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Articles from Journal of Nanomaterials (January 1, 2017)

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(An Efficient Method for Cellulose Nanofibrils Length Shearing via Environmentally Friendly Mixed Cellulase Pretreatment. Chen, Yuan; He, Yuchan; Fan, Dongbin; Han, Yanming; Li, Gaiyun; Wang, Siqun 7178
[C.sub.60] Filling Rate in Carbon Peapods: A Nonresonant Raman Spectra Analysis. Fergani, Fatima; Abdelkader, Sidi Abdelmajid Ait; Chadli, Hassane; Fakrach, Brahim; Rahmani, Abdelha 4994
[H.sub.2][Ti.sub.3][O.sub.7] Nanotubes Decorated with Silver Nanoparticles for Photocatalytic Degradation of Atenolol. Hinojosa-Reyes, Mariana; Camposeco-Solis, Roberto; Ruiz, Facundo; Martinez, Nereyda Nino; Gonzalez, 6119
2.3 [micro]m InGaAsSb/AlGaAsSb Quantum-Well Laser Diode via InAs/GaSb Superlattice Layer on GaAs Substrate. You, Minghui; Sun, Qixiang; Yin, Liping; Fan, Juanjuan; Liang, Xuemei; Li, Xue; Yu, Xiuling; Li, Shi 2321
A Continuous 3D-Graphene Network to Overcome Threshold Issues and Contact Resistance in Thermally Conductive Graphene Nanocomposites. Conrado, Federico; Pavese, Matteo 7225
A Fabrication Process for Emerging Nanoelectronic Devices Based on Oxide Tunnel Junctions. Drouin, Dominique; Droulers, Gabriel; Labalette, Marina; Sang, Bruno Lee; Harvey-Collard, Patrick; S 5294
A Molecular Dynamics Study on Wrinkles in Graphene with Simply Supported Boundary under In-Plane Shear. Huang, Jianzhang; Han, Qiang 4567
A Novel Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-graphene Oxide/Titanium Dioxide Composites Counter Electrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell. Mustafa, Muhammad Norhaffis; Shafie, Suhaidi; Zainal, Zulkarnain; Sulaiman, Yusran 5857
A Simulation Study for Trimetallic Nanosized Alloy (Ni, Cu, and Ag) in Hydrogenation of Organic Compounds: A Case Study of "Nitrophenols". Bawaked, Salem M.; Maksod, Islam Hamdy Abd El; Alshehri, Abdulmohsen Case study 3955
A Study of Photocatalysis of Methylene Blue of Ti[O.sub.2] Fabricated by Electric Spark Discharge Method. Tseng, Kuo-Hsiung; Chung, Meng-Yun; Chang, Chaur-Yang; Cheng, Ting-Shou Report 3676
A Three-Dimensional Porous Conducting Polymer Composite with Ultralow Density and Highly Sensitive Pressure Sensing Properties. Su, Jin-Dong; Jia, Xian-Sheng; Li, Jin-Tao; Lou, Tao; Yan, Xu; Sun, Jia-Lin; Chen, Jun-Hong; Long, Y 4384
Ab Initio Study of Electronic Transport in Cubic-Hf[O.sub.2] Grain Boundaries. Degoli, Elena; Luppi, Eleonora; Capron, Nathalie 6139
Adsorption Mechanism of Cu-Doped Sn[O.sub.2] (110) Surface toward [H.sub.2] Dissolved in Power Transformer. Wang, Feng; Fan, Jingmin; Sun, Qiuqin; Jiang, Qinji; Chen, She; Zhou, Wu 6156
Advanced In Situ I-V Measurements Used in the Study of Porous Structures Growth on Silicon. Benor, Amare 4279
AgNPs and Ag/C225 Exert Anticancerous Effects via Cell Cycle Regulation and Cytotoxicity Enhancement. Zhang, Yan; Lu, Hong; Yu, Dahai; Zhao, Di 5269
An Accurate PSO-GA Based Neural Network to Model Growth of Carbon Nanotubes. Asadnia, Mohsen; Khorasani, Amir Mahyar; Warkiani, Majid Ebrahimi 3587
An Enhanced-Solvent Deasphalting Process: Effect of Inclusion of Si[O.sub.2] Nanoparticles in the Quality of Deasphalted Oil. Guzman, Juan D.; Franco, Camilo A.; Cortes, Farid B. 10356
An Injectable Composite Gelatin Hydrogel with pH Response Properties. Chen, Baoguo; Hu, Xiaohong 3657
Andiroba Oil (Carapa guianensis Aublet) Nanoemulsions: Development and Assessment of Cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity, and Hematotoxicity. Milhomem-Paixao, Susana Suely Rodrigues; Fascineli, Maria Luiza; Muehlmann, Luis Alexandre; Melo, Ka 7916
Antibacterial Efficacy of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles Functionalized with the Ubiquicidin (29-41) Antimicrobial Peptide. Morales-Avila, Enrique; Ferro-Flores, Guillermina; Ocampo-Garcia, Blanca E.; Lopez-Tellez, Gustavo; 5881
Application of Nanomaterials in Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine of Orthopedic Surgery. Pan, Su; Yu, Hongmei; Yang, Xiaoyu; Yang, Xiaohong; Wang, Yan; Liu, Qinyi; Jin, Liliang; Yang, Yudan 8070
Atomic Force Microscopy for Collagen-Based Nanobiomaterials. Stylianou, Andreas 10616
Bacterial Stress and Osteoblast Responses on Graphene Oxide-Hydroxyapatite Electrodeposited on Titanium Dioxide Nanotube Arrays. Parcharoen, Yardnapar; Termsuksawad, Preecha; Sirivisoot, Sirinrath 7429
Biocompatibility and Toxicity of Polylactic Acid/Ferrosoferric Oxide Nanomagnetic Microsphere. Xiang, Hongzhao; Mu, Yuanhua; Hu, Chengbo; Luo, Xiaobing 6034
Biotechnological Production Process and Life Cycle Assessment of Graphene. Khanam, P. Noorunnisa; Popelka, Anton; Alejji, Maryam; AlMaadeed, M.A. 4751
Buffer Film Assisted Growth of Dense MWCNTs on Copper Foils for Flexible Electrochemical Applications. Pakdee, Udomdej; Duangsawat, Boonchai 5648
Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cell Devices Prepared with Composites of Conjugated Polymer and Zinc Oxide Nanorods. Truong, Nguyen Tam Nguyen; Nguyen, Hoa; Le, Phuc Huu Tran; Park, Chinho; Jung, Jae Hak 4022
Bundle Size Engineering of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Silica Nanoparticles. Seo, Deok Min; Hahm, Myung Gwan; Kim, Young Lae 2868
Carbon Dioxide Adsorption in Nanopores of Coconut Shell Chars for Pore Characterization and the Analysis of Adsorption Kinetics. Tangsathitkulchai, Chaiyot; Junpirom, Supunnee; Katesa, Juejun 7212
Carbon-Based Nanomaterials as Novel Nanosensors. Hu, Qin; Wujcik, Evan K.; Kelarakis, Antonios; Cyriac, Jobin; Gong, Xiaojuan 594
Cell Growth Inhibition Effect of DsiRNA Vectorised by Pectin-Coated Chitosan-Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites as Potential Therapy for Colon Cancer. Katas, Haliza; Amin, Mohd Cairul Iqbal Mohd; Moideen, Nursyafiqah; Ng, Li Ying; Baharudin, Puteri An 8550
Characteristics of Carbon Nanotubes/Graphene Coatings on Stainless Steel Meshes Used as Electrodes for Air-Cathode Microbial Fuel Cells. Hsu, Wei-Hsuan; Tsai, Hung-Yin; Huang, Ying-Chen 4993
Characterization and Analytical Separation of Fluorescent Carbon Nanodots. Hu, Qin; Gong, Xiaojuan; Liu, Lizhen; Choi, Martin M.F. 14680
Characterization and Growth Mechanism of Nickel Nanowires Resulting from Reduction of Nickel Formate in Polyol Medium. Logutenko, Olga A.; Titkov, Alexander I.; Vorobyov, Alexander M.; Yukhin, Yriy M.; Lyakhov, Nikolay 6485
Characterization of the Spindle Morphology Nanomicelles Assembled from Sericin and Gelatin. Su, Xiaozhou; Li, Lei; Huang, Weihan 4234
CO Gas-Induced Resonance Frequency Shift of ZnO-Functionalized Microcantilever in Humid Air. Aprilia, Lia; Nuryadi, Ratno; Gustiono, Dwi; Nurmahmudi; Udhiarto, Arief; Hartanto, Djoko; Yuliarto, 4303
Co[Fe.sub.2][O.sub.4]-Ti[O.sub.2] Hybrid Nanomaterials: Synthesis Approaches Based on the Oil-in-Water Microemulsion Reaction Method. Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Arturo Adrian; Martinez-Montemayor, Sagrario; Leyva-Porras, Cesar Cutberto; Lon 11842
Commercial Gold Nanoparticles on Untreated Aluminum Foil: Versatile, Sensitive, and Cost-Effective SERS Substrate. Gudun, Kristina; Elemessova, Zarina; Khamkhash, Laura; Ralchenko, Ekaterina; Bukasov, Rostislav 4975
Comparative Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Dental Nanomaterials. Peskersoy, Cem; Culha, Osman 5221
Comparative Study of One-Step Cross-Linked Electrospun Chitosan-Based Membranes. Aguirre-Chagala, Yanet E.; Pavon-Perez, Laura B.; Altuzar, Victor; Dominguez-Chavez, Jorge G.; Munoz 8360
Comparative Study of Structural, Electrical, and Magnetic Behaviour of Ni-Cu-Zn Nanoferrites Sintered by Microwave and Conventional Techniques. Thangjam, Biju; Soibam, Ibetombi 6687
Comparative Study on Properties of Polylactic Acid Nanocomposites with Cellulose and Chitin Nanofibers Extracted from Different Raw Materials. Li, Jingjing; Li, Jian; Feng, Dejun; Zhao, Jingfeng; Sun, Jingrong; Li, Dagang 5716
Comprehensive Study of Ni Nanotubes for Bioapplications: From Synthesis to Payloads Attaching. Kozlovskiy, A.L.; Korolkov, I.V.; Kalkabay, G.; Ibragimova, M.A.; Ibrayeva, A.D.; Zdorovets, M.V.; M 5070
Continuous Synthesis of Ag/Ti[O.sub.2] Nanoparticles with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity by Pulsed Laser Ablation. Zhou, Rui; Lin, Shengdong; Zong, Huixin; Huang, Tingting; Li, Fengping; Pan, Jiahong; Cui, Jingqin 6437
Correlation between Structures and Antioxidant Activities of Polyvinylpyrrolidone/Garcinia mangostana L. Extract Composite Nanofiber Mats Prepared Using Electrospinning. Sriyanti, Ida; Edikresnha, Dhewa; Rahma, Annisa; Munir, Muhammad Miftahul; Rachmawati, Heni; Khairur 5951
Corrigendum to "Critical Review on Nanofluids: Preparation, Characterization, and Applications". Jama, Mohamoud; Singh, Tejvir; Gamaleldin, Seifelislam Mahmoud; Koc, Muammer; Samara, Ayman; Isaifan Correction notice 170
Corrigendum to "Development of a Doxycycline Hydrochloride-Loaded Electrospun Nanofibrous Membrane for GTR/GBR Applications". Jia, Lie-ni; Zhang, Xin; Xu, Hong-yu; Hua, Fei; Hu, Xiang-gang; Xie, Qiao; Wang, Wei; Jia, Jun Correction notice 209
Corrigendum to "The Effect of PEI and PVP-Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles on Equine Platelets Activation: Potential Application in Equine Regenerative Medicine". Hecold, Mateusz; Buczkowska, Roma; Mucha, Aleksandra; Grzesiak, Jakub; Rac-Rumijowska, Olga; Teteryc Correction notice 219
Crystallinity of Electrospun and Centrifugal Spun Polycaprolactone Fibers: A Comparative Study. Kostakova, Eva Kuzelova; Meszaros, Laszlo; Maskova, Gabriela; Blazkova, Lenka; Turcsan, Tamas; Lukas 5165
Crystallization Kinetics of Al-Fe and Al-Fe-Y Amorphous Alloys Produced by Mechanical Milling. Nguyen, Viet H.; Nguyen, Oanh T.H.; Dudina, Dina V.; Le, Vinh V.; Kim, Ji-Soon 4517
CVD-Graphene-Based Flexible, Thermoelectrochromic Sensor. Januszko, Adam; Iwan, Agnieszka; Maleczek, Stanislaw; Przybyl, Wojciech; Pasternak, Iwona; Krajewska 3284
Design and Characterization of Endostatin-Loaded Nanoparticles for In Vitro Antiangiogenesis in Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Adeyemi, Samson A.; Choonara, Yahya E.; Kumar, Pradeep; du Toit, Lisa C.; Pillay, Viness 9552
Development of Paper Biosensor for the Detection of Phenol from Industrial Effluents Using Bioconjugate of Tyr-AuNps Mediated by Novel Isolate Streptomyces tuirus DBZ39. Mazhari, Bi Bi Zainab; Agsar, Dayanand; Prasad, M.V.N. Ambika 4692
Development of Stabilized Magnetite Nanoparticles for Medical Applications. Ardelean, Ioana Lavinia; Stoencea, Luric Bogdan Niculae; Ficai, Denisa; Ficai, Anton; Trusca, Roxana 5410
Deviation from Regular Shape in the Early Stages of Formation of Strain-Driven 3D InGaAs/GaAs Micro/Nanotubes. Frigeri, Paola; Seravalli, Luca; Calicchio, Marco; Gombia, Enos; Trevisi, Giovanna 4510
Dielectric and Electrical Properties of [WS.sub.2] Nanotubes/Epoxy Composites and Their Use for Stress Monitoring of Structures. Sedova, A.; Khodorov, S.; Ehre, D.; Achrai, B.; Wagner, H.D.; Tenne, R.; Dodiuk, H.; Kenig, S. 7796
Dilute Alkali and Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment of Microwave Liquefied Rape Straw Residue for the Extraction of Cellulose Nanocrystals. Huang, Xingyan; De Hoop, Cornelis F.; Li, Feng; Xie, Jiulong; Hse, Chung-Yun; Qi, Jinqiu; Jiang, Yon 5733
Direct Synthesis of Mn[O.sub.2] Nanorods on Carbon Cloth as Flexible Supercapacitor Electrode. Xi, Shuang; Zhu, Yinlong; Yang, Yutu; Liu, Ying 4637
Dispersion of High Concentrations of Carbon Nanofibers in Portland Cement Mortars. Hogancamp, Joshua; Grasley, Zachary 6916
DNA Nanobiosensors: An Outlook on Signal Readout Strategies. Chandrasekaran, Arun Richard 6305
Donor Impurity-Related Optical Absorption in GaAs Elliptic-Shaped Quantum Dots. Londono, M.A.; Restrepo, R.L.; Ojeda, J.H.; Phuc, Huynh Vinh; Mora-Ramos, M.E.; Kasapoglu, E.; Moral 7287
Dose-Dependent Antimicrobial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles on Polycaprolactone Fibers against Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria. Pazos-Ortiz, Erick; Roque-Ruiz, Jose Hafid; Hinojos-Marquez, Efren Amador; Lopez-Esparza, Juan; Dono 4385
Dual Role of a Ricinoleic Acid Derivative in the Aqueous Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles. Costa, Isadora Dantas; de Oliveira Wanderley Neto, Alcides; da Silva, Heloiza Fernanda Oliveira; Mor 4740
Dynamic Interferometry Lithography on a Ti[O.sub.2] Photoresist Sol-Gel for Diffracting Deflector Module. Gate, V.; Berthod, L.; Langle, M.; Vocanson, F.; Verrier, I.; Veillas, C.; Kaminski, A.; Parriaux, O 6856
Ecobiophysical Aspects on Nanosilver Biogenerated from Citrus reticulata Peels, as Potential Biopesticide for Controlling Pathogens and Wetland Plants in Aquatic Media. Elisabeta Barbinta-Patrascu, Marcela; Badea, Nicoleta; Ungureanu, Camelia; Iordache, Stefan Maria; C 6451
Effect of Aluminum Incorporation into Mesoporous Aluminosilicate Framework on Drug Release Kinetics. Mitran, Raul-Augustin; Berger, Daniela; Pandele-Cusu, Jeanina; Matei, Cristian 6046
Effect of Annealing Temperature and Spin Coating Speed on Mn-Doped ZnS Nanocrystals Thin Film by Spin Coating. Arif, Noor Azie Azura Mohd; Jiun, Chong Chee; Shaari, Sahbudin 3411
Effect of Calcination Temperatures and Mo Modification on Nanocrystalline ([gamma]-[chi])-[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] Catalysts for Catalytic Ethanol Dehydration. Inmanee, Tharmmanoon; Pinthong, Piriya; Jongsomjit, Bunjerd 5570
Effect of Drying Temperature on Iron Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts Prepared by Solvent Deficient Precipitation. Albretsen, Michael K.; Huang, Baiyu; Keyvanloo, Kamyar; Woodfield, Brian F.; Bartholomew, Calvin H.; 6953
Effect of Filler Shape on the Thermal Conductivity of Thermal Functional Composites. Liu, Changqing; Chen, Mao; Zhou, Dongyi; Wu, Dezhi; Yu, Wei 7790
Effect of Gas Flowrate on Nucleation Mechanism of MWCNTs for a Compound Catalyst. Shukrullah, S.; Mohamed, N.M.; Khan, Y.; Naz, M.Y.; Ghaffar, A.; Ahmad, I. 4475
Effect of HCl on the Formation of Ti[O.sub.2] Nanocrystallites. Tung, Nguyen Trong; Huyen, Duong Ngoc 4348
Effect of Microstructural Changes during Annealing on Thermoelectromotive Force and Resistivity of Electrodeposited [Ni.sub.85.8][Fe.sub.10.6][W.sub.1.4][Cu.sub.2.2] Alloy. Spasojevic, M.; Maricic, A.; Vukovic, Z.; Dukic, S.; Ribic-Zelenovic, L. 6248
Effect of Nanotube Geometry on the Strength and Dispersion of CNT-Cement Composites. Mohsen, Mohamed O.; Taha, Ramzi; Taqa, Ala Abu; Nuaimi, Nasser Al-; Rub, Rashid Abu Al-; Bani-Hani, 4829
Effect of Precursor Concentration on Structural Optical and Electrical Properties of NiO Thin Films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis. Barir, Rafia; Benhaoua, Boubaker; Benhamida, Soufiane; Rahal, Achour; Sahraoui, Toufik; Gheriani, Ra 6411
Effect of Saline Solution on the Electrical Response of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes-Epoxy Nanocomposites. Younes, Hammad; Rahman, Mahfuzur; Ghaferi, Amal Al; Saadat, Irfan 4756
Effect of Surface Charge and Hydrophobicity Modulation on the Antibacterial and Antibiofilm Potential of Magnetic Iron Nanoparticles. Shebl, Rania Ibrahim; Farouk, Faten; Azzazy, Hassan Mohamed El-Said 8782
Effect of Varying the Semiconducting/Metallic Tube Ratio on the Performance of Mixed Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Network Gas Sensors. Min, Sung Joon; Kim, Jin Woong; Kim, Joon Hyub; Choi, Joon Hyock; Park, Chan Won; Min, Nam Ki 5211
Effects of Aromatic Ammoniums on Methyl Ammonium Lead Iodide Hybrid Perovskite Materials. Yang, Jianli; Yu, Yan; Zeng, Liyang; Li, Yiting; Pang, Yaoqi; Huang, Fuqiang; Lin, Bo-Lin 2995
Effects of Crystallization on the Corrosion and Passivity of Amorphous Pd-Fe-Co-Si-B Alloys. Jang, HeeJin; Lee, Han-Ok; Kim, Hyun-Goo 3317
Effects of Milling pH and Hydrothermal Treatment on Formation of Nanostructured Boehmite Binder for Alumina Extrusion. de Lima, Mauricio Batista; Tercini, Marcela Bergamaschi; Santos, Sydney Ferreira; Ortega, Fernando d 8622
Effects of Nanosilica on Early Age Stages of Cement Hydration. Isfahani, Forood Torabian; Redaelli, Elena; Li, Weiwen; Sun, Yaru 4663
Effects of the Growth Time and the Thickness of the Buffer Layer on the Quality of the Carbon Nanotubes. Chuen, J. 2734
Effects of Ultrasound Irradiation on the Preparation of Ethyl Cellulose Nanocapsules Containing Spirooxazine Dye. Valh, Julija Volmajer; Vajnhandl, Simona; Skodic, Lidija; Lobnik, Aleksandra; Turel, Matejka; Voncin 4950
Efficient Absorption of Antibiotic from Aqueous Solutions over Mn[O.sub.2]@SA/Mn Beads and Their In Situ Regeneration by Heterogeneous Fenton-Like Reaction. Luo, Yu; Bai, Bo; Wang, Honglun; Suo, Yourui; Yao, Yiliang 9659
Elastomeric Nanocomposite Based on Exfoliated Graphene Oxide and Its Characteristics without Vulcanization. Habib, Nasser Abdullah; Chieng, Buong Woei; Mazlan, Norkhairunnisa; Rashid, Umer; Yunus, Robiah; Ras 5633
Electrical Impedance Measurements of PZT Nanofiber Sensors. Galos, Richard; Shi, Yong; Ren, Zhongjing; Zhou, Liang; Sun, Hao; Su, Xiaoyu; Yuan, Jianping 4604
Electrochemical Biosensors Based on Nanostructured Carbon Black: A Review. Silva, Tiago Almeida; Moraes, Fernando Cruz; Janegitz, Bruno Campos; Fatibello-Filho, Orlando 11092
Electrochemical Deposition of Zinc Oxide on the Surface of Composite Membrane Polysulfone-Graphene-Polystyrene in the Presence of Water Soluble Polymers. Mocanu, Alexandra; Rusen, Edina; Diacon, Aurel; Damian, Celina; Dinescu, Adrian; Suchea, Mirela 5597
Electromagnetic, Morphological, and Electrical Characterization of POMA/Carbon Nanotubes-Based Composites. de Souza Pinto, Simone; Cerqueira Rezende, Mirabel 5228
Electrospun Polyaniline-Based Composite Nanofibers: Tuning the Electrical Conductivity by Tailoring the Structure of Thiol-Protected Metal Nanoparticles. Pierini, Filippo; Lanzi, Massimiliano; Nakielski, Pawel; Kowalewski, Tomasz Aleksander 6292
Enhanced Piezoelectric Behavior of PVDF Nanocomposite by AC Dielectrophoresis Alignment of ZnO Nanowires. Choi, Kyungwho; Choi, Woongchul; Yu, Choongho; Park, Yong Tae 2752
Enhanced Radiosensitization Effect of Curcumin Delivered by PVP-PCL Nanoparticle in Lung Cancer. Wen, Cuixia; Zhou, Yun; Zhou, Chong; Zhang, Yifan; Hu, Xiang; Li, Jun; Yin, Haitao 4758
Enhanced Thermal Conductivity for Nanofluids Containing Silver Nanowires with Different Shapes. Zhang, Liye; Yu, Wei; Zhu, Dahai; Xie, Huaqing; Huang, Guiwen 3011
Enhancement of Fluorescence and Photostability Based on Interaction of Fluorescent Dyes with Silver Nanoparticles for Luminescent Solar Concentrators. El-Molla, Sara; Mansour, A.F.; Hammad, A.E. 5387
Enhancement of the Pitting Corrosion Resistance of AISI316LVM Steel with Ta-Hf-C/Au Bilayers for Biomedical Applications. Guzman, Pablo; Aperador, Willian; Yate, Luis 5623
Enhancement of Thermal Stability and Cycling Performance of Lithium-Ion Battery at High Temperature by Nano-ppy/OMMT-Coated Separator. Yang, Shuo; Qin, Huiya; Li, Xuan; Li, Huijun; Yao, Pei 6138
Evaluation and Optimization of Paper-Based SERS Substrate for Potential Label-Free Raman Analysis of Seminal Plasma. Huang, Zufang; Cao, Gang; Sun, Yan; Du, Shengrong; Li, Yongzeng; Feng, Shangyuan; Lin, Juqiang; Lei, 5198
Evaluation of Effective Elastic, Piezoelectric, and Dielectric Properties of SU8/ZnO Nanocomposite for Vertically Integrated Nanogenerators Using Finite Element Method. Mishra, Neelam; Krishna, Braj; Singh, Randhir; Das, Kaushik 8570
Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of [SIGMA]5(210)/[001] Tilt Grain Boundary with Self-Interstitial Atoms by Molecular Dynamics Simulation. Zhang, Liang; Lu, Cheng; Pei, Linqing; Zhao, Xing; Zhang, Jie; Tieu, Kiet 6804
Evaluation of the Osteoblast Behavior to PGA Textile Functionalized with RGD as a Scaffold for Bone Regeneration. Ortiz, Marine; Escobar-Garcia, Diana Maria; Alvarez-Perez, Marco Antonio; Pozos-Guillen, Amaury; Gra 4492
Evaluation of the Xanthan-Based Film Incorporated with Silver Nanoparticles for Potential Application in the Nonhealing Infectious Wound. Huang, Jinjian; Ren, Jianan; Chen, Guopu; Deng, Youming; Wang, Gefei; Wu, Xiuwen 5016
Experimental Evaluation of Oxide Nanoparticles as Friction and Wear Improvement Additives in Motor Oil. Demas, Nicholaos G.; Erck, Robert A.; Lorenzo-Martin, Cinta; Ajayi, Oyelayo O.; Fenske, George R. 4288
Fabrication of a Large-Area Superhydrophobic Si[O.sub.2] Nanorod Structured Surface Using Glancing Angle Deposition. Lu, Xun; Kim, Seok-min; Jun Seo, Seong 4134
Fabrication of Amino Functionalized Magnetic Expanded Graphite Nanohybrids for Application in Removal of Ag(I) from Aqueous Solution. Ma, Ying-Xia; Ruan, Yong-Xin; Xing, Dan; Du, Xue-Yan; La, Pei-Qing 6676
Fabrication of Cubic p-n Heterojunction-Like NiO/[In.sub.2][O.sub.3] Composite Microparticles and Their Enhanced Gas Sensing Characteristics. Xuemei, Hou; Yukun, Sun; Bo, Bai 7228
Fabrication of PLA-PEG Nanoparticles as Delivery Systems for Improved Stability and Controlled Release of Catechin. Singh, Neha Atulkumar; Mandal, Abul Kalam Azad; Khan, Zaved Ahmed 5221
Fabrication, Characterization, and In Vivo Evaluation of Famotidine Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Boosting Oral Bioavailability. Shafique, Muhammad; Khan, Mir Azam; Khan, Waheed S.; Maqsood-ur-Rehman; Ahmad, Waqar; Khan, Shahzeb 6346
Facile Hydrothermal Synthesis of Sn[O.sub.2] Nanospheres as Photocatalysts. Hu, Wenquan; Yuan, Xiaoguang 2378
Facile Solution Route to Synthesize Nanostructure [Li.sub.4][Ti.sub.5][O.sup.12] for High Rate Li-Ion Battery. Tran, M. V.; Huynh, N. L. T.; Nguyen, T. T.; Ha, D. T. C.; Le, P. M. L. 4601
Facile Synthesis and Special Phase Transformation of Hydrophilic Iron Oxides Nanoparticles. Chen, Liqiao; Long, Yunqian; Leng, Zhe; Hu, Jinfei; Yu, Xuan; Yu, Xiaoming 2239
Facile Synthesis of [Zn.sub.x][Cd.sub.1-x]S Solid Solution Microspheres through Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis for Improved Photocatalytic Activity. Huang, Jianhui; Lin, Wenting; Xie, Liyan; Ho, Wingkei 4835
Facile Synthesis, Microstructure, and Gas Sensing Properties of NdCo[O.sub.3] Nanoparticles. Gildo-Ortiz, Lorenzo; Guillen-Bonilla, Hector; Reyes-Gomez, Juan; Rodriguez-Betancourtt, Veronica Ma 6049
Fast and Straightforward Synthesis of Luminescent Titanium(IV) Dioxide Quantum Dots. Stengl, Vaclav; Henych, Jiri; Stastny, Martin; Kormunda, Martin 3866
Flexible Polyaniline/Poly(methyl methacrylate) Composite Fibers via Electrospinning and In Situ Polymerization for Ammonia Gas Sensing and Strain Sensing. Jia, Xian-Sheng; Tang, Cheng-Chun; Yan, Xu; Yu, Gui-Feng; Li, Jin-Tao; Zhang, Hong-Di; Li, Jun-Jie; 3992
Folate-Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles as a Liver Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery System to Improve the Antitumor Effect of Paclitaxel. Xu, Xiaoyan; Wu, Chao; Bai, Andi; Liu, Xuan; Lv, Huiling; Liu, Ying 6857
Formation and Characterization of Copper Nanocube-Decorated Reduced Graphene Oxide Film. Khan, M.Z.H.; Rahman, M.A.; Yasmin, P.; Tareq, F.K.; Yuta, N.; Komeda, T.; Jahan, R.A. Report 2890
Formation and Investigation of Electrospun PLA Materials with Propolis Extracts and Silver Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications. Adomaviciute, Erika; Pupkeviciute, Solveiga; Juskaite, Vaida; Cilius, Modestas; Stanys, Sigitas; Pav 6351
Formulation and Characterization of Hydroquinone Nanostructured Lipid Carriers by Homogenization Emulsification Method. Wu, Pey-Shiuan; Lin, Chih-Hung; Kuo, Yi-Ching; Lin, Chih-Chien 3824
Functional Surface Coating on Cellulosic Flexible Substrates with Improved Water-Resistant and Antimicrobial Properties by Use of ZnO Nanoparticles. Tian, Xiaofei; Li, Yaping; Wan, Sikang; Wu, Zhenqiang; Wang, Zhiwei 4543
Gas Sensing Properties of Ni[Sb.sub.2][O.sub.6] Micro- and Nanoparticles in Propane and Carbon Monoxide Atmospheres. Bonilla, Veronica-M. Rodriguez-BetancourtHector Guillen; Martinez, Martin Flores; Bonilla, Alex Guil 5281
Gelatin Template Synthesis of Aluminum Oxide and/or Silicon Oxide Containing Micro/Mesopores Using the Proteic Sol-Gel Method. de Oliveira, Amanda Sayure Kasuya; Paulista, Adriana Perpetua Figueiredo; de Alencar, Ana Ellen Vale 5892
Gold Nanoparticle Mediated Phototherapy for Cancer. Yao, Cuiping; Zhang, Luwei; Wang, Jing; He, Yulu; Xin, Jing; Wang, Sijia; Xu, Hao; Zhang, Zhenxi 18299
Grain Size Dependence of Elastic Moduli in Nanocrystalline Tungsten. Valat-Villain, P.; Durinck, J.; Renault, P.O. 4680
Graphene Oxide Modified Electrodes for Dopamine Sensing. Khan, M. Z. H. 6648
Graphite Nanoplatelet Modified Epoxy Resin for Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics with Enhanced Properties. Li, Yan; Zhang, Han; Huang, Zhaohui; Bilotti, Emiliano; Peijs, Ton 6448
Green Method for Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Polyscias Scutellaria Leaf Extract under UV Light and Their Catalytic Activity to Reduce Methylene Blue. Yulizar, Yoki; Utari, Tresye; Ariyanta, Harits Atika; Maulina, Digha 3479
Growth and Mechanism of Mo[S.sub.2] Nanoflowers with Ultrathin Nanosheets. Guo, Yifei; Fu, Xiuli; Peng, Zhijian 3403
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