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Articles from Journal of Exercise Physiology Online (October 1, 2012)

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Abdominal breathing increases salivary IgA secretion. Inagawa, Hatsumi; Iwase, Takashi; Nagai, Koichi; Watanabe, Shuichi; Komiyama, Kazuo Report 3694
Aerobic endurance measurement by respiratory exchange ratio during a cycle ergometer graded exercise test. Zagatto, Alessandro Moura; Miyagi, Willian Eiji; Sakugawa, Raphael Luiz; Kaminagakura, Edson Itaru; Report 3974
American college sports medicine strength training and responses in beginners. Asano, Ricardo Yukio; Levada-Pires, Adriana Cristina; de Moraes, Jose Fernando Vila Nova; Sales, Mar Report 3907
Cardiac ouput dependency on exercising muscle mass. Matthews, Evan L.; McConnell, Timothy R.; Rawson, Eric S.; Andreacci, Joseph L. Report 3304
Cardiometabolic profile of a functional training session. Rabay, Aline; Silva, Alexandre; Pompeu, Matheus; Martins, Marcelle; Soares, Ytalo Report 3741
Correlation between the curvature constant parameter (W') from the velocity-exhaustion time relationship, maximal accumulated oxygen deficit and performance in professional soccer players. Loures, Joao Paulo; Filho, Carlos Augusto Kalva; Franco, Vanessa Holtz; Kaminagakura, Edson Itaru; Z Author abstract 4341
Effect of brief exercise on airway blood flow in subjects with and without asthma. Mendes, Eliana S.; Lit, Louis; Horvath, Gabor; Rebolledo, Patricia; Wanner, Adam Author abstract 2727
Effect of walking and running on the cardiorespiratory system, muscle injury, and the antioxidant system after 30 min at the walk-run transition speed. Verlengia, Rozangela; Cardoso, Lucas de Castro; de Araujo, Gustavo Gomes; Gonelli, Pamela Roberta Go Report 4011
Influence of different rest interval lengths in multijoint and single-joint exercises on repetition performance, perceived exertion, and blood lactate. Senna, Gilmar Weber; Figueiredo, Tiago; Scudese, Estevao; Baffi, Matheus; Carneiro, Felipe; Moraes, Report 4328
Physiological characteristics of long-term Bikram yoga practitioners. Abel, Allison N.; Lloyd, Lisa K.; Williams, James S.; Miller, Brian K. Report 3372
Prediction of aerobic performance in distance from 1200 to 2800 M for laboratory testing with military runners. Redkva, Paulo E.; Zagatto, Alessandro M.; Gomes, Elton B.; Kalva-Filho, Carlos A.; Loures, Joao P.; Report 3434
The effect of whole body vibration on oxygen uptake and electromyographic signal of the rectus femoris muscle during static and dynamic squat. Di Iorio, Felice; Cesarelli, Mario; Bifulco, Paolo; Fratini, Antonio; Roveda, Eliana; Ruffo, Mariano Author abstract 4992

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