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Articles from Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (January 1, 2015)

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A Journey in Standard Development: The Core Manufacturing Simulation Data (CMSD) Information Model. Lee, Yung-Tsun Tina 6172
A Simple and Fast Spline Filtering Algorithm for Surface Metrology. Zhang, Hao; Ott, Daniel; Song, John; Tong, Mingsi; Chu, Wei 3393
An Areal Isotropic Spline Filter for Surface Metrology. Zhang, Hao; Tong, Mingsi; Chu, Wei 3590
An Implementation of the Fundamental Parameters Approach for Analysis of X-ray Powder Diffraction Line Profiles. Mendenhall, Marcus H.; Mullen, Katharine; Cline, James P. 12632
An Improved Algorithm of Congruent Matching Cells (CMC) Method for Firearm Evidence Identifications. Tong, Mingsi; Song, John; Chu, Wei 4513
Certification of NIST Room Temperature Low-Energy and High-Energy Charpy Verification Specimens. Lucon, Enrico; McCowan, Chris N.; Santoyo, Ray L. 5445
Design and Operation of an Optically-Accessible Modular Reactor for Diagnostics of Thermal Thin Film Deposition Processes. Kimes, W.A.; Sperling, B.A.; Maslars, J.E. 2853
Development of an Ultra-Pure, Carrier-Free [sup.209]Po Solution Standard. Colle, R.; Fitzgerald, R.P.; Laureano-Perez, L. Report 12080
Findings and Recommendations from the NIST Workshop on Alternative Fuels and Materials: Biocorrosion. Mansfield, Elisabeth; Sowards, Jeffrey W.; Crookes-Goodson, Wendy J. 4486
Long-Term Stability of One-Inch Condenser Microphones Calibrated at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Wagner, Randall P.; Guthrie, William F. 4119
Morphological and Electrical Characterization of MWCNT Papers and Pellets. Mansfield, Elisabeth; Feldman, Ari; Chiaramonti, Ann N.; Lehman, John; Curtin, Alexandra E. 5728
On the Stability of Rotating Drops. Nurse, A.K.; Coriell, S.R.; McFadden, G.B. Report 12164
Potential Stable Low-Permeation Rate Standard Based on Micro-machined Silicon. Verwolf, Adrian; Poling, Chris; Barbosa, Nick; White, Grady; Rentz, Nikki 6707
Processing and Characterization of Nanoparticle Coatings for Quartz Crystal Microbalance Measurements. Torrey, Jessica D.; Kirschling, Teresa L.; Greenlee, Lauren F. 5635
Rapid Prototyping of Nanofluidic Slits in a Silicone Bilayer. Kole, Thomas P.; Liao, Kuo-Tang; Schiffels, Daniel; Ilic, B. Robert; Strychalski, Elizabeth A.; Kral 8878
Report on Pairing-based Cryptography. Moody, Dustin; Peralta, Rene; Perlner, Ray; Regenscheid, Andrew; Roginsky, Allen; Chen, Lily 9799
Revision of the NIST Standard for [sup.223]Ra: New Measurements and Review of 2008 Data. Zimmerman, B.E.; Bergeron, D.E.; Cessna, J.T.; Fitzgerald, R.; Pibida, L. 11694
SAGRAD: A Program for Neural Network Training with Simulated Annealing and the Conjugate Gradient Method. Bernal, Javier; Torres-Jimenez, Jose 8643
Smart Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for the NIST Research Environment. Gates, Richard S.; McLean, Mark J.; Osborn, William A. 5571
The Optics and Alignment of the Divergent Beam Laboratory X-ray Powder Diffractometer and its Calibration Using NIST Standard Reference Materials. Cline, James P.; Mendenhall, Marcus H.; Black, David; Windover, Donald; Henins, Albert 25379
Toward Continuous GPS Carrier-Phase Time Transfer: Eliminating the Time Discontinuity at an Anomaly. Yao, Jian; Levine, Judah; Weiss, Marc 5657

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