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Articles from Journal of Pan African Studies (December 1, 2010)

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"What Good are Poems?". McInnis, C. Liegh Poem 288
A force for good. Muhammad, Zayid Poem 977
A Gun In The Hand Is Worth ... Salaam, Kalamu ya Poem 183
A Letter to the Elders. Jordan, Aries Poem 506
A Mile in My Stiletto Shoes. Jordan, Aries Poem 360
A Pan African dialogue on Cuba from Black Bird Press News. Marvin X Brief article 178
A Poem for Valentine's Day. Poem 139
A Street Named Rashidah Muhammad. X, Marvin Poem 125
African Communion. Jahannes, Ja A. Poem 378
African Diva: An Elegy Among The Ruins (For Kamaria And Our Sisters). Askia Poem 219
Afro-Cubans push back. Moore, Carlos 1112
After Faces of My People. Blue, Benicia Poem 311
Again the Kora. X, Marvin Poem 185
Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Us 'Round" (for Sekou Sundiata). Simanga, Michael Poem 271
Alejandro (Iraq). S.Glover, Hoke, III "Bro. Yao" Poem 286
All we ask. Hamod, Sam Poem 217
Alla Our Stuff. Moore, B. Sharise Poem 755
Amazin Grace (for the late lucius walker). Muhammad, Zayid Poem 735
Amiri Baraka entertains in SF: "Lowku" versus Haiku, revives Fillmore spirit. Hubbard, Lee; Marvin X 1115
Among the Missing. Mitchell, Gwendolyn A. Poem 417
Ancestral Speak. Poem 174
At the Edge of Obsession. Salaam, Kalamu ya Poem 172
At the Place de Negres. Poem 145
Bad and Stuff. Bullins, Ed Poem 319
BAM Baptized. Roy, Darlene Poem 133
BCN Kids. Poem 131
Be Like Barbara. Zulu, Itibari M. Poem 121
Behind the Shadow of Reconciliation. Jordan, Aries Poem 333
Bendiciones. Poem 154
Birth of Aimstar. Andriuex, Amy "Aimstar" Poem 244
Black arts west celebrates Amiri Baraka at 75. Brief article 270
Black at the Altar. Reynolds, John, III Poem 250
Black herman's last asrah levitation at magic city, atlanta 2010. Poem 389
Black Lights. Reynolds, John, III Poem 189
Black Studies Went To College and Never Came Home. Allah El, Ptah Poem 176
Blackness Arise. Griot, Ras Poem 140
Candace 2/A Profile. Askia Poem 131
Capitalization. Wartts, Adrienne N. Poem 101
Capture and Exile. Callender, Neil Poem 223
Chains. Enemchukwu, Chinwe Poem 280
Chicken Bones Express. Poem 171
Child soldiers. Major, Devorah Poem 336
Childhood Revisited. Poem 400
City scat. Major, Devorah Poem 130
Cliff. Booth, Kwan Poem 139
Conflicts. Okoro, Pious Poem 121
Deja Vu. Poem 162
Dialogue. Okoro, Pious Poem 112
Diasporans. Enemchukwu, Chinwe Poem 253
Dingane Joe Goncalves, the Journal of Black Poetry & small non-commercial black journals. Lewis, Rudolph 6366
Dr. Nigger. Poem 204
Ego: The Most Wanted. Poem 123
Election Day, 2008. Griot, Ras Poem 151
Elijah's Cousin. Drake, Jeannette Poem 268
Esther Rolle (a poem in memory of the pioneering black actress). Boof, Kola Poem 117
Everything you wanted to know about hip hop but were afraid to be hipped for fear of being hopped. Medina, Tony Fictional work 1018
Exile island. Ojaide, Tanure Poem 876
Far Away from Bliss. Lewis, Rudolph Poem 264
Farewell ... to Lagos. Sylvanus, Felix Orisewike Poem 212
For Black Americans, 9-11 is 24-7. Poem 536
For boyd. Major, Devorah Poem 108
For Muhammad Ali. Mays, Anthony Poem 185
For the New Young Bloods On My Porch. Saloy, Mona Lisa Poem 415
For Want of Harvest. Scott, Darlene Poem 268
For Years. Poem 126
Freedom Blues. Reynolds, John, III Poem 241
From a Big B.A.M. Theory of Creation. Hoagland, Everett Poem 371
From One Border to the Next. Kibacha, Jacqueline Poem 319
Going to the Village. Scott, L.E. Poem 224
Graveyards for The Living Dead. Jiltonilro, Avotcja Poem 673
Hip hop artist Dead Prez on sanctions. Interview 1100
Hipness and Sorcery. Steptoe, Lamont B. Poem 430
Hiway Blues (for Dessie Woods). Salaam, Kalamu ya Poem 157
Holy Coup. El, Allah Poem 270
Human rights in Cuba: a missed shot on the wrong flank. de la Hoz, Pedro 2300
I care about whichever word. Reyes Rivera, Louis Poem 732
I'm in a world. George, Bruce Poem 213
I'm Waiting. Jiltonilro, Avotcja Poem 153
I, Too, Am A Brother. Okoro, Pious Poem 135
If I Were a Muslim in Good Standing. X, Marvin Poem 327
If The Walls Come Tumblin' Down. Poem 101
If You're Still the same afterwards (to nia, thanx for making me better). Salaam, Kalamu ya Poem 110
In memory of daryl. Major, Devorah Poem 149
In Passing. Scott, L.E. Poem 590
Incarceration. Callender, Neil Poem 131
Investigation of insects on Marion Hayden's beattle boggled bass. Blackwell, Charles Curtis Poem 166
JPAS: Dedicated to Dingane, Jose Goncalves. X, Marvin Column 324
Letter for Bobo. Poem 484
Letters to the editor. Lewis, Rudolph Letter to the editor 2708
Life Expectancy. Poem 377
Listening Again to Shani Laughing. Simanga, Michael Poem 142
Little Debbie. Andriuex, Amy "Aimstar" Poem 509
Little Mosque Poems. Kahf, Mohja Poem 1282
Love Her Again. Rice, Marie Poem 286
Lucumi. Flores, Shaggy Poem 187
Madness & Poets (For Marvin X). Nzingha, Ayodele Poem 530
Make-Up. Smith, Jimmie, Jr. Poem 359
Mamlambo's Helping Hand. Mnensa, Mabel Poem 181
Medical Mythology. Lamar, Ramal Essay 908
Memorial Day. X, Marvin Poem 663
Mixed Love. Pointer, Fritz Poem 576
Modern Medicine. Poem 271
Mother Earth Responds: Green Poems & Alternative Visions. Muntu, Kamaria Essay 1849
Mother to mother. Major, Devorah Poem 185
Mourning Muezzin: Mogadishu. Hamod, Sam Poem 248
My Brother Antonio. Jahannes, Ja A. Poem 594
Negritude. Flores, Shaggy Poem 571
Night Rider. Reed, Ishmael Poem 399
No Black Fight. X, Marvin Poem 261
No Ordinary Woman. Roy, Darlene Poem 130
No Whammies No Whammies. Poem 133
No Whammies No Whammies. Poem 178
No Words Left. Hamod, Sam Poem 164
Obama. Poem 207
Ode to Emmett. Adisa, Opal Palmer Poem 480
Ode to Swag. Poem 260
Old Lady Prayer. Poem 179
On Laura Schlessinger and Her N-Word Rant. Medina, Tony Poem 134
On My Birthday. Ojaide, Tanure Poem 943
On Not Being Able To Write A Post-Katrina Poem About New Orleans. Saloy, Mona Lisa Poem 329
Our Hair. Comer, Nandi Poem 332
PERFORMA 2009. Tekpatl, Tochtli Poem 267
Piece of Meat or Piece of Mind. Kujichagulia, Phavia Poem 319
Please Stay Strong. Tantra-zawadi Poem 413
Poem # 2: Do Not Concede. Carr, Greg Poem 134
Poem for Clara Muhammad. X, Marvin Poem 221
Poetic Mission: A Dialogue on the Role of the Poet and Poetry. Lewis, Rudolph 2577
Pokeno. Poem 343
Possibility. Adisa, Opal Palmer Poem 298
Praise Poem For Lilly. Callender, Neil Poem 331
Prize and award: Chinua Achebe and Haki R. Madhubuti. 1160
Qaddafi's apology for Arab slavery: a dialogue between poets Rudolph Lewis, Sam Hamud and Kola Boof. Marvin X 2931
Quake. Scott, Quincy Poem 607
Questions #1. S.Glover, Hoke, III "Bro. Yao" Poem 399
Ras Griot. Brief article 125
Reasons. Nzinga, Ayodele, "WordSlanger" Poem 622
Remember Me. Nzinga, Ayodele "WordSlanger" Poem 332
Reparations. Akintolayo, Bolade Poem 159
Sanctuary. Jiltonilro, Avotcja Poem 487
Sitting. Reynolds, John, III Poem 238
Slam-A-Lot. Medina, Tony Fictional work 891
Slave Song. Poem 296
Some Other South To Sadden Me. S.Glover, Hoke, III "Bro. Yao" Poem 365
Songs from Across the Ocean Divide. Ojaide, Tanure Poem 574
Strangely, We Wait. Okoro, Pious Poem 112
Street Spirits. Cromartie, J. Vern Poem 190
Sweetgrass Baskets Come back home. Eaddy, Felton Poem 316
Tainted Soul. King, Zulu Book review 1045
Teaching diaspora literature: Muslim American literature as an emerging field. Kahf, Mohja Essay 1724
The Coldest Double Standard. Spires, Anthony D. "Phruishun" Poem 927
The Emmett Till Blues. Young, Al Poem 335
The Human Race. Kujichagulia, Phavia Poem 746
The poetic mission art II: reviewing a life, a calling. Madhubuti, Haki R. Essay 876
The poets. X, Marvin 519
They Make A Wall Against Armegeddon. S.Glover, Hoke, III "Bro. Yao" Poem 307
Things Are So Random After the Womb. Scott, L.E. Poem 454
Thinking About Maime, Emmett Till's Mother. Adisa, Opal Palmer Poem 384
This We Wear. Hall, Neal E. Poem 106
To My Abuser. Pierson, Ariel Poem 195
To the Beat. Patton, Tracey Owens Poem 409
Tomcat in a Zoot Suit. Salaam, Kalamu ya Poem 176
Torrent Called Katrina. Poem 337
Transformation. Adisa, Opal Palmer Poem 562
Two poets on politics in Oakland: Ishmael Reed and Marvin X: update: Oakland's new mayor Jean Quan; OPD killing continues. X, Marvin 7424
Un momentu. Poem 176
Unbreakable. Williams, Hettie V. Poem 284
Upbringing: the Pedagogy of East Boogie * (three Kwansabas). Redmond, Eugene B. Poem 217
Versified Youth. McNeil, Bob Poem 201
Voices. Reynolds, John, III Poem 125
We be. Major, Devorah Poem 112
We see, and Do Nothing. Reynolds, John, III Poem 229
What Emmett Till Might Have Said? Adisa, Opal Palmer Poem 465
What I said to a friend. Okoro, Dike Brief article 134
When. Coates, Rodney D. Poem 209
Wish I Could Fly Like a Hawk. X, Marvin Poem 347
Women with Men in Prison. Poem 104
Yard Bird's Bitter Sweet Suite. Batamuntu, Ghasem Poem 389
Yo Yo Yo: Australopithecus Afrensis. Kuhichagulia, Phavia Poem 444

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