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Articles from Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (July 31, 2020)

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A Modified Methodology for Fuzzy Adaptive Control of hexahydroxy melamine. Lan He, Xianwen Liang and Lepeng Song 300
An overview of cancer genetics with focus on involvement of BRCA1/2 genes in breast carcinomas. Tahir, Durr-e-Samin; Rehman, Muhammad Saifur; Rehman, Muhammad Shahnawaz ul Report 6231
Analysis of Rural Pupils' Physical Health Strategies of Integrating Society, School and Family. Lan He, Xianwen Liang and Lepeng Song 254
Antibacterial Effect of Extracts from Rabdosin serra (Maxim) Hara. Liang Wang, Junhui Lian, Dongsheng Yang, Liyan Wu, Mingzhi Zhao and Lanying Wang 240
Antioxidant Activity of Polyphenol Extracts from Mango. Jingying Li, Mingzhi Zhao and Liang Wang 284
Application Study of Monitoring Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction Based on Wireless Communication. Ziyu Pan, Jie Yang and Nan Guo 225
Automatic Extraction Method of Local Weak Features in Interactive Medical CT Images. Zhong Li and Xiaolong Li 239
Bibliometrics Analysis of the Status Quo of TCM Nursing of Vertigo in China. Li Yang, Xueqin Lu and Feng Cao 223
Big Data Mining Method of Anatomy Teaching of Cervical Nerve Root Syndrome under Vision Sensing Technology. Yu Gao and Shifeng Qiao 275
Biomechanical Analysis of Dancers' Acute Ankle Sprain. Xiaoqiang Yang 241
Clinical Analysis of Diaphragm Rehabilitation Instrument in the Treatment of Elderly Patients with Emphysema. Wenyan Hao, Dong Zhang and Yuanzheng Li 259
Clinical Analysis of the Effect of Music Therapy on the Relief of Depression in College Students. Pingping Xu and Liang Zhao 301
Comparison of Main Components and Antioxidant Activity of Polysaccharides from Different Batches Large-scale Fermented Mycelia of Cordyceps sinensis. Lanying Wang, Ling Jiang, Dongsheng Yang, Jing Zhao and Shaoping Li 251
Comprehensive Intervention Analysis of Long-Distance Travel on Children with Autism. Song Zheng, Jing Zhao and Qiang Guo 256
Construction of English Translation Quality Assessment Model for Cancer Treatment Materials. Yongxiang Hu and Ying Zhang 244
Correlation between the Therapeutic Effect of Mumps and the Molecular Structure of Xylanase. Yu Mao and Chong Luo 259
Design and Research of Automatic Control System for Freeze-dried Sterile Antibiotic Production Line. Lan He, Xianwen Liang and Lepeng Song 286
Design of Image Diagnosis System for Breast Diseases Based on Convolutional Recurrent Network. Jianwei Li 216
Determination of the Content of Amlodipine Desylate Tablets and Its Application in the Treatment of Hypertension. Yao Zhang, Yanfang Li, Yuting Wang, Shiqi Liang, Jihuo Tang and Mingshi Liu 268
Economic Risk Analysis and Influencing Factors of Rural Chronic Diseases. Zhenyang Guo 281
Effect of Chemotherapy Nursing on Drug Sensitization Cancer Cells in Patients with Liver Cancer. Huijie Wu, Chao Dong and Hongyang Zhou 212
Effect of continuous training on blood glucose monitoring in people with Diabetes Mellitus. Yuanfang Liu and Xiang Liu 239
Effect of Dandelion Seed Wind Transmission on the Condition of Patients with Respiratory Diseases. Yurong Chen and Xiaoxu Wang 299
Effect of Piano Fingering Exercise on Finger Flexibility Recovery in Alzheimer's Patients. Yan Wang 208
Effect of Psychological Adjustment on Negative Emotions in Elderly Patients with Chronic Emphysema. Xin Du 229
Effect of Th22 Type Cytokine Secreting Cell Ratio on Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis. Lin Li, Shushen Zheng, Ya Chen and Xulei Dai 263
Effects of Piano Music Assisted Therapy on Self-efficacy and Health of Patients with Anxiety. Zhen Song 233
Emergency Treatment of Traumatic Arthritis among Long-term Basketball Trainers. Ping Wang 256
Emotional Decompression Model of Depression Patients with Green Ecological Leisure Tourism. Binchao Xu 267
Enhanced siRNA Delivery Using a Targeted Cationic Gene Delivery System. Dongsheng Yang, Junhui Lian, Wenzhong Hu and Huan Zhang 228
Enzymolysis-high Temperature and High Pressure-Retrogradation (E-HTHP-R) Method for Preparation of Green Banana Resistant Starch. Yao Liu, Ying Lin, Tian Zhong, Xueying Li and Haiyun Xu 273
Family of children with autism, in need of comprehensive support: A Qualitative Study in Iran. Fatemeh Ganjeh, Masoud Fallahi-Khoshknab, Kourosh Zarea, Eesa Mohammadi and Forough Riahi Report 278
Financial Burden and Influencing Factors of Alzheimer's Disease Patients. Han Yan 287
Formulation of Brintellixn Pharmaceutical Nano-Cocrystals and Evaluation of Bioavailability. Xiaoming Zhang, Dongsheng Yang and Yumeng Liu 218
Formulation Screening for Film-forming Gel of Antibacterial Peptide from Rana Temporaria. Dongsheng Yang, Lihuang Zhong, Jing Zhang, Yingquan Feng and Lesheng Teng 241
Hearing Detection in Children with Hearing Impairment of Different Ages from 0 to 3 Years Old. Lin Li 248
Hypoglycaemic Effect of Polysaccharides from the Fermented Mycelia of Grifola frondosa. Tao Jiang, Bing Lin, Ye Luo, Xiaoman Tan, Tong Wu and Zhitong Li 298
In vitro Activity of Thymol-loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles on Controlling Anthracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides). Liying Wang, Yao Zhang, Xiaomei Liu and Yuanbao Jin 246
In vivo Effects of Citral-loaded Liposome on Controlling Penicilium italicum and Extending Storage Life of Sugar Orange. Yuanbao Jin, Peizhou Chen, Yumeng Liu and Liying Wang 273
Information Push of Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Major and Difficult Diseases in the Library. Cuiping Qin 236
Internet Crime Regulation Method for Patients with Severe Mental Illness. Feng Zhao 275
Investigation and Analysis on the Probability of Shoulder Periarthritis Aggravation in Modern Sports Dance. Xia Li 220
Isokinetic Muscle Strength of Knee Joint in Patients with End-stage Disease of Low-intensity Aerobic Exercise. Yurong Chen and Xiaoxu Wang 256
Lean Intelligent Management Method of Drug Production in Patients with Hypertension. Kuo-Chi Chang, Yuh-Chung Lin, Kai-Chun Chu, Der-Juinn Horng, Wei-Tung Chen, Trong-The Nguyen and Tie 299
Life Satisfaction and Influencing Factors of Family Caregivers in Cancer Patients. Xiaolin Xin, Qingjian Yang and Lei Zhang 187
Metabolomic Study of the Hypoglycaemic Effect of Propolis on Type 2 Diabetic Rats. Lulu Geng, Haoyang Sun, Dongsheng Yang, Jiaying Cai, Minying Li and Yingli Lai 282
Modeling Research on the Effect of Folk Music on the Alleviation of Paranoid Mental Disorder. Aiqin Wang 276
Modelling and Analysis of the Influence of Emotional Changes on the Prevalence Probability of Social Phobia in College Students. Jie Peng, Yang Shen and Yan Liu 244
Preparation and Physical Properties of Gelatin-based film Containing carvacrol/[beta]-cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex. Yinglei Liu, Ying Lin, Peizhou Chen and Tian Zhong 290
Preparation Technology and Prescription Screening of pH-Sensitive Liposomes. LiyanWu, Yuanbao Jin, Jingying Li, Lulu Geng, Chunxia Liu and Fanxin Meng 218
Preparation, Characterization and in vitro Antibacterial Activities of Citral-Loaded Liposome. Peizhou Chen, Ying Lin, Yinglei Liu and Tian Zhong 285
Protection of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells against Ovarian Injury in Rats Induced by Injection of Cyclophosphamide. Yong Shi 234
Protective Effects of Fagopyrum Cymosum against DSS-induced Colitis in Mice. Yumeng Liu and Xiaoming Zhang 220
Protective Effects of Fagopyrum Cymosum against DSS-induced Colitis in Mice. Fanxin Meng, Yumiao Lin, Lifu Hu, Liyan Wu, Lirong Teng and Xueqi Fu 278
Quantitative Study on the Long-term Effects of Cardiac Injury in Rats Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. Chunzhi Xiang 302
Screening Methods of Performance Evaluation Indexes for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Control. Jing Zhang 234
Screening of Monoamine Oxidase B Inhibitors from Acanthopanax Extracts Using Affinity Ultrafiltration Mass Spectrometry. Yang He, Xin Zhang and Hui Zhou 248
Severity and relation of primary dysmenorrhea and body mass index in undergraduate students of Karachi: A cross sectional survey. Khalid, Manaal; Jamali, Tanzil; Ghani, Usman; Shahid, Tooba; Ahmed, Tooba; Nasir, Talha Report 2882
Special Acupuncture Therapy in the Treatment of Acute Waist Muscle Injury of Middle Aged and Elderly People Caused by Dancing. Yu Li 294
Stability Analysis of Breast Cancer Gene Regulation Network Based on Boolean Network Model. Yaolin Huang and Qiang Wei 232
Strategies for Promoting Youth Sports Health through Social Media. Yong Shi 258
Straw Returning with Straw Degrading Microb. Dongsheng Yang, Xin Shang, Xintong Liu, Dongxu Li, Xuanqi Li and Xiaodong Ren 286
Synthesis and Permeation Promoting Effect of Phenylalanine ester hydrochloride as a Small Molecular Biological Permeation Enhancer. Xianhe Wang, Ying Li and Yunting Wang 294
Talent Training Model of Cancer Disease Centre in Affiliated Hospital of Medical College Based on Advanced Medical Technology. Yu Wang 201
The Alleviating Effect of Painting Therapy on the Negative Psychology of Autistic Children. Yingtong Ai, Jianke Yang, Liwen Zhang and Xiaobin Xu 241
The Alleviation Effect of Career Planning on College Students' Social Phobia. Shensheng Chen 239
The analysis of risk factors associated with tonsillitis in district Mardan, Pakistan. Khan, Dost Muhammad; Hamraz, Muhammad; Khattak, Alam Zeb; Ali, Ishfaq; Khalil, Umair; Khan, Zardad Report 2263
The Application of Music in the Teaching of College Students' Mental Health Education. Yang Li 256
The Correlation Analysis between Network Economic Risk and Depressed Patients with Aggravation. Jie Zhan 269
The Effect of Aerobics High-altitude Landing Training on the Response to the Hyperplasia of the Knee. Li Zhang 253
The Effect of Breast Cancer on Human Skin Microbes. Yuxue Cao, Dongsheng Yang, Lirong Teng, Xuexun Fang and Dahai Yu 302
The Effect of Different Limb Training Intensity on Functional Recovery of Patients with Bone and Joint Diseases. Shangwei Nie 294
The Effect of Different Nursing Methods in Rehabilitation Training of Traumatic Orthopaedic Patients. Feifei Luo 292
The Effect of Ecological Environment Monitoring on Disease Prevention of Respiratory Tract Infection. Jing Cai 269
The Effect of English Reading on the Abnormal Speech Processing of Stuttering Patients. Juanyin Liu, Lina Wang and Ping Yin 244
The Effect of English Teaching on the Behaviour of Stuttering Students. Yue Chen 291
The Effect of English Writing Training on the Improvement of Brain Cognitive Dysfunction in College Students. Jin Xie 156
The Effect of Humid Environment on Skin Disease Recurrence in Patients with Eczema Dermatitis. Xiaoguang Su, Yaohui Ma, Qing Wang and Yunpeng Ma 252
The Effect of Leisure Tourism on Relieving Psychological Stress of Tourists. Yukun You 184
The Effect of Mental Health Education on Alleviating the Anxiety and Depression Symptoms of Digestive System Diseases among College Students. Yanmei Tian and Yuqin Zhao 267
The Effect of Mental Health Education on the Alleviation of Depressive Neurosis in College Students. Guangjing He and Chunhui Liu 232
The Effect of Monochromatic Photoconductive Stimulation on Myopia in Animals. Fang Wang and Yanlin Zheng 309
The Effect of Nursing Training on Alleviating the Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease in the Elderly. Ping Tang and Lijuan Zhang 260
The Effect of Oil Painting Colour on the Remission of Patients with Anxiety Disorder. Xuewei Su 245
The Effect of Regular Exercise on Relieving the Body Coordination Ability of Patients with Parkinson's Disease. Xinguo Yuan 256
The Effects of Baduanjinon Physiological Indicators of Health of Middle-Aged and Elderly People. Wen Su, Bing Bai and Xiaoxu Wang 232
The Enthusiasm of College Art Education to Prevent College Students from Depression. Shijia Zhang 159
The Evaluation Method of Translation Quality of English Names for Respiratory Diseases. Chunhua Chen 226
The Guidance and Analysis of the Instructors' Ideological and Political Education in the Cross-cultural Exchange Practice to the Students with Mild Depression. Na Zhang and Hong Xiao 197
The Impact of the Precise Control of the Intelligent Air Conditioning of New Energy Vehicles on the Respiratory System. Wenzhe Ji 288
The Improvement of Self-Cognition of Depressive Students by Psychological Education in Colleges and Universities. Peng Su 157
The Improvement of the Quality of Life Behaviour of Children with Autism by Sports. Zhen Guo and Sijie Tan 261
The Influence of Architectural Art Atlas on Relieving the Symptoms of Autistic Patients. Mingchan Gong 205
The Influence of Architectural Art Education on the Psychological Development of Autistic Children. Gang Chen and Liangliang Wei 227
The Influence of Clothing and Herbal Finishing on the Damage of Skin Barrier. Shan Fu 197
The Influence of Commercial Medical Insurance on the Payment Structure of Patients with Major Diseases. Ying Cui 258
The Influence of Dostoevsky's Characterization on the Alleviation of Adolescent Mental Illness. Shan Kuang 254
The Influence of English Education on the Communication Ability of Autism Patients Based on the Theory of ESP. Nan Jiang 260
The Influence of Piano Music Appreciation on the Psychological Intervention of College Students' Anxiety. Qiming Zhang and Feng Yu 225
The Influence of Practical English Writing on Learners' Anxiety. Kai Tang 192
The Influence of Sports Thoughts of Prominent Figures in Modern China on the Formation of Healthy Strategy. Bing Zhang 244
The Influence of Talus Injury on the Alertness of Skiers. Xilin Liu 282
The Key Elements of Tourism Scenic Spot Construction for Depressed Groups. Aiting Zhao, Xiaoyu Zhang and Jing Guo 184
The Method to Alleviate the Condition of Patients with Will and Behaviour Disorder under Ideological and Political Education. Xiyun Zhang and Zhenxin Li 251
The Mitigation Effect of University Public Physical Education Curriculum on Depression. Xiaoxu Wang and Yurong Chen 226
The Model of Forecasting the Incidence of Influenza Based on Multi Hidden Layer Back Propagation Neural Network Meteorological Data Mining. Min Qiu, Xiuping Zhang, Yannan Mu and Yang Qiu 235
The Prevention and Control of Dengue Fever Infection Caused by Tourism Activities in Inner Mongolia. Lijie Zhang 214
The Prevention and Cure Effect of Artificial Intelligence Weather Forecast on Respiratory Tract Diseases. Kun Yang and Yifeng Cui 245
The Prevention and Treatment of Cervical Spondylosis in Foreign Language Teachers in Yoga. Jian Fan 292
The Pro-apoptotic Activities of Scutellarin on Liver Cancer Cells via Regulation Mitochondrial Apoptotic Pathway. Yanzhen Wang, Liyan Wu, Liying Wang and Yanli Cheng 215
The Relationship between the Temperature Control Effectiveness of the Thermal Conduction of Agricultural Laser and the Condition of the Worker's Arthritis. Na Wang and Yonghong Liu 261
The Role of Music Education in the Treatment of Language Disorders in Autistic Children. Feng Yu and Tongyu Wei 287
The Role of Social Support in the Coping Style and Hope Level of Patients with Colorectal Cancer. Xiaolin Xin, Qingjian Yang and Lei Zhang 206
The Treatment of Preschool Children's Games for Children with Autism. Jiao Shen 267
Therapeutic Effect of Psychotherapy on Patients with Stress Gastric Ulcer. Yue Ma, Cunde Liu and Dongyang Chen 224
Three-Dimensional Modeling of Root Tip of Pulpitis Based on Tomographic Image. Xiujuan Wu, Qintao Li and Yue Yang 261
Treatment and Prevention of Humeral Epicondylitis during Long-term Tennis Training. Dali Wang 272
Urinary Metabolomics Study of the Therapeutic Mechanisms of Acanthopanax Root Extracts against Alzheimer's Disease Rat Model Using UPLC-Q-TOF-MS. Xin Zhang, Yang He and Hui Zhou 235

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