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Articles from Journal of Healthcare Engineering (January 1, 2017)

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2-Way k-Means as a Model for Microbiome Samples. Jackson, Weston J.; Agarwal, Ipsita; Pe'er, Itsik 4727
A 3D Scan Model and Thermal Image Data Fusion Algorithms for 3D Thermography in Medicine. Chromy, Adam; Klima, Ondrej 5124
A 3D-Printed Sensor for Monitoring Biosignals in Small Animals. Cho, Sung-Joon; Byun, Donghak; Nam, Tai-Seung; Choi, Seok-Yong; Lee, Byung-Geun; Kim, Myeong-Kyu; Ki 3216
A Benchmark for Endoluminal Scene Segmentation of Colonoscopy Images. Vazquez, David; Bernal, Jorge; Sanchez, F. Javier; Fernandez-Esparrach, Gloria; Lopez, Antonio M.; R 5001
A Comparative Analysis of PID, Lead, Lag, Lead-Lag, and Cascaded Lead Controllers for a Drug Infusion System. Jadoon, Zuwwar Khan; Shakeel, Sobia; Saleem, Abeera; Khaqan, Ali; Shuja, Sana; ul-Hasan, Qadeer; Mal 6992
A Fast SVM-Based Tongue's Colour Classification Aided by k-Means Clustering Identifiers and Colour Attributes as Computer-Assisted Tool for Tongue Diagnosis. Kamarudin, Nur Diyana; Ooi, Chia Yee; Kawanabe, Tadaaki; Odaguchi, Hiroshi; Kobayashi, Fuminori 8019
A Feasibility Study of SSVEP-Based Passive Training on an Ankle Rehabilitation Robot. Zeng, Xiangfeng; Zhu, Guoli; Yue, Lan; Zhang, Mingming; Xie, Shane Report 5865
A Granular Ontology Model for Maternal and Child Health Information System. Ismail, Saadia; Alshmari, Majed; Latif, Khalid; Ahmad, Hafiz Farooq 5014
A Kalman Filtering and Nonlinear Penalty Regression Approach for Noninvasive Anemia Detection with Palpebral Conjunctiva Images. Chen, Yi-Ming; Miaou, Shaou-Gang 8050
A Mechanical Sensor Designed for Dynamic Joint Angle Measurement. Ching, Congo Tak-Shing; Liao, Su-Yu; Cheng, Teng-Yun; Cheng, Chih-Hsiu; Sun, Tai-Ping; Yao, Yan-Dong 5951
A Method for Assessing the Retention of Trace Elements in Human Body Using Neural Network Technology. Tunakova, Yulia; Novikova, Svetlana; Ragimov, Aligejdar; Faizullin, Rashat; Valiev, Vsevolod 3971
A New Feature Ensemble with a Multistage Classification Scheme for Breast Cancer Diagnosis. Esener, Idil Isikli; Ergin, Semih; Yuksel, Tolga 10338
A Novel Approach towards Medical Entity Recognition in Chinese Clinical Text. Liang, Jun; Xian, Xuemei; He, Xiaojun; Xu, Meifang; Dai, Sheng; Xin, Jun'yi; Xu, Jie; Yu, Jian; Lei, 11285
A Numerical Investigation into the Effects of Overweight and Obesity on Total Knee Arthroplasty. Wang, Changjiang; Guo, Yuan; Shi, Junfen; Chen, Weiyi Report 4589
A Predictive Model to Classify Undifferentiated Fever Cases Based on Twenty-Four-Hour Continuous Tympanic Temperature Recording. Dakappa, Pradeepa H.; Prasad, Keerthana; Rao, Sathish B.; Bolumbu, Ganaraja; Bhat, Gopalkrishna K.; 4400
A Queue-Based Monte Carlo Analysis to Support Decision Making for Implementation of an Emergency Department Fast Track. Fitzgerald, Kristin; Pelletier, Lori; Reznek, Martin A. 5056
A Real-Time Analysis Method for Pulse Rate Variability Based on Improved Basic Scale Entropy. Chou, Yongxin; Zhang, Ruilei; Feng, Yufeng; Lu, Mingli; Lu, Zhenli; Xu, Benlian 6124
A Remote Health Monitoring System for the Elderly Based on Smart Home Gateway. Guan, Kai; Shao, Minggang; Wu, Shuicai 4787
A Review on Human Activity Recognition Using Vision-Based Method. Zhang, Shugang; Wei, Zhiqiang; Nie, Jie; Huang, Lei; Wang, Shuang; Li, Zhen 21741
A SOA-Based Platform to Support Clinical Data Sharing. Gazzarata, R.; Giannini, B.; Giacomini, M. 15752
A Strain Feedback Compensation Method during Cell Tensile Experiments. Zhou, Rong; Yang, Yunshu; Zhang, Wenzhuo; Zou, Yuanwen Report 3876
A Systematic Review on Recent Advances in mHealth Systems: Deployment Architecture for Emergency Response. Gonzalez, Enrique; Pena, Raul; Avila, Alfonso; Vargas-Rosales, Cesar; Munoz-Rodriguez, David 7185
An Adaptive and Time-Efficient ECG R-Peak Detection Algorithm. Qin, Qin; Li, Jianqing; Yue, Yinggao; Liu, Chengyu 8491
An Approach to Developing Customized Total Knee Replacement Implants. Li, Xinyu; Wang, Changjiang; Guo, Yuan; Chen, Weiyi 4608
An Approach to Evaluate Blurriness in Retinal Images with Vitreous Opacity for Cataract Diagnosis. Xiong, Li; Li, Huiqi; Xu, Liang 9393
An Ensemble Multilabel Classification for Disease Risk Prediction. Li, Runzhi; Liu, Wei; Lin, Yusong; Zhao, Hongling; Zhang, Chaoyang 6213
An Evaluation of the Benefits of Simultaneous Acquisition on PET/MR Coregistration in Head/Neck Imaging. Monti, Serena; Cavaliere, Carlo; Covello, Mario; Nicolai, Emanuele; Salvatore, Marco; Aiello, Marco 4986
An Improved Random Walker with Bayes Model for Volumetric Medical Image Segmentation. Dong, Chunhua; Zeng, Xiangyan; Lin, Lanfen; Hu, Hongjie; Han, Xianhua; Naghedolfeizi, Masoud; Aberra 7033
An Interactive Care System Based on a Depth Image and EEG for Aged Patients with Dementia. Dang, Xin; Kang, Bingbing; Liu, Xuyang; Cui, Guangyu 4608
An Interpretable Classification Framework for Information Extraction from Online Healthcare Forums. Gao, Jun; Liu, Ninghao; Lawley, Mark; Hu, Xia 9787
An Open-Structure Treadmill Gait Trainer: From Research to Application. Li, Jian; Chen, Diansheng; Fan, Yubo 6231
Analysis of Cardiovascular Tissue Components for the Diagnosis of Coronary Vulnerable Plaque from Intravascular Ultrasound Images. Lee, Ju Hwan; Hwang, Yoo Na; Kim, Ga Young; Shin, Eun Seok; Kim, Sung Min 3810
Analysis of the Biceps Brachii Muscle by Varying the Arm Movement Level and Load Resistance Band. Burhan, Nuradebah; Kasno, Mohammad 'Afif; Ghazali, Rozaimi; Said, Md Radzai; Abdullah, Shahrum Shah; Report 4994
Antagonist Muscle Prefatigue Increases the Intracortical Communication between Contralateral Motor Cortices during Elbow Extension Contraction. Wang, Lejun; Ma, Aidi; Wang, Yuting; You, Songhui; Lu, Aiyun 3483
Anti-Skin Cancer Activities of Apostichopus japonicus Extracts from Low-Temperature Ultrasonification Process. Kim, Nam Young; Choi, Woon Yong; Heo, Soo Jin; Kang, Do Hyung; Lee, Hyeon Yong 3729
Assessment of Homodyned K Distribution Modeling Ultrasonic Speckles from Scatterers with Varying Spatial Organizations. Hu, Xiao; Zhang, Yufeng; Deng, Li; Cai, Guanghui; Zhang, Qinghui; Zhou, Yi; Zhang, Kexin; Zhang, Jun 8578
Association Patterns of Ontological Features Signify Electronic Health Records in Liver Cancer. Chan, Lawrence W.C.; Wong, S.C. Cesar; Chiau, Choo Chiap; Chan, Tak-Ming; Tao, Liang; Feng, Jinghan; 5776
Atlas-Free Cervical Spinal Cord Segmentation on Midsagittal T2-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Images. Liao, Chun-Chih; Ting, Hsien-Wei; Xiao, Furen 8683
Automatic CDR Estimation for Early Glaucoma Diagnosis. Fernandez-Granero, M.A.; Sarmiento, A.; Sanchez-Morillo, D.; Jimenez, S.; Alemany, P.; Fondon, I. 8633
Automatic Radiographic Position Recognition from Image Frequency and Intensity. Ren, Ning-ning; Ma, An-ran; Han, Li-bo; Sun, Yong; Shao, Yan; Qiu, Jian-feng 3792
Axiomatic Design of a Framework for the Comprehensive Optimization of Patient Flows in Hospitals. Arcidiacono, Gabriele; Maand, Dominik T.; Rauch, Erwin 5137
Biomechanical Effects of Various Bone-Implant Interfaces on the Stability of Orthodontic Miniscrews: A Finite Element Study. Tan, Fabing; Wang, Chao; Yang, Chongshi; Huang, Yuanding; Fan, Yubo Report 4158
Biomechanical Property of a Newly Designed Assembly Locking Compression Plate: Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis. Zhou, Jiang-Jun; Zhao, Min; Liu, Da; Liu, Hai-Ying; Du, Cheng-Fei 4401
Biomechanics in Musculoskeletal Health. Niu, Wenxin; Zhang, Ming; Yao, Jie; Wang, Liping; Siu, Ka-Chun 787
Blood Vessel Extraction in Color Retinal Fundus Images with Enhancement Filtering and Unsupervised Classification. Yavuz, Zafer; Kose, Cemal 7680
Cell Detection Using Extremal Regions in a Semisupervised Learning Framework. Ramesh, Nisha; Liu, Ting; Tasdizen, Tolga 9014
Classification of Daily Activities for the Elderly Using Wearable Sensors. Liu, Jian; Sohn, Jeehoon; Kim, Sukwon 3401
Clinical Decision Support System for Diabetes Based on Ontology Reasoning and TOPSIS Analysis. Chen, Rung-Ching; Jiang, Hui Qin; Huang, Chung-Yi; Bau, Cho-Tsan 7381
Combination of Deep Recurrent Neural Networks and Conditional Random Fields for Extracting Adverse Drug Reactions from User Reviews. Tutubalina, Elena; Nikolenko, Sergey 6929
Comparative Analysis of Hybrid Models for Prediction of BP Reactivity to Crossed Legs. Kaur, Gurmanik; Arora, Ajat Shatru; Jain, Vijender Kumar Report 7125
Comparison of Morphologic Parameters of Temporomandibular Joint for Asymptomatic Subjects Using the Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Measuring Methods. Zhang, Yuanli; Xu, Xianchao; Liu, Zhan 4854
Computed Tomography Scanner Productivity and Entry-Level Models in the Global Market. Santos, R.P.; Pires, A.L.A.; Almeida, R.M.V.R.; Pereira, W.C.A. Report 3331
Computer-Aided Clinical Trial Recruitment Based on Domain-Specific Language Translation: A Case Study of Retinopathy of Prematurity. Zhang, Yinsheng; Zhang, Guoming; Shang, Qian Case study 5430
Correlation Clustering of Stable Angina Clinical Care Patterns for 506 Thousand Patients. Vassy, Zsolt; Kosa, Istvan; Vassanyi, Istvan 6828
Data Mining for Biomedicine and Healthcare. Huang, Zhengxing; Juarez, Jose M.; Li, Xiang 1227
Deep Learning- and Transfer Learning-Based Super Resolution Reconstruction from Single Medical Image. Zhang, YiNan; An, MingQiang 6463
Design and Fabrication of Smart Diapers with Antibacterial Yarn. Lin, Jia-Horng; Shiu, Bing-Chiuan; Lou, Ching-Wen; Chang, Yuan-Jen 4517
Design and Interaction Control of a New Bilateral Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Device. Miao, Qing; Zhang, Mingming; Wang, Yupu; Xie, Sheng Q. 4864
Determination of Fetal Left Ventricular Volume Based on Two-Dimensional Echocardiography. Yu, Li; Guo, Yi; Wang, Yuanyuan; Yu, Jinhua; Chen, Ping 4943
Developing a Low-Cost Force Treadmill via Dynamic Modeling. Hong, Chih-Yuan; Guo, Lan-Yuen; Song, Rong; Nagurka, Mark L.; Sung, Jia-Li; Yen, Chen-Wen 5885
Development and Implementation of an End-Effector Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot for Hemiplegic Patients with Line and Circle Tracking Training. Liu, Yali; Li, Chong; Ji, Linhong; Bi, Sheng; Zhang, Xuemin; Huo, Jianfei; Ji, Run 6500
Development of a Blood Pressure Measurement Instrument with Active Cuff Pressure Control Schemes. Kuo, Chung-Hsien; Wu, Chun-Ju; Chou, Hung-Chyun; Chen, Guan-Ting; Kuo, Yu-Cheng 7162
Development of a Prototype Robotic System for Radiosurgery with Upper Hemispherical Workspace. Noh, Sun Young; Jeong, Kyungmin; Seo, Yong-chil; Kim, Chang-hoi; Park, Jongwon; Choi, Yoo Rark; Lee, 2872
Development of an Automatic Dispensing System for Traditional Chinese Herbs. Lin, Chi-Ying; Hsieh, Ping-Jung 6458
Development of Single-Channel Hybrid BCI System Using Motor Imagery and SSVEP. Ko, Li-Wei; Ranga, S.S.K.; Komarov, Oleksii; Chen, Chung-Chiang 4593
Development of the Arabic Voice Pathology Database and Its Evaluation by Using Speech Features and Machine Learning Algorithms. Mesallam, Tamer A.; Farahat, Mohamed; Malki, Khalid H.; Alsulaiman, Mansour; Ali, Zulfiqar; Al-nashe 9507
Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Based on Structural MRI Images Using a Regularized Extreme Learning Machine and PCA Features. Lama, Ramesh Kumar; Gwak, Jeonghwan; Park, Jeong-Seon; Lee, Sang-Woong Report 7030
Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform, PCA, and Feed-Forward Neural Network. Jha, Debesh; Kim, Ji-In; Kwon, Goo-Rak 7952
Digital Path Approach Despeckle Filter for Ultrasound Imaging and Video. Szczepanski, Marek; Radlak, Krystian 6284
Distant Supervision with Transductive Learning for Adverse Drug Reaction Identification from Electronic Medical Records. Taewiji, Siriwon; Theeramunkong, Thanaruk; Ikeda, Mitsuru 15227
Early Spatiotemporal Patterns and Knee Kinematics during Level Walking in Individuals following Total Knee Arthroplasty. Wu, Xubo; Chu, Lixi; Xiao, Lianbo; He, Yong; Jiang, Shuyun; Yang, Songbin; Liu, Yijie 3305
Effect of Color Light Stimulation Using LED on Sleep Induction Time. Lee, Seonjin; Kim, Dongwook 5008
Effect of Graded Facetectomy on Lumbar Biomechanics. Zeng, Zhi-li; Zhu, Rui; Wu, Yang-chun; Zuo, Wei; Yu, Yan; Wang, Jian-jie; Cheng, Li-ming 4345
Effect on Chest Deformation of Simultaneous Correction of Pectus Excavatum with Scoliosis. Ye, Jin-Duo; Lu, Guang-Pu; Feng, Jing-Jing; Zhong, Wei-Hong Correction notice 4573
Effects of Pectus Excavatum on the Spine of Pectus Excavatum Patients with Scoliosis. Zhong, WeiHong; Ye, JinDuo; Feng, JingJing; Geng, LiYang; Lu, GuangPu; Liu, JiFu; Zhang, ChunQiu 3770
Effects of Scan Resolutions and Element Sizes on Bovine Vertebral Mechanical Parameters from Quantitative Computed Tomography-Based Finite Element Analysis. Zhang, Meng; Gao, Jiazi; Huang, Xu; Gong, He; Zhang, Min; Liu, Bei 8986
Effects of Two Fatigue Protocols on Impact Forces and Lower Extremity Kinematics during Drop Landings: Implications for Noncontact Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury. Xia, Rui; Zhang, Xini; Wang, Xi; Sun, Xiaole; Fu, Weijie 6032
Efficient Active Sensing with Categorized Further Explorations for a Home Behavior-Monitoring Robot. Yu, Wenwei; Nakahata, Keigo; Hao Sun, Guang; Namiki, Akio; Suwa, Sayuri; Tsujimura, Mayuko; Xie, Le; 9856
Enabling Health Reform through Regional Health Information Exchange: A Model Study from China. Lei, Jianbo; Wen, Dong; Zhang, Xingting; Li, Jiayu; Lan, Haiying; Meng, Qun; Sittig, Dean F. Report 5572
Endogenous Production of n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Promotes Fracture Healing in Mice. Chen, Yuhui; Cao, He; Sun, Dawei; Lin, Changxin; Wang, Liang; Huang, Minjun; Jiang, Huaji; Zhang, Zh 3678
Epileptic MEG Spike Detection Using Statistical Features and Genetic Programming with KNN. Alotaiby, Turky N.; Alrshoud, Saud R.; Alshebeili, Saleh A.; Alhumaid, Majed H.; Alsabhan, Waleed M. 4141
Evaluating the Relationship between Productivity and Quality in Emergency Departments. Kang, Hyojung; Bastian, Nathaniel D.; Riordan, John P. 6116
Evaluation of Electrospun Nanofiber-Anchored Silicone for the Degenerative Intervertebral Disc. Khandaker, M.; Riahanizad, S. 3707
Experimental Simulation-Based Performance Evaluation of an SMS-Based Emergency Geolocation Notification System. Osebor, Isibor; Misra, Sanjay; Omoregbe, Nicholas; Adewumi, Adewole; Fernandez-Sanz, Luis 7625
Experimental Study on the Mechanical Properties of Porcine Cartilage with Microdefect under Rolling Load. Men, Yu-tao; Li, Xiao-ming; Chen, Ling; Fu, Hu Report 4935
Exploring Space Management Goals in Institutional Care Facilities in China. Li, Lingzhi; Yuan, Jingfeng; Ning, Yan; Shao, Qiuhu; Zhang, Jiankun 9452
Fall Prevention Shoes Using Camera-Based Line-Laser Obstacle Detection System. Lin, Tzung-Han; Yang, Chi-Yun; Shih, Wen-Pin 5328
Feature Extraction and Classification on Esophageal X-Ray Images of Xinjiang Kazak Nationality. Yang, Fang; Yan, Murat HamiChuan B.; Yao, Juan; Kutluk, Abdugheni; Kong, Xi.M.; Zhang, Sui X. 7660
Feature-Based Retinal Image Registration Using D-Saddle Feature. Ramli, Roziana; Idris, Mohd Yamani Idna; Hasikin, Khairunnisa; Karim, Noor Khairiah A.; Wahab, Ainud Report 9011
Frame-Based CT Image Reconstruction via the Balanced Approach. Zhou, Weifeng; Xiang, Hua Report 4090
Gaussian Elimination-Based Novel Canonical Correlation Analysis Method for EEG Motion Artifact Removal. Roy, Vandana; Shukla, Shailja; Shukla, Piyush Kumar; Rawat, Paresh 5840
Gene Expression Changes in Long-Term In Vitro Human Blood-Brain Barrier Models and Their Dependence on a Transwell Scaffold Material. Gaston, Joel D.; Bischel, Lauren L.; Fitzgerald, Lisa A.; Cusick, Kathleen D.; Ringeisen, Bradley R. 7858
Gentamicin Released from Porous Scaffolds Fabricated by Stereolithography. Channasanon, Somruethai; Udomkusonsri, Pareeya; Chantaweroad, Surapol; Tesavibul, Passakorn; Tanodek 4099
Graph-Based Semantic Web Service Composition for Healthcare Data Integration. Arch-int, Ngamnij; Arch-int, Somjit; Sonsilphong, Suphachoke; Wanchai, Paweena Report 11782
Handling Data Skew in MapReduce Cluster by Using Partition Tuning. Gao, Yufei; Zhou, Yanjie; Zhou, Bing; Shi, Lei; Zhang, Jiacai Report 7245
Heavy Metal Contamination in Soil and Brown Rice and Human Health Risk Assessment near Three Mining Areas in Central China. Fan, Yu; Zhu, Tingping; Li, Mengtong; He, Jieyi; Huang, Ruixue 7204
Hierarchical Shared Control of Cane-Type Walking-Aid Robot. Tao, Chunjing; Yan, Qingyang; Li, Yitong 5845
Hollow Abutment Screw Design for Easy Retrieval in Case of Screw Fracture in Dental Implant System. Sim, Bo Kyun; Kim, Bongju; Kim, Min Jeong; Jeong, Guk Hyun; Ju, Kyung Won; Shin, Yoo Jin; Kim, Man Y 2255
How Arch Support Insoles Help Persons with Flatfoot on Uphill and Downhill Walking. Huang, Yu-Ping; Kim, Kwantae; Song, Chen-Yi; Chen, Yat-Hon; Peng, Hsien-Te 4296
Hybrid Disease Diagnosis Using Multiobjective Optimization with Evolutionary Parameter Optimization. Nalluri, Madhu Sudana Rao; K., Kannan; M., Manisha; Roy, Diptendu Sinha 20551
Impact of Acetic Acid on the Survival of L. plantarum upon Microencapsulation by Coaxial Electrospraying. Gomez-Mascaraque, Laura G.; Ambrosio-Martin, Jesus; Perez-Masia, Rocio; Lopez-Rubio, Amparo 4125
Incorporating Topic Assignment Constraint and Topic Correlation Limitation into Clinical Goal Discovering for Clinical Pathway Mining. Xu, Xiao; Jin, Tao; Wei, Zhijie; Wang, Jianmin 8579
Inertial Sensor-Based Motion Analysis of Lower Limbs for Rehabilitation Treatments. Sun, Tongyang; Li, Hua; Liu, Quanquan; Duan, Lihong; Li, Meng; Wang, Chunbao; Liu, Qihong; Li, Weigu Report 4815
Influence of Gait Speeds on Contact Forces of Lower Limbs. Wang, Xin; Ma, Yue; Hou, Bo Yi; Lam, Wing-Kai 4412
Inhibitory Effect of Propolis on Platelet Aggregation In Vitro. Zhang, Yun-Xiang; Yang, Ting-Ting; Xia, Liu; Zhang, Wei-Fen; Wang, Jia-Fu; Wu, Ya-Ping 3255
Intraoral Scanner Technologies: A Review to Make a Successful Impression. Richert, Raphael; Gouja, Alexis; Vene, Laurent; Viguie, Gilbert; Vienno, Stephane; Robinson, Philip; 5213
Inventory Control System for a Healthcare Apparel Service Centre with Stockout Risk: A Case Analysis. Pan, An; Hui, Chi-Leung 7493
Iterative Learning Impedance for Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot. Guo, Chenhui; Guo, Shuai; Ji, Jiancheng; Xi, Fengfeng 5259
Joint Torque and Mechanical Power of Lower Extremity and Its Relevance to Hamstring Strain during Sprint Running. Zhong, Yunjian; Fu, Weijie; Wei, Shutao; Li, Qing; Liu, Yu 5146
Leveraging Multiactions to Improve Medical Personalized Ranking for Collaborative Filtering. Gao, Shan; Guo, Guibing; Li, Runzhi; Wang, Zongmin 7790
Longitudinal Changes in Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness Evaluated Using Avanti Rtvue-XR Optical Coherence Tomography after 23G Vitrectomy for Epiretinal Membrane in Patients with Open-Angle Glaucoma. Lyssek-Boron, Anita; Wylegala, Adam; Polanowska, Katarzyna; Krysik, Katarzyna; Dobrowolski, Dariusz Clinical report 3312
Low-Frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Is Able to Modulate miRNAs in an Experimental Cell Model of Alzheimer's Disease. Capelli, Enrica; Torrisi, Filippo; Venturini, Letizia; Granato, Maria; Fassina, Lorenzo; Lupo, Giuse 7611
Low-Grade Glioma Segmentation Based on CNN with Fully Connected CRF. Li, Zeju; Wang, Yuanyuan; Yu, Jinhua; Shi, Zhifeng; Guo, Yi; Chen, Liang; Mao, Ying 6949
Low-Rank and Sparse Decomposition Model for Accelerating Dynamic MRI Reconstruction. Chen, Junbo; Liu, Shouyin; Huang, Min 4412
Machine Learning Theory and Applications for Healthcare. Khare, Ashish; Jeon, Moongu; Sethi, Ishwar K.; Xu, Benlian 760
Markov Chain-Based Acute Effect Estimation of Air Pollution on Elder Asthma Hospitalization. Luo, Li; Zhang, Fengyi; Zhang, Wei; Sun, Lin; Li, Chunyang; Huang, Debin; Han, Gao; Wang, Bin 8175
Measurements of Corneal Thickness in Eyes with Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome: Comparative Study of Different Image Processing Protocols. Krysik, Katarzyna; Dobrowolski, Dariusz; Polanowska, Katarzyna; Lyssek-Boron, Anita; Wylegala, Edwar 3417
Mechanical Bed for Investigating Sleep-Inducing Vibration. Kimura, Hitoshi; Kuramoto, Akisue; Inui, Yuma; Inou, Norio 4610
Medical Imaging Lesion Detection Based on Unified Gravitational Fuzzy Clustering. Kinani, Jean Marie Vianney; Silva, Alberto Jorge Rosales; Funes, Francisco Gallegos; Vargas, Dante M 7268
Model of Murine Ventricular Cardiac Tissue for In Vitro Kinematic-Dynamic Studies of Electromagnetic and [beta]-Adrenergic Stimulation. Fassina, Lorenzo; Cornacchione, Marisa; Pellegrini, Manuela; Mognaschi, Maria Evelina; Gimmelli, Rob 5054
Molecular Skin Surface-Based Transformation Visualization between Biological Macromolecules. Yan, Ke; Wang, Bing; Cheng, Holun; Ji, Zhiwei; Huang, Jing; Gao, Zhigang 7286
Morphological and Microstructural Alterations of the Articular Cartilage and Bones during Treadmill Exercises with Different Additional Weight-Bearing Levels. Gao, Jiazi; Fang, Juan; Gong, He; Gao, Bingzhao 5112
Morphological, Immunocytochemical, and Biochemical Studies of Rat Costal Chondrocytes Exposed to IL-1[beta] and TGF-[beta]1. Li, Xiaoli; Ren, Xiaoyong; Li, Sisi; Liang, Jianmin; Zhao, Xiaoyan; Wang, Ting; Wang, Zhenghui 3021
Multimodal Image Alignment via Linear Mapping between Feature Modalities. Jiang, Yanyun; Zheng, Yuanjie; Hou, Sujuan; Chang, Yuchou; Gee, James 3107
Multimodal Imaging for the Detection of Brown Adipose Tissue Activation in Women: A Pilot Study Using NIRS and Infrared Thermography. Hartwig, Valentina; Guiducci, Letizia; Marinelli, Martina; Pistoia, Laura; Tegrimi, Tommaso Minutoli 4236
Neural Network-Based Coronary Heart Disease Risk Prediction Using Feature Correlation Analysis. Kim, Jae Kwon; Kang, Sanggil 6854
New Directions in 3D Medical Modeling: 3D-Printing Anatomy and Functions in Neurosurgical Planning. Gargiulo, Paolo; Arnadottir, Iris; Gislason, Magnus; Edmunds, Kyle; Olafsson, Ingvar Clinical report 4212
Noninvasive Evaluation of Portal Hypertension Using a Supervised Learning Technique. Marozas, Mindaugas; Zykus, Romanas; Sakalauskas, Andrius; Kupcinskas, Limas; Lukosevicius, Arunas 6422
Nonrigid Registration of Prostate Diffusion-Weighted MRI. Hao, Lei; Huang, Yali; Gao, Yuehua; Chen, Xiaoxi; Wang, Peiguang 6556
Novel Passive Two-Stage Magnetic Targeting Devices for Distal Locking of Interlocking Nails. Wong, Tze-Hong; Lee, Meng-Shiue; Wu, Sung-Yueh; Hsu, Wensyang; Chung, Tien-Kan; Wu, Chia-Pei; Hsu, P 5166
Novel Variants of a Histogram Shift-Based Reversible Watermarking Technique for Medical Images to Improve Hiding Capacity. Kelkar, Vishakha; Tuckley, Kushal; Nemade, Hitesh 4646
Obtaining Natural Sit-to-Stand Motion with a Biomimetic Controller for Powered Knee Prostheses. Wu, Molei; Haque, Rejwanul; Shen, Xiangrong 3703
Patient-Specific Deep Architectural Model for ECG Classification. Luo, Kan; Li, Jianqing; Wang, Zhigang; Cuschieri, Alfred 6793
Quantitative Analysis of Intracellular Motility Based on Optical Flow Model. Huang, Yali; Hao, Lei; Li, Heng; Liu, Zhiwen; Wang, Peiguang Report 6493
R Peak Detection Method Using Wavelet Transform and Modified Shannon Energy Envelope. Park, Jeong-Seon; Lee, Sang-Woong; Park, Unsang 6770
Realization of a CORDIC-Based Plug-In Accelerometer Module for PSG System in Head Position Monitoring for OSAS Patients. Lin, Wen-Yen; Chou, Wen-Cheng; Shiao, Tsu-Hui; Shiao, Guang-Ming; Luo, Chin-Shan; Lee, Ming-Yih 5337
Recent Development of Augmented Reality in Surgery: A Review. Vavra, P.; Roman, J.; Zonca, P.; Ihnat, P.; Nemec, M.; Kumar, J.; Habib, N.; El-Gendi, A. 7977
Removal of Arterial Vessel Contributions in Susceptibility-Weighted Images for Quantification of Normalized Visible Venous Volume in Children with Sickle Cell Disease. Winchell, Adam M.; Song, Ruitian; Loeffler, Ralf B.; Wang, Winfred C.; Hankins, Jane S.; Helton, Kat Clinical report 3936
Research on Safety and Compliance of a New Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot. Feng, Yongfei; Wang, Hongbo; Yan, Hao; Wang, Xincheng; Jin, Zhennan; Vladareanu, Luige Report 5558
Resource Allocation and Outpatient Appointment Scheduling Using Simulation Optimization. Lin, Carrie Ka Yuk; Ling, Teresa Wai Ching; Yeung, Wing Kwan 12124
Robotics in Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering. Hu, Chengzhi; Shi, Qing; Liu, Lianqing; Wejinya, Uche; Hasegawa, Yasuhisa; Shen, Yajing Editorial 903
Safety of the Transcranial Focal Electrical Stimulation via Tripolar Concentric Ring Electrodes for Hippocampal CA3 Subregion Neurons in Rats. Mucio-Ramirez, Samuel; Makeyev, Oleksandr 4861
Segmentation Method for Magnetic Resonance-Guided High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy Planning. Vargas-Olivares, A.; Navarro-Hinojosa, O.; Maqueo-Vicencio, M.; Curiel, L.; Alencastre-Miranda, M.; 3567
Semantic Modeling for Exposomics with Exploratory Evaluation in Clinical Context. Fan, Jung-wei; Li, Jianrong; Lussier, Yves A. 5627
Semantics-Powered Healthcare Engineering and Data Analytics. He, Zhe; Tao, Cui; Bian, Jiang; Dumontier, Michel; Hogan, William R. 1920
Semiautomatic Epicardial Fat Segmentation Based on Fuzzy c-Means Clustering and Geometric Ellipse Fitting. Zlokolica, Vladimir; Krstanovic, Lidija; Velicki, Lazar; Popovic, Branislav; Janev, Marko; Obradovic 6912
Semiautomatic Segmentation of Glioma on Mobile Devices. Wu, Ya-Ping; Lin, Yu-Song; Wu, Wei-Guo; Yang, Cong; Gu, Jian-Qin; Bai, Yan; Wang, Mei-Yun 5640
Smartphone-Driven Low-Power Light-Emitting Device. An, Hea-Ja; Kim, Kyung-Won; Ryu, Mun-Ho; Oh, Han-Yeong; Kim, Nam-Gyun; Park, Kyoung-Jun 3140
Static Progressive Orthoses for Elbow Contracture: A Systematic Review. Chen, Bin; Lin, Jianhua; Liu, Lifen; Niu, Wenxin Clinical report 5169
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