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Articles from Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences (December 31, 2010)

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A review on Radon monitoring for geological exploration. Khattak, N. U.; Khan, M. Asif; Ali, N. Report 195
A statistical approach to determine the earthquake probability, calculation of Peak Ground Acceleration for Karachi. Ahmed, Naseer Report 283
Active tectonics, October 8, 2005 earthquake deformation, active uplift, scarp morphology and seismic geohazards microzonation, Hazara-Kashmir Syntaxis, Northwest Himalayas, Pakistan. Baig, Mirza Shahid; Yeats, Robert S.; Pervez, Shahab; Jadoon, Ishtiaq A.K.; Khan, Muhammad Rustam; S Report 1934
Activities of Directorate General Mines and Minerals, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Shakirullah; Khan, Noroz Report 311
Advances in Earthquake Engineering. Lodi, Sarosh H Author abstract 177
Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) potential of sand and gravels from NW-Himalayan rivers and their performance as concrete aggregate at three dams in Pakistan. Chaudhry, Muhammad Nawaz; Bhatti, Tariq J. Report 138
Application of multivariate statistical methods to surface and ground water quality and health risk assessment of Attock Basin, Pakistan. Report 417
Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar in Civil Engineering and Geology: case studies from Pakistan. Bhatti, Samuel; Khan, M. Asif; Ahmed, Zaheer Report 271
Arsenic distribution and toxicity in the groundwater of Sindh, southern Pakistan. Report 240
Biostratigarphy of the Paleocene-Eocene succession of the Tarar area, Southern Hazara, North Pakistan. Sameeni, S.J.; Ahsan, Naveed; Haneef, Mohammad; Afzal, Saeed; Nazir, Nauman; Ahmad, Naseer; A.H., Um Report 118
Biostratigraphic studies of the Eocene succession on the basis of Pelecypods and Gastropods around Thano Bula Khan area, Sindh. Lashari, Rafiq Ahmed; Brohi, Imdad Ali; Brohi, Ali; Usmani, Parveen Akhter; Naz, Humaira Report 217
Biostratigraphy of Sakesar limestone, Rikhi-Burikhel area, Western Salt Range, Pakistan. Sameeni, S. J.; Imtiaz, Rabia; Saleem, Hajra; Malik, Zohair; Ali, Saqib; Haneef, Mohammad; Mirza, Ka Report 145
Classification and genesis of sandstone-type uranium ore bodies in middle Siwalik rocks, eastern Sulaiman Range and Bannu basin, Pakistan. Shah, M. Amin; Azizullah; Muhammad, Sher; Shahzad, Taimur Report 372
Climate Change and vulnerability of Pakistan. Iqbal, Muhammad Mohsin; Sheikh, M. Munir; Ali, Ghazanfar; Khan, Arshad M. Report 316
Comparative analysis of the National Disaster Management plan of Pakistan in the regional context. Shah, Attaullah; Jan, Irfan Ullah; Khan, Razaullah; Khan, Salimuallh Report 183
Comparison of conventional and GIS/SRS based geological mapping of asbestos bearing areas in Northern Pakistan. Jehan, Noor; Ahmad, Irshad Author abstract 202
Depositional environments and diagenetic fabric of the Margalla Hill limestone Kohala-Bala area, Haripur, Hazara, Pakistan. Swati, Muhammad Azhar Farooq; Haneef, Muhammad; Sameeni, Shahid Jameel; Naveed, Yasir; Zeb, Waseem; Report 274
Discovery of uraniferous calcretes in Tharparkar, Pakistan. Shariff, Aqeel Ahmed; Ali, Munazzam; Qamar, Nasser Ali Report 401
Earth system studies and geo-engineering: Challenges and opportunities for Pakistan. Gauhar, S. Hasan Author abstract 414
Engineering studies of aggregate from lightweight expanded slate of Manki Formation. Author abstract 353
Environment friendly usage of Rice Husk Ash for subgrade soil stabilization. Hamid, Kashif; Khan, Muhammad Saadat Report 103
Equivalent linear earthquake site characterization of layered soil deposits at Shakardarra and Muzaffarabad. MonaLisa; Khan, Sarfraz Author abstract 257
Evaluation of activated carbon amendment for reclamation of a DDT-contaminated site in Pakistan. Asma, Younas; I., Hilber; Mahmood, Khwaja; D., Bucheli Thomas Report 392
Evaluation of liquefaction potential of sandy and silty soils of Defence-Clifton areas of Karachi and mitigation measures. Uddin, Saleem; Hamid, S. Gulraiz Report 317
Exploring opportunities of rain water harvesting in the urban areas of Pakistan. Shah, Attaullah; Jan, Irfan Ullah; Khan, Razaullah; Khan, Salimuallh Report 231
Field features and petrography of igneous rocks from Utla (Gadoon), NW Pakistan: Preliminary investigation. Sajid, Muhammad; Arif, Mohammad Report 837
Functions and achievements of FATA DA in the mineral sector development. Shah, Yaqoob; Humayun, Muhamamd Author abstract 637
Functions and achievements of Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation in the mineral sector development. Hussain, Muzaffar Report 536
Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the Nagar Parkar Igneous Complex, Tharparkar, Sindh. Laghari, Amanullah; Jan, M. Qasim; Khan, M. Asif; Agheem, M. Hassan; Siddiqui, Imdadullah Report 483
Geological and stratigraphical studies of dimension and cutstone around Khanu Brohi and Khadhar areas, district Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. Report 286
Geometry of foreland structures in the Himalayas and the Zagros. Jadoon, Ishtiaq A. K. Author abstract 311
Geophysical modeling of a part of Potwar (Missa Keswal) area by using seismic and well data. MonaLisa; Satti, Iftikhar Ahmed Author abstract 200
Glacier advancement hazards and its effect on local community: A case study of Hussaini, Hunza. Musofer, Ali Rehmat Report 632
Health risk assessment of drinking water consumption along Indus Suture Zone, Kohistan region, northern Pakistan. Muhammad, Said; Shah, M. Tahir; Khan, Sardar Report 275
Hydro-chemical investigations of high altitude alpine lakes of Gilgit and Ghizar districts, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Islam-ud-Din; Shah, M. Tahir; Khan, Sardar Report 406
Hydrodynamic analysis of Kabul River (NW Pakistan) during monsoon floods of August 2010. Report 279
Investigating levels of selected heavy metals in surface water of Shah Alam River, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Khan, Tariq; Muhammad, Said; Khan, Bushra; Khan, Hizbullah Report 603
Investigation of limestone exploitation area and its environmental impacts using GIS/RS techniques: A case study of Margalla Hills National Park, Islamabad. Iqbal, Muhammad Farooq; Malik, Amir H. Report 330
Investment opportunities in the mineral sector of Pakistan. Khan, Azhar Author abstract 355
Land degradation assessment in the southern dry lands of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A case study in Pezu and Tank region of Dera Ismail Khan District, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. Ali, Wajid; Abbas, Syed Muntazir; Latif, Khalid; Turab, Syed Ali Report 395
Mathematical modeling of blasting and analysis of crack propagation in fractured and faulty rock by PFC-3D. Khurshid, Ilyas; Siraj-ul-Islam; Mohammad, Noor Author abstract 183
Mercury and health-related problems in gold extractors, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Khan, Sardar; Shah, M. Tahir; Rehman, Shafiqur; Khaliq, Abdul Report 173
Microfacies and depositional environments of the Jurassic to Paleocene carbonates in the Kharzan area, Khuzdar, Balochistan. Khan, Rafiq Ali; Haneef, Mohammad; Khan, M. Asif Report 418
Microfacies and depositional environments of the Kawagarh limestone, Dhamtaur-Harnoi section, Abbottabad, Pakistan. Khan, Saad Ali Iqbal; Haneef, Mohammad; Zaheer, Mohammad; Rehman, Rizwan ur; Ahmad, Syed Shabbir; Ah Report 229
Microfacies assemblages and diagenetic framework of the Lower Eocene Sakesar limestone, Karoli area, Central Salt Range, Sub-Himalayas of Pakistan. Nizami, Abdur Rauf; Qayyum, Abdul; Shahbaz, Arslan; Bhatti, Zahid Imran; Pirzada, Tahir Shahzad Report 235
Microstructural approaches to tectonic reconstructions of the Balcooma Metamorphic Group, Greenvale Province, north-eastern Australia. Ali, Asghar Author abstract 340
Mineralogical studies of the gemstones-bearing pegmatites of the Shigar valley, Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Agheem, M. Hassan; Shah, M. Tahir; Khan, Tehseenullah; Arif, M.; Laghari, Amanullah Report 410
Morphometry of alluvial fans and its relation to debris flow hazards in Chitral valley, N. Pakistan. Saeed, Anwar; Khan, M. Asif; Haneef, M. Author abstract 367
Multi hazard risk assessment and mitigation plan for marble mining operations in Chitral. Rehman, Safi Ur; Akbar, Siddique Report 176
National Mineral Policy and Disaster Risk Management in the mineral sector of Pakistan. Khan, Azhar Author abstract 393
Nature and significance of contrasting depositional systems within the late Cretaceous succession, Kirthar Foldbelt, Pakistan. Deciphering the fragmentation of Indian passive margin prior to collision. Khan, A. Salam; Kelling, G.; Umer, M.; Kassi, A. M. Author abstract 244
New dimensions to play fairway evaluation within a sequence stratigraphic framework: Eocene carbonate play, southwestern part of the Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan. Ahmad, Nadeem Author abstract 471
Numerical modeling and tsunami inundation for potential earthquake at Makram subduction zone, Pakistan. Rafi, Zahid Report 150
Numerical modeling of conjugate 'Riedel' deformation bands in sandstone. Report 593
On the paleoclimate and paleogeography of Permian rocks of the Salt Range, Pakistan. Iqbal, Nayyer Report 231
P-T pseudosections and garnet isopleth geo-thermobarometry from the Malakand and Loe Sar Dome, NW Himalaya. Shah, Syed Zahid; Sayab, Mohamamd Report 452
Pakistan monsoon floods: climate change or geological rundown? Riaz, Mohammad Author abstract 398
Peak-Flood Inundation Map of the Western Peshawar Plain (Peshawar, Charsada, Nowshera Districts): Implications for Flood Disaster Preparedness Plans. Wahab, Abdul; Ali, Muhammad; Khan, M. Asif Report 890
Petrography of sandstone of the Lumshiwal Formation from the Samana Range, Hangu, northwestern Pakistan: Implications for provenance, diagenesis and environments of deposition. Ali, Beenish; Khan, Mumtaz A.; Ghafoor, Abdul; Arif, Mohammad Report 396
Petroleum geology of Loralai Formation in western Sulaiman Range. Hamid, Kashif; Khan, Muhammad Saadat Report 192
Removal of chromium (III) from aqueous solutions by the Organic Ion Exchangers. Shah, K. H.; Mustafa, S.; Hamayun, M.; Ahmed, T.; Shah, I.; Salah-ud-Din Report 218
Safe bearing capacity evaluation for the proposed National Testing Services building at Sector H-8, Islamabad. Goher, Aqeel; Awan, Umair; Manzoor, Arslan Report 428
Salt tectonics of the Karoli area, Central Salt Range, Sub-Himalayas, Pakistan. Nizami, Abdur Rauf; Bhatti, Zahid Imran; Shahbaz, Arslan; Qayyum, Abdul; Pirzada, Tahir Shahzad Report 348
Sedimentologic studies of upper sands of lower Goru Formation based on well cuttings and wireline logs from wells of X Field in the subsurface of Sindh Monocline, Southern Indus Basin, Pakistan. Sahito, Ali Ghulam; Solangi, Sarfraz Hussain; Usmani, Parveen; Brohi, Imdad Ali; Napar, Latif Dino Author abstract 337
Sedimentology of the Lockhart limestone (Paleocene), Changlagali area, Nathiagali-Murree Road, Hazara, N. Pakistan. Iqbal, Shahid; Haneef, Muhammad; Sameeni, Shahid Jameel; Ali, Taqweemul Haq; Shabbir, Farhan; Arshad Report 242
Sheikhupura (northern Punjab) earthquake of August 08, 2010: Preliminary investigation. MonaLisa; Jan, M. Qasim Author abstract 381
Site amplification factor at Mardan, Pakistan. Ahmad, Irshad; Waseem, Muhammad Author abstract 297
Status of Seismic Hazard Assessment in Pakistan. Javed, Muhammad Author abstract 355
Structural interpretation of carbonate mounts in Indus offshore, Pakistan using geological and geophysical data integration. MonaLisa; Hajana, M. Iqbal Author abstract 450
Study of seabed and subsurface channels using high resolution 2D seismic data, Indus fan, Pakistan. Pasha, Abdul Rashid Report 429
Temporal evolution of surface rupture deduced from coseismic multi-mode secondary fractures: Insights from the October 8, 2005 (Mw 7.6) Kashmir earthquake, NW Himalaya. Sayab, Mohammad; Khan, Muhammad Asif Author abstract 315
The importance of nuclear energy in future, major uranium deposits of the world and Pakistan. Report 623
Thick skin tectonic study of the Hazara-Kashmir Syntaxis based on gravity data. Khan, Muhammad Rustam; Baig, Mirza Shahid; Khan, Muhammad Sabir Author abstract 325
Thin skin tectonic study based on gravity along the western limb of Hazara Kashmir Syntaxis, Muzaffarabad and adjoining areas, Sub Himalayas, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Mughal, Muhammad Saleem; Khan, Muhammad Rustam; Baig, Mirza Shahid; Khan, Muhammad Sabir; Pervez, Sh Report 348
Threat of glacial lake outburst flood to Tehsil Gupis from Khukush lake, District Ghizer, Gilgit, Pakistan. Rehman, Gohar Report 351
Trace elements distribution in the soil profiles of Peshawar. Siddiqui, Samina Author abstract 197
U-Pd zircon ages for the Chinglai gneiss, lower Buner, North Pakistan. Ahmad, Irshad; Shuhab, D. Khan; Lappen, Tom Report 905
Use of GIS in defining the management strategies for groundwater resources of Quetta valley, Pakistan. Khan, Junaid; Ali, Muhammad Author abstract 288
Water quality assessment of Mardan district with special emphasis on heavy metals contamination. Gul, Nida; Shah, M. Tahir; Khan, Sardar; Tariq, Shahina Report 388
Water quality in Derajat Legahri, Dera Ghazi Khan. Goher, Aqeel; Ashraf, Mohammed; Khan, Mohammed Arshad Report 358

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