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Articles from Journal of Orthoptera Research (July 1, 2018)

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Acoustic profiling of Orthoptera: present state and future needs. Riede, Klaus 10497
Build it and they will come: grasshoppers check-in to a grassland bee hotel. Gardiner, Tim; Fargeaud, Kimberley 1526
Conspecific mortality cues mediate associative learning in crickets, Acheta domesticus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae). Shephard, Alexander M.; Aksenov, Vadim; Rollo, C. David 5695
Ethology of the cricket Endecous (Endecous) chape Souza-Dias & de Mello, 2017 (Orthoptera: Grylloidea: Phalangopsidae) I: Agonistic and reproductive behavior. Fianco, Marcos; de Souza-Dias, Pedro Guilherme Barrios; de Farias-Martins, Fernando; Magro, Suzana; 6999
Gryllacrididae (Orthoptera: Ensifera) in southern Africa. Scholtz, Clarke; Bazelet, Corinna S.; de Klerk, Hennie 2056
Introduced Japanese burrowing cricket (Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Velarifictorus (Velarifictorus) micado) range continues to expand in North America. Bowles, David E. 3639
Microhabitat segregation among three co-existing species of grasshoppers on a rural meadow near Seoul, South Korea. Jung, Yongjun; Baek, Minjung; Lee, Sang-im; Jablonski, Piotr G. 2197
Morphometric variation among males of Orphulella punctata (De Geer, 1773) (Acrididae: Gomphocerinae) from different biomes in Brazil. da Silva, Ana Catia Santos; Nunes, Lorena Andrade; Batista, Wanessa de Lima; Lhano, Marcos Goncalves 4489
Paraplangia sinespeculo, a new genus and species of bush-cricket, with notes on its biology and a key to the genera of Phaneropterinae (Orthoptera: Tettigonioidea) from Madagascar. Heller, Klaus-Gerhard; Hemp, Claudia; Massa, Bruno; Kocinski, Maciej; Warchalowska-Sliwa, Elzbieta 7902
Preliminary study on the diversity of Orthoptera from Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre, Brunei Darussalam, Borneo. Tan, Ming Kai; Wahab, Rodzay bin Haji Abdul 7405
Revision of Aresceutica (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Catantopinae) with comments on related genera. Rowell, C.H.F.; Jago, N.D.; Hemp, C. 5086
The fishing mantid: predation on fish as a new adaptive strategy for praying mantids (Insecta: Mantodea). Battiston, Roberto; Puttaswamaiah, Rajesh; Manjunath, Nayak 1777
Viability and fertility of hybrid New Zealand tree weta Hemideina spp. (Orthoptera: Anostostomatidae). Natasha E. Mckean, Steven A. Trewick, Melissa J. Griffin, Eddy J. Dowle, Mary Morgan-Richards 8784

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