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Articles from Journal of Family Practice (September 1, 2011)

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"All in his head" Dx leaves boy limping for more than a year. Susman, Jeffrey L. Case study 314
A stroke - or something else? The patient - who'd had a CVA the year before - was experiencing numbness and weakness in her right leg and foot, and had an increasingly unsteady gait. Initial lab work provided no clues. Mount, Hillary R.; Schlaudecker, Jeffrey D. Case study 1243
Aspirin for CV prevention - for which patients? Put your patient on aspirin? Take him off? Here's what you need to know to get it right. Jackson, Anita N.; Hume, Anne L. 3837
Central pain states: a shift in thinking about chronic pain: emerging data show that for some patients with chronic pain, the problem is not in the periphery. Harris, Richard E. 2935
Confusion over warfarin Rx ends badly. Susman, Jeffrey L. Case study 529
Does the D-dimer get too much or too little weight? Marged, Barry Viewpoint essay 408
Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists for intensifying diabetes treatment. Bush, Michael A. 8610
Importance of glycemic control. Shahady, Edward J. 2209
Insulin for intensifying diabetes treatment. Meneghini, Luigi F. 6536
Introduction. Brunton, Stephen A. 590
Options for intensifying diabetes treatment. Reid, Timothy S. 3192
Physician-patient communication in diabetes care: focus on injectables. Funnell, Martha M. 2276
Pruritic rash on trunk: the patient had been treated with topical antifungals and steroids without relief, but a more detailed history suggested a serious infectious etiology. Mattei, Peter L.; Johnson, Ryan R.; Beachkofsky, Thomas M.; Wisco, Oliver J.; Hivnor, Chad M.; Murch Case study 1905
Q/does brief physician counseling promote weight loss? Cabodi, Jessica; Kelsberg, Gary; Safranek, Sarah 1335
Q/what risk factors contribute to C difficile diarrhea? Fashner, Julia; Garcia, Marin; Ribble, Lisa; Crowell, Karen 1707
Q/what's the best way to relieve mastitis in breastfeeding mothers? Cabou, Aurelie; Babineau, Sarah; St. Anna, Leilani 891
Ready for flu season? The 2011-2012 ACIP recommendations: strains in this year's vaccine are identical to last year's, but revaccination is strongly recommended. Also, the dosing decision for children <9 years has been simplified. Campos-Outcalt, Doug 926
REMS: red tape, or a remedy for opioid abuse? A new FDA program will affect how you prescribe opioid analgesics for your chronic pain patients. Here's what you need to know about it. Porada, Stephen 2576
Statins for patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver? Although physicians often avoid prescribing statins for patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver, their use has been found to reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality - and to lower liver enzymes. Egan, Mari; Prasad, Shailendra 1584
The mammography controversy: when should you screen? ACOG's new guidelines call for more frequent breast cancer screening. The USPSTF recommends less. What's best for your patients? Allen, Summer Sawyer; Pruthi, Sandhya 3870
The promise of telemedicine: providing curbside consults for chronic care, urgent care, and pain: videoconferencing can help improve outcomes in underserved areas. Project ECHO[TM] paves the way. Terry, Ken 2022
The rebirth of the solo family doc. Susman, Jeff Editorial 408
There's more to a visit than refilling meds. Pizziketti, Robert J.; Crouch, Michael; Benold, Terrell Viewpoint essay 657
Use of complementary therapies to treat the pain of osteoarthritis: evidence shows that an integrative approach to therapy with complementary treatments improves patient outcomes. Dillard, James N. 3909
When a migraine isn't a migraine. Susman, Jeffrey L. Case study 179

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