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Articles from Journal of Skin Cancer (January 1, 2013)

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Ambulatory melanoma care patterns in the United States. Ji, Andrew L.; Baze, Michael R.; Davis, Scott A.; Feldman, Steven R.; Fleischer, Alan B., Jr. Report 3810
AP1 transcription factors in epidermal differentiation and skin cancer. Eckert, Richard L.; Adhikary, Gautam; Young, Christina A.; Jans, Ralph; Crish, James F.; Xu, Wen; Ro Report 7502
Delineating molecular mechanisms of squamous tissue homeostasis and neoplasia: focus on p63. King, Kathryn E.; Ha, Linan; Camilli, Tura; Weinberg, Wendy C. Report 12743
Extended UVB exposures alter tumorigenesis and Treatment efficacy in a murine model of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. Burns, Erin M.; Tober, Kathleen L.; Riggenbach, Judith A.; Kusewitt, Donna F.; Young, Gregory S.; Ob Report 5464
Imaging in patients with merkel cell carcinoma. Enzenhofer, Elisabeth; Ubl, Philipp; Czerny, Christian; Erovic, Boban M. Report 4755
Ipilimumab: a first-in-class T-cell potentiator for metastatic melanoma. Chmielowski, Bartosz Report 5548
Melanoma-targeted chemothermotherapy and in situ peptide immunotherapy through HSP production by using melanogenesis substrate, NPrCAP, and magnetite nanoparticles. Jimbow, Kowichi; Ishii-Osai, Yasue; Ito, Shosuke; Tamura, Yasuaki; Ito, Akira; Yoneta, Akihiro; Kami Report 6813
Merkel cell carcinoma: interdisciplinary management of a rare disease. Schneider, Sven; Thurnher, Dietmar; Erovic, Boban M. Report 3611
Merkel cell carcinoma: the past, the present, and the future. Erovic, Inamaria; Erovic, Boban M. Report 5087
Potential role of meiosis proteins in melanoma chromosomal instability. Lindsey, Scott F.; Byrnes, Diana M.; Eller, Mark S.; Rosa, Ashley M.; Dabas, Nitika; Escandon, Julia Report 6870
Protein kinase C[epsilon], which is linked to ultraviolet radiation-induced development of squamous cell carcinomas, stimulates rapid turnover of adult hair follicle stem sells. Singh, Ashok; Singh, Anupama; Sand, Jordan M.; Heninger, Erika; Hafeez, Bilal Bin; Verma, Ajit K. Report 6427
Role of Stat3 in skin carcinogenesis: insights gained from relevant mouse models. Macias, Everardo; Rao, Dharanija; DiGiovanni, John Report 7401
Simulators of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin: diagnostic challenges on small biopsies and clinicopathological correlation. Tan, Kong-Bing; Tan, Sze-Hwa; Aw, Derrick Chen-Wee; Jaffar, Huma; Lim, Thiam-Chye; Lee, Shu-Jin; Lee Report 4055
Sociodemographic and psychological correlates of sun protection behaviors among outdoor workers: a review. Nahar, Vinayak K.; Ford, M. Allison; Hallam, Jeffrey S.; Bass, Martha A.; Vice, Michael A. Report 7198
Sunscreen use on the dorsal hands at the beach. Warren, Donald B.; Riahi, Ryan R.; Hobbs, Jason B.; Wagner, Richard F., Jr. Report 3383

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