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Articles from Journal of Shellfish Research (August 1, 2013)

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Abundance and distribution of large marine gastropods in nearshore seagrass beds along the gulf coast of Florida. Stephenson, Sarah P.; Sheridan, Nancy E.; Geiger, Stephen P.; Arnold, William S. Report 6352
Abundance of invasive and native crab larvae in the mouth of Delaware Bay: Hemigrapsus sanguineus and Uca pugnax. Epifanio, Charles E.; Tilburg, Charles E.; Dittel, Ana I. Report 4854
Carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus budgets of the surfclam mactra veneriformis (reeve) based on a field study in the shuangtaizi estuary, Bohai Sea of China. Zhang, Anguo; Yuan, Xiutang; Hou, Wenjiu; Wang, Lili Report 8837
Comparison of eleven extraction methods for quantitative Evaluation of total lipids and fatty acids in the clam Anadara inaequivalvis (Bruguiere). Fiorini, Dennis; Gagliardi, Riccardo; Petrini, Agnese; Pacetti, Deborah; Zambuchini, Barbara; Barbon Report 5812
Comparison of Escherichia coli levels between bivalve mollusc species across harvesting sites in England and Wales. Younger, A.D.; Reese, R.A. Report 4657
Diet conditioning of Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, broodstock to improve oocyte cryopreservation success. Adams, Serean L.; Salinas-Flores, Liliana; Lim, Miang H. Report 10821
Diet of the keyhole limpet Megathura crenulata (mollusca: gastropoda) in subtropical rocky reefs. Mazariegos-Villarreal, Alejandra; Pinon-Gimate, Alejandra; Aguilar-Mora, Fatima; Medina, Marco; Serv Report 4953
Dietary proportion of fish culture solids required by shellfish to reduce the net organic load in open-water integrated multi-trophic aquaculture: a scoping exercise with cocultured atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and blue mussel (Mytilus edulis). Reid, Gregor K.; Robinson, Shawn M.C.; Chopin, Thierry; MacDonald, Bruce A. Report 6333
Direct estimation of disturbance rates of benthic macroinvertebrates from contact with standard and modified ocean shrimp (Pandalus jordani) trawl footropes. Hannah, Robert W.; Lomeli, Mark J.M.; Jones, Stephen A. Report 3944
Effect of preslaughter fasting periods on muscle quality and digestive enzyme activity of farmed whiteleg shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei. Zhou, Xu-xia; Lu, Fei; Ding, Yu-ting Report 5660
Environmental hypoxia reduces the escape response capacity of juvenile and adult scallops Argopecten purpuratus. Brokordt, Katherina; Perez, Hernan; Campos, Felipe Report 6563
Epizoic barnacles act as pathogen reservoirs on shellfish beds. Clements, Katie; Gimenez, Luis; Jones, David L.; Wilson, James; Malham, Shelagh K. Report 4820
Estuarine cage culture of pink shrimp Farfantepenaeus brasiliensis at different stocking densities. Peixoto, Silvio; de Alcantara Lopes, Diogo Luiz; Wasielesky, Wilson Report 4503
Eucleoteuthis luminosa (cephalopoda: ommastrephidae) off the west coast of the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. Granados-Amores, Jasmin; Ramos, Jorge E.; Salinas-Zavala, Cesar A.; Camarillo-Coop, Susana Report 3564
Experimental effects of temperature and photoperiod on synchrony of gametogenesis and sex ratio in the European oyster Ostrea edulis (Linnaeus). Joyce, Alyssa; Holthuis, Thomas Duner; Charrier, Gregory; Lindegarth, Susanne Report 10184
Fertilization, survival, and growth of Crassostrea hongkongensis [female] x Crassostrea ariakensis [male] hybrids in Northern China. Huo, Zhongming; Wang, Zhaoping; Yan, Xiwu; Gaffney, Patrick M. Report 4988
First extensive examination of genome size in phylum brachiopoda (Lamp Shells) collected from Japan. Adachi, Kenta; Kuramochi, Takashi; Kimura, Kazuma; Okumura, Sei-ichi Report 2628
Genetic diversity of Vibrio parahaemolyticus from Narragansett Bay and coastal ponds of Rhode Island. Cox, Annie M.; Gomez-Chiarri, Marta Report 4738
Gonadal state of the oyster Crassostrea angulata cultivated in Taiwan. Vaschenko, Marina A.; Hsieh, Hwey-lian; Radashevsky, Vasily I. Report 10286
Growth and mortality patterns of the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica in impacted waters in coastal waters in New York, USA. Levinton, Jeffrey; Doall, Michael; Allam, Bassem Report 7875
Investigating the translocation and seeding of wild Haliotis mariae wood, 1828, in the Sultanate of Oman. de Waal, Schalk; Balkhair, Mohammed; Mashikhi, Ali Al-; Khoom, Salem Report 7295
Maintenance and culture of paralarval longfin squid (Doryteuthis (Loligo) pealeii) in a laboratory. Monteiro, Dana; Buttner, Joseph K. Report 1807
Maturation, age, and growth estimation of the jumbo squid Dosidicus gigas (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) in the central region of the gulf of California. Velazquez, Casimiro Quinonez; Herrera, Agustin Hernandez; Velazquez-Abunader, Ivan; Valencia, Nicola Report 6835
Nondaily deposition of striae in the bay scallop argopecten irradians (Concentricus) in the laboratory. Hollyman, P.; Luckenbach, M.; Richardson, C.A. Report 5024
Nonlethal sperm collection and cryopreservation in the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica. Yang, Huiping; Supan, John; Guo, Ximing; Tiersch, Terrence R. Report 8191
Occurrence and distribution of Crassostrea Sikamea (Amemiya 1928) in China. Wang, Haiyan; Qian, Lumin; Wang, Aimin; Guo, Ximing Report 5475
Phylogeographical features of octopus vulgaris and octopus insularis in the Southeastern Atlantic based on the analysis of mitochondrial markers. Sales, Joao Braullio De Luna; Do Rego, Pericles Sena; Hildorf, Alexandre Wagner S.; Moreira, Angela Report 8692
Probiotic strains for shellfish aquaculture: protection of eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica, larvae and juveniles against bacterial challenge. Karim, Murni; Zhao, Wenjing; Rowley, David; Nelson, David; Gomez-Chiarri, Marta Report 6471
Profiles of biochemical tracers in unionid mussels across a broad geographical range. Newton, Teresa J.; Vaughn, Caryn C.; Spooner, Daniel E.; Nichols, S. Jerrine; Arts, Michael T. Report 11052
Seasonal patterns of ascidian settlement at an aquaculture facility in the Damariscotta River, Maine. Bullard, Stephan G.; Davis, Christopher V.; Shumway, Sandra E. Report 4330
Shellsim: a generic model of growth and environmental effects validated across contrasting habitats in bivalve shellfish. Hawkins, A.J.S.; Pascoe, P.L.; Parry, H.; Brinsley, M.; Black, K.D.; McGonigle, C.; Moore, H.; Newel Report 14207
Sperm swimming speeds in the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica (Gmelin, 1791). Mann, Roger; Luckenbach, Mark W. Report 2814
Survival, acid-base balance, and gaping responses of the Asian oyster Crassostrea ariakensis and the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica during clamped emersion and hypoxic immersion. Lombardi, Sara A.; Harlan, Nicole P.; Paynter, Kennedy T. Report 5995
Temporal fluctuation of metals in seawater of the Piedras River estuary and the effects of copper on Venerupis decussata larvae. Ruiz-Azcona, P.; Moreno, O.; Palanco, I.; Giraldez, I.; Velasco, A.; Morales, E. Report 4934
The distribution of the mussel Mytilus species along the Norwegian coast. Brooks, Steven J.; Farmen, Eivind Report 4783
The influence of saibo donor and host on the nacre deposits of pearls produced from Pinctada fucata martensii. Wang, Shi Yaohua; Xin, Hai Zhan; Zhifeng, Gu; Aimin, Wang Report 3655
The onset and termination of the QX disease window of infection in Sydney rock oyster (Saccostrea glomerata) cultivated in the Hawkesbury River, NSW, Australia. Rubio, Ana; Frances, J.; Coad, P.; Stubbs, J.; Guise, K. Report 10060
Transplant monitoring for the New Jersey Delaware Bay oyster fishery. Ashton-Alcox, Kathryn A.; Powell, ERIC N.; Hearon, Jason A.; Tomlin, Craig S.; Babb, Russell M. Report 8755

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