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Articles from Journal of Function Spaces (January 1, 2017)

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A Compact Difference Scheme for Solving Fractional Neutral Parabolic Differential Equation with Proportional Delay. Gu, Wei; Zhou, Yanli; Ge, Xiangyu Report 3360
A KAM Theorem for Lower Dimensional Elliptic Invariant Tori of Nearly Integrable Symplectic Mappings. Jiang, Shunjun Report 4768
A New Generalization on Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality. Yin, Songting Report 1280
A New Kind of Weak Solution of Non-Newtonian Fluid Equation. Zhan, Huashui; Xu, Bifen Report 2395
A New Nonsmooth Bundle-Type Approach for a Class of Functional Equations in Hilbert Spaces. Shen, Jie; Tian, Miao; Guo, Fang-Fang; Zhang, Jun-Nan Report 4008
A New Subclass of k-Janowski Type Functions Associated with Ruscheweyh Derivative. Mahmood, Shahid; Malik, Sarfraz Nawaz; Mustafa, Saima; Riaz, S.M. Jawwad Report 3387
A Note on Reducing Subspaces of Toeplitz Operator on the Weighted Analytic Function Spaces of the Bidisk [H.sup.2.sub.w] ([D.sup.2]). Lin, Hongzhao Report 2903
A Regularity Criterion for the 3D Incompressible Magnetohydrodynamics Equations in the Multiplier Spaces. Tian, Chunhong Report 2057
A Subclass of Analytic Functions Related to K-Uniformly Convex and Starlike Functions. Hussain, Saqib; Rasheed, Akhter; Zaighum, Muhammad Asad; Darus, Maslina Report 2744
A UV-Method for a Class of Constrained Minimized Problems of Maximum Eigenvalue Functions. Wang, Wei; Jin, Ming; Li, Shanghua; Cao, Xinyu Report 4611
Approximate Controllability for Functional Equations with Riemann-Liouville Derivative by Iterative and Approximate Method. Ibrahim, Badawi Hamza Elbadawi; Fan, Zhenbin; Li, Gang Report 4630
Approximation of Functions on a Square by Interpolation Polynomials at Vertices and Few Fourier Coefficients. Zhang, Zhihua Report 3367
Best N-Simultaneous Approximation in [L.sub.p]([mu], X). Pakhrou, Tijani Report 2988
Bounded Subsets of Classes [M.sup.p](X) of Holomorphic Functions. Iida, Yasuo Report 2089
Boundedness for Commutators of Bilinear [theta]-Type Calderon-Zygmund Operators on Nonhomogeneous Metric Measure Spaces. Xie, Rulong; Shu, Lisheng; Sun, Aiwen Report 3738
Boundedness of Fractional Oscillatory Integral Operators and Their Commutators in Vanishing Generalized Weighted Morrey Spaces. Cekic, Bilal; Alabalik, Aysegul Celik Report 4422
Boundedness of the Segal-Bargmann Transform on Fractional Hermite-Sobolev Spaces. Cho, Hong Rae; Choi, Hyunil; Lee, Han-Wool Report 2857
Busemann-Petty Problems for Quasi [L.sub.p] Intersection Bodies. Zhou, Yanping; Wu, Shanhe Report 3789
Certain Geometric Properties of Normalized Wright Functions. Raza, Mohsan; Din, Muhey U.; Malik, Sarfraz Nawaz Report 4860
Certain Subclasses of Multivalent Functions Defined by Higher-Order Derivative. Li, Xiaofei; Ding, Deng; Xu, Liping; Qin, Chuan; Hu, Songbo Report 3041
Comment on "On the Frame Properties of Degenerate System of Sines". Shukurov, Aydin Sh. 2831
Commuting Toeplitz and Hankel Operators on Harmonic Dirichlet Spaces. Ding, Qian; Chen, Yong; Lu, Yufeng Report 5345
Contraction Mapping Theory and Approach to LMI-Based Stability Criteria of T-S Fuzzy Impulsive Time-Delays Integrodifferential Equations. Rao, Ruofeng; Zhong, Shouming Report 5929
Convergence Analysis of Generalized Jacobi-Galerkin Methods for Second Kind Volterra Integral Equations with Weakly Singular Kernels. Cai, Haotao Report 5856
Convergence Analysis of Parallel S-Iteration Process for System of Generalized Variational Inequalities. Sahu, D.R.; Kang, Shin Min; Kumar, Ajeet Report 8481
Diffusion Convection Equation with Variable Nonlinearities. Zhan, Huashui Report 2930
Distortion Type Theorems for Functions in the Logarithmic Bloch Space. Garcia-Ortiz, Armando J.; Acosta, Milton del Castillo Lesmes; Ramos-Fernandez, Julio C. Report 6660
Essential Norms of Volterra Type Operators between Zygmund Type Spaces. Ye, Shanli; Lin, Caishu Report 5630
Exact Solutions of the Vakhnenko-Parkes Equation with Complex Method. Gu, Yongyi; Yuan, Wenjun; Aminakbari, Najva; Jiang, Qinghua Report 2887
Existence and Multiplicity of Nontrivial Solutions for a Class of Semilinear Fractional Schrodinger Equations. Du, Xinsheng; Mao, Anmin Report 3861
Existence and Multiplicity of Positive Solutions for Schrodinger-Kirchhoff-Poisson System with Singularity. Mu, Mengjun; Lu, Huiqin Report 5328
Existence of Mild Solutions and Controllability of Fractional Impulsive Integrodifferential Systems with Nonlocal Conditions. Qin, Haiyong; Gu, Zhenyun; Fu, Youliang; Li, Tongxing Report 5215
Existence of Solutions for a Class of Coupled Fractional Differential Systems with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions. Qi, Tingting; Liu, Yansheng; Cui, Yujun Report 3467
Existence Results for Integral Equations and Boundary Value Problems via Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized F-Contractions in b-Metric-Like Spaces. Joshi, Vishal; Singh, Deepak; Petrucel, Adrian Report 7740
Fixed Point Results for Weak [phi]-Contractions in Cone Metric Spaces over Banach Algebras and Applications. Li, Biwen; Huang, Huaping Report 4291
Fixed Point Theorems for Manageable Contractions with Application to Integral Equations. Hussain, N.; Iqbal, I.; Alamri, Badriah A.S.; Kutbi, M.A. Report 7458
Fixed Point Theorems for Multivalued Nonself G-Almost Contractions in Banach Spaces Endowed with Graphs. Tiammee, J.; Charoensawan, P.; Suantai, S. Report 3148
Function Spaces, Fixed Points, Approximations, and Applications. Marino, Giuseppe; Cianciaruso, Filomena; Hussain, Nawab; Fuster, Enrique Llorens 744
General Holmstedt's Formulae for the K-Functional. Ahmed, Irshaad; Karadzhov, Georgi E.; Raza, Ali Report 3564
Global Attractors of the Extensible Plate Equations with Nonlinear Damping and Memory. Yao, Xiaobin; Ma, Qiaozhen Report 5074
Global Holder Estimates via Morrey Norms for Hypoelliptic Operators with Drift. Hou, Yuexia; Niu, Pengcheng Report 3010
Global Structure of Positive Solutions for Some Second-Order Multipoint Boundary Value Problems. Li, Hongyu; Zhang, Junting Report 4960
Hardy-Sobolev Spaces Associated with Twisted Convolution. Huang, Jizheng; Li, Weiwei; Wang, Yaqiong Report 5420
Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities Associated with Coordinated ((s, m), QC)-Convex Functions. Bai, Yu-Mei; Wu, Shan-He; Wu, Ying Report 2853
Hyperstability of Some Functional Equations on Restricted Domain. Bahyrycz, Anna; Olko, Jolanta Report 3354
Identification of Fully Measurable Grand Lebesgue Spaces. Anatriello, Giuseppina; Chill, Ralph; Fiorenza, Alberto Report 1214
Isometries of Spaces of Radon Measures. Wojtowicz, Marek Report 2679
Iterative Schemes for Nonconvex Quasi-Variational Problems with V-Prox-Regular Data in Banach Spaces. Bounkhel, M.; Bounekhel, Dj. Report 7485
Jordan ([alpha], [beta])-Derivations on Operator Algebras. Chen, Quanyuan; Fang, Xiaochun; Li, Changjing Report 5297
Lipschitz-Type and Bloch-Type Spaces of Pluriharmonic Mappings in a Hilbert Space. Liu, Yong Report 3343
Metric Projection Operator and Continuity of the Set-Valued Metric Generalized Inverse in Banach Spaces. Shang, Shaoqiang; Zhang, Jingxin Report 7552
Morrey Meets Herz with Variable Exponent and Applications to Commutators of Homogeneous Fractional Integrals with Rough Kernels. Wang, Hongbin; Wang, Jiajia; Fu, Zunwei 4349
Multiple Positive Solutions for Quadratic Integral Equations of Fractional Order. Ding, Hui-Sheng; Liu, Man-Man; Nieto, Juan J. Report 3262
Multiple Solutions for a Nonlinear Fractional Boundary Value Problem via Critical Point Theory. Wang, Yang; Liu, Yansheng; Cui, Yujun Report 4841
New Approach for Common Fixed Point Theorems via C-Class Functions in [G.sub.p]-Metric Spaces. Ansari, A.H.; Barakat, M.A.; Aydi, H. Report 5199
New Result on the Critical Exponent for Solution of an Ordinary Fractional Differential Problem. Zhang, Xinguang; Liu, Lishan; Wu, Yonghong; Cui, Yujun Report 2433
Odd Periodic Solutions of Fully Second-Order Ordinary Differential Equations with Superlinear Nonlinearities. Li, Yongxiang; Guo, Lanjun Report 3810
On a Fourth-Order Boundary Value Problem at Resonance. Xu, Man; Ma, Ruyun Report 4168
On Algebraic Basis of the Algebra of Symmetric Polynomials on [l.sub.p]([C.sup.n]). Kravtsiv, Victoriia; Vasylyshyn, Taras; Zagorodnyuk, Andriy Report 6785
On Fekete-Szego Problems for Certain Subclasses Defined by q-Derivative. Aldweby, Huda; Darus, Maslina Report 2088
On Harmonically (p, h, m)-Preinvex Functions. Wu, Shan-He; Baloch, Imran Abbas; Iscan, Imdat Report 4426
On Similarity and Reducing Subspaces of the n-Shift plus Certain Weighted Volterra Operator. Li, Yucheng; Chen, Hao; Lan, Wenhua Report 3831
On Solvability of Third-Order Operator Differential Equation with Parabolic Principal Part in Weighted Space. Aliev, Araz R.; Mirzoev, Sabir S.; Soylemezo, Mustafa A. Report 4377
On Spectral Characterization of Nonuniform Hyperbolicity. Alhalawa, Muna Abu; Dragicevic, Davor Report 5464
On the Boundedness of Biparameter Littlewood-Paley [g.sup.*.sub.[lambda]]-Function. Cao, Mingming; Xue, Qingying Report 5103
On the Existence of Positive Solutions for a Fourth-Order Boundary Value Problem. Zou, Yumei Report 4251
On the Power of Simulation and Admissible Functions in Metric Fixed Point Theory. Alharbi, Areej S.S.; Alsulami, Hamed H.; Karapinar, Erdal Report 5114
On Topological Properties of Metrics Defined via Generalized "Linking Construction". Borkowski, Marcin; Bugajewski, Dariusz; Burchardt, Adam Report 6333
Operator Inequalities of Morrey Spaces Associated with Karamata Regular Variation. Wang, Jiajia; Fu, Zunwei; Shi, Shaoguang; Mi, Ling Report 4091
Orthogonal Gyroexpansion in Mobius Gyrovector Spaces. Watanabe, Keiichi Report 8613
Oscillation Criteria for Nonlinear Third-Order Neutral Dynamic Equations with Damping on Time Scales. Qiu, Yang-Cong; Zada, Akbar; Qin, Haiyong; Li, Tongxing Report 4199
Positive Solutions for Singular Semipositone Fractional Differential Equation Subject to Multipoint Boundary Conditions. Pu, Rui; Zhang, Xingqiu; Cui, Yujun; Li, Peilong; Wang, Weiwei Report 3408
Positive Solutions of Fractional Differential Equations with p-Laplacian. Tian, Yuansheng; Sun, Sujing; Bai, Zhanbing Report 3801
Precompact Sets, Boundedness, and Compactness of Commutators for Singular Integrals in Variable Morrey Spaces. Wang, Wei; Xu, Jingshi Report 5440
Rapid Convergence for Telegraph Systems with Periodic Boundary Conditions. Wang, Peiguang; Liu, Xiang Report 5951
Redefinition of [tau]-Distance in Metric Spaces. Suzuki, Tomonari Report 6767
Restriction of Toeplitz Operators on Their Reducing Subspaces. Xu, Anjian; Zou, Yang Report 3438
Rogue Wave Solutions and Generalized Darboux Transformation for an Inhomogeneous Fifth-Order Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation. Song, N.; Zhang, W.; Wang, P.; Xue, Y.K. Report 4648
S-Shaped Connected Component for Nonlinear Fourth-Order Problem of Elastic Beam Equation. Wang, Jinxiang; Ma, Ruyun; Wen, Jin Report 5146
Solvability of Some Two-Point Fractional Boundary Value Problems under Barrier Strip Conditions. He, Limei; Dong, Xiaoyu; Bai, Zhanbing; Chen, Bo Report 4138
Some New Fixed Point Theorems in Partial Metric Spaces with Applications. Pant, Rajendra; Shukla, Rahul; Nashine, H.K.; Panicker, R. Report 9343
Statistical [LAMBDA]-Convergence in Probabilistic Normed Spaces. Aldhaifallah, M.; Nisar, K.S.; Srivastava, H.M.; Mursaleen, M. Report 3446
The Characteristic Properties of the Minimal [L.sub.p]-Mean Width. Ma, Tongyi Report 6237
The Embedding Theorem of an [L.sup.0]-Prebarreled Module into Its Random Biconjugate Space. Zhang, Xia; Liu, Ming Report 5508
The Existence of Solutions to Integral Boundary Value Problems of Fractional Differential Equations at Resonance. Zou, Yumei; He, Guoping Report 3969
Toeplitz Operators on Abstract Hardy Spaces Built upon Banach Function Spaces. Karlovich, Alexei Yu. Report 6471
Toeplitz Operators, Pseudo-Homogeneous Symbols, and Moment Maps on the Complex Projective Space. Morales-Ramos, Miguel Antonio; Quiroga-Barranco, Raul; Sanchez-Nungaray, Armando Report 7245
Ulam Type Stability for a Coupled System of Boundary Value Problems of Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations. Khan, Aziz; Shah, Kamal; Li, Yongjin; Khan, Tahir Saeed Report 4085

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