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Articles from Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences (December 31, 2012)

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2010 Floods in Pakistan: Damage assessment along Kabul River. 150
Age and regional palynostratigraphic correlation of the Sardhai Formation, Salt Range, Pakistan. 149
An appraisal of uranium source potential of granites, associated felsic rocks, kaolin and calcretes of Nagar Parkar area, Tharparkar Pakistan. 263
Analysis of microfacies and diagenetic framework of the Lockhart Limestone, Northeast of Kohat City, Pakistan. 251
Bara Thrust Zone, Southern Khyber Agency, Northern Pakistan: Insight for the tectonic boundary between the Attock-Cherat-Khyber and the Kalachitta- Samana Hill Ranges. 817
Biostratigraphy of the Patala Formation, Makarwal area, Surghar Range, northern Pakistan. 123
Bookshelf faulting in the Ziarat earthquake sequence, Northern Baluchistan, October 2008. 236
Characterizing hydrocarbon traps through surface geology and subsurface geophysics in the Talagang area, Potwar Plateau, north Pakistan. 352
Coal resources of Pakistan and their depositional environments. 508
Comparative analysis of the Joint system in the Permian rocks of western and central Khisor Range, Trans-Indus ranges, Pakistan. 300
Comparison of granites from the Nagar Parkar (Pakistan) and Malani (India) with reference to uranium and thorium abundances. 260
Correlation between petrographic characteristics and physico-mechanical properties of granitic rocks from the Utla area, Gadoon (Swabi), NW Pakistan. 323
Crustal study of Bagh and adjoining areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir based on gravity data. 272
Crustal study of Muzaffarabad area based on gravity data. 186
Crustal study of the core of Hazara Kashmir Syntaxis based on geophysical Data in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. 217
Damage assessment of flood affected mud houses in Pakistan. 156
Deposition of the Late Cretaceous Moghal Kot Formation on a fault- controlled slope setting, Sulaiman Foldbelt, Pakistan. 226
Design of an open source mineral resource management system. 242
Design of an open source mineral resource management system. 242
Desktop GIS application for hostel management of Punjab University Lahore. 742
Detection of hydrocarbon seepages using hyper spectral remote sensing in FR DI Khan, Pakistan: A case study. 154
Disaster risk management in Pakistan before and after the 2005 earthquake. 222
Earthquake induced Slope Stability Analysis for Muzaffarabad area using factor of safety methods. 298
Economic potential of Jurassic to Eocene limestone deposits of District Abbottabad. 292
Efficiency and capability of existing geo hazards related courses in present times. 137
Energy saving and retarding land pollution by using waste Polymers in mortar. 233
Environmental geochemistry of the Kohistan region, northern Pakistan. 165
Environmental geochemistry of the Kohistan region, northern Pakistan. 148
Estimation of groundwater balance for Pabbi region, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 179
Evaluation of slates from Attock-Cherat Range for use as structural lightweight concrete aggregate. 259
Experimental investigation on the seismic disaster mitigation of unreinforced brick masonry buildings in Northern Pakistan. 323
Facies analysis, depositional model and sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Permian Chiddru Formation, Salt Ranges, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan. 174
Fault seal analysis of the Thatta-Badin Block. 592
Fault-related dolomite fronts in the Aptian-Albian platform limestone (NW Spain): Implications on conceptual dolomite models. 309
Flood 2010 damages in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 183
Fractal pattern of different alteration zones in porphyry copper deposits of Reko Dik, Chagai belt, Pakitan. 329
Frontal structural style of the Khisor Range, northwest of Bilot: Implications for hydrocarbon potential of the northwestern Punjab Fore Deep, Pakistan. 420
Geochemical evaluation of Kathwai area coals, District Khoushab. 214
Geochemical evaluation of limestone deposits of Pakistan. 205
Geochemistry of the sandstone of Jurassic Loralai Formation, Sulaiman Fold- Thrust Belt, Pakistan: Implications for provenance and source area weathering. 277
Geological aspects of seepage problem and its management at Khanpur dam project, Pakistan. 1166
Geophysical and remote sensing-based approach to model regolith thickness in a data-sparse environment. 191
Geospatial site suitability of medicinal plants in Chang Mai province, Thailand. 328
Geotechnical aspects of Attabad landslide dam. 390
GIS based landfill site selection for Faisalabad city. 215
GIS-based landslide susceptibility zonation mapping along the Muzaffarabad- Chakoti road in western Himalayan region of Pakistan. 314
Hazard mapping of Mansehra District to identify suitable sites for Urban/Agricultural development using GIS/RS tools. 316
How to explore gemstones in Pakistan? 306
Hydrocarbon prospects and reserves in Salt Range/Potwar Plateau. 229
Hydrocarbon Prospects in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Future strategies. 474
Hydrogeological analysis of abandon hydrocarbon wells. 591
Identification of high risk landslide slopes and disaster management of Hattian Bala and adjacent landslide areas, Azad Kashmir (Pakistan): Applying AHP (Analytic Hierarchical Process) method. 361
Identification of target areas for base metal (Ni, Cr and Co) mineralization based on GIS and QEMSCAN analysis of stream sediments in the ultramafic- mafic terrains along the Shyok Suture Zone, North Pakistan. 254
Impact of sedimentation by across the stream hydraulic structures on human life. 156
Integration of seismic and rock physics interpretation to confirm Hydrocarbon bearing zone of Meyal area. 221
Kinematic evolution of the Middle Jurassic Samana Suk Formation, Hazara Division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. 216
Kinematic evolution of the Paleozoic rocks exposed in Nowshera region, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 194
Landslide hazard assessment in Mansehra District using remote sensing and GIS. 267
Landuse-land cover change assessment in Swat valley. 242
Late Cretaceous mantle plume activity in Ceno-Tethys: Evidenced by intra- plate volcanism in the Naik Area, Balochistan, Pakistan. 420
Lava effusion in Ziarat, Balochistan, Pakistan. 450
Lessons we learned from the landslides induced by the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and Attaabad, Hunza area: Its applications for the future. 925
Lithofacies and palaeoenvironments of the Carboniferous-Permian Nilawahan Group, Salt Range Pakistan. 227
Low cost PC-based seismic refraction recording system. 305
Mathematical modeling of oil field, exploited under solution gas drive. 305
Mianwali and Tredian formations; An example of the Triassic progradational deltaic system in the western Salt Range, Pakistan. 260
Microfacies analysis and sequence stratigraphic modeling of the Samana Suk Formation, Chichali Nala, Trans Indus ranges, Punjab, Pakistan. 205
Microfacies and and diagenetic fabrics of Samana Suk Formation at Harnoi section, Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 187
Microfacies and diagenetic framework of the Loralai Formation, Khader Zai Nala section, western Sulaiman Range, Pakistan. 284
Mineralogy, geochemistry and genesis of Manganese ores of Pranghar area, Mohmand Agency, FATA, Pakistan. 463
Monitoring magnitude and direction of movement in landslides with optical remote sensing. 197
Mountain Geo-Risk Assessment Model for Community Based Disaster Risk Management in Pamir Region. 439
Multipede microstructures of the Swat region of NW Himalaya: Tectonic witness of late E-W bulk crustal shortening. 372
Neotectonic studies and structural modeling of a part of the Nanga Parbat syntaxis using seismological, geological and remote sensing data. 423
Occurrence of man-made disasters during operation against Talibanization in FATA. 219
On the relationship between antitaxial vein growth and deformation bands in fine-grained sandstone. 507
Paleoenvironments and reservoir charecterization of the Middle to Late Permian Wargal Formation, NW Paksitan: Implications for hydrocarbon exploration. 178
Pattern, rate, and timing of surface rupturing earthquakes acorss the northwest Himalaya. 1561
Petrochemistry of Aghajari Formation sandstones in folded Zagros zone, Iran. 272
Petrographic, geotechnical and structural investigation of Sher Dara dam site, Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. 398
Petrography and geochemistry of basalts from Ranikot and Bara Nala sections, Laki Range, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan. 339
Petrography and preliminary geochemistry of alkaline mafic dykes in the Nagar Parkar igneous complex, southeastern Sindh. 398
Petrology of the mantle rocks from the Muslim Bagh Ophiolite, Balochistan, Pakistan. 297
Physico-chemical analysis and determination of heavy metals in drinking water of union council, Islampur, Swat. 326
Physico-chemical and heavy metal concentration in the drinking water of Narangi and surrounding areas of District Swabi, Pakistan. 327
Post Flood Drinking Water quality Assessment of Charsadda District Using GIT's. 408
Preliminary investigations of the rocks of Shigari Bala area, Skardu, Gilgit- Baltistan, Pakistan in the perspective of gold and base metal mineralization. 424
Preliminary report on the newly discovered phosphate deposits of Soban Gali, Paswal Mian and Banseri areas, District Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 231
Preliminary studies of heavy minerals and exploration of placer gold in the Siwaliks sandstone of Karak anticline and adjoining areas Karak, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 384
Preliminary study of the rocks of Bagrot Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan with emphasis on gold and base metals mineralization. 417
Preliminary study of the rocks of Golo Das and surrounding areas, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan in the perspective of gold and base metals mineralization. 424
Pseudosection-derived P-T estimates for Saidu, Kashala, Marghazar and Manglaur formations, Swat area, NW Himalayas. 918
Remote sensing based seismic site characterization using earthquake damage data. 219
Revised Lithostratigraphy of the Late Paleocene- Early Oligocene Nisai Group, Pishin Belt, Pakistan. 222
Role of concrete industry as remedy for the plastic waste disaster. 172
Sandstone and conglomerate petrology of the Neogene succession, Pishin Belt, northwestern Pakistan. 307
Sedimentology and sedimentary environments of terrigenous deposits of Aghajari Formation in southeast of Sarvestan, Fars Province (Folded Zagros, Iran). 201
Seismic Hazard Evaluation for the Diamer Basha Dam Site, NW Himalayan Fold and Thrust Belt, Pakistan. 301
Seismic risk reduction of unreinforced brick masonry buildings using Ferrocement overlay. 127
Siting of locations for aquifer recharge in Upper Kurram Valley using Geographic Information Techniques. 396
Siting of rainwater harvesting locations in District Haripur using Geographic Information Techniques. 475
Slope stability hazard evaluation and mitigation scheme for Sohbat Charra slide zone District Battagram. 164
Specialized refractories in Pakistan. 312
Structural geology of Sulaiman ranges around Mughal Kot village, FR D.I.Khan, Pakistan. 486
Structural geometries of the frontal fracture zone of the northwest Himalayan orogenic belt of Pakistan. 223
Structural investigation and geological mapping of a part of eastern Salt Range around Basharat Village, Punjab, Pakistan, using GIS/RS. 826
Structural styles in the Salt Range and Potwar Plateau, northern Pakistan: constraints from physical (centrifuge) modeling. 439
Study of shear strength of rocks from Kohat area formations. 242
Surface and Groundwater Pollution in Sindh and Mitigation Options. 238
Tectonic map of the centeral Sulaiman fold belt and its structural implications. 418
The emerging global navigation satellite systems: An application paradigm for disaster management scenarios. 246
The Makran Zone of active mud volcanoes, Pakistan- Tectonic and seismic implications. 220
The orientation of Foliation Intersection Axis (FIA) preserved in garnet porphyroblasts from the Hunza Karakorum as a collision footprint between Kohistan-Ladakh Island Arc and Eurasian plate. 365
The study of basaltic magma eruption at the Tor Zawar, Ziarat, Pakistan. 456
The use of porphyroblast inclusion trail asymmetries to reconstruct deformation history in metamorphic rocks: insights from the Barrovian sequence of the Kaghan-Naran valley, north Pakistan. 418
Timing of shallow level emplacement of the Sillai Patti carbonatite complex, North-West Pakistan: Constraints from fission-track dating of apatite using the absolute approach. 389
Utilization of seismic and petrophysical data for hydrocarbon potential evaluation of Bijnot-01 Well, Fort Abbas Area Central Indus Basin, Pakistan. 248
Viable use of rubber waste in concrete to reduce environmental pollution. 183
Water management perspective within watersheds: Experiences from Rawal watershed area. 291

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