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Articles from Journal of Food Quality (January 1, 2021)

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A New Reference Plasmid “pGMT27” Provides an Efficient Transgenic Detection Method for Flue-Cured Tobacco. Yu, Jing; Zhang, Xiaolian; Adil, Muhammad Faheem; Lei, Bo; Jia, Mengao; Zhao, Huina; Yu, Shizhou 5192
A Study on the Volatile Compounds in Elaeagnus angustifolia L. Flowers during Flowering Season by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Coupled with Advanced Chemometrics. Liu, Zhijing; Ding, Degang; Cui, Huapeng; Wang, Chuanchuan; Liu, Juntao; Chen, Li; Fan, Meijuan 4326
A Survey of Cheese from Small-Scale Artisanal Producers in Western Cape, South Africa. Nyamakwere, F.; Esposito, G.; Dzama, K.; Muller, M.; Moelich, E. I.; Raffrenato, E. 6205
Accurate Determination, Matrix Effect Estimation, and Uncertainty Evaluation of Three Sulfonamides in Milk by Isotope Dilution Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Han, Chaonan; Li, Xiuqin; Jiao, Hui; Gao, Yan; Zhang, Qinghe 5677
Age Discrimination of Chinese Baijiu Based on Midinfrared Spectroscopy and Chemometrics. Hu, Shiqi; Wang, Le 7954
An Efficient Heparin Affinity Column Purification Method Coupled with Ultraperformance Liquid Chromatography for the Quantification of Native Lactoferrin in Breast Milk. Yuan, Huizhi; Li, Na; Xun, Yiping; Wang, Lin; Feng, Xiaoying; Wang, Yongxia; Tao, Yajie 4549
An Efficient Solid-Phase Extraction-Based Liquid Chromatography Method to Simultaneously Determine Diastereomers a -Tocopherol, Other Tocols, and Retinol Isomers in Infant Formula. Huang, Baifen; Cai, Zengxuan; Zhang, Jingshun; Xu, Jiaojiao 4656
An Investigation of Moroccan Vinegars: Their Physicochemical Properties and Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities. Ousaaid, Driss; Imtara, Hamada; Laaroussi, Hassan; Lyoussi, Badiaa; Elarabi, Ilham 5129
Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds by HS-GC-IMS in Powdered Yak Milk Processed under Different Sterilization Conditions. Feng, Duo; Wang, Jing; Ji, Xiao-Jiao; Min, Wen-Xiang; Yan, Wen-Jie 5301
Antibacterial Activity of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Fermented Ethiopian Traditional Dairy Products against Food Spoilage and Pathogenic Bacterial Strains. Girma, Abayeneh; Aemiro, Aleka 6998
Antibacterial Effect of Dihydromyricetin on Specific Spoilage Organisms of Hybrid Grouper. Huang, Wenbo; Xie, Jing 5509
Antimicrobial Resistance Trends in Staphylococcus aureus Strains Carried by Poultry in North of Morocco: A Preliminary Analysis. Mourabit, Nadira; Arakrak, Abdelhay; Bakkali, Mohammed; Zian, Zeineb; Bakkach, Joaira; Laglaoui, Ami 3852
Antioxidant and Antibacterial Effects of Pollen Extracts on Human Multidrug-Resistant Pathogenic Bacteria. Bakour, Meryem; Laaroussi, Hassan; Ousaaid, Driss; Oumokhtar, Bouchra; Lyoussi, Badiaa 7771
Antioxidative Stress Mechanisms behind Resveratrol: A Multidimensional Analysis. Gu, Tongyu; Wang, Nianmin; Wu, Tong; Ge, Qi; Chen, Liang 8427
Application of Blockchain and Internet of Things in Healthcare and Medical Sector: Applications, Challenges, and Future Perspectives. Ratta, Pranav; Kaur, Amanpreet; Sharma, Sparsh; Shabaz, Mohammad; Dhiman, Gaurav 13957
Application of Calcium Chloride-Sodium Alginate to Improve the Texture of Quick-Frozen Heracleum moellendorffii. Li, Xiao-mei; Ren, Li-kun; Yang, Yang; Bian, Xin; Fu, Yu; Zhao, Lian-cheng; Xing, Zhu-jing 6106
Application of Magnetic Nano-Immobilized Enzyme in Soybean Oil Degumming: Numerical Simulation in a Liquid-Solid MFB. Chen, Kuiren; Wang, Tong; Wang, Hong; Geng, Haoyuan; Du, Jing; Yu, Dianyu; Elfalleh, Walid 7847
Application of Next-Generation Sequencing Technology Based on Single Gene Locus in Species Identification of Mixed Meat Products. Liu, Xinmei; Liu, Zhiyang; Cheng, Yiyu; Wu, Haijing; Shen, Wei; Liu, Yan; Feng, Qiushi 3885
Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Fresh Food Distribution without Quality Loss by Delivery Route Optimization. Katiyar, Sapna; Khan, Rijwan; Kumar, Santosh 5490
Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Food and Agriculture Sector. Ben Ayed, Rayda; Hanana, Mohsen 5964
ARTP Mutagenesis to Improve Mycelial Polysaccharide Production of Grifola frondosa Using a Mixture of Wheat Bran and Rice Bran as Substrate. Liu, Weimin; Yang, Weiwei; Wu, Juan; Cheng, Yu; Wei, Zhencheng; Wang, Tao; Ampofo, Kwame Attafuah 5963
Assessment of Food Safety and Food Handling Practice Knowledge among College of Basic Education Students, Kuwait. Ashkanani, Fatemah; Husain, Wafaa; A Al Dwairji, Maryam 6779
Assessment of Nutritional, Technological, and Commercial Apricot Quality Criteria of the Moroccan Cultivar “Maoui” Compared to Introduced Spanish Cultivars “Canino” and “Delpatriarca” towards Suitable Valorization. Ayour, Jamal; Alahyane, Abderrahim; Harrak, Hasnaâ; Neffa, Mounsef; Taourirte, Moha; Benichou, Moham 7357
Assessment of the Accelerated Shelf Life of Human Milk Dehydrated by Aspersion and Treated by UV, High Pressures, and Pasteurization. Aguilar Uscanga, B. R.; Solís Pacheco, J. R.; Ragazzo-Sánchez, J. A.; Cavazos Garduño, A.; Muro Vald 4957
Bacteriological Analysis of Raw Beef Retailed in Selected Open Markets in Accra, Ghana. Olu-Taiwo, Michael; Obeng, Prince; Forson, Akua Obeng 4785
Benzothiazole (BTH) Induced Resistance of Navel Orange Fruit and Maintained Fruit Quality during Storage. Du, Huaying; Sun, Ying; Yang, Rui; Zhang, Wei; Wan, Chunpeng; Chen, Jinyin; Kahramanoglu, Ibrahim 3992
Biopreservation and Quality Enhancement of Fish Surimi Using Colorant Plant Extracts. Tayel, Ahmed A.; Bahnasy, Amira G.; Mazrou, Khaled E.; Alasmari, Abdulrahman; El Rabey, Haddad A.; E 4811
Changes in Vegetative and Reproductive Growth and Quality Parameters of Strawberry (Fragaria×ananassa Duch.) cv. Chandler Grown at Different Substrates. Zahid, Noosheen; Maqbool, Mehdi; Hamid, Abdul; Shehzad, Muhammad; Tahir, Majid Mahmood; Mubeen, Khur 6984
Characterization of the Key Aroma Compounds in the Fruit of Litsea pungens Hemsl. (LPH) by GC-MS/O, OAV, and Sensory Techniques. Pu, Dandan; Shan, Yimeng; Duan, Wen; Huang, Yan; Liang, Li; Yan, Yi; Zhang, Yuyu 6214
Characterization of Volatile Component Changes in Peas under Different Treatments by GC-IMS and GC-MS. Zhang, Kangyi; Zhang, Can; Zhuang, Haining; Liu, Yue; Feng, Tao; Nie, Bin 7133
Chemical Components and Biological Effects of Genus Origanum. Zhou, Li; Al-Zahra Kamal Kamel Attia, Fatma; Meng, Lijun; Chen, Sitan; Liu, Zhenhua; Ma, Changyang; 9444
Chemical Constituents and Coagulation Activity of Amygdalus persica L. Flowers. Zhang, Juanjuan; Yin, Zhenhua; Chen, Lin; Yang, Baocheng; Zhang, Wei; Kang, Wenyi 3946
Chemistry, Safety, and Challenges of the Use of Organic Acids and Their Derivative Salts in Meat Preservation. Ben Braïek, Olfa; Smaoui, Slim 16556
Chemotaxonomic Study of Four Subspecies of Pinus nigra Arn. Grown in Common Garden Based on Essential Oil Composition. Fkiri, Sondes; Mezni, Faten; Rigane, Ghayth; Ben Salem, Ridha; Ghazghazi, Hanene; Khouja, M. Larbi; Report 4039
Citral Delays Postharvest Senescence of Kiwifruit by Enhancing Antioxidant Capacity under Cold Storage. Wei, Ling; Chen, Chuying; Wan, Chunpeng; Chen, Ming; Chen, Jinyin 5660
Classification and Prediction of Bee Honey Indirect Adulteration Using Physiochemical Properties Coupled with K-Means Clustering and Simulated Annealing-Artificial Neural Networks (SA-ANNs). Al-Mahasneh, Majdi; Al-U'datt, Muhammad; Rababah, Taha; Al-Widyan, Mohamad; Abu Kaeed, Aseel; Al-Mah 6619
Comparative Assessment of Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Prickly Pear Seed Oil from Opuntia ficus-indica and Opuntia megacantha Varieties. Ettalibi, Fatima; El Antari, Abderraouf; Hamouda, Allal; Gadhi, Chemseddoha; Harrak, Hasnaâ 6003
Comparative Oil Composition Study of the Endemic Moroccan Olive (Olea europaea subsp. maroccana) and Wild Olive (var. Sylvestris) in Central West Morocco. Elgadi, Sara; Ouhammou, Ahmed; Zine, Hamza; Maata, Nadia; Ait Babahmad, Rachid; El Antari, Abderraou Report 6143
Comparative Study of Heavy Metal Concentration in Eggs Originating from Industrial Poultry Farms and Free-Range Hens in Kosovo. Aliu, H.; Dizman, S.; Sinani, A.; Hodolli, G. Report 4492
Comparison of Aroma Compounds in Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wines from Five Growing Regions in Xinjiang in China. Nan, Lijun; Liu, Liyuan; Li, Yashan; Huang, Jing; Wang, Yanjun; Wang, Chunyan; Wang, Zhenji 13533
Comparison of Chemical Composition and Fatty Acid Profile of Traditional Meat Products from Croatia and Montenegro. Pleadin, Jelka; Lešic, Tina; Vujacic, Vesna; Milicevic, Dragan; Buneta, Anamarija; Šušnic, Saša; Luk 8228
Comprehensive Analysis of the Components of Walnut Kernel (Juglans regia L.) in China. Geng, Shuxiang; Ning, Delu; Ma, Ting; Chen, Haiyun; Zhang, Yinzhi; Sun, Xiulan 6446
Comprehensive Evaluation of Salt Tolerance in Asparagus Germplasm Accessions (Asparagus officinalis L.) at Different Growth Stages. Gao, Huimin; Zhang, Xuhong; Liang, Yuqin; Dong, Lingdi; Han, Changzhi; Cao, Yanpo 6338
Comprehensive Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Snake Fruit: Salak (Salacca zalacca). Hlásná Čepková, Petra; Jágr, Michal; Janovská, Dagmar; Dvořácek, Václav; Kotrbová Kozak, A 6872
Contamination Assessment of Durum Wheat and Barley Irrigated with Treated Wastewater through Physiological and Biochemical Effects and Statistical Analyses. Werfelli, Naima; Ben Ayed, Rayda; Abassi, Mejda; Béjaoui, Zoubeir 6600
Corrigendum to “Research on Energy-Saving Experimental of Critical Dehumidification of Combined Drying by Dehumidification Wheel and Heat Pump”. Wang, Jiaoling; Song, Weidong; Jin, Chengqian; Ding, Tianhang; Wang, Mingyou; Wu, Jinji Correction notice 365
Date Palm Seed Oil (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Green Extraction: Physicochemical Properties, Antioxidant Activities, and Phenolic and Fatty Acid Profiles. Hamza, Hammadi; Elfalleh, Walid; Nagaz, Kameleddine 5832
Deep Learning Based on Residual Networks for Automatic Sorting of Bananas. Helwan, Abdulkader; Sallam Ma'aitah, Mohammad Khaleel; Abiyev, Rahib H.; Uzelaltinbulat, Selin; Sony 4779
Determination of Biochemical Contents of Fresh, Oven-Dried, and Sun-Dried Peels and Pulps of Five Apple Cultivars (Amasya, Braeburn, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Starking). Ergün, Zeynep 6735
Determination of Concentration of Heavy Metals in Fruits, Vegetables, Groundwater, and Soil Samples of the Cement Industry and Nearby Communities and Assessment of Associated Health Risks. Yaqub, Ghazala; Khan, Arooj; Zishan Ahmad, Muhammad; Irshad, Umadia 5619
Determination of Six Eugenol Residues in Aquatic Products by Gas Chromatography-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry. Huang, Yunxia; Li, Qiang; Zhang, Yali; Meng, Zhijuan; Yuan, Xiaoxuan; Fan, Sufang; Zhang, Yan 5900
Development of a New Nanocarrier for Dietary Garcinol: Characterization and In Vitro Efficacy Evaluation Using Breast Cancer Stem Cells Grown in Hypoxia. Hulangamuwa, Amal Charindra; Ediriweera, Meran Keshawa; Rajagopalan, Umapriyatharshini; Karunaratne, 6410
Development of Decontamination Treatment Techniques for Dry Powder Foods by Atmospheric-Pressure Nonequilibrium DC Pulse Discharge Plasma Jet. Yuji, Toshifumi; Nakabayashi, Kenichi; Kinoshita, Hiroyuki; Mungkung, Narong; Suzaki, Yoshifumi; Mam 3919
Development of New Chip Products from Brewer's Spent Grain. Garrett, Reann; Bellmer, Danielle; McGlynn, William; Rayas-Duarte, Patricia 3696
Dietary Risk Assessment and Ranking of Multipesticides in Dendrobium officinale. Gu, Meng-Ying; Wang, Peng-Si; Shi, Shang-Mei; Xue, Jian 6490
Discrimination of Geographical Origin of Unroasted Kernels Argan Oil (Argania spinosa (L.) Skeels) Using Tocopherols and Chemometrics. Elgadi, Sara; Ouhammou, Ahmed; Zine, Hamza; Maata, Nadia; Aitlhaj, Abderrahmane; El Allali, Hassan; 6404
Disperse Solid-Phase Extraction Cleanup for the Determination of 1-Deoxynojirimycin in Mulberry Leaves with Ultraperformance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Zhang, Lei; Zhou, Yiran; Meng, Jing; Li, Jia 4817
Effect of Camel Milk on the Physicochemical, Rheological, and Sensory Qualities of Bread. Almoraie, Noha M.; Shatwan, Israa M. 5644
Effect of Fermentation with Two Molds on Characteristics of Chicken Meat. Guo, Liping; Li, Yan; Ding, Shengchao; Wang, Baowei; Zhu, Yinglian; Pang, Bin; Huang, Ming 5026
Effect of Ilex x meserveae Aqueous Extract on the Quality of Dry-Aged Beef. Salejda, Anna Marietta; Szmaja, Aleksandra; Bobak, Lukasz; Zwyrzykowska-Wodzinska, Anna; Fudali, Ann 4926
Effect of Opuntia ficus-indica Mucilage Edible Coating in Combination with Ascorbic Acid, on Strawberry Fruit Quality during Cold Storage. Liguori, Giorgia; Gaglio, Raimondo; Settanni, Luca; Inglese, Paolo; D'Anna, Fabio; Miceli, Alessandr 6046
Effect of Pretreatment and Drying Methods on the Quality of Anchote (Coccinia abyssinica (Lam.)) Flour. Desalegn, Abebe; Kibr, Gesessew 11035
Effect of Rearing Season on Meat and Intramuscular Fat Quality of Beni-Guil Sheep. Belhaj, Kamal; Mansouri, Farid; Sindic, Marianne; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Boukharta, Mohamed; Sergh 7079
Effect of Regular Physical Exercise on Gut Microbiota and Depressive Behaviors in Rats. Sheng, Liangju; Wang, Yuxuan; Jiang, Anqi; Zhou, Yan; Zhou, Hong 4775
Effect of Sodium Alginate in Combination with Zataria multiflora Boiss. on Phenolic Compounds, Antioxidant Activity, and Browning Enzymes of Fresh In-Hull Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.). Hashemi, Maryam; Shakerardekani, Ahmad; Mirzaalian Dastjerdi, Abdolmajid; Mirdehghan, SeyedHossein 4441
Effect of Sugar Beet Harvest Date on Its Technological Quality Parameters by Exploratory Analysis. Alami, Lamiae; Terouzi, Wafa; Otmani, Manar; Abdelkhalek, Oussama; Salmaoui, Souad; Mbarki, Mohamed 4736
Effects of Dietary Inclusion of Canthaxanthin- and a -Tocopherol-Loaded Liposomes on Growth and Muscle Pigmentation of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Toan, Tran Quoc; Dang, Viet Anh; Pham, Quoc Long; Nguyen, Phi Hung; Trinh, Thu Huong; Tran, Thuy Ha; 6781
Effects of Fermentation on the Quality, Structure, and Nonnutritive Contents of Lentil (Lens culinaris) Proteins. Alrosan, Mohammad; Tan, Thuan-Chew; Mat Easa, Azhar; Gammoh, Sana; Alu'datt, Muhammad H. 5661
Effects of Frozen Storage Temperature and Duration on Changes in Physicochemical Properties of Beef Myofibrillar Protein. Qian, Shuyi; Li, Xia; Wang, Hang; Mehmood, Waris; Zhang, Chunhui; Blecker, Christophe 6064
Effects of Fruit Maturity Stages on GC-FID Fatty Acid Profiles, Phenolic Contents, and Biological Activities of Eucalyptus marginata L. Ghazghazi, Hanene; Essghaier, Badiaa; Jawadi, Ichrak; Riahi, Leila; Ben Salem, Ridha; Rigane, Ghayth 5864
Effects of Seed Priming with Zinc Sulfate on Nutritional Enrichment and Biochemical Fingerprints of Momordica charantia. Bukhari, Shazia Anwer; Farah, Nabila; Mahmood, Saqib; Altaf, Javaria; Mustafa, Ghulam 7115
Effects of Steaming, Microwaving, and Hot-Air Drying on the Physicochemical Properties and Storage Stability of Oat Bran. Bai, Xue; Zhang, Mei-Li; Zhang, Yuanyuan; Zhang, Jing; Zhang, Yakun; Wang, Chen; Liu, Ruirui 6343
Efficacy and Mechanism of Ultrasound Combined with Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water for Inactivating Escherichia coli. Guo, Liping; Zhang, Xuecong; Xu, Lin; Li, Yan; Pang, Bin; Sun, Jingxin; Wang, Baowei 4870
Efficacy of the Kombucha Beverage Derived from Green, Black, and Pu'er Teas on Chemical Profile and Antioxidant Activity. Hsieh, Yi; Chiu, Ming-Chung; Chou, Jui-Yu 5621
Elimination of Aspergillus flavus from Pistachio Nuts with Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) Cold Plasma and Its Impacts on Biochemical Indices. Makari, Mina; Hojjati, Mohammad; Shahbazi, Samira; Askari, Hamed 8071
Emergency Food Product Packaging by Pectin-Based Antimicrobial Coatings Functionalized by Pomegranate Peel Extracts. Ghorbani, Ehsan; Dabbagh Moghaddam, Arasb; Sharifan, Anousheh; Kiani, Hossein 7073
Encapsulation of Moringa oleifera Extract in Ca-Alginate Chocolate Beads: Physical and Antioxidant Properties. Kaltsa, Olga; Alibade, Aggeliki; Bozinou, Eleni; Makris, Dimitris P.; Lalas, Stavros I. 5752
Erratum to “Inhibitory Effects of Litsea cubeba Oil and Its Active Components on Aspergillus flavus”. Xia, Shiqi; Lin, Hong; Zhu, Peilin; Wang, Peiling; Liao, Shengliang; Chen, Shangxing; Wang, Zongde Correction notice 198
Essential Oils from Thymus capitatus and Thymus algeriensis as Antimicrobial Agents to Control Pathogenic and Spoilage Bacteria in Ground Meat. Jayari, Asma; Jouini, Ahlem; Boukhris, Hager; Hamrouni, Safa; Damergi, Chokri; Ben Hadj Ahmed, Sami; 7414
Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate (LAE): Antimicrobial Activity of LAE-Coated Film for the Packaging of Raw Beef and Pork. Tirloni, Erica; Bernardi, Cristian; Stella, Simone 5899
Evaluating the Effects of MKAVCFSL Derived from Bighead Carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis) Flesh on Antioxidant Activity in Caco-2 Cells In Vitro. Zhang, Chi; Zhang, Yinxiao; Xia, Shaoqi; Zhu, Shuya; Li, He; Liu, Xinqi 5753
Evaluation of Chemical and Nutritional Changes in Chips, Chicken Nuggets, and Broccoli after Deep-Frying with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Canola, and Grapeseed Oils. de Alzaa, Florencia; Guillaume, Claudia; Ravetti, Leandro 9838
Evaluation of Chemical, Functional, Spectral, and Thermal Characteristics of Sargassum wightii and Ulva rigida from Indian Coast. Kumar, Yogesh; Tarafdar, Ayon; Kumar, Deepak; Verma, Kiran; Aggarwal, Manjeet; Badgujar, Prarabdh C. 6595
Evaluation of Storage and Freezing, Baking, and Boiling Treatments on Total Carotenoids Content in the Fruits of Selected Cucurbita moschata Duch. Varieties. Maťová, Adriána; Hegedűsová, Alžbeta; Andrejiová, Alena; Hegedűs, Ondrej; Golian, Mar 7159
Evaluation of the Effect of Inhibiting Lipid Oxidation of Natural Plant Sources in a Meat Model System. Jin, Sang-Keun; Kim, Gap-Don; Jeong, Jin-Yeon 5080
Evaluation of the Physicochemical, Antioxidant, and Antibacterial Properties of Tunichrome Released from Phallusia nigra Persian Gulf Marine Tunicate. Marhamati, Zohreh; Marhamatizadeh, Mohammad Hossein; Mohebbi, Gholamhossein 7511
Exogenous Application of Ascorbic Acid Enhances the Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Potential of Ocimum sanctum L. Grown under Salt Stress. Munir, Neelma; Khilji, Sheza A.; Shabir, Maryam; Sajid, Zahoor A. 4692
Extraction of Flavonoids from Corn Silk and Biological Activities In Vitro. Tian, Shuangqi; Sun, Yue; Chen, Zhicheng 5472
Fairness Perception, Trust Perception, and Relationship Quality in Agricultural Supply Chains. Sun, Yuling; Zhu, Zeyu; Yang, Hui 6553
Fatty Acid-Related Health Lipid Index of Raw and Fried Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Fish Muscle. Zula, Aemiro Tadesse; Desta, Derese Tamiru 5653
Fruit By-Product Processing and Bioactive Compounds. Saleh, Mohammed; Amro, Lana; Barakat, Haya; Baker, Rahma; Reyash, Amani Abu; Amro, Reham; Qasem, Jih 5658
Fruit Volatile Fingerprints Characterized among Four Commercial Cultivars of Thai Durian (Durio zibethinus). Aschariyaphotha, Wattana; Wongs-Aree, Chalermchai; Bodhipadma, Kitti; Noichinda, Sompoch 6221
Fruit Waste Substrates to Produce Single-Cell Proteins as Alternative Human Food Supplements and Animal Feeds Using Baker's Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Dunuweera, Asiri Nisansala; Nikagolla, Dinusha Nayomi; Ranganathan, Kapilan 4642
Frying Time and Temperature Conditions' Influences on Physicochemical, Texture, and Sensorial Quality Parameters of Barley-Soybean Chips. Abdalrahman AL Jumayi, Huda; Darwish, Amira M. G. 5468
Functional and Oxidative Quality Characterization of Spray-Dried Omega-3-Enriched Milk Powder. Ali, Muhammad; Imran, Muhammad; Khan, Muhammad Kamran; Ahmad, Muhammad Haseeb; Muhammad, Niaz 9601
Genetic Variability of Tunisian Faba Beans (Vicia faba L.) Based on Seeds' Morphophysical Properties as Assessed by Statistical Analysis. Khamassi, Khalil; Babay, Elyes; Rouissi, Mustapha; Dakhlaoui, Abir; Ben Ayed, Rayda; Hanana, Mohsen 7001
Geographical Origin Identification of Tequila Based on Multielement and Stable Isotopes. Zhang, Jian; Ma, Yiqian; Shao, Feilong; Lu, Yuanyu; Zhu, Libo; Xu, Xiansong 4362
Geometric Modeling of Rosa roxburghii Fruit Based on Three-Dimensional Point Cloud Reconstruction. Xie, Zhiping; Lang, Yancheng; Chen, Luqi 6897
Gradual Application of Potassium Fertilizer Elevated the Sugar Conversion Mechanism and Yield of Waxy and Sweet Fresh-Eaten Maize in the Semiarid Cold Region. Yang, Li; Chi, Yu Xin; Wang, Yu Feng; Zeeshan, Muhammad; Zhou, Xun Bo 7063
Green Biosynthesized Selenium Nanoparticles by Cinnamon Extract and Their Antimicrobial Activity and Application as Edible Coatings with Nano-Chitosan. Alghuthaymi, Mousa A.; Diab, Amany M.; Elzahy, Aml F.; Mazrou, Khaled E.; Tayel, Ahmed A.; Moussa, S 6554
Growth and Carotenoid Contents of Intercropped Vegetables in Building-Integrated Urban Agriculture. Ju, Jin-Hee; Cho, Sun-Young; Song, Hee-Yeon; Ju, Seyoung; Yoon, Yong-Han; Yeum, Kyung-Jin 5916
Hydrolyzed Karaya Gum: Gelatin Complex Coacervates for Microencapsulation of Soybean Oil and Curcumin. Nguyen Le, My Lan; Le Thi, Hang Nga; Nguyen, Vinh Tien 7489
Hypoglycemic Effect of Vitexin in C57BL/6J Mice and HepG2 Models. Xu, Weidong; Li, Jiayao; Qi, Weipeng; Peng, Ye 3381
Identification of Secondary Metabolites in Flammulina velutipes by UPLC-Q-Exactive-Orbitrap MS. Ding, Ying; Chen, Sitan; Wang, Honglin; Li, Shanlei; Ma, Changyang; Wang, Jinmei; Cui, Lili 4288
Importance of New Edible Oil Extracted from Seeds of Seven Cereals Species. Slama, Amor; Cherif, Ammar; Boukhchina, Sadok 6668
Improving the Sense of Gain of Graduate Students in Food Science. Wan, Youling; Guo, Zhiming 4840
In Vitro Bioaccessibility of the Vitamin B Series from Thermally Processed Leafy African Indigenous Vegetables. Onyambu, Zipporah M.; Nawiri, Mildred P.; Nyambaka, Hudson N.; Noah, Naumih M. 5885
Influence of Frying Methods on Quality Characteristics and Volatile Flavor Compounds of Giant Salamander (Andrias davidianus) Meatballs. Jin, Wengang; Pei, Jinjin; Chen, Xiaohua; Geng, Jingzhang; Chen, Dejing; Gao, Ruichang 6439
Influence of Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermentation on Physicochemical Properties and Antioxidant Activity of Chickpea Yam Milk. Zhang, Xue; Zhang, Shuai; Xie, Bijun; Sun, Zhida 5925
Influence of Selenium on Growth, Physiology, and Antioxidant Responses in Maize Varies in a Dose-Dependent Manner. Naseem, Munaza; Anwar-ul-Haq, Muhammad; Wang, Xiukang; Farooq, Naila; Awais, Muhammad; Sattar, Hina; 6311
Influence of Storage Conditions on the Stability of Vitamin D[sub.3] and Kinetic Study of the Vitamin Degradation in Fortified Canola Oil during the Storage. Zareie, Mina; Abbasi, Azam; Faghih, Shiva Report 6329
Inhibitory Effects of Myricetrin and Dihydromyricetin toward a -Glucosidase and Pancreatic Lipase with Molecular Docking Analyses and Their Interaction. Mi, Siyuan; Liu, Jia; Liu, Xiaojing; Fu, Yishan; Yi, Junjie; Cai, Shengbao 5286
Isolation and Characterization of Gram-Negative Bacterial Species from Pasteurized Dairy Products: Potential Risk to Consumer Health. Mariam, Solomon H. 6907
Knowledge of Safe Food Temperature among Restaurant Supervisors in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Al-Mohaithef, Mohammed; Abidi, Syed Taha; Javed, Nargis Begum; Alruwaili, Musaad; Abdelwahed, Amal Y 5530
Magnetic Field Stimulation Effect on Germination and Antioxidant Activities of Presown Hybrid Seeds of Sunflower and Its Seedlings. Bukhari, Shazia Anwer; Tanveer, Muhammad; Mustafa, Ghulam; Zia-Ud-Den, Nighat 6078
Metabolomic Biomarkers Differentiate Soy Sauce Freshness under Conditions of Accelerated Storage. Reddy, Thiruchelvi R.; Overmyer, Katherine A.; Coon, Joshua J.; Drake, MaryAnne; Horiba, Taro; Ranki 6679
Microbial Safety of Milk from Vending Machines in the Informal Settlements of Nairobi, Kenya. Holi, Kevin W.; Njue, Lucy G.; Abong', George O. 6047
Microbiological Quality of Meat and Swabs from Contact Surface in Butcher Shops in Debre Berhan, Ethiopia. Atlabachew, Tefera; Mamo, Jermen 7930
Microencapsulation of Essential Oils by Spray-Drying and Influencing Factors. Nguyen, Thi Thu Trang; Le, Thi Van Anh; Dang, Nhu Ngoc; Nguyen, Dan Chi; Nguyen, Phu Thuong Nhan; Tr 11635
Mineral Composition of Lentils: Physiological Functions, Antinutritional Effects, and Bioavailability Enhancement. Benayad, Asmaa; Aboussaleh, Youssef 5889
Mitochondria: Key Organelles Accelerating Cell Wall Material Accumulation in Juice Sacs of Pummelo (Citrus grandis L. Osbeck) Fruits during Postharvest Storage. Lu, Yanqing; Lin, Yanjin; Lu, Xinkun 8830
Modelling Techniques to Improve the Quality of Food Using Artificial Intelligence. Sahni, Varsha; Srivastava, Sandeep; Khan, Rijwan 7123
Models for Predicting Quality of Solar-Dried Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) during Storage Based on Protein Oxidation. Fu, Yuye; Liu, Yaqiong; Wang, Wenxiu; Suo, Ran; Wang, Jie Report 6252
Molecular and Microscopic Investigation of Sarcocystis Species Isolated from Sheep Muscles in Iran. Pestechian, Nader; Yousefi, Hossein Ali; Kalantari, Reza; Jafari, Rasool; Khamesipour, Faham; Keshtk 3895
Molecular Characteristics, Synthase, and Food Application of Cereal ß -Glucan. Sun, Lijing; Hu, Mengyun; Zhao, Jie; Lv, Liangjie; Zhang, Yelun; Liu, Qian; Zhang, Li 6643
Moroccan Monofloral Bee Pollen: Botanical Origin, Physicochemical Characterization, and Antioxidant Activities. Asmae, El Ghouizi; Nawal, El Menyiy; Bakour, Meryem; Lyoussi, Badiaa 6708
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