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Articles from Journal of Nucleic Acids (January 1, 2017)

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Aptamers as the Agent in Decontamination Assays (Apta-Decontamination Assays): From the Environment to the Potential Application In Vivo. Bilibana, Mawethu Pascoe; Citartan, Marimuthu; Yeoh, Tzi Shien; Rozhdestvensky, Timofey S.; Tang, Th Report 8421
Cell-SELEX Identifies a "Sticky" RNA Aptamer Sequence. Ray, Partha; White, Rebekah R. Report 5036
Corrigendum to "Plant MicroRNA Prediction by Supervised Machine Learning Using C5.0 Decision Trees". Williams, Philip H.; Eyles, Rodney P.; Weiller, Georg Correction notice 142
Expression of Genes and Their Polymorphism Influences the Risk of Knee Osteoarthritis. Mishra, Abhishek; Srivastava, Rajeshwar Nath; Awasthi, Sachin; Parmar, Devendra; Mishra, Priya Report 6028
In What Ways Do Synthetic Nucleotides and Natural Base Lesions Alter the Structural Stability of G-Quadruplex Nucleic Acids? Sagi, Janos Report 39675
On Characterizing the Interactions between Proteins and Guanine Quadruplex Structures of Nucleic Acids. McRae, Ewan K.S.; Booy, Evan P.; Padilla-Meier, Gay Pauline; McKenna, Sean A. Report 8063
On the Helical Structure of Guanosine 5'-Monophosphate Formed at pH 5: Is It Left- or Right-Handed? Wu, Gang; Kwan, Irene C.M.; Yan, Zhimin; Huang, Yining; Ye, Eric Report 4855
Overexpression of PCNA Attenuates Oxidative Stress-Caused Delay of Gap-Filling during Repair of UV-Induced DNA Damage. Tsai, Yi-Chih; Wang, Yi-Hsiang; Liu, Yin-Chang Report 5264
Physiological Roles of DNA Double-Strand Breaks. Khan, Farhaan A.; Ali, Syed O. Report 18378
Role of Eukaryotic Initiation Factors during Cellular Stress and Cancer Progression. Sharma, Divya Khandige; Bressler, Kamiko; Patel, Harshil; Balasingam, Nirujah; Thakor, Nehal Report 16091
Selection of DNA Aptamers for Ovarian Cancer Biomarker CA125 Using One-Pot SELEX and High-Throughput Sequencing. Scoville, Delia J.; Uhm, Tae Kyu Brian; Shallcross, Jamie A.; Whelan, Rebecca J. Report 6964
Systemic Identification of Hevea brasiliensis EST-SSR Markers and Primer Screening. Hou, Benjun; Feng, Suping; Wu, Yaoting Report 6814
The 2D Structure of the T. brucei Preedited RPS12 mRNA Is Not Affected by Macromolecular Crowding. Leeder, W.-Matthias; Voskuhl, Stephan; Goringer, H. Ulrich Report 5629

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