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Articles from Journal of Oncology (January 1, 2013)

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A clinical update and radiologic review of pediatric orbital and ocular tumors. Rao, Ajay A.; Naheedy, John H.; Chen, James Y.-Y.; Robbins, Shira L.; Ramkumar, Hema L. 12159
Analysis of the mRNA expression of chemotherapy-related genes in colorectal carcinoma using the Danenberg tumor profile method. Sasaki, Shin; Watanabe, Toshiyuki; Nakayama, Hiroshi Report 3510
Antiproliferative and apoptotic effects of a specific antiprostate stem cell single chain antibody on human prostate cancer cells. Nejatollahi, Foroogh; Abdi, Soghra; Asgharpour, Mahdi Report 3835
Circulating prostate cells found in men with benign prostate disease are P504S negative: clinical implications. Murray, Nigel P.; Reyes, Eduardo; Badinez, Leonardo; Orellana, Nelson; Fuentealba, Cynthia; Olivares Report 2999
Detection of immunoglobulin G against E7 of human papillomavirus in non-small-cell lung cancer. Storey, Raul; Joh, Joongho; Kwon, Amy; Jenson, A. Bennett; Ghim, Shin-je; Kloecker, Goetz H. Report 2791
Early pseudoprogression following chemoradiotherapy in glioblastoma patients: the value of RANO evaluation. Linhares, Paulo; Carvalho, Bruno; Figueiredo, Rita; Reis, Rui M.; Vaz, Rui Report 5480
Efficacy of Goshajinkigan for oxaliplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy in colorectal cancer patients. Yoshida, Naohisa; Hosokawa, Toyoshi; Ishikawa, Takeshi; Yagi, Nobuaki; Kokura, Satoshi; Naito, Yuji; Report 5057
Endoscopic detection of early esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in patients with achalasia: narrow-band imaging versus Lugol's staining. Ide, Edson; Carneiro, Fred Olavo Aragao Andrade; Frazao, Mariana Souza Varella; Chaves, Dalton Marqu Report 3563
Endoscopic submucosal dissection for large colorectal tumor in a Japanese general hospital. Ohata, Ken; Nonaka, Kouichi; Minato, Yohei; Misumi, Yoshitsugu; Tashima, Tomoaki; Shozushima, Meiko; Report 2559
Enhancement of cisplatin-mediated apoptosis in ovarian cancer cells through potentiating G2/M arrest and p21 upregulation by combinatorial epigallocatechin gallate and sulforaphane. Chen, Huaping; Landen, Charles N.; Li, Yuanyuan; Alvarez, Ronald D.; Tollefsbol, Trygve O. Report 4451
Gastroduodenal outlet obstruction and palliative self-expandable metal stenting: a dual-centre experience. Ding, Nik S.; Alexander, Sina; Swan, Michael P.; Hair, Christopher; Wilson, Patrick; Clarebrough, Em Report 2932
Mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors induce tumor cell apoptosis in vivo primarily by inhibiting VEGF expression and angiogenesis. Frost, Patrick; Berlanger, Eileen; Mysore, Veena; Hoang, Bao; Shi, YiJiang; Gera, Joseph; Lichtenste Report 5765
Multiple myeloma macrophages: pivotal players in the tumor microenvironment. Berardi, Simona; Ria, Roberto; Reale, Antonia; De Luisi, Annunziata; Catacchio, Ivana; Moschetta, Mi Report 3861
Proteomics of uveal melanoma: a minireview. Abildgaard, Seren K.O.; Vorum, Henrik Report 8027
Protumor activities of the immune response: insights in the mechanisms of immunological shift, oncotraining, and oncopromotion. Chimal-Ramirez, G.K.; Espinoza-Sanchez, N.A.; Fuentes-Panana, E.M. 13023
Role of obesity in the risk of breast cancer: lessons from anthropometry. Amadou, Amina; Hainaut, Pierre; Romieu, Isabelle Report 14390
Role of the crosstalk between autophagy and apoptosis in cancer. Su, Minfei; Mei, Yang; Sinha, Sangita Report 11078
Safety and efficacy of radiofrequency ablation in the management of unresectable bile duct and pancreatic cancer: a novel palliation technique. Figueroa-Barojas, Paola; Bakhru, Mihir R.; Habib, Nagy A.; Ellen, Kristi; Millman, Jennifer; Jamal-K Report 2438
Subsite-specific dietary risk factors for colorectal cancer: a review of cohort studies. Hjartaker, Anette; Aagnes, Bjarte; Robsahm, Trude Eid; Langseth, Hilde; Bray, Freddie; Larsen, Inger Report 12702
The Haiti breast cancer initiative: initial findings and analysis of barriers-to-care delaying patient presentation. Sharma, Ketan; Costas, Ainhoa; Damuse, Ruth; Hamiltong-Pierre, Jean; Pyda, Jordan; Ong, Cecilia T.; Report 3975
The use of strontium-90 beta radiotherapy as adjuvant treatment for conjunctival melanoma. Cohen, Victoria M.L.; Papastefanou, Vasilios P.; Liu, S.; Stoker, Ian; Hungerford, John L. Report 3556
Tissue banking, bioinformatics, and electronic medical records: the front-end requirements for personalized medicine. Suh, K. Stephen; Sarojini, Sreeja; Youssif, Maher; Nalley, Kip; Milinovikj, Natasha; Elloumi, Fathi; Report 8874
Tumor-associated macrophages in glioma: friend or foe? Kennedy, Benjamin C.; Showers, Christopher R.; Anderson, David E.; Anderson, Lisa; Canoll, Peter; Br Report 7553
Which imaging modality is superior for prediction of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with triple negative breast cancer? Atkins, Jordan J.; Appleton, Catherine M.; Fisher, Carla S.; Gao, Feng; Margenthaler, Julie A. Report 4320

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