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Articles from Journal of Function Spaces (August 31, 2020)

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A Novel Speckle Noise Removal Algorithm Based on ADMM and Energy Minimization Method. Chen, Bo; Lv, Yan; Zou, Jinbin; Chen, Wensheng; Pan, Binbin 6062
Biharmonic Hypersurfaces in Pseudo-Riemannian Space Forms with at Most Two Distinct Principal Curvatures. Yang, Chao; Liu, Jiancheng 5444
Common Best Proximity Coincidence Point Theorem for Dominating Proximal Generalized Geraghty in Complete Metric Spaces. Khemphet, Anchalee; Chanthorn, Pharunyou; Phudolsitthiphat, Narawadee 4539
Composition Operator, Boundedness, Compactness, Hyperbolic Bloch-Type Space [[beta].sup.*.sub.[mu]], Hyperbolic-Type Space. Tang, Shuan; Wu, Pengcheng 4435
Dynamic Inequalities in Quotients with General Kernels and Measures. Hamid, H.A. Abd El-; Rezk, H.M.; Ahmed, A.M.; AlNemer, Ghada; Zakarya, M.; Saify, H.A. El 5342
Equivalent Parameter Conditions for the Validity of Half-Discrete Hilbert-Type Multiple Integral Inequality with Generalized Homogeneous Kernel. Chen, Qiang; He, Bing; Hong, Yong; Li, Zhen 2781
Estimates for Fractional Integral Operators and Linear Commutators on Certain Weighted Amalgam Spaces. Wang, Hua 12835
Existence of Homoclinic Orbits for a Singular Differential Equation Involving p-Laplacian. Yin, Honghui; Du, Bo; Yang, Qing; Duan, Feng 3288
Existence Theorems for Fractional Semilinear Integrodifferential Equations with Noninstantaneous Impulses and Delay. Zhu, Bo; Zhu, Minhui 4595
Fixed Point Results of a General Class of Monotone Nonexpansive Mappings in Hyperbolic Metric Spaces. Outass, Rida; Chaira, Karim; Marhrani, El Miloudi; Harmouchi, Nour-eddine El 6473
Fractional Hadamard and Fejer-Hadamard Inequalities Associated with Exponentially (s, m)-Convex Functions. Guo, Shuya; Chu, Yu-Ming; Farid, Ghulam; Mehmood, Sajid; Nazeer, Waqas 4523
Geometric Inequalities via a Symmetric Differential Operator Defined by Quantum Calculus in the Open Unit Disk. Ibrahim, Rabha W.; Elobaid, Rafida M.; Obaiys, Suzan J. 3496
Hyponormality on a Weighted Bergman Space. Sadraoui, Houcine; Halouani, Borhen; Garayev, Mubariz T.; AlShehri, Adel 3682
Improvement on Conformable Fractional Derivative and Its Applications in Fractional Differential Equations. Gao, Feng; Chi, Chunmei 2898
Investigations for a Type of Variable Coefficient Fractional Subdiffusion Equation with Multidelay. Gu, Wei 3648
New Estimates of [q.sub.1][q.sub.2]-Ostrowski-Type Inequalities within a Class of n-Polynomial Prevexity of Functions. Kalsoom, Humaira; Idrees, Muhammad; Baleanu, Dumitru; Chu, Yu-Ming 5839
Optimal Expected Utility of Dividend Payments with Proportional Reinsurance under VaR Constraints and Stochastic Interest Rate. Wen, Yuzhen; Yin, Chuancun 5556
Positive Solutions for a Weakly Singular Hadamard-Type Fractional Differential Equation with Changing-Sign Nonlinearity. Zhang, Xinguang; Yu, Lixin; Jiang, Jiqiang; Wu, Yonghong; Cui, Yujun 6112
Several Turan-Type Inequalities for the Generalized Mittag-Leffler Function. Dou, Xiang Kai; Yin, Li; Lin, Xiu-Li 3170
Some Properties of Kantorovich-Stancu-Type Generalization of Szasz Operators including Brenke-Type Polynomials via Power Series Summability Method. Braha, Naim Latif; Mansour, Toufik; Mursaleen, Mohammad 5440
Some Trapezium-Like Inequalities Involving Functions Having Strongly n-Polynomial Preinvexity Property of Higher Order. Awan, Muhammad Uzair; Talib, Sadia; Noor, Muhammad Aslam; Chu, Yu-Ming; Noor, Khalida Inayat 4328
Speckle Noise Removal by Energy Models with New Regularization Setting. Chen, Bo; Zou, Jinbin; Zhang, Weiqiang 7268
The Range of the Spectral Projection Associated with the Dunkl Laplacian. Said, Salem Ben; Mejjaoli, Hatem 6325
Three-Order Multipoint Boundary Value Problems for p-Laplacian Operator on Time Scales. Su, Hua 5006
Type II Half Logistic Kumaraswamy Distribution with Applications. ZeinEldin, Ramadan A.; Haq, Muhammad Ahsan ul; Hashmi, Sharqa; Elsehety, Mahmoud; Elgarhy, M. 6619
Variational Method to p-Laplacian Fractional Dirichlet Problem with Instantaneous and Noninstantaneous Impulses. Chen, Yiru; Gu, Haibo; Ma, Lina 4133

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