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Articles from Journal of School Health (August 1, 2006)

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Addressing asthma in Texas: development of a school-based asthma surveillance program for Texas elementary schools. Petronella, Sharon A.; Bricker, Susan K.; Perrotta, Dennis; Brown, Clive; Brooks, Edward G. 3788
Allergens in school settings: results of environmental assessments in 3 city school systems. Abramson, Stuart L.; Turner-Henson, Anne; Anderson, Lise; Hemstreet, Mary P.; Bartholomew, L. Kay; J 2553
Asthma 411--addition of a consulting physician to enhance school health. Richmond, Colleen M.; Sterling, David; Huang, Xuan; Wilson, Kristin; Pike, Emily 2583
Asthma agents: monitoring asthma in school. Mangan, Joan M.; Gerald, Lynn B. 2557
Asthma in middle schools: what students have to say about their asthma. Ayala, Guadalupe X.; Miller, Delesha; Zagami, Edwina; Riddle, Connie; Willis, Stephanie; King, Donna 4852
Attempting to use a district-wide asthma case identification system for asthma prevalence. Wheeler, Lani S.; Boyle, Susanne 2127
Barriers to care of inner-city children with asthma: school nurse perspective. Forbis, Shalini; Rammel, Jennifer; Huffman, Belinda; Taylor, Roberta 1683
Community collaboration: concurrent physician and school nurse education and cooperation increases the use of asthma action plans. Frankowski, Barbara L.; Keating, Kathleen; Rexroad, Annette; Delaney, Thomas; McEwing, Susan M.; Was 2844
Community hospital-school partnership to treat asthma episodes at school and improve management. Bryne, Jeffery; Schreiber, Michael E.; Nguyen, Trang Q. 2545
Comparison of parent and student responses to asthma surveys: 2 different experiences with similar results. Taggart, Virginia S.; Wittich, Angelina R.; Yawn, Barbara 704
Comparison of parent and student responses to asthma surveys: students grades 1-4 and their parents from an urban public school setting. Wittich, Angelina R.; Li, Yufeng; Gerald, Lynn B. 3578
Comparison of parent and student responses to asthma surveys: students grades 3-12 and their parents from a suburban private school setting. Yawn, Barbara P.; Wollan, Peter; Kurland, Marge; Bertram, Susan 3664
Creating asthma-friendly schools: a public health approach. Cicutto, Lisa; Conti, Elizabeth; Evans, Helen; Lewis, Rebecca; Murphy, Sue; Rautiainen, K.C.; Sharra 2746
Developing an Asthma tool for Schools: the formative evaluation of the Michigan Asthma School Packet. Goei, Ryan; Boyson, Aaron R.; Lyon-Callo, Sarah K.; Schott, Cheryl; Wasilevich, Elizabeth Cannarile, 2464
Evaluating the availability and use of asthma action plans for school-based asthma care: a case study in Hartford, Connecticut. McLaughlin, Tara; Maljanian, Rose; Kornblum, Rita; Clark, Pamela; Simpson, Joan; McCormack, Katherin 3125
Evaluation and sustainability of the healthy learners asthma initiative. Splett, Patricia L.; Erickson, Cecilia D.; Belseth, Stephanie B.; Jensen, Charlotte 4513
Garnering administrative support for school-based asthma education programs. Langenfeld, Nancy A.; Bonaiuto, Maria M.; Edmonds, Ellen O. 3118
Introduction: learning from each other about managing asthma in schools. Merkle, Sarah L.; Wheeler, Lani S.; Gerald, Lynn B.; Taggart, Virginia S. 2993
Managing asthma in schools: lessons learned and recommendations. Wheeler, Lani S.; Merkle, Sarah L.; Gerald, Lynn B.; Taggart, Virginia S. 4639
Outcomes for a comprehensive school-based asthma management program. Gerald, Lynn B.; Redden, David; Wittich, Angelina R.; Hains, Coralie; Turner-Henson, Anne; Hemstreet 4132
Partners in school asthma management: evaluation of a self-management program for children with asthma. Bartholomew, L. Kay; Sockrider, Marianna M.; Abramson, Stuart L.; Swank, Paul R.; Czyzewski, Danita 4812
Resources for addressing asthma in schools. Website list 3034
School-based asthma case finding: the Arkansas experience. Vargas, Perla A.; Magee, James S.; Bushmiaer, Margo; Simpson, Pippa M.; Jones, Craig A.; Feild, Char 2836
Statewide asthma training for Minnesota school personnel. Keysser, Janet; Splett, Patricia L.; Ross, Susan; Fishman, Erica 3464
Teens: taking control of asthma. Brasler, Mary; Lewis, Margaret 2774
The Breathmobile[TM]: a novel comprehensive school-based mobile asthma care clinic for urban underprivileged children. Liao, Otto; Morphew, Tricia; Amaro, Silvia; Galant, Stanley P. 4414
The efficacy of asthma case management in an urban school district in reducing school absences and hospitalizations for asthma. Levy, Marian; Heffner, Brenda; Stewart, Tara; Beeman, Gail 4439
Tragedy in a beachfront community: a proactive school district responds to asthma. Guglielmo, Claudia; Little, Anne 2383
Using preprinted rescue medication order forms and health information technology to monitor and improve the quality of care for students with asthma in New York City public schools. Barbot, Oxiris; Platt, Roger; Marchese, Carole 2325
Using school staff to establish a preventive network of care to improve elementary school students' control of asthma. Bruzzese, Jean-Marie; Evans, David; Wiesemann, Sandra; Pinkett-Heller, Marcia; Levison, Moshe J.; Du 4840
What is asthma control? Discrepancies between parents' perceptions and official definitions. Dozier, Ann; Aligne, C. Andrew; Schlabach, Mary Beth 2053
Working with a head start population with asthma: lessons learned. Nelson, Belinda W.; Clark, Noreen M.; Valerio, Melissa A.; Houle, Christy R.; Brown, Randall W.; Bro 2030

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