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Articles from Journal of Social History (June 22, 1994)

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'Buy where you can work': boycotting for jobs in African-American Baltimore, 1933-1934. Skotnes, Andor 11868
A Distinctive Industrialization: Cotton in Barcelona, 1728-1832. McDonogh, Gary W. Book Review 698
A History of Women: Silences of the Middle Ages. Bouchard, Constance B. Book Review 1087
Ambiguous Lives: Free Women of Color in Rural Georgia, 1789-1879. Mack-Williams, V. Kibibi Book Review 1200
America Calling: A Social History of the Telephone to 1940. Lipartito, Kenneth Book Review 703
Apprehending the Criminal: The Production of Deviance in Nineteenth-Century Discourse. Conley, Carolyn A. Book Review 943
Aspirations and Anxieties: New England Workers and the Mechanized Factory System, 1815-1850. Kornblith, Gary J. Book Review 762
Beyond the Typewriter: Gender, Class, and the Origins of Modern American Office Work, 1900-1930. Levine, Susan Book Review 1043
Blacks and Whites in Sao Paulo, Brazil: 1888-1988. Skidmore, Thomas E. Book Review 563
Class, Caste and Color: A Social and Economic History of the South African Western Cape. Crais, Clifton Book Review 590
Courting Danger: Injury and Law in New York City, 1870-1910. Knapp, Mark T. Book Review 1431
Cultural History and Material Culture: Everyday Life, Landscapes, Museums. Zoidis, Marilyn Book Review 819
Death and Ritual in Renaissance Florence. Ferraro, Joanne M. Book Review 661
Death, Deeds, and Descendants: Inheritance in Modern America. Gratton, Brian Book Review 528
Dirt and Disease: Polio before FDR. Morantz-Sanches, Regina Book Review 1910
Faces of violence: homicide trends and cultural meanings: Amsterdam, 1431-1816. Spierenburg, Pieter 8624
Family strategies and medical power: 'voluntary' committal in a Parisian asylum, 1876-1914. Prestwich, Patricia E. 9974
Fiction as social fantasy: Europe's domestic crisis of 1879-1914. Binion, Rudolph 10709
Football and Its Fans: Supporters and their Relations with the Game, 1885-1985. Guttmann, Allen Book Review 509
Forbidden History: The State, Society, and the Regulation of Sexuality in Modern Europe. Lindemann, Mary Book Review 1219
From Bishop to Witch: The System of the Sacred in Early Modern Terra d'Otranto. Ruggiero, Guido Book Review 1231
From Market Places to a Market Economy: The Transformation of Rural Massachusetts, 1750-1850. Henretta, James Book Review 715
Intellect and Public Life: Essays on the Social History of Academic Intellectuals in the United States. Haskell, Thomas L. Book Review 1629
Josiah White: Quaker Entrepreneur. Jaher, Frederic Cople Book Review 368
Les Colleges du Peuple: L'enseignement primaire superieur et le developpement de la scolarisation prolongee sous la Troisieme Republique. Day, C.R. Book Review 714
Mad Blood Stirring: Vendetta and Factions in Friuli during the Renaissance. Cohen, Thomas V. Book Review 851
Madonnas That Maim: Popular Catholicism in Italy Since the Fifteenth Century. Thompson, Micheal Book Review 1389
Masculinity and Male Codes of Honor in Modern France. Hurshman, Jonathan Book Review 969
Nachbarn am Rhein: Entfremdung und Annaherung der franzosischen und deutschen Gesellschaft seit 1880. Berger, Stefan Book Review 1136
Paradox of Plenty: A Social History of Eating in Modern America. Stearns, Peter N. Book Review 663
Shaping Technology/Building Society: Studies in Sociotechnical Change. Constant, Edward W., II Book Review 912
Taming the 'King of Terrors': ritual and death in Schenectady, New York, 1844-1860. Wells, Robert V. 9153
Ten Hours' Labor: Religion, Reform, and Gender in Early New England. Brekus, Catherine A. Book Review 1002
The care of dependent African-American children in Chicago: the struggle between black self-help and professionalism. O'Donnell, Sandra M. 6574
The Culture of Love: Victorians to Moderns. Bailey, Beth Book Review 937
The Family in Bahia, Brazil: 1870-1945. Andrews, George Reid Book Review 844
The Family Romance of the French Revolution. Lynch, Katherine A. Book Review 1944
The Jewish People in America: A Time for Healing, American Jewry Since World War II. Dinnerstein, Leonard Book Review 1925
The Keys to Happiness: Sex and the Search for Modernity in Fin-de-Siecle Russia. Worobec, Christine D. Book Review 1252
The Most Solitary of Afflictions: Madness and Society in Britain, 1700-1900. Grob, Gerald N. Book Review 1139
The Rise of Modern Police and the European State System from Metternich to the Second World War. Schmidt, Albert J. Book Review 791
The Secularization of Early Modern England. From Religious Culture to Religious Faith. Stearns, Carol Zisowitz Book Review 1014
The Unbounded Community: Neighborhood Life and Social Structure in New York City, 1830-1875. Blackmar, Elizabeth Book Review 990
White, Male and Middle Class: Explorations in Feminism and History. Arnstein, Walter L. Book Review 1035
White-Collar Crime in Modern England: Financial Fraud and Business Morality, 1845-1929. Perkin, Harold Book Review 951
Workers and community: the case of the peat-cutters and the shipbuilding industry in Saint-Nazaire, 1881-1910. Schuster, Leslie Ann 10783

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