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Articles from Journal of Nanomaterials (October 1, 2019)

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Carbon Nanotube Effect on the Ductility, Flexural Strength, and Permeability of Concrete. Mohsen, Mohamed O.; Ansari, Mohamed S. Al; Taha, Ramzi; Nuaimi, Nasser Al; Taqa, Ala Abu 5632
Carbon-Coated Sn[O.sub.2]/[Ti.sub.3][C.sub.2] Composites with Enhanced Lithium Storage Performance. Wang, Zijing; Wang, Fen; Liu, Kaiyu; Zhu, Jianfeng; Waras, Abdul 6032
Characterization and Evaluation of HGF-Loaded PLGA Nanoparticles in a C[Cl.sub.4]-Induced Acute Liver Injury Mouse Model. Lin, Chuxi; Wang, Xueer; Liu, Nuyun; Peng, Qing; Li, Yang; Zhang, Lin; Gao, Yi 6173
Effects of AKD Sizing on the Morphology and Pore Distribution Properties of OCC Fibers. Chen, Hua; Yang, Jing; Hu, Zhijun; Zheng, Bingbing; Sun, Jun; Wo, Qizhong; Zeng, Xiangzhi; Qiu, Xufe 3268
Green Synthesis of Nanofertilizers and Their Application as a Foliar for Cucurbita pepo L. Hassan, Ahmed Shebl A.A.; Salama, Dina M.; Aziz, M.E. Abd El-; Elwahed, Mohamed S.A. Abd 6959
In Vitro Biocompatibility of Electrospun Poly([epsilon]-Caprolactone)/Cellulose Nanocrystals-Nanofibers for Tissue Engineering. Dutta, Sayan Deb; Patel, Dinesh K.; Seo, Yu-Ri; Park, Chan-Woo; Lee, Seung-Hwan; Kim, Jin-Woo; Kim, 6285
Negative Surface Energies of Nickel Ferrite Nanoparticles under Hydrothermal Conditions. Rak, Zs.; Brenner, D.W. 3966
Novel 3-Dimensional Cotton-Like Graphenated-Carbon Nanotubes Synthesized via Floating Catalyst Chemical Vapour Deposition Method for Potential Gas-Sensing Applications. Ismail, Ismayadi; Mamat, Md Shuhazlly; Adnan, Noor Lyana; Yunusa, Zainab; Hasan, Intan Helina 5375
Polyethylene Glycol-Coated Gold Nanoparticles as DNA and Atorvastatin Delivery Systems and Cytotoxicity Evaluation. Zamora-Justo, Jose Alberto; Abrica-Gonzalez, Paulina; Vazquez-Martinez, Guillermo Rocael; Munoz-Dios 5939
Preparation of Ag-Coated Si[O.sub.2]@Ti[O.sub.2] Core-Shell Nanocomposites and Their Photocatalytic Applications towards Phenol and Methylene Blue Degradation. Fu, Ning; Ren, Xue-chang; Wan, Jian-xin 5024
Preparation of Nitrogen-Doped Mesoporous Ti[O.sub.2]/RGO Composites and Its Application to Visible Light-Assisted Photocatalytic Degradation. Wen, Xin; Zhao, Siqin; Asuha, S. 6768
Simple Label-Free Electrochemical Immunosensor in a Microchamber for Detecting Newcastle Disease Virus. Tran, Luyen Thi; Tran, Thinh Quang; Ho, Ha Phu; Chu, Xuan Thi; Mai, Tuan Anh 5670
Synthesis of Porous Octahedral ZnO/CuO Composites from Zn/Cu-Based MOF-199 and Their Applications in Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Degradation of Dyes. Minh, Tran Thanh; Tu, Nguyen Thi Thanh; Van Thi, Tran Thi; Hoa, Le Thi; Long, Hoang Thai; Phong, Ngu 9342
Synthesis, Characterization, and In Situ Antifungal and Cytotoxicity Evaluation of Ascorbic Acid-Capped Copper Nanoparticles. Beltran-Partida, Ernesto; Valdez-Salas, Benjamin; Valdez-Salas, Ernesto; Perez-Cortez, Guillermo; Ne 6736
Tailoring the Localization of Carbon Nanotubes and Ammonium Polyphosphate in Linear Low-Density Polyethylene/Nylon-6 Blends for Optimizing Their Flame Retardancy. Zhang, Shuai; Lu, Chang; Gao, Xi-ping; Yao, Da-hu; He, Yu-xin 6868
Thermal Transport in Silicon-Germanium Superlattices at Low Temperatures. Wang, Zan; Cai, Xingyu; Mao, Tiezhu 4812

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