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Articles from Journal of Ophthalmology (January 1, 2014)

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"En-face" spectral-domain optical coherence tomography findings in multiple evanescent white dot syndrome. De bats, Flore; Wolff, Benjamin; Vasseur, Vivien; Affortit, Aude; Kodjikian, Laurent; Sahel, Jose-Al Report 2093
25-gauge microincision vitrectomy to treat vitreoretinal disease in glaucomatous eyes after trabeculectomy. Kunikata, Hiroshi; Aizawa, Naoko; Fuse, Nobuo; Abe, Toshiaki; Nakazawa, Toru Report 5025
A 2-year, phase IV, multicentre, observational study of Ranibizumab 0.5 mg in patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration in routine clinical practice: The EPICOHORT study. Pagliarini, Sergio; Beatty, Stephen; Lipkova, Blandina; Garcia, Eduardo Perez-Salvador; Reynders, St Report 6759
A clinical and confocal microscopic comparison of transepithelial PRK and LASEK for myopia. Korkmaz, Safak; Bilgihan, Kamil; Sul, Sabahattin; Hondur, Ahmet Report 3640
A comparison of topical or retrobulbar anesthesia for 23-gauge posterior vitrectomy. Celiker, Hande; Karabas, Levent; Sahin, Ozlem Report 3754
A cornea substitute derived from fish scale: 6-month followup on rabbit model. Yuan, Fei; Wang, Liyan; Lin, Chien-Chen; Chou, Cheng-Hung; Li, Lei Report 3866
A Delphi study to detect deficiencies and propose actions in real life treatment of neovascular age-related macular degeneration. Garcia-Layana, Alfredo; Arias, Luis; Figueroa, Marta S.; Araiz, Javier; Ruiz-Moreno, Jose Maria; Gar Report 7328
A method for en face OCT imaging of subretinal fluid in age-related macular degeneration. Mohammad, Fatimah; Wanek, Justin; Zelkha, Ruth; Lim, Jennifer I.; Chen, Judy; Shahidi, Mahnaz Report 2904
A new combination formula for treatment of fungal keratitis: An experimental study. El-Mofty, Hala Mohamed; Abdelhakim, Mohamad Amr Salah Eddin; El-Miligi, Mohamed Farid; El-Nabarawi, Report 3725
A novel method for the localization and management of traumatic cyclodialysis cleft. Wang, Mingling; Hu, Shufang; Zhao, Zhenquan; Xiao, Tianlin Report 2548
Age-related changes of the ocular surface: A hospital setting-based retrospective study. Ottobelli, Laura; Fogagnolo, Paolo; Guerini, Marta; Rossetti, Luca Report 3531
Age-related macular degeneration: Clinical findings following treatment with antiangiogenic drugs. Casaroli-Marano, Ricardo; Gallego-Pinazo, Roberto; Fernandez-Blanco, Clemencia Torron; Figueroa, Mar Report 4827
Alterations of Eye Movement Control in Neurodegenerative Movement Disorders. Gorges, Martin; Pinkhardt, Elmar H.; Kassubek, Jan Report 9118
Analysis of current status and strategies of retinopathy of prematurity screening during 6 years in local regions of China: Implication and caution. Chen, Lu; Su, Ming; Ren, Sheng-gang; Hua, Hui-lan; Wang, Jian-cang; Zheng, Wei Report 4300
Analysis of femtosecond laser assisted capsulotomy cutting edges and manual capsulorhexis using environmental scanning electron microscopy. Serrao, Sebastiano; Lombardo, Giuseppe; Desiderio, Giovanni; Buratto, Lucio; Schiano-Lomoriello, Dom Report 4156
Anatomical outcome of vitreoretinal surgery using temporary keratoprosthesis and replacement of the trephined corneal button for severe open globe injuries: One-year result. Chen, Hui-Jin; Wang, Chang-Guan; Dou, Hong-Liang; Feng, Xue-Feng; Feng, Kang; Hu, Yun-Tao; Xu, Yi-Mi Report 2605
Anterior chamber angle shape analysis and classification of glaucoma in SS-OCT images. Ni, Soe Ni; Tian, J.; Marziliano, Pina; Wong, Hong-Tym Report 7391
Aqueous interleukin-6 levels are superior to vascular endothelial growth factor in predicting therapeutic response to bevacizumab in age-related macular degeneration. Chalam, Kakarla V.; Grover, Sandeep; Kumar, Sambhav; Balaiya, Sankarathi; Murthy, Ravi K. Report 3702
Assessment of corneal biomechanical properties and intraocular pressure in myopic Spanish healthy population. del Buey, Maria A.; Lavilla, Laura; Ascaso, Francisco J.; Lanchares, Elena; Huerva, Valentin; Cristo Report 4380
Attentional capture and inhibition of saccades after irrelevant and relevant cues. Priess, Heinz-Werner; Heise, Nils; Fischmeister, Florian; Born, Sabine; Bauer, Herbert; Ansorge, Ulr Report 8797
Bevacizumab for CRVO associated CME: Effect of timing and frequency of injections on final visual outcome. Pikkel, Joseph; Chassid, Otzem; Busool, Yumna; Srour, Ward; Sharabi-Nov, Adi; Beiran, Itzchak Report 2847
Big bubble deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty for management of deep fungal keratitis. Gao, Hua; Song, Peng; Echegaray, Jose J.; Jia, Yanni; Li, Suxia; Du, Man; Perez, Victor L.; Shi, Wei Report 4846
Blindness and visual impairment among egyptian glaucoma patients. Eldaly, M.a.; Salama, M.m.; Eleinen, K.g. Abu; Ghalwash, D.; Youssef, M.; El-Shiaty, A.f. Report 1780
Cell models to study regulation of cell transformation in pathologies of retinal pigment epithelium. Kuznetsova, Alla V.; Kurinov, Alexander M.; Aleksandrova, Maria A. Report 14592
Centre-of-gravity fixations in visual search: When looking at nothing helps to find something. Venini, Dustin; Remington, Roger W.; Horstmann, Gernot; Becker, Stefanie I. Report 9652
Chronic electromagnetic exposure at occupational safety level does not affect the metabolic profile nor cornea healing after LASIK surgery. Crouzier, David; Dabouis, Vincent; Gentilhomme, Edgar; Vignal, Rodolphe; Bourbon, Frederic; Fauvelle Report 6145
Clinical characteristics of Alternaria keratitis. Hsiao, Ching-Hsi; Yeh, Lung-Kun; Chen, Hung-Chi; Lin, Hsin-Chiung; Chen, Phil Y.F.; Ma, David H.K.; Report 4516
Clinical efficacy of intravitreal ranibizumab in early and mid-idiopathic choroidal neovascularization. Fan, Chuanfeng; Ji, Qiang; Wang, Yu; Shu, Xiangwen; Xie, Juan Report 2663
Clinical outcomes after complete intracorneal Ring implantation and corneal collagen cross-linking in an intrastromal pocket in one session for keratoconus. Studeny, Pavel; Krizova, Deli; Stranak, Zbynek Report 3804
Clinical significance of optic disc progression by topographic change analysis maps in glaucoma: An 8-year follow-up study. Kourkoutas, D.; Buys, Y.M.; Flanagan, J.G.; Karamaounas, N.; Georgopoulos, G.; Iliakis, E.; Moschos, Clinical report 7764
Clinical, radiological, microbiological, and histopathological aspects of acquired dacryocystoceles. Sendul, Selam Yekta; Cinar, Sonmez; Cagatay, Halil Huseyin; Demir, Mehmet; Dirim, Burcu; Guven, Dile Report 2593
Combined tractional and rhegmatogenous retinal detachment in proliferative diabetic retinopathy in the anti-VEGF era. Hsu, Ya-Jui; Hsieh, Yi-Ting; Yeh, Po-Ting; Huang, Jehn-Yu; Yang, Chung-May Report 6506
Comparison of anterior corneal curvature measurements using a Galilei dual Scheimpflug analyzer and Topcon auto kerato-refractometer. Wang, Xiaogang; Dong, Jing; Wu, Qiang Report 2244
Comparison of anterior segment measurements with Scheimpflug/Placido photography-based topography system and IOLMaster partial coherence interferometry in patients with cataracts. Huang, Jinhai; Liao, Na; Savini, Giacomo; Bao, Fangjun; Yu, Ye; Lu, Weicong; Hu, Qingjie; Wang, Qinm Report 4148
Comparisons of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness after indocyanine green, brilliant blue G, or triamcinolone acetonide-assisted macular hole surgery. Toba, Yoshiharu; Machida, Shigeki; Kurosaka, Daijiro Report 4153
Consecutive macular edema and visual outcome in branch retinal vein occlusion. Baek, Sung Uk; Kwon, Soon Il; Park, In Won; Choi, Kyung Jun Report 4097
Corneal biomechanical assessment using corneal visualization Scheimpflug technology in keratoconic and normal eyes. Tian, Lei; Huang, Yi-Fei; Wang, Li-Qiang; Bai, Hua; Wang, Qun; Jiang, Jing-Jing; Wu, Ying; Gao, Min Clinical report 4687
Correlation between intraocular pressure fluctuation with postural change and postoperative intraocular pressure in relation to the time course after trabeculectomy. Hirooka, Kazuyuki; Tenkumo, Kaori; Nitta, Eri; Sato, Shino Report 3726
Correlation between optic nerve parameters obtained using 3D nonmydriatic retinal camera and optical coherence tomography: Interobserver agreement on the disc damage likelihood scale. Han, Jae Wook; Cho, Soon Young; Kang, Kui Dong Report 6184
Correlation of optic nerve microcirculation with papillomacular bundle structure in treatment naive normal tension glaucoma. Kobayashi, Wataru; Kunikata, Hiroshi; Omodaka, Kazuko; Togashi, Kyousuke; Ryu, Morin; Akiba, Masahir Clinical report 5478
Correlations between ERG, OCT, and anatomical findings in the rd10 mouse. Rosch, Sarah; Johnen, Sandra; Muller, Frank; Pfarrer, Christiane; Walter, Peter Report 4014
Costs and quality of life in diabetic macular edema: Canadian burden of diabetic macular edema observational study (C-REALITY). Gonder, John R.; Walker, Valery M.; Barbeau, Martin; Zaour, Nancy; Zachau, Bryan H.; Hartje, James R Report 6470
Disturbance of Inorganic Phosphate Metabolism in Diabetes Mellitus: Its Relevance to the Pathogenesis of Diabetic Retinopathy. Vorum, H.; Ditzel, J. Report 5402
Do nutritional supplements have a role in age macular degeneration prevention? Pinazo-Duran, Maria D.; Gomez-Ulla, Francisco; Arias, Luis; Araiz, Javier; Casaroli-Marano, Ricardo; Report 11682
Effect on intraocular pressure of switching from latanoprost and travoprost monotherapy to timolol fixed combinations in patients with normal-tension glaucoma. Igarashi, Ryoko; Togano, Tetsuya; Sakaue, Yuta; Yoshino, Takaiko; Ueda, Jun; Fukuchi, Takeo Report 3786
Effects of misalignments in the retinal nerve fiber layer thickness measurements with spectral domain optical coherence tomography. Barella, Kleyton A.; Cremasco, Fernanda; Zangalli, Camila; Costa, Vital P. Report 6020
Effects of preoperative intravenous clonidine in patients undergoing cataract surgery: A double-blind, randomized trial. Santiago, Ana Ellen Queiroz; Issy, Adriana Machado; Sakata, Rioko Kimiko Report 3143
Epigenetic modifications and potential new treatment targets in diabetic retinopathy. Perrone, Lorena; Matrone, Carmela; Singh, Lalit P. Report 7050
Evaluation and treatment of perioperative corneal abrasions. Segal, Kira L.; Fleischut, Peter M.; Kim, Charles; Levine, Ben; Faggiani, Susan L.; Banerjee, Sampri Report 3444
Evaluation of corneal stromal demarcation line after two different protocols of accelerated corneal collagen cross-linking procedures using anterior segment optical coherence tomography and confocal microscopy. Ozgurhan, Engin Bilge; Akcay, Betul Ilkay Sezgin; Yildirim, Yusuf; Karatas, Gonul; Kurt, Tugba; Demi Report 3708
Evaluation of epithelial integrity with various transepithelial corneal cross-linking protocols for treatment of keratoconus. Taneri, Suphi; Oehler, Saskia; Lytle, Grace; Dick, H. Burkhard Report 3363
Evaluation of pachymetric measurements with Scheimpflug photography-based system and optical coherence tomography pachymetry at different stages of keratoconus. Akcay, Betul Elkay Sezgin; Ozgurhan, Engin Bilge; Bozkurt, Ercument; Kurt, Tugbaz; Yildirim, Yusuf; Report 5104
Evaluation of the endothelial cell density and the central corneal thickness in pseudoexfoliation syndrome and pseudoexfoliation glaucoma. Tomaszewski, Bozydar T.; Zalewska, Renata; Mariak, Zofia Report 5428
Evaluation of the macular, peripapillary nerve fiber layer and choroid thickness changes in Behcet's disease with spectral-domain OCT. Atac, Mustafa; Yuvaci, Isa; Demircan, Suleyman; Guler, Emel; Altunel, Orhan; Pangal, Emine; Goktaf, Clinical report 6407
Evaluation of the new digital goldmann applanation tonometer for measuring intraocular pressure. Sakaue, Yuta; Ueda, Jun; Seki, Masaaki; Tanaka, Takayuki; Togano, Tetsuya; Yoshino, Takaiko; Fukuchi Clinical report 2860
Evaluation of the repeatability and the reproducibility of AL-Scan measurements obtained by residents. Kola, Mehmet; Duran, Hikmet; Turk, Adem; Mollamehmetoglu, Suleyman; Kalkisim, Ahmet; Erdol, Hidayet Report 4002
Examining the Choroid in Ocular Inflammation: A Focus on Enhanced Depth Imaging. Baltmr, Abeir; Lightman, Sue; Tomkins-Netzer, Oren Report 5560
Excimer laser phototherapeutic keratectomy for the treatment of clinically presumed fungal keratitis. Li, Liang-Mao; Zhao, Li-Quan; Qu, Ling-Hui; Li, Peng Report 5470
Eye movement control. Becker, Stefanie I.; Horstmann, Gernot; Herwig, Arvid Editorial 867
Factors associated with significant ocular injury in conservatively treated orbital fractures. Layton, Christopher J. Report 3828
Gender Differences in Behcet's Disease Associated Uveitis. Ucar-Comlekoglu, Didar; Fox, Austin; Sen, H. Nida Report 5586
Gender differences in birdshot chorioretinopathy and the white dot syndromes: Do they exist? Faia, Lisa J. Report 5638
High frequency of latent conjunctival C. trachomatis, M. hominis, and U. urealyticum infections in young adults with dry eye disease. Boiko, Ernest V.; Pozniak, Alexei L.; Maltsev, Dmitrii S.; Suetov, Alexei A.; Nuralova, Irina V. Report 4467
High-resolution imaging of patients with Bietti crystalline dystrophy with CYP4V2 mutation. Gocho, Kiyoko; Kameya, Shuhei; Akeo, Keiichiro; Kikuchi, Sachiko; Usui, Ayumi; Yamaki, Kunihiko; Hay Report 4662
High-resolution in vivo imaging of regimes of laser damage to the primate retina. Pocock, Ginger M.; Oliver, Jeffrey W.; Specht, Charles S.; Estep, J. Scot; Noojin, Gary D.; Schuster Report 8750
Inhibition of corneal neovascularization by topical and subconjunctival tigecycline. Goktas, Sertan; Erdogan, Ender; Sakarya, Rabia; Sakarya, Yasar; Yilmaz, Mustafa; Ozcimen, Muammer; U Report 3579
Inhibition of return in fear of spiders: Discrepant eye movement and reaction time data. Berdica, Elisa; Gerdes, Antje B.M.; Pittig, Andre; Alpers, Georg W. Report 6651
Interocular shift of visual attention enhances stereopsis and visual acuities of anisometropic amblyopes beyond the critical period of visual development: A novel approach. Huang, Liwen; Sun, Xinghuai; Luo, Gang; Liu, Shuai; Liu, Rui; Mansouri, Behzad; Wong, Vicky wing lai Report 4310
Intravitreal aflibercept outcomes in patients with persistent macular exudate previously treated with bevacizumab and/or ranibizumab for neovascular age-related macular degeneration. Griffin, David R.; Richmond, Preston P.; Olson, John C. Clinical report 4958
Intravitreal and subconjunctival melphalan for retinoblastoma in transgenic mice. Shah, Nisha V.; Pham, D.G.; Murray, T.G.; Decatur, C.; Hernandez, E.; Shah, Nikesh N.; Cavalcante, M Report 5043
Intravitreal bevacizumab alone or combined with macular laser photocoagulation for recurrent or persistent macular edema secondary to branch retinal vein occlusion. Hirashima, Takafumi; Chihara, Tomoyuki; Bun, Toshitaka; Utsumi, Takao; Hirose, Miou; Oh, Hideyasu Report 4095
Investigation of PACAP fragments and related peptides in chronic retinal hypoperfusion. Werling, Dora; Reglodi, Dora; Kiss, Peter; Toth, Gabor; Szabadfi, Krisztina; Tamas, Andrea; Biro, Zs Report 4067
Laser-based strategies to treat diabetic macular edema: history and new promising therapies. Park, Young Gun; Kim, Eun Yeong; Roh, Young Jung Report 6644
Long term followup of photorefractive keratectomy with adjuvant use of mitomycin C. Diakonis, Vasilios F.; Kankariya, Vardhaman P.; Kymionis, George D.; Kounis, Georgios; Kontadakis, G Report 3357
Long-term outcome after vitrectomy for macular edema with retinal vein occlusion dividing into the occlusion site. Iwase, Takeshi; Oveson, Brian C. Report 4343
Long-term outcomes of rheohaemapheresis in the treatment of dry form of age-related macular degeneration. Studnicka, Jan; Rencova, Eva; Blaha, Milan; Rozsival, Pavel; Lanska, Miriam; Blaha, Vladimir; Nemcan Report 6168
Macular findings obtained by spectral domain optical coherence tomography in retinopathy of prematurity. Erol, Muhammet Kazim; Ozdemir, Ozdemir; Coban, Deniz Turgut; Bilgin, Ahmet Burak; Dogan, Berna; Sari Clinical report 4490
Management of the large upper eyelid defects with cutler-beard flap. Rahmi, Duman; Mehmet, Balci; Ceyda, Balkan; Sibel, Ozdogan Report 2027
Measuring visual function using the MultiQuity system: Comparison with an established device. Smolarek-Kasprzak, Patrycja; Nolan, John M.; Beatty, Stephen; Dennison, Jessica; Akuffo, Kwadwo Owus Report 5279
Microcystic changes in the retinal internal nuclear layer associated with optic atrophy: A prospective study. Wolff, Benjamin; Azar, Georges; Vasseur, Vivien; Sahel, Jose-Alain; Vignal, Catherine; Mauget-Faysse Report 2700
Molteno3 implantation as primary glaucoma surgery. Valimaki, Juha O.; Ylilehto, Ari-Pekka A. Clinical report 4330
Nd:YAG capsulotomy after phacoemulsification in vitrectomized eyes: Effects of pars plana vitrectomy on posterior capsule opacification. Jun, Jong Hwa; Kim, Kwang Soo; Chang, Sung Dong Report 4609
Novel lutein loaded lipid nanoparticles on porcine corneal distribution. Liu, Chi-Hsien; Chiu, Hao-Che; Wu, Wei-Chi; Sahoo, Soubhagya Laxmi; Hsu, Ching-Yun Report 7775
Obstructive sleep apnea patients having surgery are less associated with glaucoma. Chen, Hsin-Yi; Chang, Yue-Cune; Lin, Che-Chen; Sung, Fung-Chang; Chen, Wen-Chi Clinical report 4419
Ocular surface temperature in age-related macular degeneration. Sodi, Andrea; Matteoli, Sara; Giacomelli, Giovanni; Finocchio, Lucia; Corvi, Andrea; Menchini, Ugo Report 4650
Orbital epidermoid cysts: A diagnosis to consider. Ahmed, Rania A.; Eltanamly, Rasha M. Report 3338
Outcome and prognostic factors for traumatic endophthalmitis over a 5-year period. Nicoara, Simona Delia; Irimescu, Iulian; Calinici, Tudor; Cristian, Cristina Report 5504
Posttraumatic orbital emphysema: A numerical model. Skorek, Andrzej; Klosowski, Pawel; Plichta, Lukasz; Raczynska, Dorota; Trzebiatowski, Marcin Zmuda; Report 3506
Predicting visual outcomes for macula-off rhegmatogenous retinal detachment with optical coherence tomography. Suzuki, Noriyuki; Kunikata, Hiroshi; Aizawa, Naoko; Abe, Toshiaki; Nakazawa, Toru Report 3772
Prediction of driving safety in individuals with homonymous hemianopia and quadrantanopia from clinical neuroimaging. Vaphiades, Michael S.; Kline, Lanning B.; McGwin Jr., Gerald; Owsley, Cynthia; Shah, Ritu; Wood, Joa Report 4098
Prevalence of and risk factors for dry eye symptom in Mainland China: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Liu, Ning-ning; Liu, Lei; Li, Jun; Sun, Yi-zhou Report 4392
Prevalence of corneal astigmatism in patients before cataract surgery in Northern China. Yuan, Xiaoyong; Song, Hui; Peng, Gang; Hua, Xia; Tang, Xin Report 4356
Psychophysiology of refractive accommodative esotropia. Kim, Ungsoo Samuel Report 2129
Pulse-wave analysis of optic nerve head circulation is significantly correlated with kidney function in patients with and without chronic kidney disease. Shiba, Tomoaki; Takahashi, Mao; Maeno, Takatoshi Report 4275
Pulsed light accelerated crosslinking versus continuous light accelerated crosslinking: One-year results. Mazzotta, Cosimo; Traversi, Claudio; Paradiso, Anna Lucia; Latronico, Maria Eugenia; Rechichi, Migue Report 3169
Regional reduction of ganglion cell complex after vitrectomy with internal limiting membrane peeling for idiopathic macular hole. Baba, Takayuki; Sato, Eiju; Oshitari, Toshiyuki; Yamamoto, Shuichi Report 4418
Response time, visual search strategy, and anticipatory skills in volleyball players. Piras, Alessandro; Lobietti, Roberto; Squatrito, Salvatore Report 6950
RHO mutations (p.W126L and p.A346P) in two Japanese families with autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa. Katagiri, Satoshi; Hayashi, Takaaki; Akahori, Masakazu; Itabashi, Takeshi; Nishino, Jo; Yoshitake, K Report 6162
Risk factors for glaucoma suspicion in healthy young Asian and Caucasian Americans. Doss, E. Lauren; Doss, Linden; Han, Ying; Huang, Susan; Porco, Travis; Pekmezci, Melike; Lin, Shan Report 4524
Role of Autofluorescence in Inflammatory/Infective Diseases of the Retina and Choroid. Samy, Ahmed; Lightman, Sue; Ismetova, Filis; Talat, Lazha; Tomkins-Netzer, Oren Report 5762
Salient distractors can induce saccade adaptation. Khan, Afsheen; McFadden, Sally A.; Harwood, Mark; Wallman, Josh Report 8694
Selective age effects on visual attention and motor attention during a cued saccade task. Huddleston, Wendy E.; Ernest, Brad E.; Keenan, Kevin G. Report 8998
Sex and Reproduction in the Transmission of Infectious Uveitis. Davis, Janet L. Report 5041
Silicone oil reinjection without macular buckling for treatment of recurrent myopic macular hole retinal detachment after silicone oil removal. Ghoraba, Hammouda Hamdy; Elgouhary, Sameh Mohamed; Mansour, Hosam Osman Report 2659
Socioeconomic barriers to rhegmatogenous detachment surgery in Brazil. Carricondo, Pedro Carlos; Tanaka, Tatiana; Shibata, Suellen Tiemi; Zacharias, Leandro Cabral; Leite, Report 2001
Solitary Sarcoid Granuloma of the Iris Mimicking Tuberculosis: A Case Report. Rejdak, Robert; Pogorelov, Pavel; Mardin, Christian Y.; Szkaradek, Malgorzata; Juenemann, Anselm G.M Clinical report 1436
Spectral domain optical coherence tomographic findings of Bietti crystalline dystrophy. Saatci, Ali Osman; Doruk, Hasan Can; Yaman, Aylin; Oner, Ferit Hakan Report 2989
Subthreshold micropulse photocoagulation for persistent macular edema secondary to branch retinal vein occlusion including best-corrected visual acuity greater than 20/40. Inagaki, Keiji; Ohkoshi, Kishiko; Ohde, Sachiko; Deshpande, Gautam A.; Ebihara, Nobuyuki; Murakami, Report 5717
Suppression of face perception during saccadic eye movements. Seirafi, Mehrdad; De Weerd, Peter; de Gelder, Beatrice Report 5097
Surgery for complete vertical rectus paralysis combined with horizontal strabismus. Zou, Leilei; Liu, Rui; Liu, Yan; Lin, Jing; Liu, Hong Report 4228
The anti-acetylcholine receptor antibody test in suspected ocular Myasthenia gravis. Lee, Jung Jin; Koh, Kyung Min; Kim, Ungsoo Samuel Report 2854
The association between diabetic retinopathy and levels of ischemia-modified albumin, total thiol, total antioxidant capacity, and total oxidative stress in serum and aqueous humor. Kirboga, Kadir; Ozec, Ayse V.; Kosker, Mustafa; Dursun, Ayhan; Toker, Mustafa I.; Aydin, Huseyin; Er Report 4826
The association between dry eye disease and physical activity as well as sedentary behavior: Results from the Osaka study. Kawashima, Motoko; Uchino, Miki; Yokoi, Norihiko; Uchino, Yuichi; Dogru, Murat; Komuro, Aoi; Sonomur Report 4366
The bifixation field as a function of viewing distance. Grove, Philip M.; Mapp, Alistair P.; Ono, Hiroshi Report 7521
The clinical characteristics and surgical outcomes of epiblepharon in Korean children: A 9-year experience. Kim, Jong Soo; Jin, Sang Wook; Hur, Mun Chong; Kwon, Yoon Hyung; Ryu, Won Yeol; Jeong, Woo Jin; Ahn, Report 3403
The difference in translaminar pressure gradient and neuroretinal rim area in glaucoma and healthy subjects. Siaudvytyte, Lina; Januleviciene, Ingrida; Ragauskas, Arminas; Bartusis, Laimonas; Meiliuniene, Indr Clinical report 3718
The effects of intravitreal bevacizumab in infectious and noninfectious uveitic macular edema. Al-Dhibi, Hassan; Hamade, Issam H.; Al-Halafi, Ali; Barry, Maan; Chacra, Charbel Bou; Gupta, Vishali Report 3874
The effects of topical antiglaucoma drugs as monotherapy on the ocular surface: A prospective study. Kurna, Sevda Aydin; Acikgoz, Semih; Altun, Ahmet; Ozbay, Nurver; Sengor, Tomris; Olcaysu, Osman Okan Clinical report 6441
The influence of attention and target identification on saccadic eye movements depends on prior target location. Hardwick, David R.; Cutmore, Timothy R.H.; Hine, Trevor J. Report 7569
The mitochondria-targeted antioxidant SkQ1 downregulates aryl hydrocarbon receptor-dependent genes in the retina of OXYS rats with AMD-like retinopathy. Perepechaeva, M.L.; Grishanova, A.Yu.; Rudnitskaya, E.A.; Kolosova, N.G. Report 4739
The ocular surface chemical Burns. Eslani, Medi; Baradaran-Rafii, Alireza; Movahedan, Asadolah; Djalilian, Ali R. Report 7835
The relationship between visual field global indices and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in healthy myopes. Yuan, Yuan-zhi; Feng, Chen-li; Li, Bao-yue; Shen, Min-qian; Chen, Xiu-ping; Zhang, Chen-hao; Dong, C Report 5649
The role of epigenetics in the fibrotic processes associated with glaucoma. McDonnell, Fiona; O'Brien, Colm; Wallace, Deborah Report 11318
The Role of Microglia in Diabetic Retinopathy. Grigsby, Jeffery G.; Cardona, Sandra M.; Pouw, Cindy E.; Muniz, Alberto; Mendiola, Andrew S.; Tsin, Report 13039
Trabecular-iris circumference volume in open angle eyes using swept-source fourier domain anterior segment optical coherence tomography. Rigi, Mohammed; Blieden, Lauren S.; Nguyen, Donna; Chuang, Alice Z.; Baker, Laura A.; Bell, Nicholas Report 3803
Treatment of corneal neovascularization using anti-VEGF bevacizumab. Krizova, Deli; Vokrojova, Magdalena; Liehneova, Katerina; Studeny, Pavel Report 4648
Using eye tracking to assess reading performance in patients with glaucoma: A within-person study. Smith, Nicholas D.; Glen, Fiona C.; Monter, Vera M.; Crabb, David P. Report 6985
Variations in eyeball diameters of the healthy adults. Bekerman, Inessa; Gottlieb, Paul; Vaiman, Michael Clinical report 3872
Visual outcomes and patient satisfaction after refractive lens exchange with a single-piece diffractive multifocal intraocular lens. Chang, John S.M.; Ng, Jack C.M.; Chan, Vincent K.C.; Law Antony, K.P. Report 5823
Vitreous hemorrhage in pediatric age group. AlHarkan, Dora H.; Kahtani, Eman S.; Gikandi, Priscilla W.; El-Asrar, Ahmed M. Abu Clinical report 9203

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