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Articles from Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development (July 1, 2012)

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Application of self-report and performance-based outcome measures to determine functional differences between four categories of prosthetic feet. Gailey, Robert S.; Gaunaurd, Ignacio; Agrawal, Vibhor; Finnieston, Adam; O'Toole, Christopher; Tolch Report 11106
Audiological issues and hearing loss among Veterans with mild traumatic brain injury. Oleksiak, Michael; Smith, Bridget M.; St. Andre, Justin R.; Caughlan, Carly M.; Steiner, Monica Clinical report 5984
Blast exposure and dual sensory impairment: an evidence review and integrated rehabilitation approach. Saunders, Gabrielle H.; Echt, Katharina V. Report 11404
Cognitive-communication rehabilitation for combat-related mild traumatic brain injury. Cornis-Pop, Micaela; Mashima, Pauline A.; Roth, Carole R.; MacLennan, Donald L.; Picon, Linda M.; Ha 12363
Computer-adaptive test to measure community reintegration of Veterans. Resnik, Linda; Tian, Feng; Ni, Pengsheng; Jette, Alan Report 6038
Computer-based hearing loss prevention education program for Veterans and military personnel. Folmer, Robert L.; Saunders, Gabrielle H.; Dann, Serena M.; Griest, Susan E.; Porsov, Edward; Fausti Report 4647
Computer-socket manufacturing error: how much before it is clinically apparent? Sanders, Joan E.; Severance, Michael R.; Allyn, Kathryn J. Report 8091
Effects of robot-assisted therapy on stroke rehabilitation in upper limbs: systematic review and meta-analysis of the literature. Norouzi-Gheidari, Nahid; Archambault, Philippe S.; Fung, Joyce Report 12251
Efficiency of voluntary opening hand and hook prosthetic devices: 24 years of development? Smit, Gerwin; Bongers, Raoul M.; Van der Sluis, Corry K.; Plettenburg, Dick H. Report 6372
Extraterritorial temperature pain threshold abnormalities in subjects with healed thermal injury. Fischer, Tanya Z.; Waxman, Stephen G. Report 4624
Implications of blast exposure for central auditory function: a review. Gallun, Frederick J.; Lewis, M. Samantha; Folmer, Robert L.; Diedesch, Anna C.; Kubli, Lina R.; McDe Report 11165
Initial developmental process of a VA semistructured clinical interview for TBI identification. Vanderploeg, Rodney D.; Groer, Shirley; Belanger, Heather G. Report 7201
Metabolic analysis of male servicemembers with transtibial amputations carrying military loads. Schnall, Barri L.; Wolf, Erik J.; Bell, Johanna C.; Gambel, Jeffrey; Bensel, Carolyn K. Report 5122
Mild traumatic brain injury and pain in Operation Iraqi Freedom/ Operation Enduring Freedom veterans. Romesser, Jennifer; Booth, Jane; Benge, Jared; Pastorek, Nicholas; Helmer, Drew Report 5622
Mild traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress disorder: investigation of visual attention in Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Operation Enduring Freedom veterans. Barlow-Ogden, Kristen; Poynter, William Report 8909
Multisensory impairment reported by veterans with and without mild traumatic brain injury history. Pogoda, Terri K.; Hendricks, Ann M.; Iverson, Katherine M.; Stolzmann, Kelly L.; Krengel, Maxine H.; Report 8954
Obstacle course: users' maneuverability and movement efficiency when using Otto Bock C-Leg, Otto Bock 3R60, and CaTech SNS prosthetic knee joints. Meier, Margrit R.; Hansen, Andrew H.; Gard, Steven A.; McFadyen, Angus K. Report 8038
Participant perceptions of use of CyWee Z as adjunct to rehabilitation of upper-limb function following stroke. Hale, Leigh A.; Satherley, Jessica A.; McMillan, Nicole J.; Milosavljevic, Stephan; Hijmans, Juha M. Report 6716
Performance on tests of central auditory processing by individuals exposed to high-intensity blasts. Gallun, Frederick J.; Diedesch, Anna C.; Kubli, Lina R.; Walden, Therese C.; Folmer, Robert L.; Lewi Report 13147
Pilot study to develop telehealth tinnitus management for persons with and without traumatic brain injury. Henry, James A.; Zaugg, Tara L.; Myers, Paula J.; Schmidt, Caroline J.; Griest, Susan; Legro, Marcia Clinical report 11898
Preliminary framework for Familiar Auditory Sensory Training (FAST) provided during coma recovery. Pape, Theresa Louise-Bender; Rosenow, Joshua M.; Harton, Brett; Patil, Vijaya; Guernon, Ann; Parrish Report 11131
Preliminary studies on differential expression of auditory functional genes in the brain after repeated blast exposures. Valiyaveettil, Manojkumar; Alamneh, Yonas; Miller, Stacy-Ann; Hammamieh, Rasha; Wang, Ying; Arun, Pe Report 6563
Relationship of screen-based symptoms for mild traumatic brain injury and mental health problems in Iraq and Afghanistan veterans: distinct or overlapping symptoms? Maguen, Shira; Lau, Karen M.; Madden, Erin; Seal, Karen Report 6318
Review of hybrid exoskeletons to restore gait following spinal cord injury. del-Ama, Antonio J.; Koutsou, Aikaterini D.; Moreno, Juan C.; de-los-Reyes, Ana; Gil-Agudo, Angel; P Report 11162
Robot-assisted practice of gait and stair climbing in nonambulatory stroke patients. Hesse, Stefan; Tomelleri, Christopher; Bardeleben, Anita; Werner, Cordula; Waldner, Andreas Report 5765
Sensorintegrative dysfunction underlying vestibular disorders after traumatic brain injury: a review. Franke, Laura M.; Walker, William C.; Cifu, David X.; Ochs, Alfred L.; Lew, Henry L. Report 6129
Sensory and communication disorders in traumatic brain injury. Lew, Henry L.; Cifu, David X.; Crowder, A. Tamara; Grimes, Jamie B. 1361
Vergence in mild traumatic brain injury: a pilot study. Szymanowicz, Dora; Ciuffreda, Kenneth J.; Thiagarajan, Preethi; Ludlam, Diana P.; Green, Wesley; Kap Report 10059
Visual symptomatology and referral patterns for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom veterans with traumatic brain injury. Bulson, Ryan; Jun, Weon; Hayes, John Report 4580

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