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Articles from Journal of Markets & Morality (March 22, 2019)

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Academia Would Be Worse without Tenure A Response to James E. Bruce. Skoble, Aeon J. Viewpoint essay 2050
Accounting and the Auditing Function in Economic History: Transaction Costs, Trust, and Economic Progress. Black, Robert A. Report 9632
Adam Smith: Systematic Philosopher and Public Thinker. Clark, Henry C. Book review 768
Avarice and Ambition in America: The Founders' Debate on the Political Place of the Selfish Passions in the Constitutional Order of the United States. Pidluzny, Jonathan W.; Bessette, Murray S.Y. Report 11782
Catholic and Reformed Traditions in International Law: A Comparison Between the Suarezian and the Grotian Concept of Ius Gentium Paulo Emilio Vauthier Borges de Macedo. Book review 286
Christian Hospitality and Muslim Immigration in an Age of Fear. van Vliet, Jan Book review 1632
Conspiracy of Silence versus Moral Freedom: Applying the Concept of Structure of Sin to the Phenomenon of Whistleblowing. Jacquinot, Philippe; Pellissier-Tanon, Arnaud Report 8704
Does Academic Tenure Promote the Common Good? Bruce, James E. Viewpoint essay 3715
Does the Principle of Cooperation in Wrongdoing Work When Assessing Economic Complicity? Farrell, Dominic Critical essay 7173
Editorial: The War of Ideas. Schmiesing, Kevin Editorial 1342
ETHICS AND ECONOMICS. Wishloff, Jim Book review 2313
Great Christian Jurists in Spanish History. Book review 255
Greed, Self-interest and the Shaping of Economics. Berg, Ross Book review 1129
Holy Humanitarians: American Evangelicals and Global Aid. Joustra, Robert J. Book review 1581
How to Survive the Apocalypse: Zombies, Cylons, Faith, and Politics at the End of the World. Estelle, Sarah M. 1421
Just Business: Christian Ethics for the Marketplace. Brown, Kevin Book review 908
Love's Enlightenment: Rethinking Charity in Modernity. Book review 268
Market-Based Measurement for School Achievement. Magness, Phillip; Surprenant, Chris W. Report 7172
Spirituality, Corporate Culture, and American Business: The Neoliberal Ethic and the Spirit of Global Capital. Book review 397
Tenure, Academic Freedom, and "Howling Mobs" A Response to Aeon J. Skoble. Bruce, James E. Viewpoint essay 1680
Tenure: The Good Outweighs the Bad: A Surresponse to James E. Bruce. Skoble, Aeon J. Viewpoint essay 1652
Termites of the State: Why Complexity Leads to Inequality. Bradley, Anne Rathbone Book review 1341
The Business Francis Means: Understanding the Pope's Message on the Economy. Larrivee, John Book review 1587
The Open Sea: The Economic Life of the Ancient Mediterranean World from the Iron Age to the Rise of Rome. Book review 356
The Problem of Wealth: A Christian Response to a Culture of Affluence. Berendt, Emil B. Book review 1156
The Seen, the Unseen, and the Unrealized: How Regulations Affect Our Everyday Lives. Book review 218
The Theory and Practice of Virtue Education. Book review 262
The Viennese Students of Civilization: The Meaning and Context of Austrian Economics Reconsidered. Meilaender, Peter C. Book review 1353
Theological Medicine for Liberal Democracy. ten Napel, Hcms-Martien 5220
Tomorrow 3.0: Transaction Costs and the Sharing Economy. Book review 294
Why Markets May Best Promote Care in Education. Currie-Knight, Kevin Report 5459
Wilhelm Ropke (1899-1966): A Liberal Political Economist and Conservative Social Philosopher. Gregg, Samuel Book review 930
Wisdom and Work: Perspectives on Human Labor from Ecclesiastes. Charles, J. Daryl Critical essay 14631

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