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Articles from Journal of Mathematics (January 1, 2018)

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A Family of Measures of Noncompactness in the Locally Sobolev Spaces and Its Applications to Some Nonlinear Volterra Integrodifferential Equations. Mehravaran, H.; Khanehgir, M.; Allahyari, R. 8117
A Reaction Diffusion Model to Describe the Toxin Effect on the Fish-Plankton Population. Ouedraogo, Wendkouni; Ouedraogo, Hamidou; Sangare, Boureima 5023
A Study of Chaos in Dynamical Systems. Effah-Poku, S.; Obeng-Denteh, W.; Dontwi, I.K. 3217
Application of Nonlinear Time-Fractional Partial Differential Equations to Image Processing via Hybrid Laplace Transform Method. Jacobs, B.A.; Harley, C. 5025
Around Chaotic Disturbance and Irregularity for Higher Order Traveling Waves. Goufo, Emile F. Doungmo; Toudjeu, Ignace Tchangou 5011
Boundary Value Problems Governed by Superdiffusion in the Right Angle: Existence and Regularity. Dzhafarov, Ramzet; Vasylyeva, Nataliya 10169
Determinantal Representations of Solutions and Hermitian Solutions to Some System of Two-Sided Quaternion Matrix Equations. Kyrchei, Ivan I. 5609
Eigenvalue Bounds for a Class of Schrodinger Operators in a Strip. Karuhanga, Martin 3982
Fixed Point Results for Multivalued Contractive Mappings Endowed with Graphic Structure. Rasham, Tahair; Shoaib, Abdullah; Alamri, Badriah A.S.; Arshad, Muhammad 5897
Generalized Fractional Integral Formulas for the k-Bessel Function. Suthar, D.L.; Ayene, Mengesha 2605
Hermite-Hadamard-Fejer Inequality Related to Generalized Convex Functions via Fractional Integrals. Delavar, M. Rostamian; Aslani, S. Mohammadi; De La Sen, M. 3640
High-Order Iterative Methods for the DMP Inverse. Liu, Xiaoji; Cai, Naping 3470
Intersection of Ideals in a Polynomial Ring over a Dual Valuation Domain. Babindamana, Regis F.; Bouesso, Andre S.E. Mialebama 8315
Lyapunov Stability of the Generalized Stochastic Pantograph Equation. Kadiev, Ramazan; Ponosov, Arcady 7377
Multipopulation Spin Models: A View from Large Deviations Theoretic Window. Opoku, Alex Akwasi; Osabutey, Godwin 7636
On Nearly Prime Submodules of Unitary Modules. Nghiem, Nguyen Dang Hoa; Baupradist, Samruam; Chinram, Ronnason 3311
On Some Convergence Properties of the Modified Ishikawa Scheme for Asymptotic Demicontractive Self-Mappings with Matricial Parameterizing Sequences. De la Sen, M. 9696
On Stability of Nonautonomous Perturbed Semilinear Fractional Differential Systems of Order [alpha] [member of] (1, 2). Matar, Mohammed M.; Skhail, Esmail S. Abu 5169
On the Characterization of Some Classes of Four-Dimensional Matrices and Almost B-Summable Double Sequences. Tug, Orhan 5030
On the Passivity and Positivity Properties in Dynamic Systems: Their Achievement under Control Laws and Their Maintenance under Parameterizations Switching. De la Sen, M. 9504
On the Relationship between the Invariance and Conservation Laws of Differential Equations. Kara, A.H. 3080
Rectangular Metric-Like Type Spaces and Related Fixed Points. Mlaiki, N.; Abodayeh, K.; Aydi, H.; Abdeljawad, T.; Abuloha, M. 5385
Reduced Triangular Form of Polynomial 3-by-3 Matrices with One Characteristic Root and Its Invariants. Shavarovskii, B.Z. 3983
Retractions and Homomorphisms on Some Operations of Graphs. Abu-Saleem, M. 2392
Solving Oscillatory Delay Differential Equations Using Block Hybrid Methods. Ahmad, Sufia Zulfa; Ismail, Fudziah; Senu, Norazak 2842
Some Results of [[tau].sub.1][[tau].sub.2]-[delta] Semiconnectedness and Compactness in Bitopological Spaces. Arunmaran, M.; Kannan, K. 4086
Some Topological Properties of Fuzzy Antinormed Linear Spaces. Kocinac, Ljubisa D.R. 4584
Subordinate Semimetric Spaces and Fixed Point Theorems. Villa-Morales, Jose 2826
The Influence of Problem Specific Neighborhood Structures in Metaheuristics Performance. Santos, A.S.; Madureira, A.M.; Varela, M.L.R. 10260
The Structure of Isomorphic Digraph from Powers Modulo [p.sup.e]. Zhao, Jinxing; Deng, Guixin; Liu, Tiejun 6796
Wardowski Type Contractions and the Fixed-Circle Problem on S-Metric Spaces. Mlaiki, Nabil; Celik, Ufuk; Tas, Nihal; Ozgur, Nihal Yilmaz; Mukheimer, Aiman 6320

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