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Articles from Journal of Shellfish Research (March 1, 2008)

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Absence of cospeciation between deep-sea mytilids and their thiotrophic endosymbionts. Won, Yong-Jin; Jones, William J.; Vrijenhoek, Robert C. Report 7899
Biogeography, diversity, and evolution through vicariance of the hydrothermal vent aplacophoran genus Helicoradomenia (Aplacophora, Mollusca). Scheltema, Amelie H. Report 2982
Biology of the vent crab Bythograea thermydron: a brief review. Dittel, Ana I.; Perovich, Gina; Epifanio, Charles E. Report 14667
Chemoautotrophic production incorporated by heterotrophs in Gulf of Mexico hydrocarbon seeps: an examination of mobile benthic predators and seep residents. Macavoy, S.E.; Morgan, E.; Carney, R.S.; Macko, S.A. Report 8795
Comparative ultrastructure of digestive diverticulae in Bathymodiolin mussels: discovery of an unknown spherical inclusion (six) in digestive cells of a seep mussel. Logan, Carol R.; Evans, Megan B.; Ward, Megan E.; Scott, Joseph L.; Carnegie, Ryan B.; Van Dover, Ci Report 3691
DNA barcoding of Lepetodrilus limpets reveals cryptic species. Johnson, Shannon B.; Waren, Anders; Vrijenhoek, Robert C. Report 6498
Extreme tolerance to anoxia in the Lucinoma aequizonata symbiosis. Arndt-Sullivan, C.; Lechaire, J.-P.; Felbeck, H. Report 6226
Hydrothermal vent mussel habitat chemistry, pre- and post-eruption at 9[degrees]50' north on the East Pacific Rise. Nees, Heather A.; Moore, Tommy S.; Mullaugh, Katherine M.; Holyoke, Rebecca R.; Janzen, Christopher Report 6371
In memoriam: Melbourne Romaine Carriker 1915-2007. Counts, Clement L., III; Prezant, Robert S.; Ward, J. Evan Biography 6841
Interactions of deep-sea vent invertebrates with their environment: the case of Rimicaris exoculata. Schmidt, Caroline; Le Bris, Nadine; Gaill, Francoise Report 9158
Interrelationships between vent fluid chemistry, temperature, seismic activity, and biological community structure at a mussel-dominated, deep-sea hydrothermal vent along the East Pacific Rise. Lutz, Richard A.; Shank, Timothy M.; Luther, George W., III; Vetriani, Costantino; Tolstoy, Maya; Nu 10727
Life in extreme environments: a tribute to Melbourne R. Carriker, gentleman malacologist. Lutz, Richard A. 532
Molluscan shell condition after eight years on the sea floor--taphonomy in the Gulf of Mexico and Bahamas. Powell, Eric N.; Callender, W. Russell; Staff, George M.; Parsons-Hubbard, Karla M.; Brett, Carlton Report 21594
New record of "Bathymodiolus" mauritanicus Cosel 2002 from the Gulf of Cadiz (NE Atlantic) mud volcanoes. Genio, Luciana; Johnson, Shannon B.; Vrijenhoek, Robert C.; Cunha, Marina R.; Tyler, Paul A.; Kiel, Report 6304
Proteome assay of temperature stress and protein stability in extreme environments: groundwork with the heat stress response of the bivalve Mercenaria mercenaria. Ulrich, Paul N.; Marsh, Adam G. Report 4513
Reproduction of gastropods from vents on the East Pacific rise and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Tyler, Paul A.; Pendlebury, Sophie; Mills, Susan W.; Mullineaux, Lauren; Eckelbarger, Kevin J.; Bake Report 7183
Stable isotope variation among the mussel Bathymodiolus childressi and associated heterotrophic fauna at four cold-seep communities in the Gulf of Mexico. Macavoy, S.E.; Carney, R.S.; Morgan, E.; Macko, S.A. Report 4223
Taxonomic review of the hydrothermal vent shrimp genera Rimicaris Williams & Rona and Chorocaris Martin & Hessler (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea: Alvinocarididae). Komai, Tomoyuki; Segonzac, Michel Report 12193
The morphology of bacterial symbioses in the gills of mussels of the genera Adipicola and Idas (Bivalvia: Mytilidae). Southward, Eve C. Report 5687
The taphonomic signature of a brine seep and the potential for burgess shale style preservation. Parsons-Hubbard, Karla M.; Powell, Eric N.; Raymond, Anne; Walker, Sally E.; Brett, Carlton; Ashton- Report 6855
Three new species of the family Neolepetopsidae (Patellogastropoda) from hydrothermal vents and whale falls in the northeastern Pacific. McLean, James H. Report 3591
Variation in sulfur speciation with shellfish presence at a Lau Basin diffuse flow vent site. Waite, Tim J.; Moore, Tommy S.; Childress, James J.; Hsu-Kim, Helen; Mullaugh, Katherine M.; Nuzzio, Report 4344

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