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Articles from Journal of Shellfish Research (August 1, 2014)

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A robust, spatially explicit model for identifying oyster restoration sites: case studies on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Swannack, Todd M.; Reif, Molly; Soniat, Thomas M. Report 9083
Age validation in Octopus vulgaris beaks across the full ontogenetic range: beaks as recorders of life events in octopuses. Perales-Raya, Catalina; Almansa, Eduardo; Bartolome, Aurora; Felipe, Beatriz C.; Iglesias, Jose; San Report 10127
Aquaculture assessment of Noah's Ark (Arca Noae Linnaeus, 1758) in the Central Adriatic Sea (Croatia). Zupan, Ivan; Peharda, Melita; Dolenec, Tadej; Dolenec, Matej; Rozic, Petra Zvab; Lojen, Sonja; Ezget Report 6906
Clearance rate of Mytilus edulis (L.) as a function of current velocity and mussel aggregation. Nielsen, Pernille; Vismann, Bent Report 6453
Comparison of lipid classes and fatty acid profiles of lipids from raw, steamed, and high-pressure-treated New Zealand Greenshell mussel meat of different genders. Zhou, Meng; Balaban, Murato; Gupta, Sravani; Fletcher, Graham C. Report 6908
Depuration of bacterial populations in the Indian backwater oyster Crassostrea madrasensis (Preston, 1916): effects on surface and bottom held oysters. Chinnadurai, Shunmugavel; Mohamed, Kolliyil Sunil; Venkatesan, Vellathi; Sharma, Jenni; Kripa, Vasan Report 5900
Effects of reduced salinity on the heterotrophic feeding of the juvenile giant clam Tridacna gigas. Maboloc, Elizaldy A.; Mingoa-Licuanan, S. Suzanne; Villanueva, Ronald D. Report 4871
Enhancing shellfish safety in Alaska through monitoring of harmful algae and their toxins. Trainer, Vera L.; Sullivan, Kate; Le Eberhart, Bich-Thuy; Shuler, Andrew; Hignutt, Emanuel, Jr.; Kis 6986
Estimating sustainable harvests of eastern oysters, Crassostrea virginica. Soniat, Thomas M.; Cooper, Nathan; Powell, Eric N.; Klinck, John M.; Abdelguerfi, Mahdi; Tu, Shengru Report 10856
Gonad development of the pen shell Atrina pectinata from Shandong Province, China. Qiu, Tianlong; Zhang, Tao; Bai, Yucen; Xue, Dongxiu; Pan, Yang Report 5243
Growth, body composition, and ammonia tolerance of juvenile white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei fed diets containing different carbohydrate levels at low salinity. Wang, Xiaodan; Li, Erchao; Qin, Jian G.; Wang, Shifeng; Chen, Xuefen; Cai, Yan; Chen, Ke; Hou, Yingm Report 6183
Identification of Indian mangrove mud crab genus Scylla spp. (Brachyura: portunidae) using RAPD and PCR-RFLP markers. Mandal, Anup; Varkey, Mathews; Mani, Anjali Kottayil; Sobhanan, Sobha Pindaniyil; Thampi-Samraj, Yoh Report 5118
In memoriam: Aaron Rosenfield 1924-2013. McLaughlin, Shawn; Sinderman, Carl; Cipriano, Rocco In memoriam 4338
In memoriam: Sammy Mehedy Ray 1919-2013. Soniat, Thomas M. In memoriam 2876
Morphological trends of four Manila clam populations (Venerupis philippinarum) on the French Atlantic Coast: identified spatial patterns and their relationship to environmental variability. Caill-Milly, Nathalie; Bru, Noelle; Barranger, Melanie; Gallon, Laurent; D'Amico, Frank Report 10298
Paralytic shellfish toxins in the marine gastropods Zidona dufresnei and Adelomelon beckii from Argentina: toxicity and toxin profiles. Turner, Andrew D.; Tarnovius, Sophie; Goya, Alejandra B. Report 9780
Predation of sea scallops and other indigenous bivalves by invasive green crab, Carcinus maenas, from Newfoundland, Canada. Matheson, Kyle; McKenzie, Cynthia H. Report 6144
Seasonal and spatial variation of carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes in mangrove oysters (Crassostrea corteziensis) from the northwest coast of Mexico. Torres-Rojas, Yassir Eden; Osuna, Federico Peez; Tiznado, Magdalena Berges; Carpizo, Jaime Camalich; Report 7091
Systematic differences in eye numbers between the left and right valves of the sea scallop Placopecten magellanicus: an evolutionary response for visualizing the water column? Whoriskey, Kim; Whoriskey, Sophie; Whoriskey, Frederick G. Report 4187
Variation in population structure and density of Austrovenus stutchburyi (VENERIDAE) from Canterbury, New Zealand. Adkins, Suzanne C.; Marsden, Islay D.; Pirker, John G. Report 7690
Veliger size at metamorphosis and temporal variability in prodissoconch II morphometry in the blue mussel (Mytilus edulis): potential impact on recruitment. Martel, Andre L.; Tremblay, Rejean; Toupoint, Nicolas; Olivier, Frederic; Myrand, Bruno Report 8902
Wheat germ agglutinin-binding glycoprotein extract from shells of conspecifics induces settlement of larvae of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas (Thunberg). Vasquez, Hebert Ely; Hashimoto, Kyotaro; Kitamura, Hitoshi; Satuito, Cyril Glenn Report 6892

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