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Articles from Journal of Function Spaces (January 1, 2018)

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([alpha], [psi])-Meir-Keeler Contraction Mappings in Generalized b-Metric Spaces. Karapinar, Erdal; Czerwik, Stefan; Aydi, Hassen 2946
[A.sub.p]([phi]) Weights, BMO([phi]), and Calderon-Zygmund Operators of [phi]-Type. Wu, Ruimin; Wang, Songbai 3946
[C.sup.*]-Algebra-Valued G-Metric Spaces and Related Fixed-Point Theorems. Shen, Congcong; Jiang, Lining; Ma, Zhenhua 6404
A Banach Algebra Similar to Cameron-Storvick's One with Its Equivalent Spaces. Cho, Dong Hyun 8772
A Characterization of the Existence of a Fundamental Bounded Resolution for the Space [C.sub.c] (X) in Terms of X. Ferrando, Juan Carlos 3793
A Hybrid Proximal Algorithm for the Sum of Monotone Operators with Multivalued Mappings. Kaewyong, N.; Kittiratanawasin, L.; Pukdeboon, C.; Sitthithakerngkiet, K. 4492
A New Approach to the Existence of Quasiperiodic Solutions for Second-Order Asymmetric p-Laplacian Differential Equations. Wang, Xiaoming; Wang, Lixia 5360
A New Inequality for Frames in Hilbert Spaces. Xiang, Zhong-Qi 1985
A New Method to Deal with the Stability of the Weak Solutions for a Nonlinear Parabolic Equation. Zhan, Huashui 3145
A New Sufficient Condition for Checking the Robust Stabilization of Uncertain Descriptor Fractional-Order Systems. Wang, Hongxing; Liu, Aijing 3935
A Note on Marcinkiewicz Integrals along Submanifolds of Finite Type. Zhang, Daiqing 5937
A Note on the Fractional Generalized Higher Order KdV Equation. Gu, Yongyi 3997
A Note on the Regularity of the Two-Dimensional One-Sided Hardy-Littlewood Maximal Function. Liu, Feng; Xu, Lei 3944
A Result on the Existence and Uniqueness of Stationary Solutions for a Bioconvective Flow Model. Coronel, Anibal; Friz, Luis; Hess, Ian; Tello, Alex 2514
A Riesz Representation Theorem for the Space of Henstock Integrable Vector-Valued Functions. Becerra, Tomas Perez; Reyna, Juan Alberto Escamilla; Tzompantzi, Daniela Rodriguez; Oliveros, Jose J 6192
A Subfamily of Univalent Functions Associated with q-Analogue of Noor Integral Operator. Arif, Muhammad; Haq, Miraj Ul; Liu, Jin-Lin 2387
A Transference Result of the [L.sup.p]-Continuity of the Jacobi Littlewood-Paley g-Function to the Gaussian and Laguerre Littlewood-Paley g-Function. Navas, Eduard; Urbina, Wilfredo O. 7178
Algebra Properties in Fourier-Besov Spaces and Their Applications. Zhou, Xuhuan; Xiao, Weiliang 5176
Analytic Morrey Spaces and Bloch-Type Spaces. Samuel, Ofori; Wang, Jianfei; Zhao, Yile 2467
Approximate Cubic Lie Derivations on [rho]-Complete Convex Modular Algebras. Kim, Hark-Mahn; Shin, Hwan-Yong 4642
Approximating Solution of Fabrizio-Caputo Volterra's Model for Population Growth in a Closed System by Homotopy Analysis Method. Bashiri, Tahereh; Vaezpour, S. Mansour; Nieto, Juan J. 4117
Approximation Property of the Stationary Stokes Equations with the Periodic Boundary Condition. Jung, Soon-Mo; Roh, Jaiok 2511
Averaged Control for Fractional ODEs and Fractional Diffusion Equations. Mitrovic, Darko; Novak, Andrej; Uzunovic, Tarik 4463
b-Metric Generalization of Some Fixed Point Theorems. Ali, Mumtaz; Arshad, Muhammad 3626
Bilinear Localization Operators on Modulation Spaces. Teofanov, Nenad 6324
Bloch-Type Spaces of Minimal Surfaces. He, Guanghua; Fu, Xi; Zhu, Hancan 3191
Boundedly Spaced Subsequences and Weak Dynamics. Kubrusly, C.S.; Vieira, P.C.M. 4529
Boundedness and Continuity of Several Integral Operators with Rough Kernels in W[F.sub.[beta]]([S.sup.n-1]) on Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces. Liu, Feng 8586
Capacities in Generalized Orlicz Spaces. Baruah, Debangana; Harjulehto, Petteri; Hasto, Peter 7338
Certain Geometric Properties of Generalized Dini Functions. Din, Muhey U.; Raza, Mohsan; Hussain, Saqib; Darus, Maslina 5271
Characterization of [SIGMA]-Semicompleteness via Caristi's Fixed Point Theorem in Semimetric Spaces. Suzuki, Tomonari 4344
Clark-Ocone Formula for Generalized Functionals of Discrete-Time Normal Noises. Wang, Caishi; Lin, Shuai; Huang, Ailing 6699
Class of Analytic Function Related with Uniformly Convex and Janowski's Functions. Rasheed, Akhter; Hussain, Saqib; Zaighum, Muhammad Asad; Darus, Maslina 2388
Common Coupled Fixed Point Theorem for Geraghty-Type Contraction in Partially Ordered Metric Spaces. Liu, Xiao-lan; Zhou, Mi; Damjanovic, Bosko 6754
Common Fixed Point Results for Generalized [mathematical expression not reproducible] Contractive Mappings and Applications. Zoto, Kastriot; Vardhami, Ilir 8063
Common Fixed Points of Four Maps Satisfying F-Contraction on b-Metric Spaces. Nazam, Muhammad; Zhenhua, Ma; Khan, Sami Ullah; Arshad, Muhammad 8239
Commutators of Square Functions Related to Fractional Differentiation for Second-Order Elliptic Operators. Wu, Xiongtao; Tao, Wenyu; Chen, Yanping; Zhu, Kai 3806
Commuting Separately Quasihomogeneous Small Hankel Operators on Pluriharmonic Bergman Space. Wu, Qi; Qin, Chuntao; Chen, Yong; Zhao, Yile 5376
Composition Operators Mapping Logarithmic Bloch Functions into Hardy Space. Kwon, E.G. 3317
Condition Numbers of the Nonlinear Matrix Equation [X.sup.p] - [A.sup.*][e.sup.X]A = I. Chacha, Chacha Stephen; Naqvi, Syed Muhammad Raza Shah 5083
Conformable Fractional Integrals Versions of Hermite-Hadamard Inequalities and Their Generalizations. Khan, Muhammad Adil; Chu, Yu-Ming; Kashuri, Artion; Liko, Rozana; Ali, Gohar 3656
Construction and Stability of Riesz Bases. Bai, Yulin; Wang, Wanyi; Wang, Guixia; Ge, Suqin 3565
Convergence Theorems for Operators Sequences on Functionals of Discrete-Time Normal Martingales. Chen, Jinshu 5475
Convexity of Certain Integral Operators Defined by Struve Functions. Mahmood, Shahid; Mahroz, Sana; Rafiq, Ayesha; Malik, Sarfraz Nawaz; Raza, Mohsan 3131
Corrigendum to "Fixed Points of L-Fuzzy Mappings in Ordered b-Metric Spaces". Beg, Ismat; Ahmed, Mohamed A.; Nafadi, Hatem A. Correction notice 145
Derivative and Lipschitz Type Characterizations of Variable Exponent Bergman Spaces. Ma, Rumeng; Xu, Jingshi 4952
Dynamics of Lotka-Volterra Competition Systems with Fokker-Planck Diffusion. Chung, Jaywan; Kwon, Ohsang 6018
Equivalent Property of a Hilbert-Type Integral Inequality Related to the Beta Function in the Whole Plane. Xin, Dongmei; Yang, Bicheng; Wang, Aizhen 3532
Essential Norm of Difference of Composition Operators from Weighted Bergman Spaces to Bloch-Type Spaces. Krishan, Ram; Sharma, Mehak; Sharma, Ajay K. 2700
Existence and Nonexistence of Positive Solutions for Mixed Fractional Boundary Value Problem with Parameter and p-Laplacian Operator. Wang, Ying 3428
Existence of Equilibria for Discontinuous Games in General Topological Spaces with Binary Relations. Hou, Ji-Cheng 6889
Existence of Generalized Nash Equilibrium in n-Person Noncooperative Games under Incomplete Preference. Li, Xingchang 5191
Existence of Nontrivial Solutions for Some Second-Order Multipoint Boundary Value Problems. Li, Hongyu; Zhang, Junting 4614
Existence of Solutions for Singular Second-Order Ordinary Differential Equations with Periodic and Deviated Nonlocal Multipoint Boundary Conditions. El-Sayed, Ahmed M.A.; Gaafar, Fatma M. 5033
Existence of Uniqueness and Nonexistence Results of Positive Solution for Fractional Differential Equations Integral Boundary Value Problems. Wang, Yongqing 3628
Existence Results for Generalized Bagley-Torvik Type Fractional Differential Inclusions with Nonlocal Initial Conditions. Chen, Lizhen; Li, Gang 4787
Existence Results for Impulsive Fractional q-Difference Equation with Antiperiodic Boundary Conditions. Zuo, Mingyue; Hao, Xinan 3234
Exponential Inequalities for Positive Linear Mappings. Sababheh, Mohammad; Moradi, Hamid Reza; Furuichi, Shigeru 4232
Fixed Point Results for a Class of Monotone Nonexpansive Type Mappings in Hyperbolic Spaces. Pandey, Rameshwar; Pant, Rajendra; Rawashdeh, Ahmed Al- 7855
Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized [[alpha].sub.s]-[psi]-Contractions with Applications. Ma, Zhenhua; Nazam, Muhammad; Khan, Sami Ullah; Li, Xiangling 7447
Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized [theta]--[phi]-Contractions in G-Metric Spaces. Zheng, Dingwei 5323
Fixed Point Theorems in Complete Cone Metric Spaces over Banach Algebras. Cho, Seong-Hoon 6784
Fixed Points of L-Fuzzy Mappings in Ordered B-Metric Spaces. Beg, Ismat; Ahmed, Mohamed A.; Nafadi, Hatem A. 5124
Fixed-Point Theorems for Systems of Operator Equations and Their Applications to the Fractional Differential Equations. Zhang, Xinqiu; Liu, Lishan; Zou, Yumei 5483
Free Subspaces of Free Locally Convex Spaces. Gabriyelyan, Saak S.; Morris, Sidney A. 4374
Generalization of Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities via Conformable Fractional Integrals. Khan, Muhammad Adil; Khurshid, Yousaf; Du, Ting-Song; Chu, Yu-Ming 3581
Generalized Euler-Lagrange Equations for Fuzzy Fractional Variational Problems under gH-Atangana-Baleanu Differentiability. Zhang, Jianke; Wang, Gaofeng; Zhi, Xiaobin; Zhou, Chang 6915
Generalized Lebesgue Points for Hajlasz Functions. Heikkinen, Toni 8097
Generalized Pointwise Holder Spaces Defined via Admissible Sequences. Kreit, Damien; Nicolay, Samuel 6690
Global Bifurcation from Intervals for the Monge-Ampere Equations and Its Applications. Shen, Wenguo 6182
Ground State Solutions for Schrodinger Problems with Magnetic Fields and Hardy-Sobolev Critical Exponents. Liu, Min; Yue, Xiaorui 3301
Hausdorff Operators on Modulation Spaces [M.sup.s.sub.p,p]. Zhao, Guoping; Lou, Qiong 3811
Hermite-Hadamard Type Integral Inequalities for Functions Whose Second-Order Mixed Derivatives Are Coordinated (s, m)-P-Convex. Bai, Yu-Mei; Wu, Shan-He; Wu, Ying 2361
Hermitian Operators and Isometries on Banach Algebras of Continuous Maps with Values in Unital Commutative C*-Algebras. Hatori, Osamu 10331
Herz-Type Hardy Spaces Associated with Operators. Chai, Yan; Han, Yaoyao; Zhao, Kai 5412
Higher-Order Commutators of Parametric Marcinkiewicz Integrals on Herz Spaces with Variable Exponent. Wang, Hongbin; Yan, Dunyan 3798
Hopf Bifurcation of a Delayed Ecoepidemic Model with Ratio-Dependent Transmission Rate. Xia, Wanjun; Kundu, Soumen; Maitra, Sarit 3717
Impulsive Fractional Differential Equations with p-Laplacian Operator in Banach Spaces. Tan, Jingjing; Zhang, Kemei; Li, Meixia 4193
Inexact SA Method for Constrained Stochastic Convex SDP and Application in Chinese Stock Market. Chen, Shuang; Pang, Li-Ping; Lv, Jian; Xia, Zun-Quan 7940
Integral Inequalities Involving Strongly Convex Functions. Song, Ying-Qing; Khan, Muhammad Adil; Ullah, Syed Zaheer; Chu, Yu-Ming 3824
Integration in Orlicz-Bochner Spaces. Nowak, Marian 8438
Inversion of Riesz Potentials for Dunkl Transform. Liu, Moyi; Song, Futao; Wang, Rongxin 3819
Iterative Approximation of Fixed Point of Multivalued [rho]-Quasi-Nonexpansive Mappings in Modular Function Spaces with Applications. Okeke, Godwin Amechi; Bishop, Sheila Amina; Khan, Safeer Hussain 6770
Limit Cycles and Invariant Curves in a Class of Switching Systems with Degree Four. Li, Xinli; Yang, Huijie; Wang, Binghong 4224
Lineability within Peano Curves, Martingales, and Integral Theory. Bartoszewicz, Artur; Bienias, Marek; Glab, Szymon 6131
Linear BVPs and SIEs for Generalized Regular Functions in Clifford Analysis. Li, Pingrun; Cao, Lixia 4824
Multivalued Fixed Point Results for New Generalized F-Dominated Contractive Mappings on Dislocated Metric Space with Application. Rasham, Tahair; Shoaib, Abdullah; Alamri, Badriah A.S.; Arshad, Muhammad 5649
n-Tuplet Coincidence Point Theorems in Partially Ordered Probabilistic Metric Spaces. Karaaslan, Arife Aysun; Karakaya, Vatan 4415
New Characterizations of k-Uniformly Extremely Convex Banach Spaces. Wulede, Suyalatu 2490
New Fixed Point Theorems and Application of Mixed Monotone Mappings in Partially Ordered Metric Spaces. Liu, Li; Mao, Anmin; Shi, Yingying 5916
Non-Nehari Manifold Method for Fractional p-Laplacian Equation with a Sign-Changing Nonlinearity. Luo, Huxiao; Li, Shengjun; He, Wenfeng 1778
Nonlinear Operator Theory and Its Applications. Martinez-Moreno, Juan; Gopal, Dhananjay; Gupta, Vijay; Rojas, Edixon; Shukla, Satish 968
Nonlinear Operators in Fixed Point Theory with Applications to Fractional Differential and Integral Equations. Ahmad, Jamshaid; Al-Rawashdeh, Ahmad Saleh; Nazir, Talat; Parvaneh, Vahid; De la Sen, Manuel 671
Normal Families and Growth of Meromorphic Functions with Their Kth Derivatives. Qi, Jianming; Meng, Fanning; Yuan, Wenjun 5085
Numerical Ranges of Normal Weighted Composition Operators on the Fock Space of [C.sup.N]. Lang, Lili; Zhao, Liankuo 3841
On a New Extension of Mulholland's Inequality in the Whole Plane. Yang, Bicheng; Zhong, Yanru; Chen, Qiang 2127
On an Anisotropic Parabolic Equation on the Domain with a Disjoint Boundary. Zhan, Huashui 2166
On Fixed Point Property under Lipschitz and Uniform Embeddings. Zhang, Jichao; Bao, Lingxin; Su, Lili 4788
On Fourth-Order Elliptic Equations of Kirchhoff Type with Dependence on the Gradient and the Laplacian. Ru, Yuanfang; Wang, Fanglei; Wang, Yunhai; An, Tianqing 3086
On Generalized Moduli of Quasi-Banach Space. Kwun, Young Chel; Qadri, Hussain Minhaj Uddin Ahmad; Nazeer, Waqas; Haq, Absar Ul; Kang, Shin Min 3961
On Some Properties of Cowen-Douglas Class of Operators. Naeini, Parastoo Heiatian; Yousefi, Bahmann 5697
On Strong Coupled Coincidence Points of g-Couplings and an Application. Rashid, Tawseef; Khan, Qamrul Haq; Aydi, Hassen 6957
On the Convergence of a Family of Chlodowsky Type Bernstein-Stancu-Schurer Operators. Shu, Lian-Ta; Zhou, Guorong; Cai, Qing-Bo 4699
On the Effective Reducibility of a Class of Quasi-Periodic Linear Hamiltonian Systems Close to Constant Coefficients. Xue, Nina; Zhao, Wencai 4143
On the Maximum Term and Central Index of Entire Functions and Their Derivatives. Long, Jianren; Qin, Zhigao 3556
On the Non-Newtonian Fluid Equation with a Source Term and a Damping Term. Zhan, Huashui; Li, Yongping 3964
On the Theory of Fractional Calculus in the Pettis-Function Spaces. Salem, Hussein A.H. 8734
Orlicz Mean Dual Affine Quermassintegrals. Zhao, Chang-Jian; Cheung, Wing-Sum 5945
Orlicz-Aleksandrov-Fenchel Inequality for Orlicz Multiple Mixed Volumes. Zhao, Chang-Jian 11020
Periodicities of a System of Difference Equations. Quan, Weizhen; Pan, Miaoqiao; Li, Xiaopei 2873
Positive Solutions for a Fractional Boundary Value Problem with a Perturbation Term. Zou, Yumei 2438
Positive Solutions for a System of Fractional Differential Equations with Two Parameters. Li, Hongyu; Zhang, Junting 4667
Positive Solutions for a System of Nonlinear Semipositone Boundary Value Problems with Riemann-Liouville Fractional Derivatives. Qiu, Xiaowei; Xu, Jiafa; O'Regan, Donal; Cui, Yujun 3600
Positive Solutions for a System of Semipositone Fractional Difference Boundary Value Problems. Chen, Cheng; Xu, Jiafa; O'Regan, Donal; Fu, Zhengqing 3927
Positive Solutions for Boundary Value Problems of Fractional Differential Equation with Integral Boundary Conditions. Sun, Qiao; Ji, Hongwei; Cui, Yujun 3214
Positive Solutions for Higher Order Nonlocal Fractional Differential Equation with Integral Boundary Conditions. Jiang, Jiqiang; Liu, Weiwei; Wang, Hongchuan 5500
Positive Solutions to n-Order Fractional Differential Equation with Parameter. Tan, Jing-jing; Tan, Cong; Zhou, Xueling 3770
Quasilinear Evolution Equations in [L.sup.P.sub.[mu]]-Spaces with Lower Regular Initial Data. Zhang, Qinghua Report 7030
Random Attractors for Stochastic Retarded 2D-Navier-Stokes Equations with Additive Noise. Jia, Xiaoyao; Ding, Xiaoquan 5868
Real Interpolation of Small Lebesgue Spaces in a Critical Case. Ahmed, Irshaad; Hafeez, Aneesa; Murtaza, Ghulam 2752
Recent Development on Nonlinear Methods in Function Spaces and Applications in Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations. Zhang, Xinguang; Wu, Yonghong; Liu, Lishan; Su, Hua 2256
Reducing Subspaces of the Dual Truncated Toeplitz Operator. Hu, Yinyin; Deng, Jia; Yu, Tao; Liu, Liu; Lu, Yufeng 6305
Sarason's Conjecture of Toeplitz Operators on Fock-Sobolev Type Spaces. Wang, Xiaofeng; Chen, Jianjun; Xia, Jin 3744
Separated Boundary Value Problems of Sequential Caputo and Hadamard Fractional Differential Equations. Tariboon, Jessada; Cuntavepanit, Asawathep; Ntouyas, Sotiris K.; Nithiarayaphaks, Woraphak 4908
Sharp Weighted Bounds for Multilinear Fractional Type Operators Associated with Bergman Projection. Zhang, Juan; Lan, Senhua; Xue, Qingying 3705
Slant and Semi-Slant Submanifolds in Metallic Riemannian Manifolds. Hretcanu, Cristina E.; Blaga, Adara M. 10945
Solutions for Integral Boundary Value Problems of Nonlinear Hadamard Fractional Differential Equations. Zhang, Keyu; Wang, Jianguo; Ma, Wenjie 4810
Solvability of Some Perturbed Generalized Variational Inequalities in Reflexive Banach Spaces. Luo, Xue-ping 6245
Some Coefficient Inequalities of q-Starlike Functions Associated with Conic Domain Defined by q-Derivative. Mahmood, Shahid; Jabeen, Mehwish; Malik, Sarfraz Nawaz; Srivastava, H.M.; Manzoor, Rabbiya; Riaz, S. 4448
Some New Coupled Coincidence Point and Coupled Fixed Point Results in Partially Ordered Metric-Like Spaces and an Application. Liang, Min; Zhu, Chuanxi; Wu, Zhaoqi; Chen, Chunfang 7475
Some New Discrete Gronwall-Bellman Type Inequalities with Three Independent Variables and Applications. Liu, Weihua; Huang, Haisong 5538
Some New Theorems on c-Distance without Continuity in Cone Metric Spaces over Banach Algebras. Han, Yan; Xu, Shaoyuan 6453
Some Properties for Solutions of Riemann-Liouville Fractional Differential Systems with a Delay. Zhao, Jing; Meng, Fanwei 1940
Some Properties of Solutions for Some q-Difference Equations Containing Painleve Equation. Zhao, Peng Jun; Xu, Hong Yan 5173
Some Recurrence Relations and Hilbert Series of Right-Angled Affine Artin Monoid M([[??].sup.[infinity].sub.n]). Kuwn, Young Chel; Iqbal, Zaffar; Nizami, Abdul Rauf; Munir, Mobeen; Riaz, Sana; Kang, Shin Min 3121
Some Results on N-Tupled Coincidence and Fixed Points of Graphs on Metric Spaces and an Application to Integral Equations. Soliman, Ahmed H.; Nabil, Tamer 5131
Some Seminormed Difference Sequence Spaces over n-Normed Spaces Defined by a Musielak-Orlicz Function of Order ([alpha], [beta]). Mohiuddine, S.A.; Sharma, Sunil K.; Abuzaid, Dina A. 5804
Spectral Functions for the Vector-Valued Fourier Transform. Mogilevskii, Vadim 9755
Stability of the Diffusion Equation with a Source. Jung, Soon-Mo; Min, Seungwook 4602
Stability of the Wave Equation with a Source. Jung, Soon-Mo; Min, Seungwook 2117
Statistical Order Convergence and Statistically Relatively Uniform Convergence in Riesz Spaces. Xue, Xuemei; Tao, Jian 8261
Stepanov-Like Asymptotical Almost Periodic Functions and an Application. Li, Yongkun; Wang, Yaolu; Xiang, Jianglian 4345
Strauss's Radial Compactness and Nonlinear Elliptic Equation Involving a Variable Critical Exponent. Hashizume, Masato; Sano, Megumi 7264
Strong Convergence of New Two-Step Viscosity Iterative Approximation Methods for Set-Valued Nonexpansive Mappings in CAT(0) Spaces. Xiong, Ting-jian; Lan, Heng-you 5240
Synchronization of Different Uncertain Fractional-Order Chaotic Systems with External Disturbances via T-S Fuzzy Model. Wang, Lin; Ni, Jinbo; Yang, Chunzhi 5733
The Characterization of Generalized Jordan Centralizers on Triangular Algebras. Chen, Quanyuan; Fang, Xiaochun; Li, Changjing 5476
The Choquard Equation with Weighted Terms and Sobolev-Hardy Exponent. Sang, Yanbin; Luo, Xiaorong; Wang, Yongqing 8041
The Conjugate Gradient Viscosity Approximation Algorithm for Split Generalized Equilibrium and Variational Inequality Problems. Li, Meixia; Che, Haitao; Tan, Jingjing 7126
The Eigenvalue Problem for Caputo Type Fractional Differential Equation with Riemann-Stieltjes Integral Boundary Conditions. Ma, Wenjie; Cui, Yujun 4423
The Exact Iterative Solution of Fractional Differential Equation with Nonlocal Boundary Value Conditions. Mao, Jinxiu; Zhao, Zengqin; Wang, Chenguang 2903
The Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions and Lyapunov-Type Inequality for CFR Fractional Differential Equations. Wang, Xia; Xu, Run 2185
The Fixed Point Property of a Banach Algebra Generated by an Element with Infinite Spectrum. Thongin, P.; Fupinwong, W. 5546
The Higher Integrability of Commutators of Calderon-Zygmund Singular Integral Operators on Differential Forms. Niu, Jinling; Xing, Yuming 5769
The Schur Multiplicative and Harmonic Convexities for Three Classes of Symmetric Functions. Sun, Ming-bao; Li, Xin-ping; Zhang, Ying-hui; Zhang, Zai-yuan 4848
The Sub-Supersolution Method and Extremal Solutions of Quasilinear Elliptic Equations in Orlicz-Sobolev Spaces. Dong, Ge; Fang, Xiaochun 4426
The Tensor Pade-Type Approximant with Application in Computing Tensor Exponential Function. Gu, Chuanqing; Liu, Yong 5909
The Well-Posedness of the Solutions Based on the [L.sup.1] Initial Value Condition. Zhan, Huashui; Zhou, Zhen 4797
Three Solutions for Fourth-Order Impulsive Differential Inclusions via Nonsmooth Critical Point Theory. Gao, Dongdong; Li, Jianli 4539
Toeplitz Operators with Horizontal Symbols Acting on the Poly-Fock Spaces. Sanchez-Nungaray, Armando; Gonzalez-Flores, Carlos; Lopez-Martinez, Raquiel Rufino; Arroyo-Neri, Jor 5123
Twin Positive Solutions for Schrodinger-Kirchhoff-Type Problem with Singularity and Critical Exponents. Han, Wei; Zhao, Yangyang 5738
Uniform Boundedness Principle for Nonlinear Operators on Cones of Functions. Peperko, Aljosa 3749
Uniformly Alpha-Quasi-Convex Functions Defined by Janowski Functions. Mahmood, Shahid; Malik, Sarfraz Nawaz; Farman, Sumbal; Riaz, S.M. Jawwad; Farwa, Shabieh 3255
Uniqueness of Successive Positive Solution for Nonlocal Singular Higher-Order Fractional Differential Equations Involving Arbitrary Derivatives. Zhong, Qiuyan; Zhang, Xingqiu; Lu, Xinyi; Fu, Zhengqing 3675
Upper Semi-Weyl and Upper Semi-Browder Spectra of Unbounded Upper Triangular Operator Matrices. Bai, Wurichaihu; Bai, Qingmei; Chen, Alatancang 2742
Variational Problems with Partial Fractional Derivative: Optimal Conditions and Noether's Theorem. Jiang, Jun; Feng, Yuqiang; Li, Shougui 4383
Weak and Strong Convergence Theorems for the Multiple-Set Split Equality Common Fixed-Point Problems of Demicontractive Mappings. Wang, Yaqin; Kim, Tae-Hwa; Fang, Xiaoli 6648
Weak Convergence Theorems on the Split Common Fixed Point Problem for Demicontractive Continuous Mappings. Cui, Huanhuan; Ceng, Luchuan; Wang, Fenghui 4581
Weak Estimates of Singular Integrals with Variable Kernel and Fractional Differentiation on Morrey-Herz Spaces. Yang, Yanqi; Tao, Shuangping 4791

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