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Articles from Journal of Sensors (January 1, 2018)

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A Chipless RFID Method of 2D Localization Based on Phase Acquisition. Barbot, Nicolas; Perret, Etienne 3418
A Clone Detection Algorithm with Low Resource Expenditure for Wireless Sensor Networks. Zhang, Zhihua; Luo, Shoushan; Zhu, Hongliang; Xin, Yang 10960
A Cognitive Radio-Based Energy-Efficient System for Power Transmission Line Monitoring in Smart Grids. Ahmed, Saeed; Lee, Young Doo; Hyun, Seung Ho; Koo, Insoo Report 7820
A Controllable Constant Power Generator in 0.35 [micro]m CMOS Technology for Thermal-Based Sensor Applications. Erceg, Milena Zogovic 7508
A Deterministic Sensor Deployment Method for Target Coverage. Jiang, Ye; Xiao, Shuyan; Liu, Jian; Chen, Bo; Zhang, Bangbang; Zhao, Hongzhi; Jiang, Zhaoneng 8822
A Development of Clinical Decision Support System for Video Head Impulse Test Based on Fuzzy Inference System. Nguyen, Dao Thi Anh; Won, Insu; Kim, Kyusung; Kwon, Jangwoo 5818
A DLM-LSTM Framework for North-South Land Deformation Trend Analysis from Low-Cost GPS Sensor Time Series. Pu, Fangling; Xu, Zhaozhuo; Chen, Hongyu; Xu, Xin; Chen, Nengcheng 6495
A Fiber Bragg Grating-Based Condition Monitoring and Early Damage Detection System for the Structural Safety of Underground Coal Mines Using the Internet of Things. Jo, Byung Wan; Khan, Rana Muhammad Asad; Lee, Yun Sung; Jo, Jun Ho; Saleem, Nadia 8638
A GTCC-Based Underwater HMM Target Classifier with Fading Channel Compensation. Mohammed, Shameer K.; Hariharan, Supriya M.; Kamal, Suraj 9530
A High Precision Laser-Based Autofocus Method Using Biased Image Plane for Microscopy. Gu, Chao-Chen; Cheng, Hao; Wu, Kai-Jie; Zhang, Liang-Jun; Guan, Xin-Ping 3020
A High-Precision Control Scheme Based on Active Disturbance Rejection Control for a Three-Axis Inertially Stabilized Platform for Aerial Remote Sensing Applications. Zhou, Xiangyang; Yang, Chao; Zhao, Beilei; Zhao, Libo; Zhu, Zhuangsheng 4791
A LIDAR-Based Tree Canopy Characterization under Simulated Uneven Road Condition: Advance in Tree Orchard Canopy Profile Measurement. Shen, Yue; Addis, Destaw; Liu, Hui; Hussain, Fida 7248
A Lightweight Privacy Protection User Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme Tailored for the Internet of Things Environment: LightPriAuth. Chen, Yuwen; Lopez, Lourdes; Martinez, Jose-Fernan; Castillejo, Pedro 10089
A Low Complexity Active Sensing and Inspection System for Monitoring of Moveable Radiation Environments. Ding, Fei; Zhang, Dengyin; Wang, Wanping; Lei, Zhenzhong 4899
A Method to Remotely Track a Magnetic Target Using a Scalar Magnetometer Array. Zhang, Xiaojun; Fan, Liming; Cheng, Peng; Chen, Chunlei; Liu, Xuejun; Kang, Chong 5300
A Molecularly Imprinted Electrochemical Gas Sensor to Sense Butylated Hydroxytoluene in Air. Emam, Shadi; Adedoyin, Adedokun; Geng, Xiaohua; Zaeimbashi, Mohsen; Adams, Jason; Ekenseair, Adam; P 5079
A Multipoint Liquid Level Sensor Based on Two Twisted Polymer Optical Fibers in a Race-Track Helical Structure. Zhang, Yingzi; Hou, Yulong; Zhang, Yanjun; Zhang, Liang; Hu, Yanjun; Gao, Xiaolong; Zhang, Huixin; L 2624
A Novel and Inexpensive Approach for Force Sensing Based on FSR Piezocapacitance Aimed at Hysteresis Error Reduction. Matute, Arnaldo; Paredes-Madrid, Leonel; Moreno, Gelman; Cardenas, Fabian; Palacio, Carlos A. 9252
A Novel Feature Selection Scheme and a Diversified-Input SVM-Based Classifier for Sensor Fault Classification. Jan, Sana Ullah; Koo, Insoo 11751
A Novel Method for Air Quality Data Imputation by Nuclear Norm Minimization. Chen, Xiaobo; Xiao, Yan 5386
A Novel Non-Line-of-Sight Indoor Localization Method for Wireless Sensor Networks. Wang, Yan; Wu, Xuehan; Cheng, Long 4947
A Novel Saliency Detection Method for Wild Animal Monitoring Images with WMSN. Feng, Wenzhao; Zhang, Junguo; Hu, Chunhe; Wang, Yuan; Xiang, Qiumin; Yan, Hao 4921
A Novel Weak Signal Detection Method of Electromagnetic LWD Based on a Duffing Oscillator. Wu, Aiping; Mwachaka, Saleh M.; Pei, Yanliang; Fu, Qingqing 6925
A One-Dimensional Magnetic Chip with a Hybrid Magnetosensor and a Readout Circuit. Sung, Guo-Ming; Wang, Hsin-Kwang; Gunnam, Leenendra Chowdary 6059
A Parallel Ranging-Based Relative Position and Orientation Measurement Method for Large-Volume Components. Wu, Dian; Du, Fuzhou 6620
A Preferable Airborne Integrated Navigation Method Based on INS and GPS. Zhang, Xiaoyue; Ning, Kaiwen 5597
A Rapid UAV Image Georeference Algorithm Developed for Emergency Response. Wang, Shumin; Ding, Ling; Chen, Zihan; Dou, Aixia 5045
A Real-Time 3D Perception and Reconstruction System Based on a 2D Laser Scanner. Fang, Zheng; Zhao, Shibo; Wen, Shiguang; Zhang, Yu 8869
A Research on the Combination Strategies of Multiple Features for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Classification. Ma, Yuntao; Li, Ruren; Yang, Guang; Sun, Lishuang; Wang, Jingli 7453
A Review of Wrist-Worn Wearable: Sensors, Models, and Challenges. Eidan, Rasha M. Al-; Khalifa, Hend Al-; Salman, Abdul Malik Al- 10960
A Robust Data Interpolation Based on a Back Propagation Artificial Neural Network Operator for Incomplete Acquisition in Wireless Sensor Networks. Xie, Mingshan; Huang, Mengxing; Bai, Yong; Hu, Zhuhua; Deng, Yanfang 8710
A Robust DS Combination Method Based on Evidence Correction and Conflict Redistribution. Ye, Fang; Chen, Jie; Tian, Yuan Correction notice 7745
A Robust Fiber Bragg Grating Hydrogen Gas Sensor Using Platinum-Supported Silica Catalyst Film. Kurohiji, Marina; Ichiriyama, Seiji; Yamasaku, Naoki; Okazaki, Shinji; Kasai, Naoya; Maru, Yusuke; M 4596
A Robust Method for GPS/BDS Pseudorange Differential Positioning Based on the Helmert Variance Component Estimation. Deng, Jian; Zhao, Xingwang; Zhang, Aiguo; Ke, Fuyang 5177
A Robust Passive Intrusion Detection System with Commodity WiFi Devices. Ding, Enjie; Li, Xiansheng; Zhao, Tong; Zhang, Lei; Hu, Yanjun 6258
A Sensor Network with Embedded Data Processing and Data-to-Cloud Capabilities for Vibration-Based Real-Time SHM. Testoni, Nicola; Aguzzi, Cristiano; Arditi, Valentina; Zonzini, Federica; de Marchi, Luca; Marzani, 7569
A Strong Tracking SLAM Algorithm Based on the Suboptimal Fading Factor. Liang, Yunpei; Dai, Jiahui; Wang, Kequan; Li, Xiaobo; Xu, Pengcheng 7690
A Study of Prescriptive Analysis Framework for Human Care Services Based On CKAN Cloud. Gim, Jangwon; Lee, Sukhoon; Joo, Wonkyun Report 6742
A Study of the Multisensor Estimation Method Based on Fusion Technology for Subsurface Defect Depth. Tiao-Juan, Ren; Ban-Teng, Liu; You-Rong, Chen; Haibo, Yang; Yun-Kai, Zhu 3659
A Study on a Secure USB Mechanism That Prevents the Exposure of Authentication Information for Smart Human Care Services. Lee, Kyungroul; Oh, Insu; Lee, Yeunsu; Lee, Hyeji; Yim, Kangbin; Seo, Jungtaek 11758
A Two-Level Sound Classification Platform for Environmental Monitoring. Mitilineos, Stelios A.; Potirakis, Stelios M.; Tatlas, Nicolas-Alexander; Rangoussi, Maria 9603
A Type-Based Blocking Technique for Efficient Entity Resolution over Large-Scale Data. Zhu, Hui-Juan; Zhu, Zheng-Wei; Jiang, Tong-Hai; Cheng, Li; Shi, Wei-Lei; Zhou, Xi; Zhao, Fan; Ma, Bo 8251
Acoustic Emission Source Localization System Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors and a Barycentric Coordinate-Based Algorithm. Pang, Dandan; Sui, Qingmei; Wang, Ming; Sai, Yaozhang; Sun, Rongyao; Wang, Yikang 4265
Active Thermal Sensor for Improved Distributed Temperature Sensing in Haptic Arrays. Cheneler, D.; Ward, M.C.L. 8517
Adaptive Resource Allocation Scheme for Micromotion Feature Extraction Based on Track-Before-Detect. Chen, Yijun; Zhang, Qun; Luo, Ying; Yeo, Tat Soon 9465
Adsorption Mechanism of Typical Gases Exhaled by Lung Cancer Patients on the Anatase Ti[O.sub.2] (101) Surface. Wan, Qianqian; Xu, Yancheng; Zhang, Xiaoxing 5306
Advanced Sensing and Structural Health Monitoring. Cha, Young-Jin; Kim, Yeesock; You, Taesun 1899
Aeromagnetic Compensation Algorithm Based on Principal Component Analysis. Wu, Peilin; Zhang, Qunying; Chen, Luzhao; Zhu, Wanhua; Fang, Guangyou 3884
Affordable Bimodal Optical Sensors to Spread the Use of Automated Insect Monitoring. Potamitis, Ilyas; Rigakis, Iraklis; Vidakis, Nectarios; Petousis, Markos; Weber, Michael 11532
An Active Feature Selection Strategy for DWT in Artificial Taste. Liu, Tao; Chen, Yanbing; Li, Dongqi; Wu, Mengya Report 6003
An Efficient Estimator for Target Localization in a Multistation Redundancy System without Matrix Inversion. Zhang, Xiwen; Huang, Jiyan; Wang, Yiyuan; Zhou, Yineng 5931
An Efficient Multi-Scale Local Binary Fitting-Based Level Set Method for Inhomogeneous Image Segmentation. Wang, Dengwei 8673
An Electronic Architecture for Multipurpose Artificial Noses. Gongora, Andres; Monroy, Javier; Gonzalez-Jimenez, Javier 6447
An Energy Efficient Routing Protocol Based on Layers and Unequal Clusters in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks. Zhu, Fang; Wei, Junfang 7255
An Energy-Balanced Routing Protocol for a Wireless Sensor Network. Li, Lin; Li, Donghui 6704
An Experimental Investigation on Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened by an Intelligent CFRP Plate with Built-In Optical Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors. Zhou, Zhi; Wang, Zhenzhen 8321
An Improved Niche Chaotic Genetic Algorithm for Low-Energy Clustering Problem in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks. Tian, Min; Zhou, Jie; Lv, Xin 5211
An Improved Particle Filter Algorithm for Geomagnetic Indoor Positioning. Huang, He; Li, Wei; Luo, De An; Wei Qiu, Dong; Gao, Yang 4558
An Indoor and Outdoor Positioning Using a Hybrid of Support Vector Machine and Deep Neural Network Algorithms. Adege, Abebe Belay; Lin, Hsin-Piao; Tarekegn, Getaneh Berie; Munaye, Yirga Yayeh; Yen, Lei 9046
An Indoor Navigation System Based on Stereo Camera and Inertial Sensors with Points and Lines. Yang, Bo; Xu, Xiaosu; Zhang, Tao; Li, Yao; Tong, Jinwu 9454
An Optical Fiber Liquid Level Sensor Based on Side Coupling Induction Technology. Zhang, Yanjun; Zhang, Yingzi; Hou, Yulong; Zhang, Liang; Hu, Yanjun; Gao, Xiaolong; Zhang, Huixin; L 2756
An Optimized Symmetric WENO Method-Based Numerical Simulation of Intense Sound Field Generated by Underwater Plasma Sound Source. Lei, Kaizhuo; Liu, Xiaolong; Li, Ning; Fan, Xuchao 3645
Analysis and Design of an Effective Light Interference Methane Sensor Based on Three-Dimensional Optical Path Model. Long, Teng; Li, En; Yang, Lei; Fan, Junfeng; Liang, Zize 5981
Analysis of Shooting Consistency in Archers: A Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm-Based Approach. Quan, Cheng-Hao; Mohy-Ud-Din, Zia; Lee, Sangmin 3221
Analysis of Surface Acoustic Wave Propagation Velocity in Biological Function-Oriented Odor Sensor. Yang, Yuxia; Nagano, Koji; Chaoluomeng; Iwasa, Tatsuo; Fukuda, Hisashi 4578
Analysis of Wave-Induced Current Using Digital Image Correlation Techniques. Shin, Bumshick; Kim, KyuHan 2621
Applicability of a 3D Laser Scanner for Characterizing the Spray Distribution Pattern of an Air-Assisted Sprayer. Garcia-Ramos, F. Javier; Serreta, Alfredo; Bone, Antonio; Vidal, Mariano 4665
Applicability of Ammonia Sensors for Controlling Environmental Parameters in Accommodations for Lamb Fattening. Garcia-Ramos, F. Javier; Aguirre, A. Javier; Barreiro, Pilar; Horcas, Esperanza; Bone, Antonio; Vida 4803
Application of a FBG-Based Instrumented Rock Bolt in a TBM-Excavated Coal Mine Roadway. Tang, Bin; Cheng, Hua; Tang, Yongzhi; Yao, Zhishu; Rong, Chuanxin; Xue, Weipei; Lin, Jian 5551
Application of a Mobile Chronic Disease Health-Care System for Hypertension Based on Big Data Platforms. Li, Dingkun; Park, Hyun Woo; Batbaatar, Erdenebileg; Munkhdalai, Lkhagvadorj; Musa, Ibrahim; Li, Mei 6547
Application of Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing Technology in Surrounding Rock Deformation Control of TBM-Excavated Coal Mine Roadway. Tang, Bin; Cheng, Hua 5778
Application of Fractional Differential Calculation in Pretreatment of Saline Soil Hyperspectral Reflectance Data. Tian, Anhong; Zhao, Junsan; Xiong, Heigang; Gan, Shu; Fu, Chengbiao 6864
Application of Improved Fast Dynamic Allan Variance for the Characterization of MEMS Gyroscope on UAV. Zhang, Qian; Wang, Xueyun; Wang, Shiqian; Pei, Chaoying 3590
ARM-Based Universal 1-Wire Module Solution. Dudak, Juraj; Tanuska, Pavol; Gaspar, Gabriel; Fabo, Peter 9358
Assessing the Difference in Measuring Bolt Stress: A Comparison of Two Optical Fiber Sensing Techniques. Chai, Jing; Liu, Qi; Liu, Jinxuan; Zhang, Guihua; Zhang, Dingding; Qiu, Fengqi 5062
Beacon-Based Time-Spatial Recognition toward Automatic Daily Care Reporting for Nursing Homes. Morita, Tatsuya; Taki, Kenta; Fujimoto, Manato; Suwa, Hirohiko; Arakawa, Yutaka; Yasumoto, Keiichi 10321
Biological-Signal-Based User-Interface System for Virtual-Reality Applications for Healthcare. Nam, Sang Hun; Lee, Ji Yong; Kim, Jung Yoon 6025
BP Network Control for Resource Allocation and QoS Ensurance in UAV Cloud. Gao, Ang; Hu, Yansu; Li, Lixin; Li, Xu 7537
Calibration of Passive UHF RFID Tags Using Neural Networks to Measure Soil Moisture. Aroca, Rafael V.; Hernandes, Andre C.; Magalhaes, Daniel V.; Becker, Marcelo; Vaz, Carlos Manoel Ped 5118
Characterization of Elastic and Plastic Behaviors in Steel Plate Based on Eddy Current Technique Using a Portable Impedance Analyzer. Fanlin, Meng; Xiucheng, Liu; Heyun, Wang; Cunfu, He; Bin, Wu 6104
Coastal Zone Classification Based on Multisource Remote Sensing Imagery Fusion. Li, Jiahui; Zhao, Youxin; Dai, Jiguang; Zhu, Hong 4441
Composite Plate Phased Array Structural Health Monitoring Signal Reconstruction Based on Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Algorithm. Sun, Yajie; Gu, Feihong; Ji, Sai; Wang, Lihua 3705
Contactless Monitoring of Breathing Patterns and Respiratory Rate at the Pit of the Neck: A Single Camera Approach. Massaroni, Carlo; Lopes, Daniel Simoes; Presti, Daniela Lo; Schena, Emiliano; Silvestri, Sergio 7686
Convolution Neural Network Based on Two-Dimensional Spectrum for Hyperspectral Image Classification. Lin, Hongmin Gao Shuo; Yang, Yao; Li, Chenming; Yang, Mingxiang 6171
Cooperative Virtual Sensor for Fault Detection and Identification in Multi-UAV Applications. Suarez, Alejandro; Heredia, Guillermo; Ollero, Anibal 12128
Corrigendum to "Enhanced Measurement of Paper Basis Weight Using Phase Shift in Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy". Fan, Mengbao; Cao, Binghua; Tian, Guiyun Correction notice 213
Corrigendum to "New Leakage Current Particulate Matter Sensor for On-Board Diagnostics". Wang, Jiawei; Tang, Dong; Wang, Songhua; Zhu, Zehong; Li, Nan; Chen, Lie Correction notice 196
Corrigendum to "The State-of-the-Art of Knowledge-Intensive Agriculture: A Review on Applied Sensing Systems and Data Analytics". Basnet, Barun; Bang, Junho Correction notice 157
Corrigendum to "Visual Localization by Place Recognition Based on Multifeature (D-[lambda]LBP++HOG)". Qiao, Yongliang; Cappelle, Cindy; Ruichek, Yassine; Zhang, Zhao Correction notice 181
DCT-Based HDR Exposure Fusion Using Multiexposed Image Sensors. Lee, Geun-Young; Lee, Sung-Hak; Kwon, Hyuk-Ju 6175
Deep Denoising Autoencoding Method for Feature Extraction and Recognition of Vehicle Adhesion Status. He, Jing; Liu, Linfan; Zhang, Changfan; Zhao, Kaihui; Sun, Jian; Li, Peng 4644
Deep Learning Approach for Building Detection Using LiDAR-Orthophoto Fusion. Nahhas, Faten Hamed; Shafri, Helmi Z.M.; Sameen, Maher Ibrahim; Pradhan, Biswajeet; Mansor, Shattri 7004
Deformation Measurement of a Railroad Bridge Using a Photogrammetric Board without Control Point Survey. Lee, Hyoseong; Han, Dongyeob 4591
Design and Development of a Low-Cost, Portable Monitoring Device for Indoor Environment Quality. Tiele, Akira; Esfahani, Siavash; Covington, James 8190
Design and Optimization of Annular Flow Electromagnetic Measurement System for Drilling Engineering. Ge, Liang; Li, Hailong; Wang, Qing; Wei, Guohui; Hu, Ze; Liao, Junbi; Li, Junlan 4692
Design of a Centrifugal Force-Based Speed Sensor for Downhole Turbodrills. Wu, Chuan; Ding, Huafeng; Han, Lei 6159
Design of a Smart Sensor Network System for Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring on Green Roof. Zhao, Zhihe; Wang, Jiaheng; Fu, Chenxu; Liu, Zhenbang; Liu, Dawei; Li, Bailiang 6886
Design of sTetro: A Modular, Reconfigurable, and Autonomous Staircase Cleaning Robot. Ilyas, Muhammad; Yuyao, Shi; Mohan, Rajesh Elara; Devarassu, Manojkumar; Kalimuthu, Manivannan 6921
Detecting and Measuring Internal Anomalies in Tree Trunks Using Radar Data for Layer Identification. Xiao, Xiayang; Wen, Jian; Xiao, Zhongliang; Li, Weilin 6043
Detection of Firmiana danxiaensis Canopies by a Customized Imaging System Mounted on an UAV Platform. Liu, Chun; Ai, Mengchi; Chen, Zhuo; Zhou, Yuan; Wu, Hangbin 8729
Detection of Immunoglobulin E with a Graphene-Based Field-Effect Transistor Aptasensor. Lan, Yi; Farid, Sidra; Meshik, Xenia; Xu, Ke; Choi, Min; Ranginwala, Saadia; Wang, Yung Yu; Burke, P 3762
Development and Application of Wireless Power Transmission Systems for Wireless ECG Sensors. Heo, Jin-Chul; Park, Jiae; Kim, Sohee; Ku, Jeonghon; Lee, Jong-Ha 3796
Development and Commissioning of High Temperature FBG Solid Pressure Sensors. Guo, Hong-Ying; Wang, Zhao-Ba; Li, Hai-Yang 4902
Development of a Pain Measurement Device Using Electrical Stimulation and Pressure: A Pilot Study. Lee, Seung Ho; Kim, Ok-Kyun; Baik, Hyung-Hwan; Kim, Ji-Hye 3619
Development of Data Fusion Method Based on Topological Relationships Using IndoorGML Core Module. Park, Junho; Ahn, Dasol; Lee, Jiyeong 7680
Dielectric Characteristics of Unsaturated Loess and the Safety Detection of the Road Subgrade Based on GPR. Lv, Gao; Yang, Jie; Li, Ning; Hu, Dexiu; Zhang, Yan; Zhao, Feng 4441
Distributed Intrusion Sensor Using DFB Laser with Optical Feedback and Saturable Absorber. Choi, Kyoo Nam 5397
Distributed Particle Flow Filter for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks. Wang, Junjie; Zhao, Lingling; Su, Xiaohong 6824
Efficient Heterogeneous Network-Routing Method Based on Dynamic Control Middleware for Cyber-Physical System. Lee, Hyungsoo; Lee, Jaehwan; Nam, Sanghyuck; Park, Sangoh 3277
Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing of Cellular Effects under Hypoxic Conditions and Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibition. Stanica, Luciana; Rosu-Hamzescu, Mihnea; Gheorghiu, Mihaela; Stan, Miruna; Antonescu, Loredana; Polo 6582
Electromagnetic Bridge Energy Harvester Utilizing Bridge's Vibrations and Ambient Wind for Wireless Sensor Node Application. Khan, Farid Ullah; Iqbal, Muhammad 12078
Emerging Technologies: IoT, Big Data, and CPS with Sensory Systems. Tan, Qing; Bendary, Nashwa El-; Bayoumi, Magdy A.; Zhang, Xiaokun; Sedano, Javier; Villar, Jose R. 1870
Enhanced Ammonia Adsorption on Directly Deposited Nanofibrous Carbon Films. Bannov, Alexander G.; Jasek, Ondrej; Prasek, Jan; Bursik, Jiri; Zajickova, Lenka 8708
Enhancing Temperature Sensitivity Using Cyclic Polybutylene Terephthalate- (c-PBT-) Coated Fiber Bragg Grating. Ahmad, H.; Noor, S.F.S.M.; Arusin, A.F.; Samsudin, S.A.; Thambiratnam, K.; Chong, W.Y.; Lim, K.S.; Z 3341
Error Compensation Technique for a Resistance-Type Differential Pressure Flow Sensor. Wang, Guimei; Chu, Tao; Yang, Lijie; Sun, Fang 3767
Estimating Aboveground Biomass on Private Forest Using Sentinel-2 Imagery. Askar; Nuthammachot, Narissara; Phairuang, Worradorn; Wicaksono, Pramaditya; Sayektiningsih, Tri 6710
Estimation of Reservoir Bio-Optical Water Quality Parameters Using Smartphone Sensor Apps and Landsat ETM+: Review and Comparative Experimental Results. Ouma, Yashon O.; Waga, J.; Okech, M.; Lavisa, O.; Mbuthia, D. 18558
Evaluating the User Physical Stresses Associated with Watching 3D and 2D Displays over Extended Time Using Heart Rate Variability, Galvanic Skin Resistance, and Performance Measure. Ramadan, Mohamed Z.; Alhaag, Mohammed H. 8667
Evaluation and Analysis of Dam Operating Status Using One Clock-Synchronized Dual-Antenna Receiver. Zhang, Yunlong; Yang, Songlin; Liu, Jiankun; Qiu, Dongwei; Luo, Xiaoyan; Fang, Jianhong 4741
Evaluation of a Thermal-Based Flow Meter for Assessment of Mobile Resting Metabolic Rate Measures. Liu, Nai-Yuan; Deng, Yue; Tsow, Francis; Bridgeman, Devon; Xian, Xiaojun; Dean, Jane J.; Wilson, Jan 4343
Evaluation of Low-Cost Sensors for Ambient [PM.sub.2.5] Monitoring. Badura, Marek; Batog, Piotr; Drzeniecka-Osiadacz, Anetta; Modzel, Piotr 9300
Evolutionary Multilabel Feature Selection Using Promising Feature Subset Generation. Lee, Jaesung; Seo, Wangduk; Han, Ho; Kim, Dae-Won 7736
Face Recognition and Drunk Classification Using Infrared Face Images. Hermosilla, Gabriel; Verdugo, Jose Luis; Farias, Gonzalo; Vera, Esteban; Pizarro, Francisco; Machuca 5758
Fast Algorithm of Truncated Burrows-Wheeler Transform Coding for Data Compression of Sensors. Jiancheng, Qin; Yiqin, Lu; Yu, Zhong 9222
Fast Extraction for Skewed Source Signals Using Conditional Expectation. Su, Qiao; Wei, Yimin; Deng, Changliang; Shen, Yuehong 3810
Fault Detection Modelling and Analysis in a Wireless Sensor Network. Jia, Shuang; Ma, Lin; Qin, Danyang 5370
Fault Detection of Wind Turbine Sensors Using Artificial Neural Networks. Kavaz, Ayse Gokcen; Barutcu, Burak 5187
Fault-Tolerant Optical Flow Sensor/SINS Integrated Navigation Scheme for MAV in a GPS-Denied Environment. Chen, Zhongyuan; Chen, Wanchun; Liu, Xiaoming; Song, Chuang 8897
Feasibility Study of Interlayer Slide Monitoring Using Postembedded Piezoceramic Smart Aggregates. Wu, Jianchao; Kong, Qingzhao; Lim, Ing; Song, Gangbing Report 5767
Fluorescent Rosamine/Ti[O.sub.2] Composite Films for the Optical Detection of N[O.sub.2]. Guillen, Maria G.; Suarez, Belen; Roales, Javier; Gamez, Francisco; Vargas, Alejandro P.; Moscoso, F 5214
Fog Computing-Based IoT for Health Monitoring System. Paul, Anand; Pinjari, Hameed; Hong, Won-Hwa; Seo, Hyun Cheol; Rho, Seungmin 4653
Forest Canopy Height Estimation Using Multiplatform Remote Sensing Dataset. Lee, Won-Jin; Lee, Chang-Wook 4255
FPGA Implementation of a Single Step MFCV Estimator Based on EMG in Diabetic Neuropathy. De Venuto, Daniela; Mezzina, Giovanni 6997
FROG: A Robust and Green Wireless Sensor Node for Fog Computing Platforms. Castillo-Cara, Manuel; Huaranga-Junco, Edgar; Quispe-Montesinos, Milner; Orozco-Barbosa, Luis; Antun 6983
Harmful Content Detection Based on Cascaded Adaptive Boosting. Jang, Seok-Woo; Lee, Sang-Hong 7164
Heuristic Localization Algorithm with a Novel Error Control Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks with Few Anchor Nodes. Sun, Yujia; Wang, Xiaoming; Yu, Jiyan; Wang, Yu 10096
Human Emotional Care Purposed Automatic Remote Portrait Drawing Generation and Display System Using Wearable Heart Rate Sensor and Smartphone Camera with Depth Perception. Lee, Gyeoungrok; Kang, Dongwann; Yoon, Kyunghyun 5225
Image Antiblurring and Statistic Filter of Feature Space Displacement: Application to Visual Odometry for Outdoor Ground Vehicle. Zhao, Xiangmo; Min, Haigen; Xu, Zhigang; Wu, Xia; Li, Xiaochi; Sun, Pengpeng 7320
Improving Accuracy in the Readout of Resistive Sensor Arrays. Hidalgo-Lopez, Jose A.; Fernandez-Ramos, Raquel; Romero-Sanchez, Jorge; Martin-Canales, Jose F.; Rio 9492
Improving Earth's Magnetic Field Measurements by Numerical Corrections of Thermal Drifts and Man-Made Disturbances. Janosek, Michal; Butta, Mattia; Vlk, Michal; Bayer, Tomas Correction notice 5381
In-Motion Iterative Fine Alignment Algorithm for On-Board Vehicular Odometer-Aided SINS. Gong, Baichun; He, Chenglong; Wang, Xiaoyue; Li, Xin 4073
Indoor Tracking, Mapping, and Navigation: Algorithms, Technologies, and Applications. Chow, Jacky C.K.; Peter, Michael; Scaioni, Marco; Durgham, Mohannad Al- 2431
Inexpensive Measuring System for the Characterization of Organic Transistors. Perez-Fuster, Clara; Lidon-Roger, Jose Vicente; Contat-Rodrigo, Laura; Garcia-Breijo, Eduardo 4240
Influence of Frequency on the Resolution of Magnetostrictive Bio-Inspired Whisker Sensors. Zhao, Ran; Wang, Bo-Wen; Lu, Quan-Guo; Yan, Jian-Wu; Yuan, Xiao-Cui 3773
Infrared and Visible Image Fusion Combining Interesting Region Detection and Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform. He, Kangjian; Zhou, Dongming; Zhang, Xuejie; Nie, Rencan 6585
Intensity and Wavelength Division Multiplexing FBG Sensor System Using a Raman Amplifier and Extreme Learning Machine. Manie, Yibeltal Chanie; Shiu, Run-Kai; Peng, Peng-Chun; Guo, Bao-Yi; Bitew, Mekuanint Agegnehu; Tang 7073
Intrusion Detection System Based on Evolving Rules for Wireless Sensor Networks. Lu, Nannan; Sun, Yanjing; Liu, Hui; Li, Song 5558
Inversion Model of GPR Imaging Characteristics of Point Objects and Fracture Detection of Heritage Building. Lv, Gao; Li, Ning; Yang, Jie; Yao, Xianchun; Hu, Dexiu; Pang, Rixuan 5839
Ion-Imprinted Polymer-Based Receptors for Sensitive and Selective Detection of Mercury Ions in Aqueous Environment. Yasinzai, Maimoona; Mustafa, Ghulam; Asghar, Nazia; Ullah, Ikram; Zahid, Muhammad; Lieberzei, Peter 3732
IoT Smart Home Adoption: The Importance of Proper Level Automation. Yang, Heetae; Lee, Wonji; Lee, Hwansoo 7260
IoT-Based Smart Building Environment Service for Occupants' Thermal Comfort. Park, Herie; Rhee, Sang-Bong 5677
Kinect Sensor-Based Long-Distance Hand Gesture Recognition and Fingertip Detection with Depth Information. Ma, Xuhong; Peng, Jinzhu 5677
Landmark-Guided Local Deep Neural Networks for Age and Gender Classification. Zhang, Yungang; Xu, Tianwei 5811
Landscape Pattern and Ecological Security Assessment and Prediction Using Remote Sensing Approach. Liu, Pei; Jia, Shoujun; Han, Ruimei; Zhang, Hanwei 9049
Localization of a Vehicle: A Dynamic Interval Constraint Satisfaction Problem-Based Approach. Kueviakoe, Kangni; Wang, Zhan; Frenoux, Alain LamberEmmanuelle; Tarroux, Philippe 8255
Machine Learning for Estimating Leaf Dust Retention Based on Hyperspectral Measurements. Jing, Wenlong; Zhou, Xia; Zhang, Chen; Wang, Chongyang; Jiang, Hao 6557
Machine Vision Sensors. Sergiyenko, Oleg; Tyrsa, Vera; Flores-Fuentes, Wendy; Rodriguez-Quinonez, Julio; Mercorelli, Paolo 1029
Mapping Pyroclastic Flow Inundation Using Radar and Optical Satellite Images and Lahar Modeling. Lee, Chang-Wook; Lu, Zhong; Kim, Jin-Woo; Park, Sung-Jae 5074
Mcredit2: Enhanced High-Performance Xen Scheduler via Dynamic Weight Allocation. Kang, Minsu; Lee, Sangjun 4549
Mean Shift-Based Mobile Localization Method in Mixed LOS/NLOS Environments for Wireless Sensor Network. Yu, Xiaosheng; Ji, Peng; Wang, Ying; Chu, Hao 4702
Measuring Occupants' Behaviour for Buildings' Dynamic Cosimulation. Naspi, Federica; Arnesano, Marco; Stazi, Francesca; D'Orazio, Marco; Revel, Gian Marco 9551
Measuring the Angular Velocity of a Propeller with Video Camera Using Electronic Rolling Shutter. Zhao, Yipeng; Li, Yongbin; Guo, Shijie; Li, Tiejun 4618
Mechanical Characterization of Torsional Micropaddles Using Atomic Force Microscopy. Mahmoodi, N.; Sabouri, A.; Bowen, J.; Anthony, C.J.; Mendes, P.M. 4417
Metal Detection Sensor Utilizing Magneto-Impedance Magnetometer. Choi, Kyoo Nam 4703
Method for Wearable Kinematic Gait Analysis Using a Harmonic Oscillator Applied to the Center of Mass. Fusca, Marcello; Perego, Paolo; Andreoni, Giuseppe 10180
Microfluidic Biosensor Based on Microwave Substrate-Integrated Waveguide Cavity Resonator. Salim, Ahmed; Kim, Sung-Hwan; Park, Joong Yull; Lim, Sungjoon 8193
Monitoring and Control Systems in Agriculture Using Intelligent Sensor Techniques: A Review of the Aeroponic System. Lakhiar, Imran Ali; Jianmin, Gao; Syed, Tabinda Naz; Chandio, Farman Ali; Buttar, Noman Ali; Qureshi 14759
Multiframe Ultrasonic TOFD Weld Inspection Imaging Based on Wavelet Transform and Image Registration. Duan, Jiaxu; Luo, Lin; Gao, Xiaorong; Peng, Jianping; Li, Jinlong 4137
Multilayer Distributed Circuit Modeling for Galvanic Coupling Intrabody Communication. Chen, Zhi Ying; Gao, Yue Ming; Du, Min 4366
Multistandard Receiver Design for Telemedicine Monitoring System. Wang, Hongmei; Yao, Chong; Wang, Faguang; Li, Shiyin; Lee, Sanghyuk 2986
NADH Oxidation onto Different Carbon-Based Sensors: Effect of Structure and Surface-Oxygenated Groups. Blandon-Naranjo, Lucas; Hoyos-Arbelaez, Jorge; Vazquez, Mario V.; Pelle, Flavio Della; Compagnone, D 5528
Neck Flexion Angle Estimation during Walking. Dang, Duc Cong; Dang, Quoc Khanh; Chee, Young Joon; Suh, Young Soo 4994
Neural Network-Based Laser Interferometer Compensation for Seismic Signal Detection. Lee, Kyunghyun; Kwon, Hyungkwan; You, Kwanho 3912
Nonlinear Electromagnetic Acoustic Testing Method for Tensile Damage Evaluation. Cai, Zhichao; Cheng, Hao; Liu, Chengcheng 5572
Ocean Wave Information Retrieval Using Simulated Compact Polarized SAR from Radarsat-2. Wang, Xiaochen; Shao, Yun; She, Lu; Tian, Wei; Li, Kun; Liu, Long 6046
Oil Palm Counting and Age Estimation from WorldView-3 Imagery and LiDAR Data Using an Integrated OBIA Height Model and Regression Analysis. Rizeei, Hossein Mojaddadi; Shafri, Helmi Z.M.; Mohamoud, Mohamed Ali; Pradhan, Biswajeet; Kalantar, 6980
On the Interpretation of 3D Gyroscope Measurements. Stancin, Sara; Tomazic, Saso 5364
On-the-Go Grapevine Yield Estimation Using Image Analysis and Boolean Model. Millan, Borja; Velasco-Forero, Santiago; Aquino, Arturo; Tardaguila, Javier 7979
Online Accurate Estimation of the Wheel-Rail Adhesion Coefficient and Optimal Adhesion Antiskid Control of Heavy-Haul Electric Locomotives Based on Asymmetric Barrier Lyapunov Function. Zhao, Kaihui; Li, Peng; Zhang, Changfan; He, Jing; Li, Yanfei; Yin, Tonghuan 5877
Open-Lake Experimental Investigation of Azimuth Angle Estimation Using a Single Acoustic Vector Sensor. Zhao, Anbang; Ma, Lin; Hui, Juan; Zeng, Caigao; Bi, Xuejie 5084
OperaBLE: An IoT-Based Wearable to Improve Efficiency and Smart Worker Care Services in Industry 4.0. Roda-Sanchez, Luis; Garrido-Hidalgo, Celia; Hortelano, Diego; Olivares, Teresa; Ruiz, M. Carmen 7887
Optical Fiber Force Myography Sensor for Identification of Hand Postures. Fujiwara, Eric; Suzuki, Carlos Kenichi 6507
Optimization of Electrostatic Force System Based on Newton Interpolation Method. Zheng, Yelong; Zhao, Meirong; Sun, Peiyuan; Song, Le 3991
Optimization of Magnetic-Grating-Like Stroke-Sensing Cylinder Based on Response Quality Evaluation Algorithm. Guo, Yanqing; Liu, Lu; Fu, Yongling; Li, Chuangchuang; Guo, Liang 7435
PC-MAC: A Prescheduling and Collision-Avoided MAC Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks. Jin, Zhigang; Xiao, Shenyang; Su, Yishan; Li, Yajing 5329
Pencil-on-Paper Sensor for Water Detection. Zhu, Zhiyuan; Xia, Kequan; Xu, Zhiwei; Zhang, Hongze 2312
Performance Analysis of Dual-Polarized Massive MIMO System with Human-Care IoT Devices for Cellular Networks. Hong, Jun-Ki 4470
Performance Analysis of Network-RTK Techniques for Drone Navigation considering Ionospheric Conditions. Bae, Tae-Suk; Kim, Minho 4135
Performance Deterioration of Heavy-Haul Railway Bridges under Fatigue Loading Monitored by a Multisensor System. Yu, Zhiwu; Shan, Zhi; Yuan, Ju; Li, Xiao 5737
Piecewise Polynomial Fitting with Trend Item Removal and Its Application in a Cab Vibration Test. Ren, Wu; Ren, Qiongqiong; Han, Lin; Liu, Ying; Peng, Bo 3976
Polarization Lidar Detection of Agricultural Aerosol Emissions. Gregorio, Eduard; Gene, Jordi; Sanz, Ricardo; Rocadenbosch, Francesc; Chueca, Patricia; Arno, Jaume; 5839
Polymeric Foams as the Matrix of Voltammetric Sensors for the Detection of Catechol, Hydroquinone, and Their Mixtures. Fernandez-Blanco, C.; Mugica, M.; Rodriguez-Perez, M.A.; Garcia-Cabezon, C.; Rodriguez-Mendez, M.L. 6404
Position-Based Feature Selection for Body Sensors regarding Daily Living Activity Recognition. Nguyen, Nhan Duc; Bui, Duong Trong; Truong, Phuc Huu; Jeong, Gu-Min 7645
Power Control for Passive QAM Multisensor Backscatter Communication Systems. Hu, Shengbo; Mo, Jinrong; Yan, Tingting; Shi, Yanfeng 4781
Practical Fingerprinting Localization for Indoor Positioning System by Using Beacons. Subedi, Santosh; Pyun, Jae-Young 7119
Practical In Situ Implementation of a Multicamera Multisystem Calibration. Detchev, Ivan; Habib, Ayman; Mazaheri, Mehdi; Lichti, Derek 8668
Principle Research on a Novel Piezoelectric 12-DOF Force/Acceleration Sensor. Liu, Jun; Liang, Chuan-Wei; Li, Min; Jian, Ke; Qin, Lan; Liu, Jing-Cheng 6445
Pulsed Eddy Current Nondestructive Testing for Defect Evaluation and Imaging of Automotive Lightweight Alloy Materials. Zhang, Kai; He, Yunze; Dong, Zhurong 5187
Quality Assessment of Milling Pavement Surface Using 3D Line Laser Technology. Hui, Bing; Guo, Mu; Liu, Xiaofang 4733
Radial Electrical Resistivity Measurements of Rocks on Laboratory Core Samples Using an Electromagnetic Sensor: Macro and Micro Eddy Currents. Aoun, Noureddine Ben; Kouki, Abdessalem; Aouina, Nourallah; Amara, Abdesslem Ben Haj 5944
Readout Distance Enhancement of the Passive Wireless Multi-Parameter Sensing System Using a Repeater Coil. Wang, Lifeng; Dong, Lei; Huang, Qing-An 3157
Real-Time Cloud-Based Health Tracking and Monitoring System in Designed Boundary for Cardiology Patients. Shahzad, Aamir; Lee, Yang Sun; Lee, Malrey; Kim, Young-Gab; Xiong, Naixue 10037
Real-Time Microwave, Dielectric, and Optical Sensing of Lincomycin and Tylosin Antibiotics in Water: Sensor Fusion for Environmental Safety. Mason, Alex; Soprani, Matteo; Korostynska, Olga; Amirthalingam, Abitami; Cullen, Jeff; Muradov, Mago 5470
Recent Advances in Distributed Acoustic Sensing Based on Phase-Sensitive Optical Time Domain Reflectometry. Muanenda, Yonas 10710
Remote Sensing of Sustainable Ecosystems. Xie, Yichun; Sha, Zongyao; Mesev, Victor 560
Research on Real-Time Supervisory System for Compaction Quality in Face Rockfill Dam Engineering. Huang, Shengxiang; Zhang, Wen; Wu, Gen 5030
Review of Calibration Methods for Scheimpflug Camera. Sun, Cong; Liu, Haibo; Jia, Mengna; Chen, Shengyi 10325
RSHSC-Routing Algorithm Based on Simplified Harmony Search and Coding for UWSNs. Li, Meiju; Du, Xiujuan; Peng, Chunyan 8016
Saliency Detection by Multilevel Deep Pyramid Model. Wang, Hai; Dai, Lei; Cai, Yingfeng; Chen, Long; Zhang, Yong 5160
Scalable Deposition of Nanomaterial-Based Temperature Sensors for Transparent and Pervasive Electronics. Abrecht, Andreas; Rivadeneyra, Almudena; Bobinger, Marco; Calia, Jacopo Bonaccini; Loghin, Florin C. 5556
Secure Data Encryption for Cloud-Based Human Care Services. Park, Taehwan; Seo, Hwajeong; Lee, Sokjoon; Kim, Howon 7525
Self-Learning-Based Data Aggregation Scheduling Policy in Wireless Sensor Networks. Lu, Yao; Zhang, Taihua; He, Erbao; Comsa, Ioan-Sorin 8599
Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Network for Automated Corrosion Prediction of Steel Reinforcement. Su, Dan; Xia, Ye; Yuan, Robert 6082
Sensitivity Enhancement of Benzene Sensor Using Ethyl Cellulose-Coated Surface-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes. Chobsilp, Thanattha; Muangrat, Worawut; Issro, Chaisak; Chaiwat, Weerawut; Eiad- Ua, Apiluck; Suttip 4607
Sensor Fault Diagnosis Observer for an Electric Vehicle Modeled as a Takagi-Sugeno System. Gomez-Penate, S.; Lopez-Estrada, F.R.; Valencia-Palomo, G.; Osornio-Rios, R.; Zepeda-Hernandez, J.A. 5216
Sensor Technologies and Methods for Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing. Jung, Hyung-Sup; Lee, Saro; Zhang, Lei 468
Sensors and Data Processing Techniques for Future Medicine. Matsui, Takemi; Suzuki, Satoshi; Sun, Guanghao; Kwee, Eddie Ng Yin 659
Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring in Civil Infrastructure. Zhang, Yinan; Yuan, Lei; Zhou, Zhi; Kaur, Amardeep 882
Sequential Human Activity Recognition Based on Deep Convolutional Network and Extreme Learning Machine Using Wearable Sensors. Sun, Jian; Fu, Yongling; Li, Shengguang; He, Jie; Xu, Cheng; Tan, Lin 6580
Simplified Attitude Determination Algorithm Using Accelerometer and Magnetometer with Extremely Low Execution Time. Liu, Zhuohua; Liu, Wei; Gong, Xiangyang; Wu, Jin 5262
Simultaneous Recording of ICG and ECG Using Z-RPI Device with Minimum Number of Electrodes. Hafid, Abdelakram; Benouar, Sara; Kedir-Talha, Malika; Attari, Mokhtar; Seoane, Fernando 4395
Soft Sensor Model Based on Improved Elman Neural Network with Variable Data Preprocessing and Its Application. Zhu, Hai-Bo; Zhang, Yong 6000
Spark Sensing: A Cloud Computing Framework to Unfold Processing Efficiencies for Large and Multiscale Remotely Sensed Data, with Examples on Landsat 8 and MODIS Data. Lan, Hai; Zheng, Xinshi; Torrens, Paul M. 8650
Stainless Steel Microfibers for Strain-Sensing Smart Clay Bricks. D'Alessandro, Antonella; Meoni, Andrea; Ubertini, Filippo 3359
Steering Acoustic Intensity Estimator Using a Single Acoustic Vector Hydrophone. Zhang, Guang Pu; Zheng, Ce; Lin, Wang Sheng 4755
Structural Health Monitoring and Assessment: Sensors and Analysis. Kaloop, Mosbeh R.; Hu, Jong Wan; Elbeltagi, Emad; Refai, Ahmed El 570
Structural Motion Grammar for Universal Use of Leap Motion: Amusement and Functional Contents Focused. Lee, Byungseok; Lee, Donghwe; Chin, Seongah 5813
Study of Systems Error Compensation Methods Based on Molecular-Electronic Transducers of Motion Parameters. Zaitsev, Dmitry L.; Agafonov, Vadim M.; Evseev, Iliya A. 5476
Study of the Magnetic Properties of Haematite Based on Spectroscopy and the IPSO-ELM Neural Network. Mao, Yachun; Liu, Chongmin; Xiao, Dong; Wang, Jichun; Le, Ba Tuan 5809
Study on Attenuation Properties of Surface Wave of AE Simulation Source Based on OPCM Sensor Element. Wang, Ziping; Xue, Xian; Li, Xingjia; Jiang, Zhengxuan; Reddy, Karthik 2930
Study on Vibration Characteristics and Human Riding Comfort of a Special Equipment Cab. Ren, Wu; Peng, Bo; Shen, Jiefen; Li, Yang; Yu, Yi Report 4545
Suppression of Noise to Obtain a High-Performance Low-Cost Optical Encoder. Alvarez-Rodriguez, Sergio; Alcala-Ochoa, Noe; Cruz-Salgado, Javier; Lecona, Francisco Gerardo Pena 6605
Survey of Energy-Efficient Techniques for the Cloud-Integrated Sensor Network. Das, Kalyan; Das, Satyabrata; Darji, Rabi Kumar; Mishra, Ananya 6955
System-Level Power Consumption Analysis of the Wearable Asthmatic Wheeze Quantification. Oletic, Dinko; Bilas, Vedran 10904
Systematic Development of a Wireless Sensor Network for Piezo-Based Sensing. Chen, Jian; Li, Peng; Song, Gangbing; Tan, Yu; Zheng, Yongjun; Han, Yu 4964
Systems and Sensors in Geoscience Applications. Pradhan, Biswajeet; Jung, Hyung-Sup; Beydoun, Ghassan 1564
T-S Fuzzy-Based Optimal Control for Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery with Input Saturation. Wang, Faguang; Wang, Hongmei; Zhang, Yong; Guo, Xijin 4137
Tactile Sensor Array with Fiber Bragg Gratings in Quasi-Distributed Sensing. Pedroso, Marcelo A.; Negri, Lucas H.; Kamizi, Marcos A.; Fabris, Jose L.; Muller, Marcia 5356
Temperature Dependence of Dark Count Rate and After Pulsing of a Single-Photon Avalanche Diode with an Integrated Active Quenching Circuit in 0.35 [micro]m CMOS. Hofbauer, Michael; Steindl, Bernhard; Zimmermann, Horst 3584
Temperature Sensor Based on an Asymmetric Two-Hole Fiber Using a Sagnac Interferometer. Dominguez-Cruz, Rene; May-Arrioja, Daniel A.; Martinez-Manuel, Rodolfo; Lopez-Cortes, Daniel 3651
Textile Concentric Ring Electrodes: Influence of Position and Electrode Size on Cardiac Activity Monitoring. Prats-Boluda, Gema; Ye-Lin, Yiyao; Pradas-Novella, Francisco; Garcia-Breijo, Eduardo; Garcia-Casado, 6277
The Accurate Location Estimation of Sensor Node Using Received Signal Strength Measurements in Large-Scale Farmland. Miao, Yisheng; Wu, Huarui; Zhang, Lihong 5969
The Designing of Magnetic-Driven Micromirror for Portable FTIRs. Wang, Shaoxi; Yuan, Xuan 2909
The Development of a Dual-Radar System with Automatic Hypopnea Threshold Optimization for Contact-Free Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome Screening. Gotoh, Shinji; Matsui, Takemi; Naka, Yoshikazu; Kurita, Osamu 4205
The Development of an Intelligent Monitoring System for Agricultural Inputs Basing on DBN-SOFTMAX. Yang, Ling; Babu, V. Sarath; Zou, Juan; Cai, Xu Can; Wu, Ting; Lin, Li 5658
The Intelligent Healthcare Data Management System Using Nanosensors. Dorj, Ulzii-Orshikh; Lee, Malrey; Choi, Jae-young; Lee, Young-Keun; Jeong, Gisung 5226
The State-of-the-Art of Knowledge-Intensive Agriculture: A Review on Applied Sensing Systems and Data Analytics. Basnet, Barun; Bang, nd Junho Report 7514
The Use of Sensors for Monitoring the Feeding Process and Adjusting the Feed Supply Velocity in Fish Farms. Parra, Lorena; Garcia, Laura; Sendra, Sandra; Lloret, Jaime 8811
Theory and Application of Audio-Based Assessment of Cough. Shi, Yan; Liu, He; Wang, Yixuan; Cai, Maolin; Xu, Weiqing Clinical report 6322
Tile-Based Semisupervised Classification of Large-Scale VHR Remote Sensing Images. Alhichri, Haikel; Othman, Essam; Zuair, Mansour; Ammour, Nassim; Bazi, Yakoub 8659
Towards Effective Network Intrusion Detection: A Hybrid Model Integrating Gini Index and GBDT with PSO. Li, Longjie; Yu, Yang; Bai, Shenshen; Cheng, Jianjun; Chen, Xiaoyun 7210
Turn-On Fluorescence Detection of Glutathione Based on o-Phthaldialdehyde-Assisted Si[O.sub.2] Particles. Nedeljko, Polonca; Turel, Matejka; Lobnik, Aleksandra 6228
Ultrashort Long-Period Fiber Gratings Inscribed on a Single-Mode Fiber for Torsion Sensing Applications. Nespereira, Marta; Coelho, Joao M.P.; Rebordao, Jose Manuel 3573
Urban Lawn Monitoring in Smart City Environments. Marin, Jose; Parra, Lorena; Rocher, Javier; Sendra, Sandra; Lloret, Jaime; Mauri, Pedro V.; Masaguer 9533
Useful Piezoelectric Sensor to Detect False Liquor in Samples with Different Degrees of Adulteration. Ahumada, Luis Armando Carvajal; Cruz, Andres Felipe Sandoval; Fox, Mario Alejandro Garcia; Sandoval, 4223
VANSec: Attack-Resistant VANET Security Algorithm in Terms of Trust Computation Error and Normalized Routing Overhead. Ahmed, Sheeraz; Rehman, Mujeeb Ur; Ishtiaq, Atif; Khan, Sarmadullah; Ali, Armughan; Begum, Shabana 11790
Video Retrieval System for Meniscal Surgery to Improve Health Care Services. Amanat, Sana; Idrees, Muhammad; Khan, Muhammad Usman Ghani; Rehman, Zahoor; Chang, Hangbae; Mehmood, 5441
Vital-SCOPE: Design and Evaluation of a Smart Vital Sign Monitor for Simultaneous Measurement of Pulse Rate, Respiratory Rate, and Body Temperature for Patient Monitoring. Sun, Guanghao; Matsui, Takemi; Watai, Yasuyuki; Kim, Seokjin; Kirimoto, Tetsuo; Suzuki, Satoshi; Hak 3259
Water Level Sensing in a Steel Vessel Using [A.sub.0] and Quasi-Scholte Waves. Guo, Peng; Deng, Bo; Lan, Xiang; Zhang, Kaili; Li, Hongyuan; Tian, Zhenhua; Xu, Hong 5127
Wave Power Generation by Piezoelectric Sensor Attached to a Coastal Structure. Kim, Kyu-Han; Cho, Si-Bum; Kim, Hyun-Dong; Shim, Kyu-Tae 3140
Wearable Lumbar-Motion Monitoring Device with Stretchable Strain Sensors. Nakamoto, Hiroyuki; Yamaji, Tokiya; Yamamoto, Akio; Ootaka, Hideo; Bessho, Yusuke; Kobayashi, Futosh 4275
Weighted Voronoi Diagram-Based Simulation and Comparative Analysis of Ecosystem Service Coverage: Case Study of the Zhongyuan Urban Agglomeration. Zhang, Pengyan; Jing, Wenlong; Chen, Yunzeng 5529
Wetland Change Detection Using Cross-Fused-Based and Normalized Difference Index Analysis on Multitemporal Landsat 8 OLI. Gao, Yan; Liang, Zeyu; Wang, Biao; Wu, Yanlan; Wu, Penghai 4042

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