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Articles from Journal of Function Spaces (March 1, 2020)

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Title Author Type Words
A Classification of Fourth-Order Dissipative Differential Operators. Wang, Tao; Ao, Ji-jun; Yang, Mei-chun 5364
Commutators of Singular Integral Operators and Lipschitz Functions on Amalgam Spaces. Ma, Jiao; Liu, Zongguang 3112
Completeness Theorem for Eigenparameter Dependent Dissipative Dirac Operator with General Transfer Conditions. Li, Kun; Zhang, Maozhu; Cai, Jinming; Zheng, Zhaowen 5706
Existence of Positive Solution for Fractional Differential Systems with Multipoint Boundary Value Conditions. Lv, Zhi-Wei 4939
Further Results about a Special Fermat-Type Difference Equation. Ma, Hongwei; Qi, Jianming; Zhang, Zhenjie 3986
Growth and Approximation of Laplace-Stieltjes Transform with (p, q)-Proximate Order Converges on the Whole Plane. Cui, Yong Qin; Xu, Hong Yan 5816
Inclusion Relations between a-Modulation Spaces and Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces. Ali, Mohammad; Baddour, Hasan; Darrag, Boushra 4446
Inequalities Involving Conformable Approach for Exponentially Convex Functions and Their Applications. Li, Jun-Feng; Rashid, Saima; Liu, Jia-Bao; Akdemir, Ahmet Ocak; Safdar, Farhat 5516
Intrinsic Square Function Characterizations of Variable Hardy-Lorentz Spaces. Saibi, Khedoudj 6279
Invariance of Deficiency Indices of Second-Order Symmetric Linear Difference Equations under Perturbations. Liu, Yan 4952
Iterative Approximation of Endpoints for Multivalued Mappings in Banach Spaces. Abdeljawad, Thabet; Ullah, Kifayat; Ahmad, Junaid; Mlaiki, Nabil 3539
Multiplicity of Weak Positive Solutions for Fractional p & q Laplacian Problem with Singular Nonlinearity. Yang, Dandan; Bai, Chuanzhi 4947
Nikol'skii-Type Inequalities for Trigonometric Polynomials for Lorentz-Zygmund Spaces. Doktorski, Leo R. Ya. 7731
On the Uniqueness of Meromorphic Functions on Annuli in terms of Deficiencies. Meng, Dawei; Lu, Nan; Liu, Sanyang 3966
Sign Changing Solutions for Coupled Critical Elliptic Equations. Wang, Xin; Yue, Xiaorui 8713
The Universal Teichmuller Space and Function Space. Liu, Yutong; Qi, Yi 5460

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