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Articles from Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (January 1, 2017)

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A Historical Review of U.S. Contributions to the Atomic Redefinition of the SI Second in 1967. Lombardi, Michael A. 8265
A Sampling-Agnostic Software Framework for Converting Between Texture Map Representations of Virtual Environments. Sriram, Vinay K.; Griffin, Wesley 4618
Accuracy of Approximations to the Poynting Correction for Ice and Liquid Water. Harvey, Allan H. Correction notice 4986
Comparison of One-Dimensional and Volumetric Computed Tomography Measurements of Injected-Water Phantoms. Levine, Zachary H.; Chen-Mayer, H. Heather; Peskin, Adele P.; Pintar, Adam L. Report 4704
Design, Construction, and Calibration of a Temperature Monitoring System for Resistance Standards. Paseltiner, Daniel; Payagala, Shamith; Jarrett, Dean 3395
Determination of Liquid Density. Sander, Lane C.; Sniegoski, Lorna T. 196
Development of NIST Standard Reference Material 2082, a Pathlength Standard for Measurements in the Ultraviolet Spectrum. Lang, Brian; Urbas, Aaron; DeRose, Paul; Liu, Hung-Kung; Travis, John; Choquette, Steve; Cole, Kenne 4717
Gravity-Based Characterization of Three-Axis Accelerometers in Terms of Intrinsic Accelerometer Parameters. Geist, Jon; Afridi, Muhammad Yaqub; McGray, Craig D.; Gaitan, Michael 6843
Identifying NIST Impacts on Patenting: A Novel Data Set and Potential Uses. Anderson, Gary W.; Breitzman, Anthony 7738
IFC File Analyzer Software. Lipman, Robert 515
Immersion Coefficient for the Marine Optical Buoy (MOBY) Radiance Collectors. Feinholz, Michael; Johnson, B. Carol; Voss, Kenneth; Yarbrough, Mark; Flora, Stephanie Report 4299
Impact Toughness Modification of NIST Low-Energy Charpy Verification Specimens for Testing at Room Temperature. Lucon, Enrico; Santoyo, Ray L. 4925
Interactive, Web-Based Calculator of Neutron and X-ray Reflectivity. Maranville, Brian B. 2298
Likelihood Ratio as Weight of Forensic Evidence: A Closer Look. Lund, Steven P.; Iyer, Hari 16136
Liquid Chromatography Column Theory and Technology. Sander, Lane C. Column 231
Liquid Chromatography: Introduction and Instrumentation. Sander, Lane C. 311
Liquid Chromatography: Introduction to Method Development. Sander, Lane C. 315
Mass Spectra of Sulfonephthalein pH Indicator Dyes and Their Impurities. Easley, Regina A.; Place, Benjamin J. 757
MCMLpar and MCSLinv: A Parallel Version of MCML and an Inverse Monte Carlo Algorithm to Calculate Optical Scattering Parameters. Streater, Richelle H.; Lieberson, Anne-Michelle R.; Pintar, Adam L.; Levine, Zachary H. 1506
Method for Measuring the Phase Spectrum of the Output of a Frequency Source Used in the Calibration of an Electroshock Weapon Characterization System. Paulter, Nicholas G., Jr. 6670
mumpce_py: A Python Implementation of the Method of Uncertainty Minimization Using Polynomial Chaos Expansions. Sheen, David A. 694
NanoUV-VIS: An Interactive Visualization Tool for Monitoring the Evolution of Optical Properties of Nanoparticles Throughout Synthesis Reactions. Calderon-Jimenez, Bryan; Sarmanho, Gabriel F.; Murphy, Karen E.; Bustos, Antonio R. Montoro; Vega-Ba 3489
Natural Uranium Radioactivity Solution Standard: SRM 4321d. Colle, Ronald; Laureano-Perez, Lizbeth; Nour, Svetlana; La Rosa, Jerome J.; Zimmerman, Brian E.; Pib 11607
Partial Ionization Cross Sections of Organic Molecules. Irikura, Karl K. 50953
Performance Data from the NIST Net-Zero Energy Residential Test Facility. Healy, William M.; Fanney, A. Hunter; Dougherty, Brian P.; Ng, Lisa; Payne, Vance; Ullah, Tania; Oma 2748
Performance Data from the NIST Photovoltaic Arrays and Weather Station. Boyd, Matthew 2016
Phase Uncertainty in Digital Holographic Microscopy Measurements in the Presence of Solution Flow Conditions. Brand, Alexander S. 21586
Plumbing for Liquid Chromatography. Sander, Lane C. 229
Polar Codes for Quantum Key Distribution. Nakassis, Anastase 6971
Preparation of Calibration Solutions. Sander, Lane C.; Schantz, Michele M. 263
Pressurized Fluid Extraction. Sander, Lane C. 251
Principles of Quantitation: Chromatography. Sander, Lane C. 347
Reference Data Set of Human Skin Reflectance. Cooksey, Catherine C.; Allen, David W.; Tsai, Benjamin K. Report 2232
Review: Coefficients for Stress, Temperature, and Composition Effects in Fluorescence Measurements of Alumina. Cook, Robert F.; Michaels, Chris A. Report 18409
Sample Concentration and Processing. Sander, Lane C. 228
Software for Complete Mode Structure Analysis of a Light Field. Burenkov, Ivan A.; Polyakov, Sergey V. 3273
Solid Phase Extraction. Sander, Lane C. 241
Soxhlet Extractions. Sander, Lane C. 221
STEP File Analyzer Software. Lipman, Robert 831
The Lattice Spacing Variability of Intrinsic Float-Zone Silicon. Kessler, Ernest G.; Szabo, Csilla I.; Cline, James P.; Henins, Albert; Hudson, Lawrence T.; Mendenha 13898
The NIST Johnson Noise Thermometry System for the Determination of the Boltzmann Constant. Flowers-Jacobs, Nathan E.; Pollarolo, Alessio; Coakley, Kevin J.; Weis, Adam C.; Fox, Anna E.; Rogal Report 26741
Troubleshooting Liquid Chromatographic Instrumentation and Methods. Sander, Lane C. 213
Use of Analytical Balances. Sander, Lane C. 210
Volumetric Transfer of Liquids. Sander, Lane C. 220
What is Chromatography All About? Sander, Lane C. 226
ZENO: Software for calculating hydrodynamic, electrical, and shape properties of polymer and particle suspensions. Juba, Derek; Audus, Debra J.; Mascagni, Michael; Douglas, Jack F.; Keyrouz, Walid 701

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