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Articles from Journal of Iberian Geology (January 1, 2014)

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Carboniferous auloporids from the Iberian Peninsula: palaeocology, diversity, and spatio-temporal distribution. Coronado, I.; Rodriguez, S. 11906
Dental microwear analysis in Gliridae (Rodentia): methodological issues and paleodiet inferences based on Armantomys from the Madrid Basin (Spain). Oliver, A.; Hernandez-Ballarin, V.; Lopez-Guerrero, P.; Garcia-Paredes, I.; Alvarez-Sierra, M.A.; Ca 7160
Lower Cretaceous (Hauterivian-Albian) ammonite biostratigraphy in the Maestrat Basin (E Spain). Garcia, R.; Moreno-Bedmar, J.A.; Bover-Arnal, T.; Company, M.; Salas, R.; Latil, J.-L.; Martin-Marti 6612
Morphometric discriminant analysis of isolated chondrichthyan scales for palaeoecological inferences: the Middle Triassic of the Iberian Chain (Spain) as a case of study. Ferron, H.; Pla, C.; Martinez-Perez, C.; Escudero-Mozo, M.J.; Botella, H. 5758
New Lower Devonian Polygnathids (Conodonta) from the Spanish Central Pyrenees, with comments on the early radiation of the group. Martinez-Perez, C.; Valenzuela-Rios, J.I. 7303
Palaeodiversity and Palaeoecology of Iberian Ecosystems. New insights into the phanaerozoic biotas from Spain and Portugal. Furio, M.; Martinez-Perez, C.; Santos-Cubedo, A. 2132
Palaeoecological inferences about dinosaur gregarious behaviour based on the study of tracksites from La Rioja area in the Cameros Basin (Lower Cretaceous, Spain). Garcia-Ortiz, E.; Perez-Lorente, F. 11097
Palaeoenvironmental analysis of the Aragonian (middle Miocene) mammalian faunas from the Madrid Basin based on body-size structure. Yelo, B.A. Garcia; Cano, A.R. Gomez; Cantalapiedra, J.L.; Alcalde, G.M.; Sanisidro, O.; Oliver, A.; 8506
Paleodiversity of the Superfamily Ursoidea (Carnivora, Mammalia) in the Spanish Neogene, related to environmental changes. Abella, J.; Montoya, P.; Morales, J. 5505
Sauropod trackways of the Iberian Peninsula: palaeoetological and palaeoenvironmental implications. Castanera, D.; Vila, B.; Razzolini, N.L.; Santos, V.F.; Pascual, C.; Canudo, J.I. 6552
The end of the Last Glacial Maximum in the Iberian Peninsula characterized by the small-mammal assemblages. Banuls-Cardona, S.; Lopez-Garcia, J.M.; Blain, H.-A.; Lozano-Fernandez, I.; Cuenca-Bescos, G. 6347
The primate fossil record in the Iberian Peninsula. Marigo, J.; Susanna, I.; Minwer-Barakat, R.; Madurell-Malapeira, J.; Moya-Sola, S.; Casanovas-Vilar, 25665
The range and extent of the Vallesian Crisis (Late Miocene): new prospects based on the micromammal record from the Valles-Penedes basin (Catalonia, Spain). Casanovas-Vilar, I.; Ostende, L.W. van den Hoek; Furio, M.; Madern, P.A. 11907
Villafranchian large mammals from the Iberian Peninsula: paleobiogeography, paleoecology and dispersal events. Madurell-Malapeira, J.; Ros-Montoya, S.; Espigares, M.P.; Alba, D.M.; Aurell- Garrido, J. 8290

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