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Articles from Journal of Social History (March 22, 2003)

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"My Pappa is out, and my Mamma is asleep." minors, their routine activities, and interpersonal violence in an early modern town, 1653-1781. Griller, Robin 11680
"On the border of snakeland": evolutionary psychology and plebeian violence in industrial Chicago, 1875-1920. Adler, Jeffrey S. 9813
Black Peril, White Virtue: Sexual Crime in Southern Rhodesia, 1902-1935. (Reviews). West, Michael O. Book Review 1816
Blue Coat or Powdered Wig: Free People of Color in Pre-Revolutionary Saint Domingue. (Reviews). Paquette, Robert L. Book Review 1202
Brotherhoods of Color: Black Railroad Workers and the Struggle for Equality. (Reviews). Licht, Walter Book Review 1216
Cafe, sociedad y relaciones de poder en America Latina. (Reviews). Jamieson, Ross W. Book Review 1250
Curiosity: A Cultural History of Early Modern Inquiry. (Reviews). Goodale, Greg Book Review 937
Deep Souths: Delta, Piedmont, and Sea Island Society in the Age of Segregation. (Reviews). Tripp, Steve Book Review 969
Everyday Violence in Britain, 1850-1950: Gender and Class. (Reviews). Wood, J. Carter Book Review 992
Eyewitnessing: The Uses of Images as Historical Evidence. (Reviews). Waddy, Helena Book Review 1042
Facing East from Indian Country: A Native History of Early America. (Reviews). Shoemaker, Nancy Book Review 656
Financing the American Dream: A Cultural History of Consumer Credit. (Reviews). Horowitz, David A. Book Review 1003
Houdini, Tarzan and the Perfect Man: The White Male Body and the Challenge of Modernity in America. (Reviews). White, Kevin H. Book Review 1163
Indigenous Struggle at the Heart of Brazil: State Policy, Frontier Expansion, and the Xavante Indians, 1937-1988. (Reviews). Green, James N. Book Review 841
Kinship and Capitalism: Marriage, Family, and Business in the English-Speaking World, 1580-1740 and Family & Friends in Eighteenth-Century England: Household, Kinship, Patronage. (Reviews). Schmidt, Albert J. Book Review 1184
Land, Power and Economics on the Frontier of Upper Canada. (Reviews). Errington, Jane Book Review 1145
Landscape and Identity: Geographies of Nation and Class in England. (Reviews). Olwig, Kenneth Book Review 885
Managing mercy: African Americans, parole and paternalism in the Georgia prison system 1919-1945. Garton, Stephen 14068
Marriage, money, and sex: Dr. Hamilton finds a wife. Breslaw, Elaine G. 8685
Medieval Children. (Reviews). Rosenthal, Joel T. Book Review 1026
Metamorphosis and Identity. (Reviews). Haas, Louis Book Review 1161
Out of the Dead House: Nineteenth-Century Women Physicians and the Writing of Medicine. (Reviews). More, Ellen Book Review 1110
Past the pax. (Review Essay). Crais, Clifton Book Review 3487
Russian and West European Women, 1860-1939: Dreams, Struggles, and Nightmares. (Reviews). Offen, Karen Book Review 987
Saltillo, 1770-1810: Town and Region in the Mexican North. (Reviews). Jackson, Robert H. Book Review 1184
Starving on a Full Stomach: Hunger and the Triumph of Cultural Racism in Modern South Africa. (Reviews). Crais, Clifton Book Review 672
The American Body in Context: An Anthology. (Reviews). Wilkie, Jacqueline S. Book Review 1077
The Cambridge Urban History of Britain. (Reviews). Schmidt, Albert J. Book Review 1404
The Making of Fascism: Class, State, and Counter-Revolution, Italy 1919-1922. (Reviews). Hughes, Steven C. Book Review 1235
The masturbation taboo and the rise of routine male circumcision: A review of the historiography. (Review Essay). Darby, Robert 10826
The Politics of Whiteness: Race, Workers, and Culture in the Modern South. (Reviews). Waalkes, Mary Book Review 1103
The Waterman's Song: Slavery and Freedom in Maritime North Carolina. (Reviews). Buchanan, Thomas C. Book Review 912
Trumpeting down the walls of Jericho: The politics of art, music and emotion in German-American relations, 1870-1920. Gienow-Hecht, Jessica C.E. 14351
Vertriebene in Deutschland. Interdisziplinare Ergebnisse und Forschungsperspektiven. (Reviews). Hughes, Michael L. Book Review 1028

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