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Articles from Journal of Skin Cancer (January 1, 2014)

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A clinicopathological and immunohistochemical correlation in cutaneous metastases from internal malignancies: A five-year study. Nibhoria, Sarita; Tiwana, Kanwardeep Kaur; Kaur, Manmeet; Kumar, Sumir Report 2650
A study of Basal Cell Carcinoma in South Asians for risk factor and clinicopathological characterization: A hospital based study. Kumar, Sumir; Mahajan, Bharat Bhushan; Kaur, Sandeep; Yadav, Ashish; Singh, Navtej; Singh, Amarbir Report 5492
Assessing the current market of sunscreen: A cross-sectional study of sunscreen availability in three metropolitan counties in the United States. Amber, Kyle T.; Bloom, Romi; Staropoli, Patrick; Dhiman, Sonam; Hu, Shasa Report 4920
Gene expression differences predict treatment outcome of Merkel cell carcinoma patients. Masterson, Loren; Thibodeau, Bryan J.; Fortier, Laura E.; Geddes, Timothy J.; Pruetz, Barbara L.; Ma Report 6145
Histopathological study of skin adnexal tumours--institutional study in South India. Sharma, Ankit; Paricharak, Deepak G.; Nigam, Jitendra Singh; Rewri, Shivani; Soni, Priyanka Bhatia; Report 2085
Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus subversion of the anti-inflammatory response in human skin cells reveals correlates of latency and disease pathogenesis. Fontana, Judith M.; Mygatt, Justin G.; Conant, Katelyn L.; Parsons, Chris H.; Kaleeba, Johnan A.R. Report 11672
Locally advanced and unresectable cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma: Outcomes of concurrent cetuximab and radiotherapy. Samstein, Robert M.; Ho, Alan L.; Lee, Nancy Y.; Barker, Christopher A. Report 4801
Melanocyte and Melanoma cell activation by Calprotectin. Shirley, Stephanie H.; von Maltzan, Kristine; Robbins, Paige O.; Kusewitt, Donna F. Report 2317
Melanoma development and progression are associated with Rad6 upregulation and [beta]-catenin relocation to the cell membrane. Rosner, Karli; Mehregan, Darius R.; Kirou, Evangelia; Abrams, Judith; Kim, Seongho; Campbell, Michel Report 6577
Prediction of sentinel node status and clinical outcome in a melanoma centre. Teixeira, Vera; Vieira, Ricardo; Coutinho, Ines; Cabral, Rita; Serra, David; Juliao, Maria Jose; Bri Report 4329
Prognostic value of melanoma inhibitory activity protein in localized cutaneous malignant melanoma. Sandru, Angela; Panaitescu, Eugenia; Voinea, Silviu; Bolovan, Madalina; Stanciu, Adina; Cinca, Sabin Report 3286
Risk of second cancers in Merkel cell carcinoma: A meta-analysis of population based cohort studies. Saxena, Anshul; Rubens, Muni; Ramamoorthy, Venkataraghavan; Khan, Hafiz Report 4158
Saphenous vein sparing superficial inguinal dissection in lower extremity Melanoma. Ozturk, Muhammed Besir; Akan, Arzu; Ozkaya, Ozay; Egemen, Onur; Oreroglu, Ali Rjza; Kayadibi, Turgut Report 3498
Six years of experience in photodynamic therapy for basal cell carcinoma: Results and fluorescence diagnosis from 191 lesions. Fernandez-Guarino, M.; Harto, A.; Perez-Garcia, B.; Royuela, A.; Jaen, P. Report 3967
Squamous cell carcinomas of the skin explore angiogenesis-independent mechanisms of tumour vascularization. Pastushenko, Ievgenia; Gracia-Cazana, Tamara; Vicente-Arregui, Sandra; Van den Eynden, Gert G.; Ara, Report 2757
Sun protection beliefs among Hispanics in the US. Santiago-Rivas, Marimer; Wang, Chang; Jandorf, Lina Report 7357
Surgical excision with forehead flap as single modality treatment for basal cell cancer of central face: Single institutional experience of 50 cases. Rao, Jagdeep; Deora, Harsh Report 2799
The Pink Rim sign: Location of Pink as an indicator of Melanoma in dermoscopic images. Rader, Ryan K.; Payne, Katie S.; Guntupalli, Uday; Rabinovitz, Harold S.; Oliviero, Maggie C.; Drugg Report 3838
Validity and stability of the decisional balance for sun protection inventory. Yin, Hui-Qing; Rossi, Joseph S.; Redding, Colleen A.; Paiva, Andrea L.; Babbin, Steven F.; Velicer, Report 5153

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