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Articles from Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences (August 6, 2015)

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A case of Fahr's syndrome. Pranay, Ishan; Chitnis, Ashutosh; Aironi, Vyankatesh; Yadav, Pankaj; Patil, Rakesh Case study 501
A comparative study of fibrin glue & sutures for attaching conjunctival autograft after pterygium surgery. Saxena, Navneet Report 3001
A profile of knowledge, attitude and practice of contraception among educated working women of South India. Kanna, Anila; Pala, Varun Kumar Report 4803
A rare case of large epiglottic cyst. Sudhakar, Prathipaty James; Kameswararao, P.B. Case study 1092
A study of allergic sensitization to eight common allergens in pediatric patients with nasobronchial allergy. Tikkas, Rajesh; Dave, Lokendra; Choudhary, Priyanka; Dwivedi, Rashmi; Dohre, Ravi Report 2859
A two year clinicopathological study of non-gravid women with abnormal uterine bleeding in a rural tertiary care centre in Tamilnadu: in concurrence with the Figo recommendations. Jonathan, Arnold A.P.; Saravanan, Srivani 3666
Anaesthetic management of a post burn contracture patient: a case report. Chakrabarti, Anupam; Debnath, Joydeep Case study 1094
Cataract surgery from camps in rural community only way to overcome backlog. Goyal, R.B.; Goyal, Karishma Sharma; Tomar, Swati; Gupta, Arjun Report 949
Clinical study of etiological factors and its outcome in birth asphyxia. Suman, Sonali; Sinha, Ashutosh Kumar; Kumar, Abhay; Gautam, Shreemant; Sengupta, Banani Report 2905
Community based early detection of carcinoma cervix by various screening methods and comparing their efficacy. Hari, Pavithra Reddy N.; Pradeep, S.; Krishna, Linge Gowda; Shailaja, N.; Bhat, Shyamasundara Report 2450
Correlation between fetal renal volume and fetal renal doppler in normal and growth restricted fetuses: an initial experience. Ratnaparkhi, Chetana R.; Kurve, Shital A.; Mitra, Kajal R.; Onkar, Prashant M.; Kulkarni, Ameya M.; Report 3848
Duane retraction syndrome (Type 1A) in a male child. Jayaseelan, C. Xavier; Panimalar, V.; Parvatham, K.C. Case study 1614
Echocardiographic evaluation of diastolic dysfunction in asymptomatic type 2 diabetes mellitus. Chandravanshi, Suresh; Jain, Arpan; Gupta, Shashank Report 3560
Epidemeology of chest injury in long bone fractures in road traffic accident. Madhukar, K.T.; Satheesh, G.S.; Debnath, Rajib; Mitra, Debasubhra Report 1564
Frequency, etiology and immediate outcome of children admitted to Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) with convulsive status epilepticus in Kashmir North India. Jan, Muzafar; Naik, Suhail; Ali, Sartaj; Rafiq, Waseem; Kachroo, Aliya; Maqbool, Mudasir Report 3121
Functional outcome following operative treatment of ankle fractures. D'Almeida, Vivian R.; Thomas, Abey; Devasia, Thomas; Mathew, Nikku; Kamath, Ashwin; Adiga, Raghuveer Report 6291
Hailey-Hailey disease: 2 case reports. Diwan, Nilofar; Jivani, Nidhi; Nair, Pragya Case study 1741
Hemodynamic study during induction of general anaesthesia with propofol using priming principle. Pratap, Shrasti Tambake; Shareena, T.; Mahmood, Syed Fazal; Padmanabha, S. Report 2190
Literature review on stem cell treatment & oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF). Sudhakar, Prathipaty James; Kameswararao, P.B. Report 1988
Manual small-incision cataract surgery using ac maintainer under lignocaine 2% jelly and intracameral lidocaine. Verma, Rahul Report 2510
Oxygen saturation trends in newborn after birth. Gautam, Shweta; Agrawal, Avyact Report 2271
Post instrumental incomplete uterine rupture with left ovarian cyst a rare case. Vijayalakshmi, B.; Kannari, Divya Case study 1186
Prevalence of peripheral vascular disease in chronic alcoholics as measured by ankle to brachial index. Singh, Raj Bahadur; Nayyar, S.B.; Khurana, Ashok Report 3922
Rare case report of hemimegalencephaly presenting with abnormal movements & spasticity in a case of neurofibromatosis Type I. Palve, Rini; Aironi, V.D.; Gursale, Abhay; Kumar, Shishir; Chitnis, Ashutosh Report 1594
Role of vitamin D in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: an option or necessity. Verma, Amit Kumar; Singh, Sanjay; Gupta, Puneet; Tripathi, Ashok Kumar Report 2865
Splenomegaly in malaria: a clinical and ultrasonographic study. Kanwar, Gopal; Paikra, Shashi; Basan, Kamaljit Report 1718
Study on correlation of CD4 count with malignancy in HIV. Kiran, V.H.; Ramapuram, John T.; Prasad, Krishna Report 1505
Traumatic intra cranial injury--computed tomography, per operative and post mortem findings: a prognostic correlation. Perumpalath, Naufal; Jineesh, T.; Rajendran, V.R.; Devarajan, E.; Rajan, P.; Subramnian, Gomathy; Ju Report 2903

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