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Articles from Journal of Oncology (July 31, 2019)

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A Novel Role for Cathepsin S as a Potential Biomarker in Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Wilkinson, Richard D.A.; Burden, Roberta E.; McDowell, Sara H.; McQuaid, Darragh G. McArStephen; Bin 6930
A Review of the Hereditary Component of Triple Negative Breast Cancer: High- and Moderate-Penetrance Breast Cancer Genes, Low-Penetrance Loci, and the Role of Nontraditional Genetic Elements. Ellsworth, Darrell L.; Turner, Clesson E.; Ellsworth, Rachel E. 8453
Angiographic Findings in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Previously Treated Using Proton Beam Therapy. Takahashi, Hiroaki; Mori, Kensaku; Sekino, Yuta; Okumura, Toshiyuki; Hiyama, Takashi; Fukuda, Kuniak 4073
C-Reactive Protein to Prealbumin Ratio (CPR): A Novel Inflammatory-Nutritional Prognostic Factor for Predicting Cancer-Specific Survival (CSS) and Overall Survival (OS) in Patients with Resectable Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Feng, Ji-Feng; Wang, Liang; Jiang, You-Hua; Yang, Xun 4795
CD133 Is Associated with Increased Melanoma Cell Survival after Multikinase Inhibition. Simbulan-Rosenthal, Cynthia M.; Gaur, Anirudh; Zhou, Hengbo; AbdusSamad, Maryam; Qin, Qing; Doughert 8264
Circular RNA hsa_circ_0007142 Is Upregulated and Targets miR-103a-2-5p in Colorectal Cancer. Zhu, Chang-Li; Sha, Xiaofeng; Wang, Yuan; Li, Jin; Zhang, Men-Yan; Guo, Zhong-Ying; Sun, Su-An; He, 4918
DNA Repair Deficiency in Breast Cancer: Opportunities for Immunotherapy. Gilmore, Elaine; McCabe, Nuala; Kennedy, Richard D.; Parkes, Eileen E. 10417
Erratum to "Synergistic Effect of Garcinol and Curcumin on Antiproliferative and Apoptotic Activity in Pancreatic Cancer Cells". Parasramka, Mansi A.; Gupta, Smiti Vaid Correction notice 236
Factors Associated with Initial Mode of Breast Cancer Detection among Black Women in the Women's Circle of Health Study. Szukis, Holly A.; Qin, Bo; Xing, Cathleen Y.; Doose, Michelle; Xu, Baichen; Tsui, Jennifer; Lin, Yon 11670
HDAC and HMT Inhibitors in Combination with Conventional Therapy: A Novel Treatment Option for Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. Vitkevicienee, Aida; Skiauteryte, Giedre; Zucenka, Andrius; Stoskus, Mindaugas; Gineikiene, Egle; Bo 6034
Impact of Nuclear Interleukin-1 Alpha and EGFR Expression on Recurrence and Survival Outcomes in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinomas. Rajan, Anand; Gibson-Corley, Katherine N.; Choi, Allen B.; Ofori-Amanfo, Georgina K.; Eyck, Patrick 6853
iRGD: A Promising Peptide for Cancer Imaging and a Potential Therapeutic Agent for Various Cancers. Zuo, Houdong 12348
Notch Signaling Activation as a Hallmark for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Subtype. Giuli, M.V.; Giuliani, E.; Screpanti, I.; Bellavia, D.; Checquolo, S. 12602
Novel Agents in Heavily Pretreated Metastatic Gastric Cancer: More Shadows Than Lights. Roviello, Giandomenico; D'Angelo, Alberto; Roudi, Raheleh; Petrioli, Roberto; Mini, Enrico 4892
Outcomes of Programmed Cell Death Protein 1 (PD-1) and Programmed Death-Ligand 1(PD-L1) Inhibitor Therapy in HIV Patients with Advanced Cancer. Bari, Shahla; Muzaffar, Jameel; Chan, Austin; Jain, Sanjay R.; Haider, Ahmad M.; Curry, Marjorie Ada 3346
Plasticity of Drug-Naive and Vemurafenib- or Trametinib-Resistant Melanoma Cells in Execution of Differentiation/Pigmentation Program. Czyz, Malgorzata; Sztiller-Sikorska, Malgorzata; Gajos-Michniewicz, Anna; Osrodek, Marta; Hartman, M 8446
Rationales for the Use of Cancer Stem Cells Markers in the Staging of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. Mahmood, Noah Abd-Alkader; Tawfeeq, Amer Talib; Sudani, Israa Mhdi Al-; Abd-Alghni, Zaynab Saad 5654
Role of Four ABC Transporter Genes in Pharmacogenetic Susceptibility to Breast Cancer in Jordanian Patients. AL-Eitan, Laith N.; Rababa'h, Doaa M.; Alghamdi, Mansour A.; Khasawneh, Rame H. 5204
The Physicochemical Properties of Graphene Nanocomposites Influence the Anticancer Effect. Yang, Wenbo; Deng, Xiangyu; Huang, Wei; Qing, Xiangcheng; Shao, Zengwu 7103
The Protective Effect of Dietary Phytosterols on Cancer Risk: A Systematic Meta-Analysis. Jiang, Lu; Zhao, Xin; Xu, Jun; Li, Chujun; Yu, Yue; Wang, Wei; Zhu, Lingjun 8321
The Role of Deubiquitinases in Oncovirus and Host Interactions. Li, Yueshuo; Shi, Feng; Hu, Jianmin; Xie, Longlong; Bode, Ann M.; Cao, Ya 6346
Treatment Strategies Based on Histological Targets against Invasive and Resistant Glioblastoma. Hara, Akira; Kanayama, Tomohiro; Noguchi, Kei; Niwa, Ayumi; Miyai, Masafumi; Kawaguchi, Masaya; Ishi 5383

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