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Articles from Journal of Social History (September 22, 2002)

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Bold Relief: Institutional Politics and the Origins of Modem American Social Policy. (Reviews). Achenbaum, W. Andrew 479
Chinese San Francisco, 1850-1943: A Trans-Pacific Community. (Reviews). Wu, Judy Tzu-Chun 1220
Citizens and housewives: the problem of female citizenship in Spain's transition to democracy. Radcliff, Pamela 12997
Constant Turmoil: The Politics of Industrial Life in Nineteenth-Century New England. (Reviews). McCartin, Joseph A. 1152
Containing the Poor: The Mexico City Poor House, 1774-1871. (Reviews). Blum, Ann S. 1037
Defining the Victorian Nation: Class, Race, Gender and the Reform Act of 1867. (Reviews). Heathorn, Stephen 1075
Domestic Service and Gender, 1660-1750: Life and Work in the London Household & Domestique et servante. Des vies sous condition: Essai sur le travail domestique en Belgique au 19e siecle. (Reviews). McBride, Theresa M. 1894
From Paesani to White Ethnics: The Italian Experience in Philadelphia. (Reviews). Merithew, Caroline Waldron 1368
Hearts of Wisdom: American Women Caring for Kin 1850-1940. (Reviews). Rosenzweig, Linda W. 1040
Holy Day, Holiday The American Sunday. (Reviews). Cross, Gary 683
In Defence of History. (Reviews). Munro, Doug 1062
It's Getting Better All the Time: 100 Greatest Trends of the Last 100 Years. (Reviews). Rosenzweig, Roy 1045
Massacre at the Champ de Mars: Popular Dissent and Political Culture in the French Revolution. (Reviews). Harison, Casey 958
Measuring Mamma's Milk: Fascism and the Medicalization of Maternity in Italy. (Reviews). Bell, Rudolph M. 1176
Men at Work: Labour, Masculinities, Development. (Reviews). Carton, Benedict 990
Merry Christmas!: Celebrating America's Greatest Holiday. (Reviews). Perry, Joseph B. 972
Monkey business in Union Square: a cultural analysis of the Klein's-Ohrbach's strikes of 1934-5. Opler, Daniel 7976
Murder in New York City. (Reviews). Orenic, Liesl 876
Musical Women in England, 1870-1914: "Encroaching on All Man's Privileges." & Women Performing Music: The Emergence of American Women as Instrumentalists and Conductors. (Reviews). Hunt, Tamara L. 2049
Naissance d'une industrie touristique: Les Anglais et la suisse au XIX siecle. (Reviews). Cross, Gary 769
Newsboy funerals: tales of sorrow and solidarity in urban America. DiGirolamo, Vincent 9991
One Nation Underground: The Fallout Shelter in American Culture. (Reviews). Boyer, Paul D. 1067
Partner choice and homogamy in the nineteenth century: was there a sexual revolution in Europe? Maas, Ineke 11025
Public Vows: A History of Marriage and the Nation. (Reviews). Eustace, Nicole 988
Reasonable Use: The People, the Environment, and the State, New England 1790-1930. (Reviews). Klyza, Christopher McGrory 995
Review essay: food and history. Super, John C. 7254
Rough manhood: the aggressive and confrontational shop culture of U.S. auto workers during World War II. Meyer, Steve 12214
Slave Patrols: Law and Violence in Virginia and the Carolinas. (Reviews). de Jong, Greta 842
Slaves on Screen: Film and Historical Vision. (Reviews). Wineburg, Sam 928
Social Mobility and Modernization: A Journal of Interdisciplinary History Reader. (Reviews). Kaelble, Hartmut 323
Something New Under the Sun: An Environmental History of the Twentieth-Century World. (Reviews). Soluri, John 1075
Sowing the American Dream: How Consumer Culture Took Root in the Rural Midwest. (Reviews). Matt, Susan 935
The British Seaside: Holidays and Resorts in the Twentieth Century. (Reviews). Huggins, Mike 985
The childhood we have lost: when siblings were caregivers, 1900-1970. Pollack, Eunice G. 17834
The Gender of History: Men, Women, and the Historical Practice & The Rise of the Professional Woman in France: Gender and Public Administration Since 1830. (Reviews) . McBride, Theresa M. 2478
The New Disability History: American Perspectives. (Reviews). Berkowitz, Edward D. 960
The Professions in Early Modem England, 1450-1800: Servants of the Commonweal. (Reviews). Perkin, Harold 1011
The Sanitary City: Urban Infrastructure in America from Colonial Times to the Present. (Reviews). Hoffman, Steven J. 989
Tortured Subjects: Pain, Truth, and the Body in Early Modern France. (Reviews). Lindemann, Mary 1213
Victorian Babylon: People, Streets and Images in Nineteenth Century London. (Reviews). Bailey, Peter 949
Walking on the periphery: gender and the discourse of modernization. Munson, Elizabeth 7010
Women and Men in Renaissance Venice: Twelve Essays on Patrician Society. (Reviews). Cohn, Samuel K., Jr. 963
Youth in Revolutionary Russia: Enthusiasts, Bohemians, Delinquents. (Reviews). Brooks, Jeff 682

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