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Articles from Journal of Function Spaces (March 31, 2020)

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Title Author Type Words
A Characterization on Singular Value Inequalities of Matrices. Dai, Wei; Ye, Yongsheng 2737
A Note on Conformable Double Laplace Transform and Singular Conformable Pseudoparabolic Equations. Eltayeb, Hassan; Mesloub, Said 3940
A Remark on Isometries of Absolutely Continuous Spaces. Ranjbar-Motlagh, Alireza 1870
Approximation of an Additive ([[??].sub.1], [[??].sub.2])-Random Operator Inequality. Jang, Sun Young; Saadati, Reza 3415
Boundedness of Singular Integral Operators with Operator-Valued Kernels and Maximal Regularity of Sectorial Operators in Variable Lebesgue Spaces. Zhang, Qinghua; Zhu, Yueping; Wang, Feng Report 6182
Composition Operators on Some Banach Spaces of Harmonic Mappings. Aljuaid, Munirah; Colonna, Flavia 9564
Existence and Nonexistence of Positive Solutions for High-Order Fractional Differential Equation Boundary Value Problems at Resonance. Wang, Yongqing; Wang, Huiqing 5245
Existence of [W.sup.1,1.sub.0] ([OMEGA]) Solutions to Non-Coercivity Quasilinear Elliptic Problem. Xiawu, Jimao; Huang, Shuibo; Mi, Yingyuan; Ri, Maoji 4415
Exponential Polynomials and Nonlinear Differential-Difference Equations. Xu, Junfeng; Rong, Jianxun 6480
J-Self-Adjoint Projections in Krein Spaces. Xu, Xiao-Ming; Zhao, Yile 4631
On the Growth Order and Growth Type of Entire Functions of Several Complex Matrices. Abul-Ez, M.; Abd-Elmageed, H.; Hidan, M.; Abdalla, M. 5263
Pata-Type Fixed-Point Theorems in Kaleva-Seikkala's Type Fuzzy Metric Space. Sima, Ao-Lei; He, Fei; Lu, Ning 5718
Pseudodifferential Operators on Weighted Hardy Spaces. Deng, Yu-long; Long, Shun-chao 4830
Some New Hermite-Hadamard-Type Inequalities Associated with Conformable Fractional Integrals and Their Applications. Iqbal, Arshad; Khan, Muhammad Adil; Ullah, Sana; Chu, Yu-Ming 6076
The Boundedness on Mixed Hardy Spaces. Ding, Wei; Qin, Meidi; Zhu, Yueping 3870
Versions of Inequalities Related to p-Schatten Norm. Gao, Fugen; Liu, Xiaoxiao; Tian, Mengyu 2132

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