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Articles from Journal of Exercise Physiology Online (August 1, 2020)

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Anchor Scheme, Intensity, and Time to Task Failure do not Influence Performance Fatigability or Changes in Neuromuscular Responses following Bilateral Leg Extensions. Keller, Joshua L.; Housh, Terry J.; Anders, John Paul V.; Neltner, Tyler J.; Schmidt, Richard J.; Jo 6878
Body Surface Potential Mapping during Ventricular Repolarization of the Heart in Weightlifters under Specific and Nonspecific Exercise. Ivonina, Natalya; Zamenina, Elena; Roshchevskaya, Irina 4058
Differences in Bone Strength Indices between Trained Male and Female Athletes Competing in the Same Sport: A pQCT Study. Bruininks, Brett D.; Mead, Tim P.; Smock, Amanda J.; Vancil, Maggie; Mellick, Paul F. Report 8310
Effect of 16 Weeks of Strength Training and Creatine Supplementation on Strength and Cognition in Older Adults: A Pilot Study. Smolarek, Andre C.; McAnulty, Steven R.; Ferreira, Luis H.; Cordeiro, Gabriel R.; Alessi, Alana; Reb Report 2238
Isolated Heavy Resistance Training or Combined with Aerobic Training Improves Strength Gain, Cardiac Remodeling and Functional Capacity in Healthy and Heart Failure Rats. Alves, Jadson Pereira; Nunes, Ramiro Barcos; Ferreira, Daniele da Cunha; Stefani, Giuseppe Potrick; 7636
Metabolic, Hemodynamic, and Strength Changes Associated with Pequi Oil Supplementation in Healthy Men. Clael, Sacha; Dutra, Maurilio T.; Leite, Mateus M.; Oliveira, Pedro F. A.; Carvalho, Bruno P.; Aquin 3978
Pedaling Cadence and the V[O.sub.2] Response Profile during Severe Intensity Exercise. Hill, David Wilfred; Vingren, Jakob Langberg 6053
Periodized Training in Mice: Comparisons between Constant and Undulating Load Models. Carvalho, Carlos Dellavechia de; Kalva-Filho, Carlos Augusto; Milioni, Fabio; Loures, Joao Paulo; Se Report 3634
Plasma Vitamin Levels and Total Antioxidant Capacity Status after Low-Intensity Exercise Training in Sedentary Young Women. Klarod, Kultida; Thamviriyasati, Niramon; Hongprapas, Pranithi; Tangrassameeprasert, Roongpet; Boons 4999
Relationship between Respiratory Muscle Functions, Obesity Indices, and Body Compositions at Different Levels of Physical Activity in Young Adults. Razak, Syazni; Justine, Maria 3919
Relationships between Energy Cost and Kinematic Responses of Trained Runners to Variable-Gradient Running. Dickinson, Jared M.; Nethery, Vince M.; D'Acquisto, Leo J. 5117
The Effect of a Wingate Sprint with High-Intensity Circuit Weight Training on Growth Hormone Responses in Resistance Trained Young Males. Hsu, Hung-Sheng; Hardy, Kenneth D.; Deyhle, Michael R.; McCormick, James J.; Dokladny, Karol; Schnei 6660
Total Body Strength Predicts Workout Performance in a Competitive Fitness Weightlifting Workout. Dexheimer, Joshua D.; Schroeder, E. Todd; Sawyer, Brandon J.; Pettitt, Robert W.; Torrence, William 3872
Waist-to-Height Ratio are Related to Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction in Adolescents. Tadiotto, Maiara C.; Lopes, Wendell A.; Consentino, Cassio L. M.; Silva, Larissa R.; Corrazza, Patri 4273

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