Y.; Lory, J.A.; Davis, J.G. 4523
Soil phosphorus status under restored plant covers established to control land degradation in the Red Soil Region of South China. Chen, Y.X.; He, Y.F.; Kumar, S.; Fu, Q.L.; Tian, G.M.; Lin, Q. 6546
Soil quality of two Kansas soils as influenced by the Conservation Reserve Program. Huang, X.; Skidmore, E.L.; Tibke, G.L. 7206
Soil testing for different phosphorus pools in cropland soils of the Great Plains. Bowman, R.A.; Vigil, M.F. 6381
Sprawl linked to declining coastal health. (Notebook). Brief Article 155
The fate and transport of phosphorus in agricultural systems. Hansen, N.C.; Daniel, T.C.; Sharpley, A.N.; Lemunyon, J.L. 7752
Urban agriculture has a future. (Notebook). Brief Article 113
USDA seeks comments on Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program. (Notebook). Brief Article 103
Use of site-specific management zones to improve nitrogen management for precision agriculture. Khosla, R.; Fleming, K.; Delgado, J.A.; Shaver, T.M.; Westfall, D.G. 3486
Variable-source-area controls on phosphorus transport: bridging the gap between research and design. Gburek, N.J.; Drungil, C.C.; Srinivasan, M.S.; Needelman, B.A.; Woodward, D.E. 8927
Wildlife stamp to generate money for wetlands. (Notebook). Brief Article 118

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