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Articles from Journal of Shellfish Research (December 1, 2015)

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Allometric scaling of the radula in the Atlantic slippersnail Crepidula fornicata. Yee, Alison K.; Padilla, Dianna K. Report 3485
Annual reproductive cycle and condition index of the New Zealand surf clam Mactra murchisoni (Deshayes, 1854) (Bivalvia: Mactridae). Nottingham, Christopher David; White, W. Lindsey Report 4458
Assessing potential benthic impacts of harvesting the Pacific geoduck clam Panopea generosa in intertidal and subtidal sites in British Columbia, Canada. Liu, Wenshan; Pearce, Christopher M.; Dovey, Grant Report 11959
Comparison of substrates for eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) spat settlement in the Loxahatchee River estuary, Florida. Metz, Jerry L.; Stoner, Elizabeth W.; Arrington, D. Albrey Report 3754
Comparison of three sodium chloride chemical treatments for adult zebra mussel decontamination. Davis, Eric A.; Wong, Wai Hing; Harman, Willard N. Report 6358
Development of a DNA microarray-based identification system for commercially important Korean oyster species. Kim, Jiyeon; Jung, Daewui; Lee, Won Sun; Park, Joong-ki Report 4711
Diarrhetic shellfish toxins in Primorsky Krai, Russia. Orlova, Tatiana Yu.; Kameneva, Polina A.; Stonik, Inna V.; Morozova, Tatiana V.; Efimova, Kseniya V. Report 8003
Differences in diet of green (Haliotis fulgens) and pink (Haliotis corrugata) wild abalone along the Pacific Coast of the Baja California Peninsula, using stable isotope analyses. Vega-Garcia, P. David; Pinon-Gimate, Alejandra; Velez-Arellano, Nurenskaya; Lluch-Cota, Salvador E. Report 5242
Differential response of the American lobster Homarus americanus to the invasive Asian shore crab Hemigrapsus sanguineus and green crab Carcinus maenas. Lord, Joshua P.; Dalvano, Brielle E. Report 5573
Dinophysis species associated with diarrhetic shellfish poisoning episodes in North Patagonian gulfs (Chubut, Argentina). Villalobos, Leilen Gracia; Santinelli, Norma; Sastre, Viviana; Krock, Bernd; Esteves, Jose Luis Report 6482
Distribution and migration of immature germ cells in the pearl oyster Pinctada fucata with the expression pattern of the vasa ortholog by in situ hybridization. Sano, Natsumi; Kimata, Shunsuke; Obata, Mayu; Komaru, Akira Report 3313
Dynamics of the immune response of the horse mussel Modiolus kurilensis (Bernard, 1983) following challenge with heat-inactivated bacteria. Grinchenko, Andrei; Sokolnikova, Yulia; Korneiko, Denis; Kumeiko, Vadim Report 7866
Effects of coal particles in aquatic sediments on organ tissues of rainbow mussels Villosa iris (unionidae). Henley, William F.; Johnson, Nels G.; Ciparis, Serena; Hanlon, Shane D.; Heffinger, Douglas G. Report 7478
Effects of dietary fish oil to soybean oil ratio on survival, development, and growth of early juveniles of the blue swimmer crab Portunus pelagicus. Noordin, Noordiyana Mat; Zeng, Chaoshu; Southgate, Paul C.; Romano, Nicholas Report 7914
Establishment and overwintering of bay scallops (Argopecten irradians Lamarck) in a Gulf of St. Lawrence estuary. Williams, Jim; Polk, Zephyr C.S.; Smit, Laura A.; MacInnis, Gina Report 3931
Exploring restoration methods for the Olympia oyster Ostrea lurida carpenter, 1864: effects of shell bed thickness and shell deployment methods on shell cover, oyster recruitment, and oyster density. Zacherl, Danielle C.; Moreno, Andrea; Crossen, Shannon 10968
First description of symbionts, parasites, and diseases of the Pacific geoduck Panopea generosa from the Pacific Coast of Baja California, Mexico. Caceres-Martinez, Jorge; Vasquez-Yeomans, Rebeca; Cruz-Flores, Roberto Report 4651
Gender differences and short-term exposure to mechanical, thermic, and mechanical-thermic stress conditions on hemocyte functional characteristics and Hsp70 gene expression in oyster Crassostrea corteziensis (Hertlein, 1951). Hurtado-Oliva, Miguel Angel; Gomez-Hernandez, Saul Javier; Gutierrez-Rivera, Jesus Neftali; Estrada, Report 8451
Growth performance comparison of Pinctada margaritifera juveniles produced by thermal shock or gonad scarification spawning procedures. Ky, Chin-Long; Lau, Christophe; Koua, Manaarii Sham; Lo, Cedrik Report 5447
Impact of geographical isolation on genetic differentiation in an insular population of the carpet shell Ruditapes decussatus in the Mediterranean Basin. Gharbi, Aicha; Said, Khaled; Van Wormhoudt, Alain Report 7689
Influence of grain size on burrowing and alongshore distribution of the yellow clam (Amarilladesma Mactroides). Fiori, Sandra M.; Carcedo, M. Cecilia Report 4054
Molecular cloning of the calcyclin-binding protein gene from the swimming crab Portunus trituberculatus and its roles in salinity stress adaptation. Huang, Shaojun; Xu, Qianghua Report 5485
Molecular pathway and gene responses of the Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei to acute low salinity stress. Wang, Xiaodan; Wang, Shaolin; Li, Chao; Chen, Ke; Qin, Jian G.; Chen, Liqiao; Li, Erchao Report 9673
Monitoring recruitment patterns of mussels and fouling tunicates in mariculture. Holthuis, Thomas Duner; Bergstrom, Per; Lindegarth, Mats; Lindegarth, Susanne Report 8027
Phylogenetic approaches to delimit genetic lineages of the Mytilus complex of South America: how many species are there? Astorga, Marcela P.; Cardenas, Leyla; Vargas, Jaime Report 8798
Population ecology and secondary production of congeneric bivalves on a sheltered beach in Southeastern Brazil. Cardoso, Ricardo S.; Galhardo, Ludmila B.; Cabrini, Tatiana M.B. Report 6367
Predation of juvenile Jasus frontalis: an endemic spiny lobster of the Juan Fernandez archipelago, Chile. Petit, Ignacio J.; Gaymer, Carlos F.; Palma, Alvaro T.; Wahle, Richard A. Report 3674
Quality indices as potential markers indicating the origin of cultured scallop (Argopecten irradians) in the North China Sea. Xu, Qiang; Gao, Fei; Wang, Hong; Yang, Hongsheng Report 6680
Radula development in the giant key-hole limpet Megathura crenulata. Mikovari, Adrienne; Williams, Jonathan; Oakes, Frank; Lincicum, Robert Brandon; Zellmer, Amanda J.; Report 6871
Reproductive investment in a phyletic giant, the Caribbean king crab Damithrax spinosissimus: exploring egg production costs in large brooding marine inertebrates. Baeza, J. Antonio; Simpson, Lunden; Ambrosio, L.J.; Gueron, Rodrigo; Mora, Nathalia; Owen, Dallas Report 6486
Risk characterization for introduction and spread of multinucleate Sphere X (MSX) in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Sanchez, Javier; Carnegie, Ryan B.; Warris, Peter; Hill, Jonathan; Davidson, Jeff; St-Hilaire, Sophi Report 5608
Sensitivity of Mediterranean bivalve mollusc aquaculture to climate change, ocean acidification, and other environmental pressures: findings from a producer survey. Rodrigues, Luis C.; Van Den Bergh, Jeroen C.J.M.; Massa, Fabio; Theodorou, John A.; Ziveri, Patrizia Report 10428
Spatial and temporal variability of spawning in the green sea urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis along the coast of Maine. Vadas, Robert L., Sr.; Beal, Brian F.; Dudgeon, Steven R.; Wright, Wesley A. Report 26965
Success in rapidly restoring two failing oyster industries: a personal account. Mackenzie, Clyde L., Jr. Report 11215
Synoptic post fishery structure of invertebrate bycatch associated to Zygochlamys patagonica fishing grounds at the southwest Atlantic shelf-break front (39[degrees] S, Argentina). Bremec, Claudia; Schejter, Laura; Giberto, Diego Report 6832
Temperature-dependent feed consumption patterns for greenlip (Haliotis laevigata) and hybrid (H. laevigata x Haliotis rubra) abalone fed fresh macroalgae or a formulated diet. Bansemer, Matthew S.; Qin, Jian G.; Currie, Krishna-Lee; Stone, David A.J. Report 6795
Temporal structure and trends of parasites and pathologies in U.S. oysters and mussels: 16 years of mussel watch. Powell, Eric N.; Kim, Yungkul; Bushek, David 16016
The effects of temperature and salinity on the survival, growth and duration of the larval development of the common spider crab Maja brachydactyla (Balss, 1922) (Brachyura: Majidae). Castejon, Diego; Rotllant, Guiomar; Gimenez, Luis; Torres, Gabriela; Guerao, Guillermo Report 9643
The regional spatial structure of parasites and pathologies in oysters and mussels in the United States: 16 years of mussel watch. Powell, Eric N.; Kim, Yungkul Report 17822
Toward selective breeding of a hermaphroditic oyster Ostrea chilensis: roles of nutrition and temperature in improving fecundity and synchrony of gamete release. Joyce, A.; Webb, S.; Mussely, H.; Heasman, K.; Elliot, A.; King, N. Report 7877
Use of a liquid chromatographic method for assessment of paralytic shellfish poisoning toxin profiles in mussels and clams from Uruguay. Turner, Andrew D.; Tarnovius, Sophie; Medina, Dinorah; Salhi, Maria Report 9871

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