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Articles from Journal of Oncology (June 30, 2020)

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A Comprehensive Biological and Clinical Perspective Can Drive a Patient-Tailored Approach to Multiple Myeloma: Bridging the Gaps between the Plasma Cell and the Neoplastic Niche. Solimando, Antonio Giovanni; Vacca, Angelo; Ribatti, Domenico 12638
A Novel Nomogram including AJCC Stages Could Better Predict Survival for NSCLC Patients Who Underwent Surgery: A Large Population-Based Study. Shang, Xiaoling; Yu, Haining; Lin, Jiamao; Li, Zhenxiang; Zhao, Chenglong; Sun, Jian; Wang, Haiyong Report 5060
AEBP1 is a Novel Oncogene: Mechanisms of Action and Signaling Pathways. Majdalawieh, Amin F.; Massri, Mariam; Ro, Hyo-Sung Drug overview 15825
Antibiotics Improve the Treatment Efficacy of Oxaliplatin-Based but Not Irinotecan-Based Therapy in Advanced Colorectal Cancer Patients. Imai, Hiroo; Saijo, Ken; Komine, Keigo; Yoshida, Yuya; Sasaki, Keiju; Suzuki, Asako; Ouchi, Kota; Ta 4975
Application Areas of Traditional Molecular Genetic Methods and NGS in relation to Hereditary Urological Cancer Diagnosis. Mikhaylenko, Dmitry S.; Tanas, Alexander S.; Zaletaev, Dmitry V.; Nemtsova, Marina V. 10369
Bovine Dialyzable Leukocyte Extract IMMUNEPOTENT-CRP Induces Selective ROS-Dependent Apoptosis in T-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cell Lines. Lorenzo-Anota, Helen Yarimet; Martinez-Torres, Ana Carolina; Scott-Algara, Daniel; Tamez-Guerra, Rey 7115
Cancer Surveillance in Healthy Carriers of Germline Pathogenic Variants in BRCA1/2: A Review of Secondary Prevention Guidelines. Dullens, Boudewijn; de Putter, Robin; Lambertini, Matteo; Toss, Angela; Han, Sileny; Van Nieuwenhuys 10766
Defining the Ideal Patient with Hepatocellular Carcinoma for Second-Line Treatment. Roviello, Giandomenico; Casadei-Gardini, Andrea; Nobili, Stefania; Mini, Enrico; Fancelli, Sara 2525
Differential MicroRNA-Signatures in Thyroid Cancer Subtypes. Santiago, Krystal; Wongworawat, Yan Chen; Khan, Salma 10625
Epidemiological Study of Adamantinoma from US Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program: III Retrospective Analysis. Aytekin, Mahmut Nedim; Ozturk, Recep; Amer, Kamil Report 3039
Genetic Profiles Playing Opposite Roles of Pathogenesis in Schizophrenia and Glioma. Wen, Ya-Dan; Xia, Zhi-Wei; Li, Dong-Jie; Cheng, Quan; Zhao, Qing; Cao, Hui 6492
Glucocorticoid Receptor Expression Predicts Good Outcome in response to Taxane-Free, Anthracycline-Based Therapy in Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Elkashif, Ahmed; Bingham, Victoria; Haddock, Paula; Humphries, Matthew P.; McQuaid, Stephen; Mullan, 5719
HEATR1 Deficiency Promotes Chemoresistance via Upregulating ZNF185 and Downregulating SMAD4 in Pancreatic Cancer. Fang, Yuan; Han, Xu; Li, Jianang; Kuang, Tiantao; Lou, Wenhui 5227
Identification of Key Differentially Expressed Transcription Factors in Glioblastoma. Qin, Gang; Hu, Beiquan; Li, Xianfeng; Li, Rongjie; Meng, Youshi; Wang, Yimei; Zou, Donghua; Wei, Fen 3834
Inhibition of JK184-Induced Cytoprotective Autophagy Potentiates JK184 Antitumor Effects in Breast Cancer. Xi, Xiaoya; He, Tao 4497
Limitations of Systemic Oncological Therapy in Breast Cancer Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. Bednarek, Anna; Mykala-Ciesla, Joanna; Pogoda, Katarzyna; Jagiello-Gruszfeld, Agnieszka; Kunkiel, Mi 8748
Nomogram for Predicting Recurrence-Free Survival in Chinese Women with Endometrial Cancer after Initial Therapy: External Validation. Cheng, Yuan; Dong, Yangyang; Tian, Wenjuan; Zhang, Hua; Li, Xiaoping; Wang, Zhiqi; Shan, Boer; Ren, 6262
Olaparib Outcomes in Patients with BRCA 1-2 Mutated, Platinum-Sensitive, Recurrent Ovarian Cancer in Croatia: A Retrospective Noninterventional Study. Majic, Ana; Mise, Branka Petric; Matkovic, Visnja; Lovasic, Ingrid Belac; Katic, Kristina; Canjko, I 4374
RCC2 Expression Stimulates ER-Positive Breast Tumorigenesis. Wang, Weiqi; Xu, Bing; Zhang, Zhaoxu; Fang, Kehua; Chang, Xiaotian 7049
Role of the Exosome Secretion Machinery in Ovarian Carcinoma: In Vitro and In Vivo Models. Broner, Esther Channah; Onallah, Hadil; Reem, Tali Tavor; Davidson, Ben; Reich, Reuven 5107
Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy as a Salvage Therapy after Incomplete Radiofrequency Ablation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Fu, Yizhen; Xi, Mian; Pan, Yangxun; Chen, Jinbin; Wang, Juncheng; Liu, Shiliang; Xu, Li; Zhou, Zhong 6969
The Association between Leukocyte and Its Subtypes and Benign Breast Disease: The TCLSIH Cohort Study. Song, Yanqi; Wang, Xuena; Huang, Liyan; Gu, Yeqing; Cao, Xingqi; Fu, Jingzhu; Wu, Hongmei; Li, Xiaoj Clinical report 5963
The Performance of Immunocytochemistry Staining as Triaging Tests for High-Risk HPV-Positive Women: A 24-Month Prospective Study. Li, Yu-Cong; Zhao, Yu-Qian; Li, Ting-Yuan; Chen, Wen; Liao, Guang-Dong; Wang, Hai-Rui; Lei, Hai-Ke; Clinical report 5875

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