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Articles from Journal of Family Practice (July 1, 2007)

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"Should I have a mammogram?" Handout helps women decide: The ACP urges us to discuss mammography with women in their 40s. This handout can help. Hahn, David L. Editorial 1208
[B.sub.12] deficiency: a look beyond pernicious anemia: food-[B.sub.12] malabsorption--not pernicious anemia--is the leading cause of [B.sub.12] malabsorption. It's also very subtle. Andres, Emmanuel; Federici, Laure; Affenberger, Stephan; Vidal-Alaball, Josep; Loikili, Noureddine H 3961
A young girl with blisters on her forehead. Sarabi, Khashayar; Selim, Abdulhafez; Khachemoune, Amor 1473
Do our talks with patients meet their expectations? Yes, for the most part they do. Results of this study, however, reveal specific areas that require greater attention. Brink-Muinen, Atie van den; van Dulmen, Alexandra M.; Jung, Hans P.; Bensing, Jozien M. 4177
Does a low-fat diet help prevent breast cancer? Steiner, Elizabeth; Klubert, David; Hayes, Meg; Hamilton, Andrew 1129
Does PCI added to drug therapy improve outcomes in stable CAD? Boden, W.E.; O'Rourke R.A.; Teo, K.K. 468
Is duct tape effective for treating warts? Wenner, R.; Askari, S.K.; Cham, P.M. Brief article 315
Is low-dose doxycycline effective for rosacea? 374
Practice alert: CDC no longer recommends quinolones for treatment of gonorrhea: Ceftriaxone is now the recommended treatment. Campos-Outcalt, Doug 1250
Sumatriptan + naproxen: better than either alone for acute migraine? Brandes, J.L.; Kudrow, D.; Stark, S.R. Clinical report 397
Syncope in athletes: A guide to getting them back on their feet: fainting during exercise may be a life-threatening sign; cardiologic and neurologic testing help guide treatment. Verma, Sumit; Hackel, Joshua G. Torrisi, David J.; Nguyen, Tony 3250
What are the best treatments for herpes labialis? Chon, Taehee; Nguyen, Loan 1434
What is the best way to evaluate secondary infertility? Davis, Charles H., III; Hall, Mary N.; Kaufmann, Leonora 1152
What is the evidence on screening mammography for women in their 40s? Armstrong, K.; Moye, E.; Williams, S.; Berlin, J.A.; Reynolds, E.E. 430
What's the best way to screen for anxiety and panic disorders? Hallgren, John D.; Morton, Jacquelyn R. 906
When should you treat scabies empirically? Page, Tanya L.; Eiff, M. Patrice; Judkins, Dolores Zegar 1261
Which oral antifungal is best for toenail onychomycosis? Hinojosa, Jose R.; Hitchcock, Kristin 929

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