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Articles from Journal of Robotics (January 1, 2018)

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A Bioinspired Gait Transition Model for a Hexapod Robot. Chang, Qing; Mei, Fanghua 5668
A Computing Model of Selective Attention for Service Robot Based on Spatial Data Fusion. Chen, Huanzhao; Tian, Guohui 5620
A Control Architecture of Robot-Assisted Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Feng, Yongli; Jia, Qingxuan; Wei, Wei 7192
A Family of Hyperbolic-Type Explicit Force Regulators with Active Velocity Damping for Robot Manipulators. Reyes-Cortes, Fernando; Chavez-Olivares, Cesar; Gonzalez-Galvan, Emilio J. 7791
A Low-Cost Model Vehicle Testbed with Accurate Positioning for Autonomous Driving. Vedder, Benjamin; Vinter, Jonny; Jonsson, Magnus 6632
A Novel Edge Detection Algorithm for Mobile Robot Path Planning. Jarrah, Rami Al-; Jarrah, Mohammad Al-; Roth, Hubert 6001
A Novel Path Control Algorithm for Networked Underwater Robot. She, Minghong; Tian, Liyu 4031
A Robust Control for an Aerial Robot Quadrotor under Wind Gusts. Ding, Li; Wang, Zhenwei 3530
A Single-Way Ranging Localization of AUVs Based on PSO of Outliers Elimination. Fan, Xinnan; Wu, Zhongjian; Ni, Jianjun; Luo, Chengming 8590
A Social Robot, "Dali," for Aging in Place Technology. Um, Dugan; Park, Jangwoon; Shin, Jeongsik; Lee, Woo Ho 4935
Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Based Path Planning for Excavator Arm. Vu, Nga Thi-Thuy; Tran, Nam Phuong; Nguyen, Nam Hoai 3810
Allocating Multiple Types of Tasks to Heterogeneous Agents Based on the Theory of Comparative Advantage. Morisawa, Toma; Hayashi, Kotaro; Mizuuchi, Ikuo 11223
An Alignment Method of Human-Robot Collaboration Based on the Six-Dimensional Force/Torque Dynamic Measurement for Large-Scale Components. Wen, Ke; Du, Fuzhou; Zhang, Jiabo; Yang, JiZhi 4204
An Improved Multiobjective Algorithm: DNSGA2-PSA. Qu, Dan; Ding, Xianfeng; Wang, Hongmei 6031
Base Detection Research of Drilling Robot System by Using Visual Inspection. Wang, Zhanxi; Bai, Jing; Zhang, Xiaoyu; Qin, Xiansheng; Tan, Xiaoqun; Zhao, Yali 3842
Biologically Inspired Robotics 2016. Shi, Liwei; Habib, Maki; Xiao, Nan; Hu, Huosheng 655
Biomechanic and Energetic Effects of a Quasi-Passive Artificial Gastrocnemius on Transtibial Amputee Gait. Eilenberg, Michael F.; Endo, Ken; Herr, Hugh 8627
Concept Design and Analysis of a Novel Steamer-Filling Robot. Xing, Enhong; Li, Bin; Zhao, Xinhua 3453
Development and Evaluation of a Powered Artificial Gastrocnemius for Transtibial Amputee Gait. Eilenberg, Michael F.; Kuan, Jiun-Yih; Herr, Hugh 11605
Dynamic Path Planning of Unknown Environment Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning. Lei, Xiaoyun; Zhang, Zhian; Dong, Peifang 5541
Dynamic Surface Adaptive Robust Control of Unmanned Marine Vehicles with Disturbance Observer. Zhang, Pengchao 2860
Filtered Medial Surface Based Approach for 3D Collision-Free Path Planning Problem. Benzaid, Karima; Marie, Romain; Mansouri, Noura; Labbani-Igbida, Ouiddad 5459
From Lonely to Resilient through Humanoid Robots: Building a New Framework of Resilience. Hoorn, Johan F. 12791
Hands-Free Maneuvers of Robotic Vehicles via Human Intentions Understanding Using Wearable Sensing. Wang, Weitian; Li, Rui; Guo, Longxiang; Diekel, Z. Max; Jia, Yunyi 5807
Hobbit: Providing Fall Detection and Prevention for the Elderly in the Real World. Bajones, Markus; Fischinger, David; Weiss, Astrid; Wolf, Daniel; Vincze, Markus; de la Puente, Palom 14600
Human-Robot Interaction. Jia, Yunyi; Zhang, Biao; Li, Miao; King, Brady; Meghdari, Ali 938
Hybrid Type-2 Fuzzy-Sliding Mode Controller for Navigation of Mobile Robot in an Environment Containing a Dynamic Target. Ayedi, Dorra; Boujelben, Maissa; Rekik, Chokri 4991
HyPro: A Multi-DoF Hybrid-Powered Transradial Robotic Prosthesis. Semasinghe, C.L.; Ranaweera, R.K.P.S.; Prasanna, J.L.B.; Kandamby, H.M.; Madusanka, D.G.K.; Gopura, 7496
Information-Fusion Methods Based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Robot Adapting to Search and Rescue Postdisaster Environments. Wang, Hongling; Zhang, Chengjin; Song, Yong; Pang, Bao 6685
Kinematics and Transmission Performance Analyses of a 2T2R Type 4-DOF Spatial Parallel Manipulator. An, Haiyan; Li, Bin; Wang, Shoujun; Ge, Weimin 5694
Learning by Teaching with Humanoid Robot: A New Powerful Experimental Tool to Improve Children's Learning Ability. Jamet, Frank; Masson, Olivier; Jacquet, Baptiste; Stilgenbauer, Jean- Louis; Baratgin, Jean 9905
MapFuse: Complete and Realistic 3D Modelling. Aernouts, Michiel; Bellekens, Ben; Weyn, Maarten Report 6739
Mathematical Modeling and Modal Switching Control of a Novel Tiltrotor UAV. Kong, Zhiwei; Lu, Qiang 4743
Method for Effectively Utilizing Node Energy of WSN for Coal Mine Robot. Ma, Xiliang; Mao, Ruiqing 4293
Modeling and Kinematics Simulation of a Mecanum Wheel Platform in RecurDyn. Li, Yunwang; Dai, Sumei; Zheng, Yuwei; Tian, Feng; Yan, Xucong 3018
Nonlinear Friction and Dynamical Identification for a Robot Manipulator with Improved Cuckoo Search Algorithm. Ding, Li; Li, Xingcheng; Li, Qilin; Chao, Yuan 5862
Older Adults' Perceptions of Supporting Factors of Trust in a Robot Care Provider. Stuck, Rachel E.; Rogers, Wendy A. 7417
On the Direct Kinematics Problem of Parallel Mechanisms. Seibel, Arthur; Schulz, Stefan; Schlattmann, Josef 6716
Particle Filter and Finite Impulse Response Filter Fusion and Hector SLAM to Improve the Performance of Robot Positioning. Bassiri, Amin; Oskoei, Mohammadreza Asghari; Basiri, Anahid 4746
Path Planning with Obstacle Avoidance Based on Normalized R-Functions. Tao, Songqiao; Tan, Juan 5845
Ring Fusion of Fisheye Images Based on Corner Detection Algorithm for Around View Monitoring System of Intelligent Driving. Zhao, Jianhui; Gao, Hongbo; Zhang, Xinyu; Zhang, Yinglin; Liu, Yuchao 4370
Robotic Prosthetic Limbs. Gopura, Ruwan; Kiguchi, Kazuo; Mann, George; Torricelli, Diego 880
Robust Feedback Control Design of Underactuated Robotic Hands with Selectively Lockable Switches for Amputees. Yousuf, Bilal M.; Mehdi, Asim; Khan, Abdul Saboor; Noor, Aqib; Ali, Arslan 4508
Stabilization of Teleoperation Systems with Communication Delays: An IMC Approach. Li, Yuling 3439
The Design and Evaluation of an Ergonomic Contactless Gesture Control System for Industrial Robots. Tang, Gilbert; Webb, Phil 6817
The Encountered Problems and Solutions in the Development of Coal Mine Rescue Robot. Wang, Yong; Tian, Peng; Zhou, Yu; Chen, Qing 7927
The Experience of the Robot Programming Network Initiative. Casan, Gustavo A.; Cervera, Enric 8794
Toward Dynamic Monitoring and Suppressing Uncertainty in Wildfire by Multiple Unmanned Air Vehicle System. Rabinovich, Sharon; Curry, Renwick E.; Elkaim, Gabriel H. 8332

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