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Articles from Journal of Research in Gender Studies (January 1, 2014)

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'My missus ...': an essay on British comedy and gender discourses. Heath, John Essay 3409
(Re)constructing identity roots in Martha Bibesco's writing. Botezat, Onorina Report 3414
<>. Iliuta, Gabriela Interview 2326
A queer genre in the global village: the healing literature a case study of two best sellers. Marinescu, Luiza Case study 4623
A specific conceptual approach to meaning and comprehension in modern print advertising. Florescu, Ana-Maria Report 4508
Advertising discourse and the use of rhetorical figures. Marcoci, Sanda Report 2364
Are we really wor(l)ds part? On gender, genre and language use in blogs. Pacea, Otilia Report 6581
Changing gender representation in the media. Lazaroiu, George Essay 2243
Cleopatra's theatrical discourse in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. Crisan, Andreea-Cristina Critical essay 2112
Communicating gender in contemporary society. Bratu, Sofia Report 2395
Corps feminin et representations touristiques: le cas des placards publicitaires des vacances en croisiere. Albano, Mariangela; Sabato, Gaetano Report 9048
Correlations between cognitive decline and the variables of Age, Gender, and Level of Education in dementia. Omer, Ioana; Popescu, Gabriela; Marica, Simona Report 4139
Cross-gender communication: a gateway to the 21st century. Dima-Laza, Stancuta Report 7633
Current situation of Roma people in Romanian society as reflected in the local media. Popescu, Georgiana; Duminica, Delia Report 4498
Deregulating markets, deregulating media: the globalization of gender stereotypes in the age of corporate media. Cernat, Maria Report 4033
Diversity management. Gender approaches to guidance and counselling. Taranu, Adela Mihaela; Calineci, Marcela Marcinschi; Taranu, Andrei Report 3794
Dreams beyond control: women and writing in the Ottoman Empire since Asiye Hatun's Diary. Gunay-Erkol, Cimen; Bozkurt, Senem Timuroglu Essay 4898
Economic processes and gender equality. Nica, Elvira Report 2026
Elfriede Jelinek: feminism, politics and a gender and queer theoretical perspectivation of Krankheit oder Moderne Frauen & Ulrike Maria Stuart. Babka, Anna; Clar, Peter Critical essay 9207
Emancipation sexuelle et obstacles paratextuels: Le cas d'Andre Gide. Canovas, Frederic Critical essay 4186
Emilia Pardo Bazan: las mujeres en sus obras. Cecovniuc, Ioana Report 5524
Environment and values. Danciu, Bogdan Vasile Report 1583
Etre et ne pas etre : le droit civil francais et l'impossible troisieme sexe. Paturet, Arnaud Essay 13966
Federico Andahazi a la busca de la sede del amor y del placer. Scipione, Ileana Cornelia Essay 6095
Female participation in personal learning environments. Chisega-Negrila, Ana-Maria Report 2414
Feminite et signifiants corporels dans le fonctionnement addictif. Matei, Rodica Report 4467
French "Cinderfella" gives a lesson in gender studies. Honicker, Nancy Movie review 1105
Gender analogies in architecture. Niculae, Raluca Livia Report 4438
Gender and power in 19th century Romanian Women's Writing. Mihaila, Ramona Essay 3506
Gender differences in online media usage. Ularu, Vera Report 2316
Gender equality on labor market and work-life balance policies. A sociological approach. Sanduleasa, Bertha; Matei, Aniela Report 7306
Gender similarities and differences in phenomenology. Mircica, Nela Report 2248
Gender stereotypes and the media in post-communist Romania. Rapeanu, Adela Report 2708
Gender Studies in the Age of Globalization. Book review 13191
Gendered advertising--shaping self-image to visual ads exposure. Epure, Manuela; Vasilescu, Ruxandra Report 3815
Gendered Divisions of Space/Partages Genres de l'Espace. Mihaila, Ramona; Chapelan, Mihaela Conference notes 2483
Genetic factors, cultural predispositions, happiness and gender equality. Inglehart, Ronald F.; Borinskaya, Svetlana; Cotter, Anna; Harro, Jaanus; Inglehart, Ronald C.; Ponar Report 6173
Genetic factors, cultural predispositions, happiness and gender equality. Report 21230
Genre des noms de metiers en francais et en roumain. Ceban, Tamara Report 3217
Genres du discours dialogal: dialogue et conversation--concepts operationnels. Sterian, Dan Report 4612
Globalization and gender: relationships as epitome of change. Boskovic, Branko Report 5091
Globalization and social network sites. Premises for the European young generation's social and political involvement. Chirimbu, Sebastian; Barbu-Chirimbu, Adina Report 2374
Globalization, gender, and higher education: female cadets at the Hellenic Military Academy, 1992-2011. Michailidou, Artemis Report 6474
Hide and seek: on trail of women writers. Imsir, Sima Begum Essay 5539
Human trafficking in a globalized world: gender aspects of the issue and anti-trafficking politics. Duong, Kim Anh Report 7522
Incorporations: styling women's identity and political oppression in the novels of Herta Muller. Orlich, Alexandra Ileana Essay 3733
Jane Austen and the European Union on "an accomplished young woman". Aron, Raluca Report 6194
L'autre du corps et l'autre de l'esprit. Abdellah Ta'ia, L'Armee du salut. Matei, Alexandru Report 6911
L'identite, mondialisation et la lutte entre l'est et l'ouest en Republique de Moldavie. Cazacu, Lilia Report 4802
La communication en affaires a l'epoque de la globalisation. Stefanescu, Camelia-Cristina; Panzaru, Stelian; Lupan, Dorina Report 3889
La femme et la mort. Interferences psychanalytiques sur la feminite mortifere. Georgescu, Matei Essay 3648
La femme et ses representations dans les poemes preromantiques roumains. Costandache, Ana-elena Report 3635
La representation du feminin dans le systeme poetique de Nichita Stanescu. Matei, Rodica Critical essay 2177
Les etudes de Dora d'Istria sur l'esprit national des peuples balkaniques et leur reception. Mihaila, Ileana Essay 5573
Les Gender studies en France. Affaire des femmes ou affaire d'Etat?/ Etat de lieu de recherche, prises de position, politiques mises en place, institutionnalisation. L'emergence d'une pensee, l'adhesion a une perspective. Oktapoda, Efstratia Essay 6179
Looking at medusa: television as a modern era's visual power tool and its role on the children's socialization. Aytas, Murat; Can, Aytekin; Gul, Ruhi Report 3765
Margaret Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, "The Iron Lady" of British politics during the second half of the 20th century. Vlad, Calin Biography 4348
Metaphorical gender stereotypes in written medical discourse. Dragusin, Denisa Report 4352
Migrant Korean women in the US commercial sex industry: an examination of the causes and dynamics of cross-border sexual exploitation. Lim, Timothy C. Report 9844
New media and youth: differences in the use of social network sites between young men and women users. Aktas, Hasret; Akyol, Mevlut; Kartal, Halit; Gurel, Kazim Tolga Report 5767
On inconsistencies in Plato's gender equality. Serban, Silviu Report 3255
On men and women in the Family Constellations method. Rusu, Elena-claudia Report 5269
Particularities in the situation of women in the Republic of Moldova. Realities and tendencies. Enachi, Valentina Report 3982
Patriarchal vs. non-patriarchal explorations of feminine traits. Archip, Bianca Bogdana Report 3261
Perception et stereotype de genre social. Goran, Laura Report 3528
Personnage feminin en miroir: Magdalena dans le film Europolis. Gheorghita, Cornel Report 4155
Personnalites roumaines feminines en France. Iacob, Simona Essay 1627
Presenting muslim gender on the Internet. A study of Iranian Muslim Youth on Facebook. Jarvandi, Reza Essay 4618
Professional perception of the harassment of women in the work places and of its impact on well-being. Yousaf, Rizwana Report 5098
Re-Constructing Violence against women and children in the written media: Canada and Romania's cases. Marinescu, Valentina Report 4693
Religion and discrimination against women. Tomescu, Madalina; Trofin, Liliana Report 2325
Representations of female athletes in Turkish media: a content analysis of three newspapers. Bakan, Omer Report 5396
Reshaping identities in Romanian mid-19th century culture. Dutu, Carmen Beatrice Essay 2290
Role playing from the vantage point of gender. An unconventional approach to rethinking theory and practice in Romania. Trif, Victorita Report 2842
Roles et attitudes dans la famille contemporaine. Vacaru, Nadia-Elena; Vana, Mirona Report 4170
Spaces of their own: emotional and spiritual quests in Under the Tuscan Sun and Eat, Pray, Love. Iancu, Anca-Luminita Report 6349
Spain as a woman: Arturo Perez-Reverte and his female proposal to subvert the failure of the Spanish nation. Garcia-Precedo, Juan Manuel Report 3913
Television genres. A case study: marriage programs. Apaydin, Cengiz; Koca, Serhat; Aytas, Murat Case study 4733
The "headscarf affairs": French universalism put to the test. Honicker, Nancy Essay 4177
The analysis of Possessing the Secret of Joy in a post-colonial framework. Vaezy, Mohammad Nasser; Dehghani, Mehdi Critical essay 1966
The architecture of living in the post-war Romania. Transitions and development. Teodorescu, Nicoleta Doina Report 6341
The Architecture of mind and soul--organic, fluent, spatial. Stoian, Matei Luca Interview 1408
The body matters: nationalism and American sex tourism in postcolonial Taiwan. Yen, Jill Report 4177
The event and the public space. The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. Bondrea, Emilia; Duda, Maria 1124
The globalization of gender and history in contemporary Serbian women's writing. Petkovic, Vladislava Gordic Report 4533
The humorous role of television: the example of sit-coms sample program. Can, Aytekin; Ugurlu, Faruk Report 3753
The impact of gender on corruption. Ionescu, Luminita Report 1953
The importance and necessity of folklore gender studies. Introduction to the first stages of education and the appropriate teaching models. Gasouka, Maria; Arvanitidou, Zoi Report 2952
The influence of gender inequalities on economic outcomes. Popescu, Gheorghe H. Report 2102
The International Handbook on Gender, Migration and Transnationalism. Ghinea, Carmen Book review 1308
The mediating role of work-family conflict in the relationship between boundary control and burnout among young mothers. Braunstein-Bercovitz, Hedva Report 3012
The modern woman image as reflected by current media. Coman, Ruxandra; Scarlat, Cristina Report 3977
The public presence of Bulgarian women in Romanian cities during the 60-70s of the 19th century. Alexandrova, Nadezhda Essay 4706
The role of Romanian women in geographic science. Frasineanu, Mihaela; Frasineanu, Dragos; Guran, Liliana Report 3894
The Somerville two women philosophers and the ethics of virtue. Lucinescu, Alexandru Biography 5867
The structure of personal safety in the case of preadolescents. An analysis by gender. Urea, Roxana Report 1739
The victimization of women in family space. Profiles of women victims of domestic violence. Manu, Beatrice Report 4928
Trauma, virtud et pulsions : vers un << devenir inorganique >> de la mondialisation ? Brunet-Georget, Jacques Critical essay 9030
Updating ordinary coziness: finnish home makeovers as representations of self and family. Soronen, Anne Report 6356
What does the internet feed on? Bacalu, Filip Essay 3965
Women & men: working with core values. Simons, George 1022
Women and leadership in Post-Communist Romania. Mitu, Bianca Marina; Serbanescu, Cristina Gabriella Report 2390
Women as part of the theatre audience in 19th century Romania. Mitea, Ioana Essay 2557
Women in politics (Segolene Royal's case). Boicu, Ruxandra Essay 6516
Women on boards: sharing a rigorous vision of the functioning of boards, demanding a new model of corporate governance. De Beaufort, Viviane; Summers, Lucy Report 14614
Women's studies in the age of globalization. Crabtree-Sinnet, Claire Essay 2378

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