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Articles from Journal of Healthcare Engineering (January 1, 2018)

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3D Printed Anatomy-Specific Fixture for Consistent Glenoid Cavity Position in Shoulder Simulator. Venne, Gabriel; Esau, Greg; Bicknell, Ryan T.; Bryant, J. Tim 3217
3D Shape-Weighted Level Set Method for Breast MRI 3D Tumor Segmentation. Wang, Chuin-Mu; Huang, Chieh-Ling; Yang, Sheng-Chih 7589
A Comprehensive Method for Accurate Strain Distribution Measurement of Cell Substrate Subjected to Large Deformation. He, Hong; Zhou, Rong; Zou, Yuanwen; Huang, Xuejin; Li, Jinchuan 5552
A Computer-Aided Pipeline for Automatic Lung Cancer Classification on Computed Tomography Scans. Dandil, Emre 6496
A Deep Belief Network and Dempster-Shafer-Based Multiclassifier for the Pathology Stage of Prostate Cancer. Kim, Jae Kwon; Choi, Mun Joo; Lee, Jong Sik; Hong, Jun Hyuk; Kim, Choung-Soo; Seo, Seong Il; Jeong, 5662
A Depth Evidence Score Fusion Algorithm for Chinese Medical Intelligence Question Answering System. Zhou, Xiabing; Wu, Binglin; Zhou, Qinglei 5805
A Digital Compressed Sensing-Based Energy-Efficient Single-Spot Bluetooth ECG Node. Luo, Kan; Cai, Zhipeng; Du, Keqin; Zou, Fumin; Zhang, Xiangyu; Li, Jianqing 5573
A Domain-Specific Terminology for Retinopathy of Prematurity and Its Applications in Clinical Settings. Zhang, Yinsheng; Zhang, Guoming 3310
A Filtering Method for Identification of Significant Target mRNAs of Coexpressed and Differentially Expressed MicroRNA Clusters. Lee, Su Yeon; Shin, Soo-Yong; Yoon, Young Jo; Park, Yu Rang 2975
A Framework of Rebalancing Imbalanced Healthcare Data for Rare Events' Classification: A Case of Look-Alike Sound-Alike Mix-Up Incident Detection. Zhao, Yang; Wong, Zoie Shui-Yee; Tsui, Kwok Leung 6655
A Handy Preterm Infant Incubator for Providing Intensive Care: Simulation, 3D Printed Prototype, and Evaluation. Zaylaa, Amira J.; Rashid, Mohamad; Shaib, Mounir; Majzoub, Imad El 8241
A Kalman-Filter-Based Common Algorithm Approach for Object Detection in Surgery Scene to Assist Surgeon's Situation Awareness in Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery. Ryu, Jiwon; Moon, Youngjin; Choi, Jaesoon; Kim, Hee Chan 5011
A Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot in Sitting Position with a Review of Training Activities. Eiammanussakul, Trinnachoke; Sangveraphunsiri, Viboon 10842
A Method for Tooth Model Reconstruction Based on Integration of Multimodal Images. Zhou, Xinwen; Gan, Yangzhou; Xiong, Jing; Zhang, Dongxia; Zhao, Qunfei; Xia, Zeyang 4291
A Mobile Multimedia Reminiscence Therapy Application to Reduce Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms in Persons with Alzheimer's. Imtiaz, Danish; Khan, Arshia; Seelye, Adriana 4709
A New Intelligent Medical Decision Support System Based on Enhanced Hierarchical Clustering and Random Decision Forest for the Classification of Alcoholic Liver Damage, Primary Hepatoma, Liver Cirrhosis, and Cholelithiasis. Singh, Aman; Pandey, Babita 5911
A New Remote Health-Care System Based on Moving Robot Intended for the Elderly at Home. Zhou, Bing; Wu, Kaige; Lv, Pei; Wang, Jing; Chen, Gang; Ji, Bo; Liu, Siying 6068
A Novel Haptic Interactive Approach to Simulation of Surgery Cutting Based on Mesh and Meshless Models. Cheng, Qiangqiang; Liu, Peter X.; Lai, Pinhua; Xu, Shaoping; Zou, Yanni 9044
A Novel Interpretation for Arterial Pulse Pressure Amplification in Health and Disease. Alfonso, Manuel R.; Armentano, Ricardo L.; Cymberknop, Leandro J.; Ghigo, Arthur R.; Pessana, Franco 5771
A Novel Method to Quantify Longitudinal Orthodontic Bone Changes with In Vivo Micro-CT Data. Wang, Chao; Cao, Li; Yang, Chongshi; Fan, Yubo 4784
A Novel Multiscale Gaussian-Matched Filter Using Neural Networks for the Segmentation of X-Ray Coronary Angiograms. Cruz-Aceves, Ivan; Cervantes-Sanchez, Fernando; Avila-Garcia, Maria Susana 6290
A Novel Neural Network Model for Blood Pressure Estimation Using Photoplethesmography without Electrocardiogram. Wang, Ludi; Zhou, Wei; Xing, Ying; Zhou, Xiaoguang 7067
A Novel Sleep Respiratory Rate Detection Method for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Based on Characteristic Moment Waveform. Fang, Yu; Jiang, Zhongwei; Wang, Haibin 4178
A Novel Wire Is Effective for Echo-Guiding Percutaneous Atrial Septal Defect Closure: A Preclinical Study. Liu, Yao; Guo, Gai-Li; Zhang, Feng-Wen; Wen, Bin; Ou-Yang, Wen-Bin; Xie, Yong- quan; Pan, Xiang-Bin Report 2205
A Numerical Model of Blood Flow Velocity Measurement Based on Finger Ring. Yusheng, Fu; Wang, Qiyu; Yi, Jianbo; Song, Dan; Xiang, Xin 5231
A Review of Robotics in Neurorehabilitation: Towards an Automated Process for Upper Limb. Ona, E.D.; Cano-de la Cuerda, R.; Sanchez-Herrera, P.; Balaguer, C.; Jardon, A. 12697
A Review on the Nonlinear Dynamical System Analysis of Electrocardiogram Signal. Nayak, Suraj K.; Bit, Arindam; Dey, Anilesh; Mohapatra, Biswajit; Pal, Kunal 15031
A Sorting Statistic with Application in Neurological Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Autism. Levman, Jacob; Takahashi, Emi; Forgeron, Cynthia; MacDonald, Patrick; Stewart, Natalie; Lim, Ashley; Report 4178
A Study of the Effects of Daily Physical Activity on Memory and Attention Capacities in College Students. Phan, Dinh-Van; Chan, Chien-Lung; Pan, Ren-Hao; Yang, Nan-Ping; Hsu, Hsiu-Chen; Ting, Hsien-Wei; Lai Report 5948
A Study on Secure Medical-Contents Strategies with DRM Based on Cloud Computing. Ko, Hoon; Mesicek, Libor; Choi, Jongsun; Hwang, Seogchan 4639
A Subband-Specific Deconvolution Model for MTF Improvement in CT. Han, Seokmin; Choi, Kihwan; Yoo, Sang Wook 3498
A Wearable System for Real-Time Continuous Monitoring of Physical Activity. Taffoni, Fabrizio; Rivera, Diego; La Camera, Angelica; Nicolo, Andrea; Velasco, Juan Ramon; Massaron 9589
Accurate Rapid Lifetime Determination on Time-Gated FLIM Microscopy with Optical Sectioning. Silva, Susana F.; Domingues, Jose Paulo; Morgado, Antonio Miguel 3774
Actuator-Assisted Calibration of Freehand 3D Ultrasound System. Koo, Terry K.; Silvia, Nathaniel 7185
Advancements of Image Processing and Vision in Healthcare. Ahad, Md Atiqur Rahman; Kobashi, Syoji; Tavares, Joao Manuel R.S. 1561
Advancements of Medical Image Enhancement in Healthcare Applications. Fu, Shujun; Zhang, Ming; Mu, Chengpo; Shen, Xiaohong 1120
Aflibercept Treatment Leads to Vascular Abnormalization of the Choroidal Neovascularization. Wylegala, Adam; Wylegala, Filip; Wylegala, Edward 2199
Agricultural Farm-Related Injuries in Bangladesh and Convenient Design of Working Hand Tools. Parvez, M.S.; Shahriar, M.M. 5248
An Application for Skin Macules Characterization Based on a 3-Stage Image-Processing Algorithm for Patients with Diabetes. Peral, Cinthya Lourdes Toledo; Becerril, Francisco Jose Ramos; Martinez, Gabriel Vega; Hernandez, Ar 6771
An Automatic Bleeding Frame and Region Detection Scheme for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Videos Based on Interplane Intensity Variation Profile in Normalized RGB Color Space. Kundu, Amit Kumar; Fattah, Shaikh Anowarul; Rizve, Mamshad Nayeem 7133
An Easily Customized Gesture Recognizer for Assisted Living Using Commodity Mobile Devices. Mezari, Antigoni; Maglogiannis, Ilias 6775
An Efficient Middle Layer Platform for Medical Imaging Archives. Erguzen, Atilla; Erdal, Erdal 6715
An Efficient Teager Energy Operator-Based Automated QRS Complex Detection. Beyramienanlou, Hamed; Lotfivand, Nasser 5883
An Elderly Care System Based on Multiple Information Fusion. He, Zhiwei; Lu, Dongwei; Yang, Yuxiang; Gao, Mingyu 6387
An Evaluation of HTML5 and WebGL for Medical Imaging Applications. Min, Qiusha; Wang, Zhifeng; Liu, Neng 6944
An Evolutionary Computation Approach for Optimizing Multilevel Data to Predict Patient Outcomes. Barnes, Sean; Saria, Suchi; Levin, Scott Report 6587
An Improved Fuzzy Connectedness Method for Automatic Three-Dimensional Liver Vessel Segmentation in CT Images. Zhang, Rui; Zhou, Zhuhuang; Wu, Weiwei; Lin, Chung-Chih; Tsui, Po-Hsiang; Wu, Shuicai 8144
An Orthopaedic Robotic-Assisted Rehabilitation Method of the Forearm in Virtual Reality Physiotherapy. Padilla-Castaneda, Miguel A.; Sotgiu, Edoardo; Barsotti, Michele; Frisoli, Antonio; Orsini, Piero; M 14446
Analysis for the Influence of ABR Sensitivity on PTT-Based Cuff-Less Blood Pressure Estimation before and after Exercise. Xu, Yang; Ping, Peng; Wang, Dong; Zhang, Weigong 6220
Analysis of a Pulse Rate Variability Measurement Using a Smartphone Camera. Banhalmi, Andras; Borbas, Janos; Fidrich, Marta; Bilicki, Vilmos; Gingl, Zoltan; Rudas, Laszlo 8023
Analysis of Bone Mineral Density/Content of Paratroopers and Hoopsters. Luo, Yixue; Luo, Chenyu; Cai, Yuhui; Jiang, Tianyun; Chen, Tianhong; Xiao, Wenyue; Guo, Junchao; Fan 6566
ANN and Fuzzy Logic Based Model to Evaluate Huntington Disease Symptoms. Lauraitis, Andrius; Maskeliunas, Rytis; Damasevicius, Robertas 5455
Application of Operational Research Techniques in Operating Room Scheduling Problems: Literature Overview. Gur, Seyda; Eren, Tamer Report 13628
Approaches to Medical Decision-Making Based on Big Clinical Data. Malykh, V.L.; Rudetskiy, S.V. 6562
Artificial Intelligence in Medical Applications. Chan, Yung-Kuan; Chen, Yung-Fu; Pham, Tuan; Chang, Weide; Hsieh, Ming-Yuan 1116
Assessing Effectiveness and Costs in Robot-Mediated Lower Limbs Rehabilitation: A Meta-Analysis and State of the Art. Carpino, Giorgio; Pezzola, Alessandra; Urbano, Michele; Guglielmelli, Eugenio 7342
Assisted Protection Headphone Proposal to Prevent Chronic Exposure to Percussion Instruments on Musicians. Parra, Lorena; Torres, Marta; Lloret, Jaime; Campos, Agustin; Bosh, Ignacio 7024
Atrial Fibrillation Beat Identification Using the Combination of Modified Frequency Slice Wavelet Transform and Convolutional Neural Networks. Xu, Xiaoyan; Wei, Shoushui; Ma, Caiyun; Luo, Kan; Zhang, Li; Liu, Chengyu 5070
Automated Region Extraction from Thermal Images for Peripheral Vascular Disease Monitoring. Gauci, Jean; Falzon, Owen; Formosa, Cynthia; Gatt, Alfred; Ellul, Christian; Mizzi, Stephen; Mizzi, 7627
Automated Risk Control in Medical Imaging Equipment Management Using Cloud Application. Ghanem, Sally M.; Wahed, Manal Abdel; Saleh, Neven 4625
Automatic Analysis of Lateral Cephalograms Based on Multiresolution Decision Tree Regression Voting. Wang, Shumeng; Li, Huiqi; Li, Jiazhi; Zhang, Yanjun; Zou, Bingshuang 10070
Automatic Semantic Segmentation of Brain Gliomas from MRI Images Using a Deep Cascaded Neural Network. Cui, Shaoguo; Mao, Lei; Jiang, Jingfeng; Liu, Chang; Xiong, Shuyu Report 7917
Bayesian Classification Models for Premature Ventricular Contraction Detection on ECG Traces. Casas, Manuel M.; Avitia, Roberto L.; Gonzalez-Navarro, Felix F.; Cardenas-Haro, Jose A.; Reyna, Mar 5336
Biomechanics and Bioengineering of Orthopedic and Cardiovascular Rehabilitation. Wang, Lizhen; Lin, Chia-Ying; Yao, Wei; Wong, Duo Wai-Chi; Zhu, Rui 873
Blood Pressure Estimation Using Photoplethysmography Only: Comparison between Different Machine Learning Approaches. Khalid, Syed Ghufran; Zhang, Jufen; Chen, Fei; Zheng, Dingchang 7201
Bone Loss around Dental Implants 5 Years after Implantation of Biphasic Calcium Phosphate (HAp/[beta]TCP) Granules. Klimecs, Vadims; Grishulonoks, Alexanders; Salma, Ilze; Neimane, Laura; Locs, Janis; Saurina, Eva; S 3648
Breast Mass Detection in Digital Mammogram Based on Gestalt Psychology. Wang, Hongyu; Feng, Jun; Bu, Qirong; Liu, Feihong; Zhang, Min; Ren, Yu; Lv, Yi 8144
Causal Relationship Analysis of the Patient Safety Culture Based on Safety Attitudes Questionnaire in Taiwan. Lee, Yii-Ching; Zeng, Pei-Shan; Huang, Chih-Hsuan; Wu, Hsin-Hung 4614
Chinese Mobile Health APPs for Hypertension Management: A Systematic Evaluation of Usefulness. Liang, Jun; He, Xiaojun; Jia, Yuxi; Zhu, Wei; Lei, Jianbo 7689
Classification of Computed Tomography Images in Different Slice Positions Using Deep Learning. Sugimori, Hiroyuki 6028
Classification of Targets and Distractors Present in Visual Hemifields Using Time-Frequency Domain EEG Features. Sweeti; Joshi, Deepak; Panigrahi, B.K.; Anand, Sneh; Santhosh, Jayasree 6232
Comment on "Assessing Effectiveness and Costs in Robot-Mediated Lower Limbs Rehabilitation: A Meta-Analysis and State of the Art". Esquenazi, Alberto Letter to the editor 1868
Comparative Study on Automated Cell Nuclei Segmentation Methods for Cytology Pleural Effusion Images. Win, Khin Yadanar; Choomchuay, Somsak; Hamamoto, Kazuhiko; Raveesunthornkiat, Manasanan Report 7931
Comparison between High- and Low-Cost Transmission of Tele-Anesthesia in Japan. Sugawara, Yoh; Miyashita, Tetsuya; Mizuno, Yusuke; Nagamine, Yusuke; Miyazaki, Tomoyuki; Kobayashi, 3474
Comparison of Machine-Learning Classification Models for Glaucoma Management. An, Guangzhou; Omodaka, Kazuko; Tsuda, Satoru; Shiga, Yukihiro; Takada, Naoko; Kikawa, Tsutomu; Naka Report 3837
Computation Methods for Biomedical Information Analysis. Xia, Yong; Cai, Weidong; Yang, Xiaofeng; Wang, Shanshan 895
Computer Vision in Healthcare Applications. Gao, Junfeng; Yang, Yong; Lin, Pan; Park, Dong Sun 2722
Corneal Vibrations during Intraocular Pressure Measurement with an Air-Puff Method. Koprowski, Robert; Wilczynski, Slawomir 8655
Corrigendum to "Distant Supervision with Transductive Learning for Adverse Drug Reaction Identification from Electronic Medical Records". Correction notice 281
Corrigendum to "The Effect of Arch Height and Material Hardness of Personalized Insole on Correction and Tissues of Flatfoot". Correction notice 198
Data Processing and Text Mining Technologies on Electronic Medical Records: A Review. Sun, Wencheng; Cai, Zhiping; Li, Yangyang; Liu, Fang; Fang, Shengqun; Wang, Guoyan 6857
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Chest Diseases Detection. Abiyev, Rahib H.; Ma'aitah, Mohammad Khaleel Sallam 5982
Demand and Financial Constraints in Eliminating Architectural and Technical Barriers for People with Disabilities in Poland. Heldak, Maria; Stacherzak, Agnieszka; Przybyla, Katarzyna 6000
Design and Control of a New Biomimetic Transfemoral Knee Prosthesis Using an Echo-Control Scheme. Bernal-Torres, Mario G.; Medellin-Castillo, Hugo I.; Arellano-Gonzalez, Juan C. 8815
Design of a Clinical Decision Support System for Fracture Prediction Using Imbalanced Dataset. Chen, Yung-Fu; Lin, Chih-Sheng; Wang, Kuo-An; Rahman, La Ode Abdul; Lee, Dah-Jye; Chung, Wei-Sheng; 9876
Detection of Heart Rate through a Wall Using UWB Impulse Radar. Cho, Hui-Sup; Park, Young-Jin 4466
Development of a New Robotic Ankle Rehabilitation Platform for Hemiplegic Patients after Stroke. Liu, Quanquan; Wang, Chunbao; Long, Jian Jun; Sun, Tongyang; Duan, Lihong; Zhang, Xin; Zhang, Bo; Sh 5903
Development of an Estimation Instrument of Acoustic Lens Properties for Medical Ultrasound Transducers. Choi, Hojong; Jeong, Jongseon Johnson; Kim, Jungsuk 3548
Digital Design of Medical Replicas via Desktop Systems: Shape Evaluation of Colon Parts. Bici, Michele; Cardini, Valerio; Eugeni, Marco; Guachi, Robinson; Bini, Fabiano; Campana, Francesca; 6162
Direct Parametric Maps Estimation from Dynamic PET Data: An Iterated Conditional Modes Approach. Scipioni, Michele; Giorgetti, Assuero; Latta, Daniele Della; Fucci, Sabrina; Positano, Vincenzo; Lan 7381
Dynamic Analysis of the Abnormal Isometric Strength Movement Pattern between Shoulder and Elbow Joint in Patients with Hemiplegia. Liu, Yali; Hong, Yuezhen; Ji, Linhong 4773
Dynamic Modeling and Interactive Performance of PARM: A Parallel Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Robot Using Impedance Control for Patients after Stroke. Guang, Hui; Ji, Linhong; Shi, Yingying; Misgeld, Berno J.E. 5812
Dynamic Simulation of Biomechanical Behaviour of the Pelvis in the Lateral Impact Loads. Hatami, Mohsen; Wang, Dongmei; Qu, Aili; Xiangsen, Zeng; Wang, Qiugen; Kazemian, Behzad Baradaran 7570
Earable RCC: Development of an Earphone-Type Reliable Chewing-Count Measurement Device. Taniguchi, Kazuhiro; Kondo, Hisashi; Tanaka, Toshiya; Nishikawa, Atsushi 5616
Earable ZEN: Development of an Earphone-Type Zazen Support Wearable System. Taniguchi, Kazuhiro; Nishikawa, Atsushi 8113
Effect of Constraint Loading on the Lower Limb Muscle Forces in Weightless Treadmill Exercise. Guo, Ning; Fan, Xingyu; Wu, Yuting; Li, Zhili; Liu, Shujuan; Wang, Linjie; Yao, Jie; Li, Yinghui 4770
Effect of Dropping Height on the Forces of Lower Extremity Joints and Muscles during Landing: A Musculoskeletal Modeling. Niu, Wenxin; Wang, Lejun; Jiang, Chenghua; Zhang, Ming 4025
Effect of High-Induction Magnetic Stimulation on Elasticity of the Patellar Tendon. Prucha, Jaroslav; Socha, Vladimir; Sochova, Viera; Hanakova, Lenka; Stojic, Slobodan Clinical report 5576
Effective Pneumothorax Detection for Chest X-Ray Images Using Local Binary Pattern and Support Vector Machine. Chan, Yuan-Hao; Zeng, Yong-Zhi; Wu, Hsien-Chu; Wu, Ming-Chi; Sun, Hung-Min 5703
Efficiency Analysis of Healthcare System in Lebanon Using Modified Data Envelopment Analysis. Ibrahim, Mustapha D.; Daneshvar, Sahand 3939
Efficient OCT Image Enhancement Based on Collaborative Shock Filtering. Liu, Guohua; Wang, Ziyu; Mu, Guoying; Li, Peijin 3387
eHealth Solutions for the Integrated Healthcare. Vanagas, Giedrius; Engelbrecht, Rolf; Damasevicius, Robertas; Suomi, Reima; Solanas, Agusti 1979
Electrochemotherapy Effectiveness Loss due to Electric Field Indentation between Needle Electrodes: A Numerical Study. Berkenbrock, Jose Alvim; Machado, Rafaela Grecco; Suzuki, Daniela Ota Hisayasu 4882
Enhancement of the Comb Filtering Selectivity Using Iterative Moving Average for Periodic Waveform and Harmonic Elimination. Ferreira, Jose L.; Wu, Yan; Aarts, Ronald M. 5953
Ensemble of Rotation Trees for Imbalanced Medical Datasets. Guo, Huaping; Liu, Haiyan; Wu, Chang-an; Liu, Wei; She, Wei 6654
Erratum to "Influence of Gait Speeds on Contact Forces of Lower Limbs". Correction notice 1086
Evaluating the Effects of Kinesthetic Biofeedback Delivered Using Reaction Wheels on Standing Balance. Afzal, Muhammad Raheel; Eizad, Amre; Pena, Carlos Ernesto Palo; Yoon, Jungwon 7805
Evaluation of Commonly Used Algorithms for Thyroid Ultrasound Images Segmentation and Improvement Using Machine Learning Approaches. Poudel, Prabal; Illanes, Alfredo; Sheet, Debdoot; Friebe, Michael 7893
Evoked Hemodynamic Response Estimation to Auditory Stimulus Using Recursive Least Squares Adaptive Filtering with Multidistance Measurement of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy. Zhang, Yan; Liu, Xin; Liu, Dan; Yang, Chunling; Wang, Qisong; Sun, Jinwei; Wang, Kuanquan 4725
Evolution Model of Health Food Safety Risk Based on Prospect Theory. Luo, Jun; Ma, Baichao; Zhao, Yongle; Chen, Tingqiang 7635
Experimental Characterization of NURSE, a Device for Arm Motion Guidance. Chaparro-Rico, Betsy Dayana Marcela; Cafolla, Daniele; Ceccarelli, Marco; Castillo-Castaneda, Eduard 6411
Extraspectral Imaging for Improving the Perceived Information Presented in Retinal Prosthesis. Atabany, Walid Al-; Yaman, Musa Al; Degenaar, Patrick 6848
Facial Pain Expression Recognition in Real-Time Videos. Dutta, Pranti; Nachamai, M. 11056
Feasibility of Kinect-Based Games for Balance Rehabilitation: A Case Study. Ayed, Ines; Ghazel, Adel; Jaume-i-Capo, Antoni; Moya-Alcover, Gabriel; Varona, Javier; Martinez-Bues Case study 5826
Feasibility of Using a Novel 2.45 GHz Double Short Distance Slot Coaxial Antenna for Minimally Invasive Cancer Breast Microwave Ablation Therapy: Computational Model, Phantom, and In Vivo Swine Experimentation. Ortega-Palacios, R.; Trujillo-Romero, C.J.; Rubio, M.F.J. Cepeda; Vera, A.; Leija, L.; Reyes, Jose L 6156
Force Analysis and Evaluation of a Pelvic Support Walking Robot with Joint Compliance. Ji, Jiancheng; Guo, Shuai; Xi, Fengfeng "Jeff" 6045
Fully Automatic Segmentation and Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Liver in CT Images. Wang, ZhenZhou; Zhang, Cunshan; Jiao, Ticao; Gao, MingLiang; Zou, Guofeng 5806
Functional and Structural Plasticity of Brain in Elite Karate Athletes. Duru, Adil Deniz; Balcioglu, Taylan Hayri 5602
Gastric Pathology Image Classification Using Stepwise Fine-Tuning for Deep Neural Networks. Qu, Jia; Hiruta, Nobuyuki; Terai, Kensuke; Nosato, Hirokazu; Murakawa, Masahiro; Sakanashi, Hidenori 7508
Gaussian Modelling Characteristics of Peripheral Arterial Pulse: Difference between Measurements from the Three Trimesters of Healthy Pregnancy. Li, Kunyan; Zhang, Song; Yang, Lin; Jiang, Hongqing; Hao, Dongmei; Zhang, Lei; Zheng, Dingchang Medical condition overview 4939
Genuine and Secure Identity-Based Public Audit for the Stored Data in Healthcare Cloud. Zhang, Jianhong; Sun, Zhibin; Mao, Jian 6872
Health Information System Role-Based Access Control Current Security Trends and Challenges. de Carvalho, Marcelo Antonio, Jr.; Bandiera-Paiva, Paulo 4851
How to Build a Patient-Specific Hybrid Simulator for Orthopaedic Open Surgery: Benefits and Limits of Mixed-Reality Using the Microsoft HoloLens. Condino, Sara; Turini, Giuseppe; Parchi, Paolo D.; Viglialoro, Rosanna M.; Piolanti, Nicola; Gesi, M 8017
Identification of Cerebral Artery Stenosis Using Bilateral Photoplethysmography. Kang, Hyun Goo; Lee, Seogki; Ryu, Han Uk; Shin, Youngsuk 4643
Image Processing in Ophthalmology. Koprowski, Robert; Nowinska, Anna; Wilczynski, Slawomir; Lanza, Michele; Molebny, Vasyl; Ambrosio, R 851
Impact of Fitness Status on the Optically Measured Hemodynamic Indexes. Kuznik, B.I.; Smolyakov, Y.N.; Davydov, S.O.; Tsybikov, N.N.; Maksimova, O.G.; Malinina, A.V.; Shenk 3890
Implementing Medical Technological Equipment in the OR: Factors for Successful Implementations. Misser, Navin Sewberath; van Zaane, Bas; Jaspers, Joris E.N.; Gooszen, Hein; Versendaal, Johan Report 4434
Improved Multiscale Entropy Technique with Nearest-Neighbor Moving-Average Kernel for Nonlinear and Nonstationary Short-Time Biomedical Signal Analysis. Arunachalam, S.P.; Kapa, S.; Mulpuru, S.K.; Friedman, P.A.; Tolkacheva, E.G. 6617
Improved Surface-Based Registration of CT and Intraoperative 3D Ultrasound of Bones. Fanti, Zian; Torres, Fabian; Hazan-Lasri, Eric; Gastelum-Strozzi, Alfonso; Ruiz-Huerta, Leopoldo; Ca 7026
Improvement of Adequate Digoxin Dosage: An Application of Machine Learning Approach. Hu, Ya-Han; Tai, Chun-Tien; Tsai, Chih-Fong; Huang, Min-Wei 7009
Indication of Mental Health from Fingertip Pulse Waves and Its Application. Oyama-Higa, Mayumi; Ou, Fumitake 7580
Influence of Nanofiber Orientation on Morphological and Mechanical Properties of Electrospun Chitosan Mats. Nitti, Paola; Gallo, Nunzia; Natta, Lara; Scalera, Francesca; Palazzo, Barbara; Sannino, Alessandro; 7103
Injectable Nanocurcumin-Formulated Chitosan-g-Pluronic Hydrogel Exhibiting a Great Potential for Burn Treatment. Dang, Le Hang; Nguyen, Thi Hiep; Tran, Ha Le Bao; Doan, Vu Nguyen; Tran, Ngoc Quyen Medical condition overview 9172
Intelligent Control Wheelchair Using a New Visual Joystick. Rabhi, Yassine; Mrabet, Makrem; Fnaiech, Farhat 10550
Intensity-Based Nonoverlapping Area Registration Supporting "Drop-Outs" in Terms of Model-Based Radiostereometric Analysis. Klima, Ondrej; Novobilsky, Petr; Madeja, Roman; Barina, David; Chromy, Adam; Spanel, Michal; Zemcik, 5431
Intercondylar Notch Impingement of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament: A Cadaveric In Vitro Study Using Robots. Wilson, Ross; Barhorst, Alan A. Report 15934
Is Intensity Inhomogeneity Correction Useful for Classification of Breast Cancer in Sonograms Using Deep Neural Network? Lee, Chia-Yen; Chen, Guan-Lin; Zhang, Zhong-Xuan; Chou, Yi-Hong; Hsu, Chih-Chung Correction notice 6540
IT-Enabled Clinical Decision Support: An Empirical Study on Antecedents and Mechanisms. van de Wetering, Rogier Report 7846
Knowledge and Attitude of Health Professionals toward Telemedicine in Resource-Limited Settings: A Cross-Sectional Study in North West Ethiopia. Biruk, Kirubel; Abetu, Eden Report 5344
Leg Length Discrepancy: Dynamic Balance Response during Gait. Azizan, Nurul Azira; Basaruddin, Khairul Salleh; Salleh, Ahmad Faizal; Sulaiman, Abdul Razak; Safar, 6057
Leukocyte Image Segmentation Using Novel Saliency Detection Based on Positive Feedback of Visual Perception. Pan, Chen; Xu, Wenlong; Shen, Dan; Yang, Yong 5183
Linear Phase Sharp Transition BPF to Detect Noninvasive Maternal and Fetal Heart Rate. Marchon, Niyan; Naik, Gourish; Pai, K.R. 6387
Link Prediction Investigation of Dynamic Information Flow in Epilepsy. He, Yan; Yang, Fan; Yu, Yunli; Grebogi, Celso 7972
Local Binary Patterns Descriptor Based on Sparse Curvelet Coefficients for False-Positive Reduction in Mammograms. Pawar, Meenakshi M.; Talbar, Sanjay N.; Dudhane, Akshay 8846
Manipulability Inclusive Principle for Assistive Result Evaluation of Assistive Mechanism. Liang, Wenyuan; Yu, Yong 10283
Mechanical Design and Control Strategy for Hip Joint Power Assisting. Liang, Wenyuan 3636
Mechanical Properties of the Periodontal System and of Dental Constructs Deduced from the Free Response of the Tooth. Sinescu, Cosmin; Duma, Virgil-Florin; Dodenciu, Dorin; Stratul, Stefan; Manole, Marius; Draganescu, 7604
Medical Mechatronics for Healthcare. Liu, Yi-Hung; Moratal, David; Escudero, Javier; Huang, Han-Pang 1737
Medical Signal Processing in Biomedical and Clinical Applications. Pal, Kunal; Mitra, Kunal; Bit, Arindam; Bhattacharyya, Saugat; Dey, Anilesh 662
Mobile Aid to Assist with Care Decisions in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Khan, Arshia; Li, Kun; Madden, Janna 3964
Modeling Medical Services with Mobile Health Applications. Wang, Zhenfei; Zhang, Liying; Ma, Ling; Liu, Bing 7593
Modelling and Experiment Based on a Navigation System for a Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgical Robot. Duan, Xingguang; Gao, Liang; Wang, Yonggui; Li, Jianxi; Li, Haoyuan; Guo, Yanjun 9093
Motor Imagery-Based Brain-Computer Interface Coupled to a Robotic Hand Orthosis Aimed for Neurorehabilitation of Stroke Patients. Cantillo-Negrete, Jessica; Carino-Escobar, Ruben I.; Carrillo-Mora, Paul; Elias-Vinas, David; Gutier 7243
Multifeature Quantification of Nuclear Properties from Images of H&E-Stained Biopsy Material for Investigating Changes in Nuclear Structure with Advancing CIN Grade. Konstandinou, Christos; Glotsos, Dimitris; Kostopoulos, Spiros; Kalatzis, Ioannis; Ravazoula, Panagi 7171
NDDN: A Cloud-Based Neuroinformation Database for Developing Neuronal Networks. Pu, Jiangbo; Li, Xiangning 4459
Noninvasive Estimation of Joint Moments with Inertial Sensor System for Analysis of STS Rehabilitation Training. Liu, Kun; Yan, Jianchao; Liu, Yong; Ye, Ming 8682
Nonmotile Single-Cell Migration as a Random Walk in Nonuniformity: The "Extreme Dumping Limit" for Cell-to-Cell Communications. Panotopoulos, Grigorios P.; Aguayo, Sebastian; Haidar, Ziyad S. 5545
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